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The Libertarian Failure On Climate Change

We should be building NEW coal plants?!?! We are spending too MUCH on New Energy?!?! Well, we know what this guy has been smoking… From greenmanbucket via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!dShow More Summary

New Energy Is Doable – And Is Being Done

There are countries around the world taking advantage of their New Energy Resources. The U.S. is not. There are reasons but there is no excuse. From Seeker Daily via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(Show More Summary

First Shipment of Ethane from U.S. Gulf Coast Arrives in Europe

Increased production of ethane in the United States has led to increased ethane exports, first by pipeline to Canada and more recently by tanker to overseas destinations. Ethane is used domestically and internationally as a key feedstock for plastics production and other industrial uses.

World Gets A Step Closer To Enforceable Climate Laws

Climate Deal Comes One Step Closer to Reality at United Nations; Nearly enough countries have signed on to limit greenhouse gas emissions. September 22, 2016 (Reuters via Fortune) "An agreement to fight global warming came one step closer...Show More Summary

New Energy Ready To Power The World Future

Wind and solar power enjoy a decade of massive growth: World Energy Council Anmar Frangoul, 20 September 2016 (CNBC) "Renewable sources of power including hydroelectric and solar represent around 30 percent of the world's total capacity...Show More Summary

Sahara Sun Could Power The World

We Could Power The Entire World By Harnessing Solar Energy From 1% Of The Sahara Mehran Moalem, September 22, 2016 (Forbes) “The total world energy usage (coal+oil+hydroelectric+nuclear+renewable) in 2015 was 13,000 Million Ton Oil Equivalent...Show More Summary

World’s Biggest Offshore Wind Turbines Building Off UK Coast

Dong installs world’s largest wind turbines off UK coast Susanna Twidale w/Susan Thomas, September 8, 2016 (Reuters) “Dong Energy has installed the first of the world's largest wind turbines, which are taller and wider than the London...Show More Summary

Will Trumpism, Brexit, and Geopolitical Exceptionalism Sink the Planet?

The future pace of climate change will be determined as much by geopolitical factors as by technological developments in the energy sector, writes energy expert and author Michael T. Klare. While immense progress is being made in bringing down the price of wind and solar power, the political will to turn such developments into meaningful global change may be diminishing.

Hinkley Gets the Go Ahead; What Does it Mean for the South West?

The news has dismayed NGOs like Greenpeace, and embittered the renewables lobby. Today, it’s impossible to predict with surety whether the reactor can be built on time and what its enormous strike price imbalance will truly mean. Amid all the speculation, is any clarity available on what the station will mean for the local area?

Can Canada Achieve Emission Reduction Targets By Incentivizing Electric Car Adoption?

Earlier this year, Chrysler Canada announced their 39th consecutive month of year-on-year sales growth. The company which has consistently ranked number one in car sales in the country reported double-digit growth in passenger car sales with minivan models like Town & Country seeing massive 399% rise in sales.

The Clean Power Plan: Driving Down Electricity Bills for Families

Here’s one fact you may not know about the Clean Power Plan – it can save you money. The Clean Power Plan puts the first-ever nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants. It’s a crucial step in our efforts to combat climate chaos and protect public health. But it can also help American families save money.

Hydrocarbon Production in the Utica Play Increasingly Targets Natural Gas-Rich Areas

Production of oil and natural gas in the Appalachian Basin's Utica play—which includes both the Utica and Point Pleasant formations—has increased significantly since 2012. Monthly natural gas production from Utica wells increased from 0.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in December 2012 to more than 3.5 Bcf/d in June 2016.

Education Leaders Gather to Chart a Future for Sustainability at Universities

Educators and administrators from 33 nations gathered at MIT last week for the third World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities, where they discussed successful programs already adopted at their institutions, and plans for improving and expanding education about sustainability over the coming years.

Embracing LEED in Thailand: LF Beauty R&D Facility

LF Beauty R and D Facility, a new, multifunction building in Lamlukka, is one of the projects in Thailand that was awarded LEED certification under LEED v2009 for New Construction in 2015. It achieved the highest score of all the LEED Platinum projects in Thailand at that time. Show More Summary

SEC’s Exxon Probe: the ‘Tipping Point’ for Oil & Gas Climate Change Accounting?

ExxonMobil’s climate change accounting is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission — and this could have major implications for the oil and gas industry.

How Major Multi-Nationals Cut Emissions, Save Money by Embedding Carbon Pricing into Business Strategies

Global environmental services company Suez uses an internal carbon price to drive investment in low-carbon technologies such as energy-efficient water pumps. Meanwhile IT giant Microsoft used its carbon fee fund to support, among other low-carbon projects. Show More Summary

The changing face of Europe’s flat steel industry

As China looks set to create the world’s second largest steelmaking company through the merging of Baosteel and Wuhan I&S, Europe’s steel industry is on the brink of a pair of mergers that would genuinely transform the region’s industry. Show More Summary

How a Green Consciousness Can Revolutionize Our Communities

How a Green Consciousness Can Revolutionize Our Communities At no time in history has it been more important to initiate a “green consciousness” at the local and community level. Why? Simply put, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall for entire nations, starting in our homes and spreading to our communities. The Handwriting Is Already […]

EU Considers Adding Six Substances to Restricted Chemicals List

The primary chemical law in the European Union, called the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals or REACH, has proposed adding six new substances of very high concern to its restricted substances list

Governments poised to agree historic CO2 emissions market system for aviation

The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization is poised to take a ground-breaking decision on a global market-based measure to control aviation’s greenhouse gas emissions in a matter of days. If signed off at ICAO’s general...Show More Summary

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