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Xcerra Announces Nordic Semiconductor Selects the Diamondx for IoT Device Testing

Xcerra Corporation (Nasdaq:XCRA), today announced that Nordic Semiconductor, a company that specializes in ultra-low power (ULP) 2.4GHz transceivers, notably for the Bluetooth Smart and wearables segments, has selected the Diamondx from...Show More Summary IPO shows possibilities for profit in smart home services’s initial public offering filing has lifted a veil on the fast-growing niche of smartphone-controlled home security and automation services. And while there’s plenty of competition,’s results show at least the potential for heady profits beyond just the sale of remote-controlled thermostats and Internet-connected nanny cams. Show More Summary

An Overview of how Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Dominate the Consumer IoT market

12 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Internet of Things is not a farfetched idea anymore. It is becoming popular by the day and consumers as well as vendors from various walks of lives are utilizing the IoT ecosystem. IoT is diverse and is spread everywhere from smart homes to smart healthcare, connected cars to chip manufacturers, cloud providers to communication providers. […]

I Helped Pay for Some Solar Panels in New Jersey

On Wednesday, Rex Tillerson, the chief executive officer of ExxonMobil, said the oil giant doesn’t invest in renewable energy because “we choose not to lose money on purpose.” The implication, of course, was that it’s difficult—even impossible—to realize a return on investments made in solar and wind. Show More Summary

Graph Of The Day: How Utilities See Themselves In 2030

15 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Power utility businesses around the world are finally, and rapidly, waking up to the enormous changes taking place in the global energy market. That is what we have been noticing here in Australia, and that is the major message from the latest PwC global power & utilities report. Source: Graph Of The Day: How Utilities […]

500 Vendors Vying for $380 Billion Power Sector ‘Internet of Things’ Market

18 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a much-hyped market promising a number of futuristic applications. The reality is that the first mass deployment of the IoT has already occurred in the electric power sector. Smart grid infrastructure has been deployed in many geographic regions already and between 2015-2025, a further $380.1 billion will be invested […]


Climate change blamed as thousands die in Indian heat Victor Mallet, May 29, 2015 (Financial Times) “For the wealthy of India, the annual heatwave before the monsoon is inconvenient…For the poor, however, daytime temperatures approaching...Show More Summary


Offshore Wind Policy Drivers in Europe & China May 2015 (Global Wind Energy Council) “The four year long FOWIND (Facilitating Offshore Wind in India) project has…reviewed progress in the sector to date and…drawn out the following key recommendations for India: 1. Show More Summary


Focusing on CSP, Saudi Arabia to Add 41GW Solar Power by 2032 Aisha Abdelhamid, May 18, 2015 (PlanetSave) “Significantly boosting electricity generation from renewable sources in the upcoming years, Saudi Arabia is expected to experience...Show More Summary


China prepares three marine hydrokinetic test sites as part of US$163.4 million program Gregory B. Poindexter, May 28, 2015 (HydroWorld) “China is planning to construct marine hydrokinetic (MHK) test sites by 2016 off the coasts of three...Show More Summary

How Dark Matter and Nanotechnology can Help Transform the Global Energy System

It can be overwhelming to look at the world’s looming energy and climate challenges, but Dr. Franklin (Lynn) Orr, Under Secretary for Science and Energy at the US Department of Energy remains optimistic despite the complexity of these dilemmas. read more

Friday Energy Facts: Renewable Share of U.S. Energy Consumption Highest Since 1930s

Renewable energy accounted for 9.8 percent of the total United States domestic energy consumption in 2014. This marks the highest renewable energy share since the 1930s, when wood was a much larger contributor to domestic energy supply. read more

Catalyzing Major Climate Actions by All Key Players Around the World this Year

Progress on climate change can seem depressingly slow--especially to young people full of energy and expectation. But look closer and you can see progress everywhere. Clean energy is both technically and economically viable, and it's challenging dirty energy around the world. read more

Electric Utilities Must Steer Clear Of Never-Never Land

Reporters spend a great deal of time reading—so much so that at times the corporate PR begins to blend together, blah, blah, blah, I’ve heard it all before. But a press release I read this week from Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy Corp. snapped me back to reality. read more

Google Inc. Could Reveal an “Internet of Things” OS Soon

21 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG  ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) is planning to launch an operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices soon, according to recent reports from The Information and Fortune. The OS, known as Brillo, is expected to be revealed at its I/O event on May 28 and 29.Source: Pixabay.Brillo is intended to do for IoT devices […]

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?

Patrick J. Michaels Day after day, year after year, the hole that climate scientists have buried themselves in gets deeper and deeper. The longer that they wait to admit their overheated forecasts were wrong, the more they are goingShow More Summary

Integrating six decades of learning about fast reactors

I learned some important new concepts yesterday from two of the leaders of the Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) project – John Sackett and Yoon Chang. Among other things, they informed me — as a member of a group of about 35 other attendees...Show More Summary

Faulty Logic Drives Fallin's Decision On Wind Incentives

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill last week that will eliminate a state-wide property tax exemption for wind power developers beginning in 2017. The move will save the state on the order of $30 million annually. read more

Ford Offers Electric Vehicle Technology Patents to Competitors

Ford Motor Company is allowing competitors to purchase its electrified vehicle technology patents in an effort to help accelerate industry-wide research and development of electrified vehicles. In 2014, Ford filed more than 400 patents dedicated to electrified vehicle technologies. This is more than 20 percent of the patents the company filed, totaling more than 2,000 […]

Water, the West, and the Clean Power Plan

Energy is a water intensive business. Thermal power plants need massive amounts of water for cooling. In Texas, during the most intense period of the recent drought, demand for water by energy sources rose 9% while the state’s reservoirs were at less than 50% of their capacity. read more

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