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2017 Breakthrough Senior Fellows Announced

A leading agronomist addressing food demand and ecological protection. A renowned agricultural economist grounding the food and farming debate. A thought leader on global governance and development. A nuclear engineer at the forefront of nuclear innovation. Show More Summary

The Story NEI’s Maria Korsnick Will Tell Wall Street

There’s a lot going on in our world, and this Thursday at 8:30 a.m. EST, the Nuclear Energy Institute will be making its annual presentation to dozens of Wall Street analysts. The United States continues to operate the world’s largest fleet of reactors, and is the technology leader. Show More Summary

How About Using that Captured Carbon?

Imagine if the carbon dioxide (CO2) that emerges from smokestacks at coal- and natural gas-fired power plants and steel and cement facilities could actually be used for something. Some innovators are imagining just that.

Why Kering, HPE, Unilever Link Business Strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals

Leading companies are incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their environmental management plans — a trend that is gaining traction as corporations are finding environmental and financial benefits from linking the SDGs...Show More Summary

DOE execs killed respected science program studying radiation health effects. Fired PM who tried to protect science

Senior Department of Energy executives, several of whom were “Acting” Obama Administration appointees in roles that normally require Senate advice and consent, made decisions that eliminated unique research into the biological effects of low dose radiation in the United States. Show More Summary

Micheal Shellenberger tells Cal Poly audience how nuclear fear began. How will it end?

Michael Shellenberger, the director of Environmental Progress, recently gave a talk at Cal Poly titled How Fear of Nuclear Ends. As usual, Michael did a terrific job of presenting the talk and provides excellent graphics in support of his primary discussion points. Show More Summary

Perry Regrets Calling for Abolition of Department of Energy

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, discovered this week that it takes more than a glib turn of phrase to run a major federal agency. He comes to the job with very big shoes to fill. His two immediate predecessors were PhD scientists. Steven Chu was the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Physics. Ernest Moniz, based on his expertise, helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal.

How Nanomaterials Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer and More Efficient

The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior communications advisor at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald.From the batteries in our cell phones to the clothes on our backs, "nanomaterials" that are designed molecule by molecule are working their way into our economy and our lives. Show More Summary

NuScale Submits SMR Design Certification Package to NRC

In a major step toward the deployment of the next generation of advanced nuclear technology, NuScale Power asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on December 31st, 2016 to approve the company’s 50 MW small modular reactor (SMR) commercial power plant design.

Does the U.S. Military Actually Protect Middle East Oil?

John Glaser America’s experience in the Middle East over the past fifteen years has been bruising, to say the least. For his part, President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly, if inconsistently, exploited Americans’ frustration with what are widely viewed as foreign policy failures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Show More Summary

Micheal Shellenberger tells Cal Poly audience how nuclear fear began. Suggests how it might end.

Michael Shellenberger, the director of Environmental Progress, recently gave a talk at Cal Poly titled How Fear of Nuclear Ends. As usual, Michael did a terrific job of presenting the talk and provides excellent graphics in support of his primary discussion points. Show More Summary

A Brief History of U.S. Presidential Climate Change Policy

President-elect Donald Trump has famously called global warming a “hoax.” Even more alarming to those concerned about climate change, Trump has signaled his administration would walk away from the 2015 Paris climate agreement under which 190 nations have agreed to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

PBS Newshour teases NOVA’s Nuclear Option

Judy Woodruff introduced a “must see” segment on PBS’s Newshour last night. JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: why some engineers and investors are making big bets to develop a new generation of nuclear reactors. Miles O’Brien has the story. It was...Show More Summary

Rick Perry might convert DOE into an ENERGY leader

President-Elect Trump’s choice of Rick Perry to run the Department of Energy is good news for people who believe–or want to believe–that the federal government’s Department of Energy was formed at the end of the 1970s because voters were tired of our abject dependence on foreign oil and its associated entanglements. Show More Summary

Nuclear Energy Development Groups Refresh their Vision

Right now nobody really has any idea how an administration led by Donald Trump will deal with nuclear energy. Prospects for a rational approach are not bright. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has been picked by Trump to head DOE, and subject to Senate confirmation, we'll find out whether he can follow through on his campaign commitment to abolish it.

Time to Give the Chop to Fracking: Fraxit Now!

On Tuesday the US Environmental Protection Agency released a definitive study concluding that hydraulic fracturing can impact drinking water at each stage in the shale gas production process. Do we really want to see 16,000 or more shale gas wells drilled in the British countryside carrying the same and other risks, ask professors Peter Strachan and Alex Russell?

Could Rick Perry Forego his Special-Interest Past for a Clean Energy Future?

By now you may have heard that Rick Perry, former Governor of Texas, is President-elect Trump’s pick for Energy secretary. If appointed, he will be succeeding Samuel Bodman, Doctor of Science in chemical engineering from MIT; Steven Chu, PhD in physics from the University of California, Berkeley; and Ernest Moniz, PhD in theoretical physics from Stanford University.

The Sol Source: December 2016

The SOL SOURCE is a monthly journal that our team distributes to our network of clients and solar stakeholders. Our newsletter contains energy statistics from current real-life renewables projects, trends, and observations gained through monthly interviews with our team, and it incorporates news from a variety of industry resources.

Energy News: Energy May be Ripe for the Sharing Economy, Thanks to Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

This week’s news was full of microgrids. From how technology developed for cryptocurrency is ushering in a shared energy economy to microgrids for marijuana grow operations, we’ve got a news roundup that sounds worthy of the darkest corners of the internet. It’s all above board, though, and part of a growing advanced energy industry!

The New Fire project nears completion. Please prove there’s an eager market

Advanced nuclear reactor development is so vibrant, interesting and important that it has attracted a filmmaking team. The filmmakers, led by David Schumacher and Derek Wiesenhahn, are telling a story about some of the projects that aim to produce new ways to use fission to power society. Show More Summary

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