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Microsoft’s Carbon Fee Saves $10 Million Plus Annually

Microsoft’s internal carbon fee has reduced the company’s emissions by 7.5 million metric tons of CO2e, since it was established three years ago, and saved more than $10 million per year. According to a report on the program, the money collected through this fee has purchased more than 10 billion kWh of renewable power. In […]

Apple Buys Forests to Produce Sustainable Packaging

Apple is working with environmental nonprofit The Conservation Fund to buy more than 360,000 acres of forests in Maine and North Carolina, which the partners say will be harvested sustainably and used in Apple’s packaging. Other companies will also be able to buy fiber from these two forests. Apple’s environmental chief Lisa Jackson told BuzzFeed […]

IoT to Provide $1.9 Trillion Boost to Supply Chain, Logistics

The Internet of Things (IoT) will generate $8 trillion worldwide in value over the next decade, according to a trend report by DHL and Cisco. The report says this will come from five primary drivers: innovation and revenue ($2.1 trillion), asset utilization ($2.1 trillion), supply chain and logistics ($1.9 trillion), employee productivity improvements ($1.2 trillion) […]

Environmental Executive Moves: MWH, NV5, thinkstep, CES, Curtis, Harris, Vecoplan

Here’s the latest news on hirings, promotions and departures among environmental leaders. MWH Global: The engineering, consulting and construction firm announced that Alan Krause (pictured) has been appointed to serve on the US Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee. Show More Summary

ThyssenKrupp Debuts Auto Efficiency, Cost-Saving Technologies

ThyssenKrupp will this week debut dozens of automobile technologies that will help car manufacturers make cars more energy efficient and lightweight, with weight savings of up to 60 percent and cost reductions of up to 10 percent. At the SAE 2015 International World Congress April 21-23 in Detroit, ThyssenKrupp says it will present more than […]

How CenterPoint’s Integrated Smart Grid Is Paying Off

14 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Back in 2009, Texas utility CenterPoint Energy landed a $200 million Department of Energy stimulus grant to carry out a $750 million smart grid project, one of the biggest in the country. It started with 2.3 million smart meters capable of detecting power outages and helping field crews and customers know how quickly they could […]

Russia-Ukraine Gas Row Encore Bodes Poorly for Winter Supply Security

The next winter is approaching fast in natural gas terms. While temperatures are slowly rising in the Northern Hemisphere and cherry blossoms bloom in D.C., across the pond the EU Commission kicked off a fresh series of trilateral gas talks between Russia, Ukraine, and the EU. read more

Ford, DowAksa to Develop Carbon Fiber for Automotive Lightweighting

Ford and DowAksa have signed a joint development agreement to develop cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing of automotive-grade carbon fiber, a material expected to play a significant role in the drive to make vehicles lighter for greater fuel efficiency, performance and capability. Show More Summary

Nebraska Power Plant to Use Hydrogen Fuel, Slash CO2 Emissions

Nebraska Public Power District, the state’s largest electric utility, plans to replace an existing coal-fired boiler at its Sheldon Station plant in Hallam with one that uses clean-burning hydrogen fuel — a move the utility expects to reduce CO2 emissions at the plant by 1.1 million tons per year. Monolith Materials will produce the hydrogen […]

Canadian oil producers need to learn lessons from Keystone XL saga: New Frontiers

One of the main lessons from the Keystone XL pipeline saga for Canadian oil producers is that they need to take greater control of their destiny. The pipeline, which may still get built one day, was supposed to be a conduit for Canada’s growing oil sands production and without it, producers have been forced to […]

Carbon Pricing: Accounting Isn't Enough

Unless a carbon price makes its way into the whole global energy system, then its success in bringing down emissions is far from assured. While local carbon pricing wins will appear, the global effort could be undermined by a lack of global coverage. read more

Storing Energy by Making Ice

18 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Can you discuss both the Southern California Edison and Riverside Public Utilities deals in terms of size/scale of deals and timeframes for installation? Are you currently in negotiations for other major utility deals in California and beyond? The Southern California Edison (SCE) contracts are for 25.6 megawatts of storage. Approximately 1,800 Ice Bear units will […]

A Guide to The Internet of Things

Just as the elephant is grasped differently by each of the monks in “The Blind Men and the Elephant,” you’ll hear a different take on the Internet of Things (IoT) based on whom you ask. That’s not surprising because it is really such a wide-ranging subject. Here is an attempt to distill the essence, providing […]

4.9 Billion Reasons To Celebrate World IoT Day 2015

April 9th is the 5th annual World IoT Day. By the end of 2015, Gartner estimates that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use.  If you haven’t planned to host an event or grab coffee with your favorite collaborator, don’t worry.  Here are three important ways you can get involved: via 4.9 Billion Reasons […]

Household Spending on Gasoline and Public Transit Varies by Region, Income

Households in different regions of the United States have similar average combined spending on gasoline and public transit, but the composition of that spending varies significantly across regions. In 2013 the average household spent $3,148 annually on gasoline and public transit. read more

Amazon’s Smart-Home Hub Has Been Here All Along

DESPITE WHAT THE recent Apple Watch hype would have you believe, the next great technological frontier isn’t your wrist. It’s your home. Specifically, it’s getting all of your connected devices—the Wi-Fi equipped lights, outlets, crockpots, whatever—to communicate both with you and with each other. It’s an area that both Apple and Google have poked at […]

Advanced Energy: Wind Booms in China, Rebounds in U.S., with Full Pipeline

China continued to deploy wind power at a remarkable rate, installing an estimated 23.3 GW in 2014, a 45% increase over 2013. China accounted for 45% of the 51 GW installed globally in 2014, representing $94.6 billion in revenue. read more

Back to Business: GE Sells Real Estate, Dismantles GE Capital

General Electric is selling off its real estate assets and much of GE Capital to focus on its industrial businesses, including energy, healthcare and aviation. By 2018, its core industrial offering will make up 90 percent of the business, up from 57 percent in 2014. read more

Going Solar Should Be No More Difficult than Getting Cable TV

Americans love solar and recognize that beyond producing energy it powers us toward greater energy independence, combats global warming and lowers our utility bills. Getting a grid-connected home solar electric system up and running shouldn't be particularly hard or time-consuming. read more

RTOS Evolves to Ease Wireless IoT Device Design

Recognizing that the Internet of Things (IoT) will involve many non-traditional embedded systems developers, Texas Instruments has revised its TI-RTOS to incorporate automated power management and connectivity features that simplify IoT endpoint creation. Show More Summary

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