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September Basrah Light imports at LOOP rebound from August hiatus: In the LOOP

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port has received a flurry of Iraqi crude imports in the past few weeks, with more expected, which could be behind a recent 30% jump in open interest on the CME’s LOOP Sour futures contract. In the initialShow More Summary

Why Leaving the Paris Accord Intensifies the Focus on Sustainability

When the United States pulled out of the Paris Accord earlier this month, it changed the environmental climate in this country—and the world—profoundly. While many pundits, advocates and talking heads have decried how much this will set the U.S. Show More Summary

Walmart CEO: New Headquarters to Bring In ‘Natural Light – Yes, Natural Light’

Walmart CEO announces new, more efficient headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The post Walmart CEO: New Headquarters to Bring In ‘Natural Light – Yes, Natural Light’ appeared first on Environmental Leader.

BofA Details Funding of Environmental Initiatives, Economic Benefits

Bank of America offers a breakdown of its sustainable investing program, and details economic benefits of these efforts, in a new report. The post BofA Details Funding of Environmental Initiatives, Economic Benefits appeared first on Environmental Leader.

TODAY’S STUDY: The Private Sector Gets Into The New Energy Biz

Charting the Emergence of Corporate Procurement of Utility-Scale PV Jenny Heeter, Jeffrey J. Cook, and Lori Bird, September 2017 (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Executive Summary Corporations are procuring utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) generation to meet their renewable energy and financial goals for electricity. Show More Summary

QUICK NEWS, September 18: The Key Climate Change Unknown; Beer Brewer Anheuser-Busch In Big Wind Buy; Montana Grew Solar 400% In 2016

The Key Climate Change Unknown The Real Unknown of Climate Change: Our Behavior Justin Gillis, September 18, 2017 (NY Times) “As Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Texas coast, few people in that state seemed to understand the natureShow More Summary

Solar shines on US heat wave, near-record peakload

The California Independent System Operator was expected to break a more than decade-long peakload record September 1 as a heat wave sat over the region. However, the ISO never had to enter emergency stages and prices were half of what...Show More Summary

Off-Grid Electrification Financing Is Failing

Off-grid systems garner a piddling 1% of electricity investment in the African and Asian countries that need them most

Building Sustainably for Growth: Q&A with Vans

Kim Matsoukas, senior manager of sustainability and social responsibility for Vans, discusses the process for incorporating sustainability into to its new global headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. The post Building Sustainably for Growth: Q&A with Vans appeared first on Environmental Leader.

The Age of Sustainability and How C-level Execs Can Lead the Charge

When I first entered the workforce, most offices didn’t have recycling bins let alone individual recycling containers under people’s desks. Today, when I walk around Sphera’s offices in Chicago, I see those blue bins everywhere. And it’s not just us. Show More Summary

Automotive Industry Has Mixed Feelings About Trump’s Approach to Fuel Standards

The auto industry has mixed feelings about how the Trump administration is approaching the fuel economy standards enacted under the Obama administration, with at least the parts makers saying that they need such certainty to remain economically...Show More Summary

Venezuela’s oil output continues to fall as PDVSA fritters away money: Fuel for Thought

Despite the billions of dollars that have flowed into Venezuela’s state-owned PDVSA in recent years, crude oil and refining output continues to languish. It is not lack of investment hindering growth but a more human flaw—corruption....Show More Summary

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