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Supreme Court Stays CPP While Senate Halts Energy Bill

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay of EPA’s Clean Power Plan until the pending litigation against the rule is resolved, including any appeal to the high court. This means the rule will be in legal limbo until the Supreme Court rules on the merits of the case. read more

Clean Power Progress Will Continue

The Supreme Court’s stay of the Clean Power Plan may slow, but certainly does not stop, progress toward a cleaner power system in the U.S. There’s no telling how the legal challenges to the Clean Power Plan, which were always expected, will ultimately play out. But there are a few important points to keep in mind. read more

Advanced Electric Water Heaters Could Save Money and Cut Pollution

The humble water heater used to heat water for bathing and washing dishes in America's homes also may be a promising new tool for cutting residential utility bills, promoting clean energy, and strengthening the reliability of the power grid. read more

The State of Green Business 2016

Last year, in the GreenBiz and Trucost 2015 State of Green Business report, we addressed an elephant in the room. We called it sustainable growth. At the time the trend was alarming. The largest 500 U.S. companies’ natural capital costs — the unpaid cost to the economy from pollution, natural resource depletion and related health costs — […]

Spin Cycle: White House Spins SCOTUS Stay on Climate Plan

Patrick J. Michaels, Paul C. "Chip" Knappenberger, Ilya Shapiro The Spin Cycle is a reoccurring feature based upon just how much the latest weather or climate story, policy pronouncement, or simply poo-bah blather spins the truth. Statements are given a rating between 1-5 spin cycles, with less cycles meaning less spin. Show More Summary

Smart Utility Systems’ Next-Gen Platforms Drive Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction

Smart Utility Systems, which provides cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms to the energy and utility sector, has launched new platforms that the company says improve efficiency, thus saving time and money for utilities and their customers. Show More Summary


China now the world leader in wind power production Richard Blackwell, February 11, 2016 (The Globe and Mail) “China has become the world leader in wind power production after constructing nearly half of all the new turbines built around...Show More Summary

Insights in Resilience: Climate Change and Human Health

The healthcare sector is often the first to witness the impacts of poor air quality, extreme weather, and other climate hazards on the health of the community. From heat waves to floods and exposure to rapidly spreading vector borne illnesses, the nexus of climate change and human health gets stronger every day. read more

Why 7 Years Of Low Natural Gas Prices Haven't Brought Down Electricity Prices

After peaking in 2008, the collapse of natural gas prices theoretically saved Americans nearly $250 billion over 3 years. Had the net savings been a stimulus package, the first year alone would have actually been the second biggest in history. read more

Cadiz Valley Water Conservation Project Gathering Steam

What if there was an abundant source of pure water under the desert sands? There is. Beneath the scorched earth of a western desert lies a supply of water greater than that contained in North America's Lake Mead. The problem is that much of this water is either inaccessible, unusable, or is being lost to evaporation. read more


Why U.S. Science Teachers Struggle to Teach Climate Change; Political values influence how teachers approach the issue Justin Worland, February 11, 2016 (Time Magazine) “Science teachers in the U.S. often botch lessons on climate change,...Show More Summary


Solar energy boom in Egypt February 10, 2016 (Africa News) “…[Egyptian homeowners are tapping into the sun’s power through a feed-in-tariff system created [in 2014] by the government…[Once the land of the Sun King, Egypt's new solarShow More Summary


Game Change: Tesla And GM Announce Affordable, Long-Range Electric Cars Joe Romm, February 11, 2016 (Climate Progress) “Two of the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) producers say that they will soon deliver 200+ mile range EVs at...Show More Summary

Best Way to Effect Change in Energy Markets: Markets or Government?

During last night’s Democratic presidential debate, Senator Bernie Sanders remarked that the reason climate change has not become an issue at least among many Republican candidates is that they are recipients of large fossil fuel donations. Is there a correlation? What separates the candidates’ positions? While it has become a more partisan issue in recent […]

BP Chief Urges Global Carbon Price

BP chief executive Bob Dudley this week called on governments to adopt carbon pricing mechanisms to address climate change. “Carbon pricing incentivizes all aspects of the transition to a lower carbon economy and around 40 countries already have some pricing mechanism — whether that’s a tax on emissions or a system of trading permits,” Dudley […]

Natural Gas Use for Power Generation Higher This Winter

So far this winter, natural gas consumption in the electric power sector (gas burn) has been higher than in any previous winter. According to Bentek Energy, gas burn in the electric power sector has averaged 25.0 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) so far this winter, November 1st through February 8th. read more

NRG Gets Licenses for STP Twin ABWRs, but Little Hope to Build Them

The NRC has cleared the way for the agency’s Office of New Reactors to issue two Combined Licenses for Nuclear Innovation North America’s South Texas Project site in Texas. The project involves twin 1350 MW ABWR nuclear reactors. The NRC certified the ABWR design in 1997. read more

Electricity Usage In Texas Grew In 2015 Led By Renewables

ERCOT, the Texas electricity authority, reported an increase in total system-wide electricity usage for 2015. This is due in large part to record breaking summer demand for power which saw a peak demand record of almost 70,000 megawatts. read more

Good Policy Gone Bad: How Nevada Killed Jobs and Clean Energy Competition

If you want a good example how bad government can kill good jobs and clean energy innovation, take a look at what’s happening in Nevada, where a decision by Governor Brian Sandoval’s appointees, pushed by NV Energy Inc., essentially killed the thriving local solar energy industry. read more

Using Big Data to Help Solve the Big Building Energy Problem

Big Data isn't just an impressive show of new technology, it's a way to solve problems. In fact, quantitative analysis in the digital age - done in a scientific way to build objective evidence - has been called the best and most powerful instrument for the creation of good policy and social progress. read more

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