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Is Google Going Underground With Hypersonic Tech?

High-speed drilling and tunneling machines could revolutionize geothermal energy and enable Hyperloop trains

Arizona Utility Opts for Solar and Storage to Meet Peak Demand

The combination of solar power and battery storage edged out natural gas, which is the go-to technology for peaking plants

ORIGINAL REPORTING: The Best Way To Get To 100% New Energy

What's missing from the 100% renewable energy debate; Media coverage of a scholarly feud over fuel mix transition misses the broader implications of cross-sector decarbonization Herman K. Trabish, Aug. 3, 2017 (Utility Dive) Editor’s...Show More Summary

ORIGINAL REPORTING: Why Traditional Utility Ratemaking Must Change

Fewer rate cases mean better utility performance and growth, LBNL finds; New numbers show multi-year rate plans can deliver big benefits Herman K. Trabish, Aug. 15, 2017 (Utility Dive) Editor’s note: What electricity customers should...Show More Summary

TODAY’S STUDY: How To Dramatically Cut Rooftop Solar’s Cost

Cost-Reduction Roadmap for Residential Solar Photovoltaics (PV), 2017–2030 Kristen Ardani, Jeffrey J. Cook, Ran Fu, and Robert Margolis, January 2018 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Executive Summary The installed cost of solar photovoltaics (PV) has fallen rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue declining in the future. Show More Summary

QUICK NEWS, March 6: Are Climate Change Politics Shifting - Good Buys In Wind Energy - The World’s Biggest Solar Roof

Are Climate Change Politics Shifting? Climate Change and the Political Landscape; How conservative lawmakers can start addressing the risks without losing their seats Steve Pierson and Leonard Smith, March 6, 2018 (Scientific American) “…[T]here...Show More Summary

TODAY’S STUDY: The Aussie’s Experiment With Energy Efficiency

The Bottom Line; The household impacts of delaying improved energy requirements in the Building Code February 2018 (Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council and ClimateWorks Australia) One-Page Summary The National Construction Code is a ready-made policy instrument to influence the energy efficiency of new buildings and major renovations. Show More Summary

QUICK NEWS, March 5: The Unrecognized Dinner Party Threat To Climate; New Energy Is Saving The World; New Energy Leaped Ahead In 2017 While Old Energy Dropped

The Unrecognized Dinner Party Threat To Climate Why what we eat is crucial to the climate change question; Our food – from what we eat to how it is grown – accounts for more carbon emissions than transport and yet staple crops will be...Show More Summary

How Energy Poverty Oppresses Women

Barriers to benefiting from energy sector highlighted March 1, 2018 (Kathmandu Post) “Lack of access to energy forces women to spend a lot of time collecting fuel, taking them away from jobs, education and other activities for self improvement…[and]...Show More Summary

China Learning The Economics Of Wind The Hard Way

Wind curtailment in China and lessons from the United States Ye Qi, Jiaqi Lu, and Mengye ZhuThursday, March 1, 2018 (Brookings Institution) “…China has successfully fertilized the [world’s] biggest renewable industry in terms of both...Show More Summary

Seeing Climate Change In The Mind’s Eye, Part 1

Your Climate Change Monsters, Revealed; The face of climate change, as chosen by Atlas Obscura readers. Natasha Frost, February 23, 2018 (Atlas Obscura) “Climate change is scary. Climate change monsters, it turns out, are too. For decades, people have been inspired by dramatic environmental changes when coming up with creatures and horrorscapes. Show More Summary

ORIGINAL REPORTING: The Keys To Good Pilot Projects And A Re-Imagined Grid

5 new strategies to design more effective utility DER pilots; A new RMI report uses insights from utility pilots and demonstration projects to form a roadmap for the energy transition Herman K. Trabish, July 20, 2017 (Utility Dive) Editor’s...Show More Summary

Steel or bourbon? Trump may need both

From the legendary Pittsburgh steelworker to the things he may own — blue jeans, bourbon and Harley-Davidson motorcycles — President Donald Trump’s trade policy and the reaction to it have been both ironic and iconic. Steel was the arrow point of Trump’s America First campaign for president. Show More Summary

Blockchain efforts look to improve trade execution, breakdown data silos

Blockchain’s use by the global energy industry in the years ahead is the subject du jour at industry gatherings these days. This year’s CERAWeek by IHS Markit conference is no exception, with the theme threaded throughout the event with panels and the Global Blockchain Business Council hosting a discussion center featuring industry experts. Show More Summary

The end of the Oil Age may be closer but more uncertain: Fuel for Thought

Exactly when the world’s thirst for oil starts to ebb as a shift to cleaner, renewable energy gathers pace is increasingly occupying forecasters on both sides of the debate. The booming growth of renewable energy and high hopes for electric...Show More Summary

LNG’s structural evolution quickens in February

The LNG industry is currently in a cycle of unprecedented supply growth, and market developments in February re-emphasized the ongoing structural evolution. LNG is moving towards a more advanced market structure, characterized by growing market-based pricing and hedging as well as increased buyer confidence in spot or short-term buying. Show More Summary

Senator Alexander: Support for Funding from Energy Production on National Parks ‘Unprecedented’

US Senator Lamar Alexander: "The significance of the proposal we are introducing today is that, to my knowledge, it has never happened before – the president, his Office of Management and Budget and his Interior Secretary Ryan ZinkeShow More Summary

Ramblers Way Boosts Fashion Industry’s Responsible Offerings with Cradle to Cradle Clothing Line

Textile manufacturer Ramblers Way is forging a unique path to proving its commitment to a "circular path from the earth to the earth," including inviting visitors to its Portland, Maine, store to meet a team of actual stitchers thatShow More Summary

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