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When Reasonable Policy Discussions Become Unreasonable Personal Attacks

Coral Davenport wrote a story in the New York Times about the political debates in Washington regarding the proposed Keystone pipeline: “… most energy and policy experts say the battle over Keystone overshadows the importance of the project as an environmental threat or an engine of the economy." read more

Mobility Tools Drive Efficiency in 3PL Industry

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers can use mobile technology to drive efficiency in the manufacturing supply chain and improve their competitive advantage, according to a report from IDC Manufacturing Insights. As mobile technology continues to evolve, supply chains will continue to find opportunities to leverage and apply mobility. Show More Summary

Nuclear Safety in a Post-Fukushima World: Is the US Falling Behind?

After Fukushima, re-examinations of nuclear reactor security were launched in many of the 31 countries around the world, which possess “over 435 [operable] commercial nuclear power reactors with over 375,000 MWe of total capacity [while about] 70 more reactors are under construction.” read more

Duke Will Contest NC ‘Regulatory Overreach’, $25M Fine

Duke Energy yesterday said it will contest the civil penalty issued by North Carolina environmental regulators related to the L.V. Sutton Steam Electric Plant in Wilmington. Earlier this month the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources fined Duke Energy $25.1 million for groundwater violations at the Wilmington facility. Show More Summary

What Low Oil Prices Mean for EH&S Software Suppliers

Plummeting oil prices have serious ramifications for environment, health and safety software suppliers because the oil and gas industry is their largest customer base, according to a Verdantix report. After falling to a six-year low of less than $50 per barrel in January, oil prices are expected to stay low throughout 2015. This report helps […]

Companies Select Call2Recycle to Manage Nation’s First Single-Use Battery Recycling Program

Eleven initial companies have selected battery stewardship organization Call2Recycle to develop, implement and promote a mandated single-use battery recycling program in Vermont. Vermont is the first state to require single-use manufacturers...Show More Summary

SAP Reports on Environmental Performance

Through the use of renewable electricity certificates and carbon offsets, German software company SAP has created a completely carbon neutral cloud. The company’s sustainable cloud strategy is complemented by the use of 100 percent renewable energy at its data centers and facilities. Show More Summary

Remote Monitoring for Oil & Gas Companies

ZTR Control Systems has introduced a system that allows oil and gas companies to remotely monitor and manage both mobile and fixed assets from one central location. The Heavy Oil Well Site Monitoring and Control Package is an advanced telemetry system designed to integrate real-time communication between oil and gas equipment and business systems; capturing […]

Risk Assessment for Paint Removal Chemical Released

The EPA has released the final risk assessment for N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP), a chemical commonly used to remove paint and other coatings. The assessment identified risks to pregnant women and women of childbearing age, who have high exposure to NMP through paint or other coating removal. Acute and chronic risks identified for women of childbearing age […]

Knocked Out

Dispatching clean-cut kids to peddle expensive solar panel systems door to door—it may sound like a concept for a Simpsons episode, or for a 21 st century update of The Music Man. But it has proved to be a path to riches for at least one American firm. Show More Summary

Using Trash Audits to Improve Waste, Recycling Programs

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Sustainability is using trash audits to study and improve campus waste and recycling programs.

Areva Struggles to Dig Out of Debt

Phillippe Knoche stated that while Areva is committed to building two EPRs at Hinkley Point, they may be the last of their kind, and that they're abandoning the firm’s strategy of leading “high profile, new build projects” and instead will concentrate on the supply chain including major components of nuclear reactors. read more

Solar Flair

Back when it was an expensive, unproven technology, solar energy was driven by hippies in sandals rigging up off-the-grid systems. About a decade ago, change-the-world Silicon Valley types hoping to make gazillions of dollars entered...Show More Summary

Long May You Run

The notion of a giant utility regarding the melting and refreezing ice cubes as a realistic way of storing power would have seemed fanciful a few years ago—or even 12 months ago. But next year, pursuant to a deal announced with utility...Show More Summary

Energy Economist: King Coal faces the end of its reign

The coal industry is in crisis. It has failed to recognize the structural shift in power generation driven by regulation rather than price and has missed the window of opportunity to invest in clean coal technologies. Now it faces a slow King Canute style demise, as elaborated by Ross McCracken, managing editor of Platts Energy Economist. […]

Perovskites for "Tandem" Solar Cells

"Tandem" photovoltaics that may give a boost to traditional silicon solar cells

Score a Victory for Cruz over Brown in Most Recent Climate Change Scuffle

Paul C. "Chip" Knappenberger Global Science Report is a feature from the Center for the Study of Science, where we highlight one or two important new items in the scientific literature or the popular media. For broader and more technical perspectives, consult our monthly “Current Wisdom.” — On Sunday, in anticipation of Sen. Show More Summary

Ozone Pollution in the West: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Long familiar in major urban areas, smog – what we experts call “ground-level ozone” pollution – is quickly becoming a serious problem in the rural mountain west, thanks to rapid expansion in oil and gas development. read more

Obama Signs Order to Cut Government GHG Emissions and Boost Renewable Energy

Recently President Obama singed an executive order regarding government energy targets, toured a solar panel installation on the Department of Energy’s roof, and gave brief remarks before kicking off a roundtable with large US companies that do over $1 billion in business with the federal government. read more

Look Out for "Market Ingenuity" from Stressed LNG Project Developers

With the hundreds of billions of dollars at stake around the world in LNG infrastructure projects, nuclear professionals need to pay close attention to the fact that “market ingenuity” for LNG producers can include efforts to force nuclear plants to shut down. read more

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