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A driving force behind the LCFS sees credit prices rising

John Kingston is President of the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute and Director of Global Market Insights. He continues to observe energy markets after his many years with Platts. The price of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits is going to rise. It’s just a question of when. That’s the view of Professor Daniel Sperling, member […]

Chicago consortium taps industry brainpower to make cities work better

A Chicago-based consortium is tapping the brainpower of Microsoft, Siemens and other industry leaders to turn the city into a big urban lab for developing and testing solutions to infrastructure challenges. CityWorks is a project ofShow More Summary

Blue-Collar Solar

Green, energy-saving technologies are essentially luxury products. Solar rigs and energy-efficiency upgrades require big upfront investments in equipment that may not pay off for many years. Spend $40,000 on solar panels for your roof, and you won’t get your money back in lower electricity bills for a dozen years or more. Show More Summary

Bouygues Telecom to Commercially Launch IoT Network based on LoRa Technology

Bouygues Telecom announced the commercial rollout of France’s first Internet of Things (IoT) network based on the LoRa (Long Range) technology, which the Operator says will take place in June, as it concludes trials of the technology in the city of Grenoble, in close collaboration with its technology partner, Semtech. By the end of this year, around 500 towns and […]

Time to stop consuming precious resources to harmonize occupational dose limits

Pressure groups and interested individuals have been striving for more than two decades to force the U. S. to reduce its occupational worker radiation protection limit from 50 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year. The primary justification for this...Show More Summary

Will Intel Corporation’s Curie Conquer the Internet of Things and Wearables Markets?

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC  ), which was crushed by ARM Holdings’ (NASDAQ: ARMH  ) partners in the mobile market over the past few years, doesn’t plan on losing the wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) markets in the same way. That’s why it established a new IoT division last year, which houses its smallest SoCs (systems on […]

Thinking and Rethinking Nuclear Energy in Utah

In St. George Utah: City staff recommended that the City Council hold off on committing to a project by NuScale Power. Based out of Oregon, NuScale proposes to build compact nuclear reactors that would be housed in a power plant built near Idaho Falls, Idaho. Show More Summary

Nuclear Spent Fuel Expert Describes Vermont Yankee Dry Cask Safety

By Guy Page By 2020, the spent fuel left over from all 42 years of Vermont Yankee’s operation is scheduled to be stored in huge steel “dry casks” on pads at the plant site in Vernon. Just how strong and reliable are Vermont Yankee’sShow More Summary

Who Could Benefit Most from Fair Electricity Pricing? Low-Income Customers

Urban dwellers, for whom mass transit is a central part of daily life and owning your own rooftop is less common, may view electric cars, rooftop solar, battery storage, and on-site energy generation as appealing, but also abstractions more suitable for upstate homeowners than those living in the city. read more

UK election kicks off an uncertain period for energy investors

The UK’s general election kicked off Monday with the official closure of parliament, heralding 38 days of campaigning ahead of the May 7 vote. With clear policy differences between the parties and the polls too-close-to-call, energy investors could be set for an uncertain year ahead. Anyone who has attended energy industry conferences in recent years will […]

Power Grid of the Future: Distributed Generation Led by a 'Civic' Energy Sector

“What would our energy system look like if the move to a low-carbon society wasn’t left to governments and big energy companies but was instead led by civil society?” asks Dr. Stephen Hall, a Research Fellow in energy economics and policy at the University of Leeds, UK. read more


Beyond Integration; Three dynamics reshaping renewables and the grid Felicity Jones, et. al., March 2015 (DNV GL) Executive Summary In the Renewables Sector: Challenges Policymakers and system operators place diverging demands on renewables Renewables developers are pulled in different directions. Show More Summary


THE SPECIAL TERROR OF CLIMATE CHANGE FOR WOMEN Lefty Lawmaker Warns: Climate Change Makes Women Prostitutes; Without food, they'll do anything to survive, Dem says Cheryl Chumley, March 27, 2015 (WND) “Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., one...Show More Summary

China, mobile, IoT and automotive to shuffle semiconductor vendor ranking in 2014-15

The semiconductor market started shifting its centre of gravity to Asia during PC boom of late 80s, and the swirlwind of action now is in China. Asia consumed approximately 60% global semiconductor output in year 2014 and in that China’s share is more than 60%. China is not only the world’s electronics factory, and is […]

The Energy Gang: The Solar Federal Tax Credit - Will Expiration Kill Jobs or Make Installers Stronger? [PODCAST]

The federal investment tax credit has enabled dramatic growth in the United States solar energy industry. But its looming expiration, coming soon in 2017, is causing some within the solar business to ask: will it still be needed to continue that growth? read more

Crude Oil Inventories Should Peak Soon

If the crude oil export ban is repealed all bets are off. A flood of crude oil would be sent for export while we continued to import heavier oils from places like Canada and Venezuela. Crude oil inventories in that case would probably come down rapidly, and crude oil prices would move into a higher trading range. read more

Eight Hurdles Advocates Face for Solar Choice in Florida via Proposed Constitutional Amendment

A sea-change is brewing in Florida and is shaping up to be the most closely watched 2016 referendum on any state’s election ballot. Solar advocates are on track to ask voters to permit entities other than monopoly utilities to sell power generated by solar energy systems in the Sunshine State. read more

Why managed connectivity should be the No. 1 priority for IoT enterprises

From ceiling fans to locks to your clothes, the IoT movement is paving the way to a truly digital lifestyle. And for IT professionals, the potential to transform inanimate everyday objects into intelligent, connected beings has opened the door to a wealth of opportunities. But as IT professionals work to breathe life into static objects, […]

BASF Analysis Tool Helps Companies Lightweight Products, Minimize Costs

BASF says its analysis tool delivers 90 percent to 95 percent accuracy when predicting the performance of parts molded using BASF materials, helping companies lightweight products while minimizing design and development costs. A common...Show More Summary

Geopolitics and Oil Prices: Between A Rock and a Hard Place

Oil traders currently appear to be hedging themselves against the possibility of a deal between Western countries and Iran on the nuclear question, but doing so misses the increasingly complex forces at play today in oil geopolitics and international relations. read more

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