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Online Tool Provides ESG Benchmark for SMEs

A new online tool allows businesses to benchmark and improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) business practices. The Root360 survey, developed by Manomet’s Sustainable Economies Program, takes about 15 minutes to complete...Show More Summary

Web-based Dust Collection Diagnostics Generates OSHA, EPA Reports

Camfil Air Pollution Control has launched what it says is the industry’s first web-based system for dust collection diagnostics. The new GoldLink system provides round-the-clock access to dust collection operations by monitoring four preset analog inputs and 16 preset digital inputs. Show More Summary

Metals Recycler Plans Second ‘Micro Mill’

Metals recycling and products firm Commercial Metals Company has selected Durant, Oklahoma, as the location for construction of its second “micro mill.” The micro mill melts, casts and rolls steel from a single uninterrupted strand, producing higher yields and lower energy costs than the traditional minimill process, the company says. This new investment in Oklahoma […]

Observers wait for Mexico to allay concerns over subsequent bidding rounds

Mexico’s debut bidding event in Round One of its energy reform is now history, and resulted in what was widely agreed was a poor showing. Now, the post-mortems have begun, both within industry and the Mexican government, which openly acknowledged it needs to do a better job of listening to industry’s concerns about contract terms that […]

The 10 Coolest IoT Startups Of 2015 (So Far) 

The Internet of Things is booming, and on the leading edge of that explosion are startups. These are the firms that are defining the future of an industry that some say will be the next big thing in IT, estimated to be a market worth $1.9 trillion in 2013.With this collection of IoT startups CRN […]

10 Ways Windows 10 Will Advance The Internet Of Things

Windows 10 is going to change desktop and mobile computing experiences for the better. That’s what Microsoft says, and many IT pundits agree. The word is that Windows 10, which becomes commercially available on July 29,  is a genuine improvement over the versions that have come before. Windows 10 is expected to bring advances in […]

Home automation protocol: Quest for a dominant standard

As the home automation industry has expanded with an ever growing number of devices and services, companies are placing bets on which wireless protocols will dominate. The past few years the leaders have been Z-Wave and ZigBee. Companies are also using a variety of other standards including Crestron’s Infinet, Insteon, and proprietary technologies such as […]

Solar Cells Could Capture Infrared Rays for More Power

Hybrid materials could boost photovoltaic efficiencies by 30 percent or more

A new perception: Can smart meters help utilities stand out from the pack? 

Competition in the electric industry has been limited for a long time, but customers are realizing they have a choice of providers. But how will utilities react to the change in perception, and can technology help them keep customers? In early July, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published a report on energy retail and […]

Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid Get a Boost From eMotorWerks Intelligent Charging Stations

OSIsoft, a global leader in operational intelligence, and eMotorWerks, a leading provider of SmartGrid EV charging solutions, today announced that eMotorWerks has incorporated OSIsoft’s PI System within its cloud-based Smart[Grid] charging platform through a Connected Services Agreement. Show More Summary

IoT security and the world of US medicine

Internet of Things security is anything but a homogenous concept. It is, rather, extremely dependent on the type of products being developed and – in many cases – the sort of regulatory restrictions they are subject to.Of all the sectors where IoT is proliferating, however, it is arguably medical that is the most fraught. In […]

The Top 5 IoT Success Factors for Media & Entertainment Companies

As more businesses dive into the Internet of Things, one of the key questions on the table is how to define success.For media and entertainment companies, there are five factors, based on a large global study. Source: The Top 5 IoT Success Factors for Media & Entertainment Companies 07/27/2015


Atoms for electricity: Inside Exelon's push to save its Illinois nuclear fleet; Exelon says its nukes need backing, others say nukes shouldn’t get another bailout Herman K. Trabish, February 26, 2015 (Utility Dive) click to enlarge Exelon’s...Show More Summary


ATTACKS ON NEW ENERGY DOCUMENTED Report: Attacks on Renewable Energy Policies in 2015 Elsner and Kasper, July 2015 (Energy and policy Institute) “Fossil fuel and utility interests, concerned about the rise of cheap clean energy, continue...Show More Summary

Nuclear Power, Energy Justice, and Ending Poverty

Nuclear energy advocates including both Political Liberals and Conservatives appear to agree on certain long term goals. These goals involve the development and spread of low cost, safe and highly scalable nuclear power that can replace...Show More Summary

New Research Project to Investigate How Communities can Tackle Fuel Poverty, the Silent Killer

New research to be conducted on the issue of fuel poverty will help researchers, and energy and community policy makers to understand just how it is that community groups could reach the vulnerable and what potential impact local activities could have. read more

Fracking Time for a Step Back

Fracking is one of the hottest environmental topics under discussion these days, and for good reason: Many known dangers exist. Additionally, there may be more problems we haven’t yet discovered, because the fracking process currently in use has a short safety track record. read more

PG&E's New Tariff Could 'Gut the PV Opportunity' for the Commercial Sector

If you were wandering the halls of last week’s Intersolar conference in San Francisco, you probably heard a lot of worried, angry talk about something called the A-6 tariff, and how proposed changes to it were threatening to undercut commercial solar PV economics in Northern California. read more

SunEdison Makes a ($2.2 Billion) Deal, Offshore Wind Breaks Water

This week, one AEE Member company dominated the news cycle with a major acquisition, HP joined the trend toward advanced energy-run data centers, and the American offshore wind energy industry is finally off the ground (and in the water). read more

5 Questions to Ask About EPA’s Forthcoming Clean Power Plan

This article was co-authored by Kristin Meek. Last June, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first-ever standards to limit carbon dioxide pollution from existing power plants, known as the Clean Power Plan. After an extended comment period during which the agency received more than 4 million comments, EPA is expected to finalize the plan this […]

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