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Solyndra: A Case Study in Green Energy, Cronyism, and the Failure of Central Planning

David Boaz Back in 2011 I wrote several times about the failure of Solyndra, the solar panel company that was well connected to the Obama administration. Then, as with so many stories, the topic passed out of the headlines and I lost touch with it. Show More Summary

Get ready for the digital business journey

It’s no secret that, although the innovations are constantly rolling in the energy industry, utilities can be slow to change. Digital businesses are rapidly emerging across industries and, in terms of utilities, can be extremely important in terms of how they relate to security, smart devices and the Internet of Things, among others. Although utilities […]

Hurricane Katrina: Remembering the Federal Failures

Chris Edwards Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and generated a huge disaster. The storm flooded New Orleans, killed more than 1,800 people, and caused $100 billion in property damage. The storm’s...Show More Summary

Recognizing Clean Nuclear Plants in the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan will be with us for a long time and will be discussed pro and con for months and years. One aspect of the plan’s rationale that has stuck out to the nuclear energy industry is it’s notion that all currently running nuclear plants will keep running, thus continuing to contribute emission-free electricity. Show More Summary


The sense in Republican climate-change nonsense Stephen Stromberg, August 25, 2015 (Washington Post) "Conservatives often insist that it’s pointless to cut climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions: It would amount to unilateral...Show More Summary


Cost of not acting on climate change $44 trillion: Citi Anmar Frangoul, 18 August 2015 (CNBC) “Up to $44 trillion could be going up in smoke if the world does not act on climate change, according to [ Energy Darwinism II: Why a Low Carbon...Show More Summary

Operators and vendors join forces to push cellular IoT networks

Backed by the likes of AT&T, Intel and Qualcomm, industry organization GSMA has launched an initiative to accelerate the roll out of cellular networks customized for machine-to-machine communications.The growing interest in machine-to-machine...Show More Summary


EIA expects near-term decline in natural gas production in major shale regions August 26, 2015 (U.S. Energy Information Administration) “Natural gas production across all major shale regions in EIA's Drilling Productivity Report (DPR) is projected to decrease for the first time in September. Show More Summary


Autonomous Vehicles; Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and the Evolution of Self-Driving Functionality: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 3Q 2015 (Navigant Research) “The first combinations of advanced driver assistance features, now available in some 2016 vehicle models, offer semi-autonomous driving under specific circumstances. Show More Summary

Drought and Extremes of Heat Reduce Farm Yields and Worsen Wildfires

Man-made global warming worsens the extreme drought in the American West because of its excessive heating. Farms in California receive inadequate water supplies, leading to crop losses. Wildfires are burning record areas of forest in the West as well as in Alaska. read more

215 Million And Rising: Surge In LED Installs Is A Growing Threat To Utility Industry

The cumulative number of light emitting diodes (LEDs) installed across the United States has soared during the past two years—topping 215 million at the end of 2014. That’s good for the environment and consumers, but not for growth-starved electric utilities. read more

Even if You Buy the Science, the Policy Still Fails

Ross McKitrick In a recent speech to the Washington-based think tank Resources for the Future, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy promoted the White House’s new Clean Power Plan by: (a) appealing to science and disallowing any debate about...Show More Summary

This home automation system from 1985 puts most modern-day smarthomes to shame 

Home automation is still perceived as a budding market despite the fact that solutions have been around for years. And by years, I mean at least 30 years which is when the home automation system in this video from YouTuber Avboden was released. Once you’ve managed to look past the green and black color scheme, […]

Reducing U.S. Primary Energy With Wind and Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency

The U.S. could achieve a 50% reduction of primary energy via energy efficiency measures, and build-outs of wind and solar systems, so that the energy available to provide for the residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation energy requirements remains nearly unchanged. read more

Smart Utility Rates Could Slash Grid Investment Costs and Monthly Bills

Homeowners could save up to 40 percent on their electricity bills and utilities could slash billions of costs every year in grid upgrades if demand-flexible rate plans were widely available, according to a new study from Rocky Mountain Institute. read more

Global Study Shows Deteriorating Air Quality in India and Other Vulnerable Regions

Following India's government announcement that it would launch a "massive" people-oriented awareness campaign to check air pollution, NDTV brought together leaders to discuss India's growing air quality problems and potential solutions. read more

Capitalizing on a Low-Carbon Future

Speaking to leaders in corporate environmental and sustainability departments, I’ve found most organizations are focused on sustainability as an operational issue. They prioritize carbon disclosure and decarbonization of their operations, and are measuring and addressing the carbon footprints of their supply chains and products. Show More Summary

Xcel Energy ‘On Track’ to 30% Carbon Footprint Reduction by 2020

Xcel Energy says it’s the first US utility to verify and register all of its greenhouse gas emissions data with The Climate Registry for seven consecutive years. The company’s emissions reporting validates Xcel Energy’s more than 20 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the last decade. Xcel Energy achieved Climate Registered status by successfully […]

Wanted: Recycling, Reuse Tenants for New [re]Manufacturing Hub

The city of Austin, Texas is accepting letters of interest from potential recycling and reuse industry tenants interested in locating at Austin’s [re]Manufacturing Hub. Located on redeveloped land owned by Austin Resource Recovery, this new industrial park aims to become a home for the local circular economy that will attract, retain and grow zero-waste businesses. […]

LLamasoft Aims to Eliminate Supply Chain ‘Data Gaps’

Sustainable supply chain software company LLamasoft has partnered with three supply chain companies — Transplace, Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium and Xeneta — to provide increasingly detailed data to its modeling customers. Transplace,...Show More Summary

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