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The Value of Sector-Wide Diversity

As Marian Swain argues in her recent essay on the future of fish farming, open-ocean aquaculture and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are certainly two of the most exciting and powerful emerging systems with the potential to expand the sector into new frontiers. Show More Summary

Google Request Exacerbates South Carolina Water Wars

Google has requested 1.5 million gallons of groundwater per day to cool the servers at its Berkeley County facility, hoping to draw the water from the county’s aquifer. The company already uses about 4 million gallons of surface water per day, writes the Post & Courier (via Mashable). Show More Summary

To Improve Social Media Sentiment, Talk about CSR (Emotionally)

A company’s social media campaigns focusing on its CSR initiatives can move social media users from a neutral view into positive territory, according to a new report from IBM and the US Chamber Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center. Show More Summary

Shifting Risk Management to ‘First Line’ of Business Leads to Revenue & Profit Growth: PwC

Nearly two-thirds  (64%) of companies believe that shifting more risk management responsibilities to the “first line” – that is, business units and corporate executives – makes their companies more agile and more able to anticipate and mitigate risk events, according to a new PwC report, Risk in Review 2017 (PDF). Show More Summary

French presidential elections: Crunch time for the country’s energy mix

April 24 update: France is facing its most divisive presidential elections since Jean-Marie Le Pen shocked pollsters in 2002 and booked a surprise place in the second round. In the following special report, we analyze the impact of the main candidates’ energy views. Show More Summary

TODAY’S STUDY: The Risk Of Natural Gas Vs. The Risk Of Wind

Using Probability of Exceedance to Compare the Resource Risk of Renewable and Gas-Fired Generation Mark Bolinger, March 2017 (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Executive Summary Of the myriad risks surrounding long-term investments...Show More Summary

QUICK NEWS, April 24: The Health Impacts Of Climate Change; New Energy Is Everywhere; Study Shows LA Does Not Need Aliso Canyon

The Health Impacts Of Climate Change It’s the mother of all human health issues Jeffrey Delviscio, April 24, 2017 (STAT) “…[Human civilization as we know it today is] the product of a lucky greenhouse…[Climate change is a threat andShow More Summary

Where Does Recycling Fit in the Environmental Movement?

According to a recent Nielsen survey, respondents believe that their biggest contribution to the preservation of the environment is recycling. Plastic bottles, followed by paper and cardboard, are the two most frequently cited materials consumers say they recycle. Show More Summary

United Airlines' Lesson in People Power

Michael D. Tanner There’s a lot we can learn from the incident earlier this month in which a United Airlines passenger was beaten bloody by security guards for refusing to give up his seat when the airline said it needed it to accommodate some of its employees. Show More Summary

Path to Jones Act change faces political balancing act: Fuel for Thought

On January 18, less than two days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, the US Customs and Border Protection released a 30-page general notice which could eliminate exemptions to the Jones Act and mark one of the most significant changes to domestic maritime law in decades. Show More Summary

Can ‘Make in India’ become the driving force for commodities?

The introduction of sweeping reforms by India’s National Democratic Alliance government since they came into power in 2014 has given a new momentum to India’s manufacturing sector. Under its “Make in India” initiative, the government’s...Show More Summary

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