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Episode 4 of the Clean Break podcast

Climate and energy news and views. In this episode host Tyler Hamilton interviews John Paul Morgan, co-founder, president and chief technology officer of Toronto-based solar technology company Morgan Solar. It has the potential to be one of the lowest cost solar module makers in the world. Can it deliver?  

NYC Business to Cut Waste 50% by June

Thirty-one New York City businesses, including ABC Disney, Whole Foods and Anheuser-Busch, have committed to divert at least 50 percent of their waste from landfill and incineration by mid-June.

Feeling Upbeat about Nuclear Technology’s Future

I feel better about the prospects for new nuclear technology development today (April 21) than I have for several years, based on the four conferences in four different U.S. cities I’ve attended over the past several weeks. My travel...Show More Summary

Intelligent Software, Technology Accelerating America’s Electricity Grid Transformation

Nearly a year has passed since the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There continue to be voices rising up to either support or denounce it and the U.S. Supreme Court even recently froze its implementation. Show More Summary

Climate Change: A Blast From the Past

We might think of climate change as a phenomenon only reported on by the 21st Century media and imagine that only the people of today are really aware of the risks posed by the rising level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Although...Show More Summary

GCL Poly takes on Tesla in home energy storage

ReNew Economy reports that Tesla and Redflow have been joined by GCL Poly in the home energy storage market - GCL Poly takes on Tesla with multi-coloured 5.6kWh battery storage. GCL Poly is the world’s biggest manufacturer of silicon and solar cells and will be selling a lithium ion battery based unit.

A Few Things We Know About Solar

One thing is clear, given the continuing decline in solar energy costs, particularly with generous extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in the December 2015 omnibus spending bill; everybody loves solar.

ExxonMobil, FuelCell Energy Team Up on Low-Cost Carbon Capture

ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy are working together to advance a carbon capture technology that the companies say could “substantially reduce costs” associated with carbon capture.

Schneider Electric Fined $6.8M in Largest-Ever Superfund Cleanup Penalty

Schneider Electric has been hit with a $6.8 million penalty for alleged environmental violations — the largest-ever stipulated penalty for cleanup of a Superfund site and the third largest overall in EPA history. The EPA says Schneider Electric violated the terms of a 2002 court-approved Superfund consent decree during its cleanup at the Rodale Manufacturing […]

Frankenstein And Climate Change

What ‘Frankenstein’ Can Tell Us About Climate Change Alysia Garrison, May 4, 2016 (WBUR-FM) “…[Satiric comparisons of the Frankenstein monster and Donald Trump] are appropriate on a deeper level than they appear…[In June 1816,] MaryShow More Summary

Big Solar Milestone

Million Solar Strong May 3, 2016 (Solar Energy Industries Association) “The adoption of solar energy in America has reached a new height of 1 million installations nationwide…[It] is the product of American innovation and ingenuity…[and]...Show More Summary

Big Wind Is A Big Win In Iowa

How Iowa Became the Nation’s Leader in Wind Energy; Even though Iowa is typically associated with red state politics, everyone there seems to agree that wind power makes economic sense for one of the windiest states in the country. Kim...Show More Summary

Ford Goes After Tesla And The Plug

Ford Plans a Tesla-Fighting Electric Car: What We Know; The automaker's CEO Mark Fields made headlines last week when he said that Ford is working on a "competitive" battery-electric car. But Ford has been dropping hints about its upcoming electric ride for months. Show More Summary

A Bailout by Any Other Name: FirstEnergy Still Trying to Stick It to Ohio Customers

You have to give some credit to FirstEnergy. It does hire creative lawyers. After the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) effectively killed the utility giant’s $4-billion bailout request to keep its uneconomic power plants online, those expensive attorneys figured they could redefine a few words and restore the subsidies.

Nations to Leverage Building Efficiency to Meet Paris Commitments

Last December, 195 nations from around the world came together in Paris and forged a historic agreement to act collectively to reduce human impact on the climate. Leading into the U.N. Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ConferenceShow More Summary

When the Public Knows Nukes it Supports Them

Familiarity with nuclear energy and its role as a reliable producer of low-carbon electricity increases support for the technology, according to a new national public opinion survey. “There’s a direct connection between feeling knowledgeable about nuclear energy and favoring it,” said Ann Bisconti, president of Bisconti Research.

KIC InnoEnergy: “Solar PV Will Be One of the Lowest-Cost Electricity Sources in Europe”

Solar photovoltaics (PV) will be one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation in Europe by 2030. That is a major conclusion that can be drawn from a report on future cost reductions in solar PV recently published by KIC InnoEnergy.

Should We Promote Heat Pumps to Save Energy and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Heat pumps are going through a period of innovation including more wide-spread availability of ductless heat pumps, development of cold climate heat pumps, higher minimum efficiency standards for heat pumps, and development of gas-fired heat pumps. Heat pumps are generally fairly efficient as they extract heat from the air, even cold air.

3 Questions: Amit Kumar & Gregory Stephanopoulos on Turning Waste Gases into Biofuels

One of the most promising ways to combat carbon emissions is to transform those emissions into something useful. Recently, Gregory Stephanopoulos, the Willard Henry Dow Professor in Chemical Engineering at MIT; postdoc Amit Kumar PhD ’10, also of the Department of Chemical Engineering; and their team released a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Almost All U.S. Gasoline is Blended With 10% Ethanol

Blends of petroleum-based gasoline with 10% ethanol, commonly referred to as E10, account for more than 95% of the fuel consumed in motor vehicles with gasoline engines. Ethanol-blended fuels are one pathway to compliance with elements of the federal renewable fuel standard (RFS). Show More Summary

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