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Metro Bytes: FiberLight, Hurricane Electric, Cleareon

Here's a few items from regional and metro operators from this week:... [visit site to read more]

As It Mulls Yahoo, Verizon Posts Q3 Results

Verizon's Q3 results were a bit mixed. The telecommunications giant posted revenues of $30.94B during the quarter and down 6.7% over the same period last year. Analysts had been looking for something more like $31.14B. But on the other hand, adjusted net income of $1.01 per share was a couple pennies higher than anticipated. Verizon's stock […]

Utilities Have Their Guards Up to Protect Their Grids Against Physical Attacks

Whether they be cyber attacks or physical assaults on their assets, utilities have their guards up. The latest news on this front is that someone armed with a rifle caused $1 million dollars worth of damage to utility equipment in Utah, and knocked out power to 13,000 people there.

Pilot Plant Aims to Advance Oxy-Combustion Carbon Capture

In an effort to advance the commercialization of a novel carbon capture technology, a 1-megawatt thermal facility to test a process to capture CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants will soon be operating in Ottawa.

Will This EPA Strategy Ease Hazardous Waste Compliance Burdens for Retailers?

To address a disconnect between rigorous federal hazardous waste rules and their real-world use, the EPA has proposed a Retail Strategy to help companies in the retail sector better identify and manage hazardous waste.

Zero wedge: Shrinking margins and increased regulation leaves ‘restrained optimism’ for gold

Another year, another London Bullion Market Association conference, and this year was full of what HSBC senior analyst James Steel described as “restrained optimism.” A similar description was given of the recent Denver Gold conference...Show More Summary

Container market’s financial pressure cooker set to build into 2017

The shipping industry is meant to epitomize the word “globalization” but not in the true sense of the word, as shipping companies deal with the continuous onslaught of environmental and financial regulations. They are expected to be implemented globally in conjunction with maritime bodies trying to reduce the regulation impact on the balance sheet. Show More Summary

Industry Spotlight: James Martino on Avotus’ ITAM Robot, UC Analytics and the role of Data

Today we will delve a bit into the back office, where the fortunes of a firm can be easily won or lost.  After all the consolidation we have seen, most networks have become a complex mix of different vendors and vintages, and keeping track of it all is a growing challenge that costs firms money.  […]

Telenor Pakistan Asks Children to “Be Smart – Use Heart”

Celebrating ‘Customer First Day’ for the fifth consecutive year, Telenor Pakistan puts digital resilience and online safety on the agenda as 2,800 employees reach out to children and parents to combat digital bullying. “Digital communication and internet access create enormous opportunities for people, business and society. Show More Summary

The Kigali Amendment: A Big Deal, a Small Step, and the Future of Climate Policy

“Negotiators from more than 170 countries on Saturday reached a legally binding accord to counter climate change by cutting the worldwide use of a powerful planet-warming chemical used in air-conditioners and refrigerators,” describes the New York Times the successful negotiations on the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

The Energy Prescriptions of The Atlantic Council: “There’s a Direct Relationship Between Climate Change and Geopolitics”

The implications of climate change targets not being met are massive migration, the potential for resource wars and “a further disintegrating of the international order”, according to Richard L. Morningstar, Founding Director and Chairman...Show More Summary

Young People with Passion: That is the Future of Nuclear Power

We talk a lot about the merits of nuclear power in this blog. From economics and reliability to environment, we focus on why nuclear is now and should be an essential part of our future energy mix. But how do we get there? Again, we often talk about the challenges associated with public acceptance and how we can better position nuclear as the energy solution we all know it is.

Virginia, Meet Paris. Things Will Never Be the Same

After Republicans in Virginia’s General Assembly shut down the McAuliffe administration’s work on implementing the EPA Clean Power Plan last winter, Governor McAuliffe decided on an end run. He issued Executive Order 57, directing administration officials to recommend ways to reduce carbon pollution from the state’s power plants.

A Comparison of Wood Chip and Oil-Fired Power Plants

The Vermont media site, VTDigger, had a recent comment: “Just a single 25 megawatt (MW) wood chip plant could provide some 4 percent of Vermont’s consumption, 24/7/365, and would contribute to the Vermont economy in the form of jobs and money in circulation from the wages, taxes — wealth created in the state that stays in the state.”

High-Intensity Fusion

Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez is hunched over a computer in the control room of MIT’s fusion reactor, gathering data that will inform the design of a new one — a device that could solve the world’s energy problems. He is surrounded by other scientists running simulations and analyzing data.

Crowdsourcing to Determine Climate Change Effects

As nations debate and collaborate on how to address the impact of climate change, communities that directly feel the impact have a more pressing concern. Indeed, an extended drought or dramatic temperature change could impact a village’s very survival unless those villagers take some immediate action.

Promoting Sustainability and Equity through Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda

UN-Habitat, the formal United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, looks to establish a common vision for sustainable and equitable urban developments. UN Habitat conferences take place every 20 years, with the first two taking place in 1976 and 1996, in Vancouver and Istanbul, respectively.

If Germany Bans Internal Combustion Engines, It'll Change the Game

A recent vote by German heads of state sparks political debate on banning internal combustion engines

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