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South Australia: Making money by solving “waste” problems of others

South Australia is making progress in its effort to profitably address an issue that has slowed nuclear energy’s growth prospects for more than 40 years. On May 9th South Australian premier Jay Weatherill released the final version of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission report that had been briefed to him on May 6. Show More Summary

Delivering the Nuclear Promise at #NEA16

The American nuclear energy industry is heading to Miami this week for the 2016 Nuclear Energy Assembly (agenda). The theme of the meeting is Delivering the Nuclear Promise, which is also the industry-wide effort championed by NEI that aims to advance safety, reliability and economic performance at U.S. Show More Summary

Time for Europe to Stop Supporting Ukraine’s Risky Nuclear Power Sector

Three decades after Chernobyl, nuclear power remains a mainstay of Ukrainian energy supply, writes Iryna Holovko, campaigner of NGO CEE Bankwatch Network in Ukraine. Despite persistent safety problems, the Ukrainian government has approved lifetime extensions for four of its 15 nuclear units since 2010, and two more could be greenlighted later this year.

Why Utilities are Investing in This Technology as a Way to Boost Resiliency and Reduce Consumer Costs

What if there was a technology your utility could deploy today that was cheaper and cleaner than most existing power generation, that boosted system resiliency and reliability, and was twice as efficient? Would you want them to use ...

Knowing What You’ve Got Before It’s Gone in Nuclear Energy

The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior director of policy analysis and strategic planning at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald. Nuclear energy is by far the largest source of carbon prevention in the United States,...Show More Summary

Texas Methane Leaks are a Problem. For California

liso Canyon was a big methane release, especially in Los Angeles, but in the grand scheme of methane released every day by the nation’s oil and gas industry, it was a blip. And recent footage from Texas, coupled with a new study of over...Show More Summary

David MacKay, author Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air, final chat with Mark Lynas

On April 3, 2016, Mark Lynas met with David MacKay, the author of Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air, to give him the Breakthrough Institute’s 2016 Paradigm Award. After the brief ceremony, the two influential British thinkers chatted about David’s career, his love of arithmetic, his concerns about humanity and his famous book. Show More Summary

House Energy and Commerce seeks to enable advanced nuclear energy

On Friday, April 29, 2016, the Energy and Power subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing to discuss H.R. 4979 and a draft discussion bill with the unfortunate acronym of NUKEPA (Nuclear Utilization of Keynote Energy Policies Act). Show More Summary

Let’s Create Awareness for All the Benefits that Nuclear Technology Brings to Mankind

When a report on the benefits of nuclear technology starts with “The public are often unaware of the extent to which aspects of their everyday life involve products and processes originated from the application of nuclear technology via the nuclear industry”, it tells me that the time has come to tell this story and increase public awareness.

Centrally Planned Energy: Bad for the Economy, Bad for the Environment

Jason Scott Johnston On Earth Day, the United States will sign the Paris Climate agreement. In terms of the actual climate policy already implemented by the Obama administration, however, the events of the previous week were much more important. Show More Summary

Faculty Highlight: Alexie Kolpak

Performance across a wide range of new technologies from solar cells to fuel cells depends on interactions at interfaces between materials on the atomic scale. “The behavior is influenced, and often dominated by, the interfaces,” says MIT assistant professor of mechanical engineering Alexie M. Kolpak.

Houses Made of Bamboo

2 months agoUtilities / Energy : Peak Energy

I came across this TreeHugger article and TED talk on building sustainable houses using Bamboo - the constructions are amazing.

Deep in the Heart of Texas, Methane is Leaking Every Day

In new footage captured just weeks ago, an ominous cloud of what looks like black smoke seeps from a pump jack deep in the heart of a Texas oil field. But there are no fire trucks rushing to the scene. No first responders in hazmat suits scrambling to uncover the source of this relentless dark.

A hybrid solar / geothermal power plant

2 months agoUtilities / Energy : Peak Energy

David Roberts at Vox points to this video on Enel Green Power's Stillwater hybrid geothermal and solar thermal and solar PV power plant in Nevada.

Who is targeting Turkey Point? Why? Part II

This is the second installment in the series. You can find the first installment here. This post is focused on answering the following question. Is the Turkey Point power station violating the Clean Water Act (CWA)? SACE allegationsShow More Summary

Zero-Carbon in the 50 States

Your education is in environmental science and regional planning, how did that turn into an interest in energy? I like thinking about complex problems in a holistic way, and about how people can coordinate to solve them. Two problems requiring massive coordination are climate change and poverty. Show More Summary

The Fox Legacy

3 months agoUtilities / Energy : Peak Energy

I've been watching the Trump spectacle with a degree of amusement, with "Donald Drumpf" (as John Oliver dubbed him, resurrecting his original German family name) doing a great job of showing where the Republican strategy of appealing...Show More Summary

Fukushima Five Years Later: SAFER Response Within 24 Hours to Any US Reactor

Michael Pacilio This week is the fifth anniversary of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. To mark the event, we'll be sharing observations from leaders around the nuclear energy industry all week long on how the U.S. Show More Summary

Gates Continues Push for Energy Innovation

Bill Gates is continuing his admirable efforts to promote energy innovation through the recently launched Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Last week Gates was interviewed by Andy Revkin at DotEarth and Ezra Klein at Vox. He also answered...Show More Summary

Shellenberger provides expansive clean energy vision in 7:25

On February 23, 2016, the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability hosted a debate on following proposition: Is California’s 100% Renewable Strategy Globally Viable? The debate format was a two on two with a moderator. On the side defending the viability of the strategy, Mark Z. Show More Summary

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