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Webcaster Wake Up Call!

SoundExchange reports, payments due soon On February 2nd the groundhog best known as “Punxsutawney Phil” will be plucked from the comfort of his underground lair and ceremoniously asked to “predict” the end of winter.  Of course, this tradition was memorably portrayed in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” in which Bill Murray’s Phil Connors relives a … Continue Reading

Research Shows That Cracking Jokes Could Make You Seem More Competent

Telling a joke is always a risk, especially when you're facing an unfamiliar audience in a business setting, such as an interview. However, taking a stab at humor might be the best decision you can make. Researchers from the HarvardShow More Summary

Nothing Artificial About AI’s Attractiveness to Business

AI is here to stay. Indeed, its acceptance in business will accelerate as time goes on as the systems get ever-more clever and independent.

In Energy Hearing, Rick Perry Capitulated to Big Gov on All Fronts

Chris Edwards The purpose of Senate confirmation hearings should be to ensure that nominees are qualified and will faithfully serve the public. But in practice, senators press their parochial concerns and browbeat nominees to fall into line. Show More Summary

Elaine J. Hanford's Bulletin Boards: 1) Geosciences; 2) Environmental Sciences; 3) Coastal Zone Management - 23 January 2017

3 hours agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Elaine sent this photo of the snow-covered mountains in the Reno area. Beautiful! Would you be interested in receiving these Bulletin Boards via email directly from Elaine? Send an email to with the word “subscribe” in the subject line and the email address will be added to Elaine's email...

An Open Letter to FCC Chairman-Nominee Ajit Pai

Dear Commissioner Pai: Congratulations on your likely nomination to become Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. For the good of everyone in the country, I hope you will lead the Commission with decorum, pragmatism and collegiality, no matter how real your prior grievances. Show More Summary

Clean Fleets: Ford Rolls Out Commercial Hybrid Vans; Mack Tests DME-Powered Trash Trucks

Businesses in London will trial Ford’s plug-in hybrid vans; New York City Department of Sanitation tests DME-powered Mack Trucks.

Can Emissions Trading Produce Adequate Carbon Prices?

Prices under emissions trading schemes have been low to date. Sometimes this may be because systems are new, but the EUETS is long established and needs to demonstrate that it can now produce adequate prices.

Separating Fact From Fiction in the Newest U.S. Federal Ethanol Study

Debates about the merits of biofuels have been going on for at least a generation. My favorite clip from the early, oil-crisis era ethanol push was Nicholas Wade's article, "Oil pinch stirs dreams of moonshine travel," published by Science in June 1979.

A Practical View of Emission Reductions

Canada’s Prime Minister made a statement recently, that caused some problems in parts of Canada. The comment – “We need to phase out fossil fuel…” has raised strong opposition in Alberta, the province that has largely powered the Canadian economy in recent years, based almost entirely on fossil fuel.

Turning Point: Solar Cheaper Than Wind

It was bound to happen, and apparently it has: utility-scale solar-generated power, certainly in sunny parts of the world, appears to be cheaper than wind and both are cheaper than fossil-fuel generated power, writes Fereidoon Sionshansi, president of Menlo Energy Economics and publisher of the newsletter EEnergy Informer.

Perry Regrets Calling for Abolition of Department of Energy

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, discovered this week that it takes more than a glib turn of phrase to run a major federal agency. He comes to the job with very big shoes to fill. His two immediate predecessors were PhD scientists. Steven Chu was the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Physics. Ernest Moniz, based on his expertise, helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal.

New President, New Electric Grid?

A new set of leaders today enter the White House. As they consider measures to enhance roads and bridges, they also should focus on America’s electricity infrastructure. By focusing on investment, efficiency, and markets as their policy foundation, the U.S. will have a world-class electricity system that will advance our economy into the 21st century.

Rice University Figures Out Ways to Extract Radioactive Material From Water Following Fukushima

In the wake of Fukushima, researchers at Rice University have discovered how to remove radioactivity nuclear waste from water — in a move that could purify hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Women’s March, Los Angeles – Something Happened Here

The Women’s March, Los Angeles – Something Happened Here Herman K. Trabish, January 23, 2017 (Exclusive to NewEnergyNews) Three-quarters of a million people took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles Saturday to celebrate women’s rights. Show More Summary

Interviewers Share Job Candidates' Strangest Answers

Although you prepare for a week ahead of your job interview, you can't help but make some mistakes. To ease your own nervousness about making mistakes during your next interview — and maybe to have a good laugh — take a look at some of these strange answers given in a 2016 survey administered by CareerBuilder. Show More Summary

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