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Water Trends: Looking into Water’s Crystal Ball

Having been involved in the business of water for going on 30 years now, it is clear to me that four significant water-related trends are now evolving here in the US and in many other industrialized parts of the world. Some of these trends you may already be aware of or suspect they are developing; […]

Food Giants Urge Climate Change Action

Global food companies have pledged to accelerate business action on climate change and urged governments to do the same by forging an international agreement this December at the Paris climate negotiations. CEOs of Mars, General Mills, Unilever, Kellogg, Nestle USA, New Belgium Brewing, Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, Stonyfield Farm and Dannon USA released a […]

Are Plastic-Eating Worms the Future of Waste Management?

Stanford University researchers may have found the solution to global plastic pollution: mealworms. The tiny worm can subsist on a diet of Styrofoam and other forms of polystyrene, according to two studies co-authored by Wei-Min Wu, a senior research engineer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford. The research also found microorganisms […]

Bio-Succinic Acid Produced at Commercial Scale

BioAmber says its Sarnia joint venture, which produces renewable chemicals from sugar instead of petroleum, has begun shipping bio-succinic acid to customers and is operating its manufacturing process at commercial scale. Renewable chemistry company BioAmber jointly built the $141.5 million Sarnia plant with Mitsui & Co. Show More Summary

Enterprise-Wide Smart Waste, Recycling System from Bigbelly

Smart waste and recycling system developer Bigbelly has launched Connect, an enterprise-wide turnkey system. This platform as a service encompasses hardware, software, services, installation, cleaning, inspection and warranty. Bigbelly...Show More Summary

Industry Spotlight: Indiana Fiber Networks’ Kelly Dyer

One of the ways in which regional fiber networks have been born in the US has been through the efforts of smaller independent telcos with common needs to reach outside their territories.  Such networks are important part of the infrastructure of most states, but tend to get very little attention relative to their more vocal […]

Telus to Invest $1 Billion to Make Vancouver a Gigabit-Enabled City Over the Next Five Years

Telus has announced that it will invest $1 billion to connect the majority of homes and businesses in Vancouver to the carrier’s fibre-optic network during the next five years. To celebrate this move, the carrier also announced that it will invest $100,000 in the Vancouver Public Library. The latter investment will establish the TELUS Innovation Fund [...]

Disruptive by Design: IoT Ready to Redefine Local Intel

The Internet of Things, or IoT, encompasses an ecosystem of devices and algorithms that gather and share information via the Internet. It is the next wave of technology transforming everything from meteorology to agriculture to health care. Despite the buzz surrounding the IoT, conversation about likely effects on domestic intelligence in the United States has […]

Freevolt uses ubiquitous radio signals to charge IoT devices

11 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

A lot of attention these days is being lavished on batteries and charging, mostly because of how much we seem to be doing that every day. We’re always on the lookout for better ways to power our devices, from improvements in the batteries themselves to alternative ways of charging. While the magical “charging from thin […]

Long debate over diesel comes to a head after emissions scandal: Petrodollars

In this week’s Oilgram News column, Petrodollars, Robert Perkins looks at what the future of diesel for automobiles in Europe and beyond could be in the wake of a scandal that caused many to question whether gasoline has an opening to grab more fuel market share.   Volkswagen’s emissions test debacle in the US has kicked […]

My Ten Cents - Book Review: 'Toms River' (or 'Cadillac Contamination' Meets 'Better Living Through Chemistry')

17 hours agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Disclosure Notice: I purchased my copy of the book. Friend and colleague Todd Jarvis, who suggested I read it and initially lent me his copy, dubbed it Cadillac Contamination. One might also call it An Uncivil Action. The map of Toms River is from the New York Times. Cutting to...

Speeding FCC Approval of Technological Innovation

These ideas will help prevent regulatory delay from blocking the launch of new products. A lot of new products use the buzzwords “wireless connectivity.” In old-fashioned English, they have radio transmitters. This means they must go through an FCC approval process before they can be sold to the public. The FCC understandably writes its technical … Continue Reading

Ramblings Jobs: FirstLight Fiber

Two new job listings were posted last week over on the Ramblings Jobs board.... [visit site to read more]

Submission by the Consumer Forum for Communications to Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  This submission is made on behalf of the Consumer Forum for Communications (CFC). We have chosen to focus the submission on those parts of the discussion document that address consumer empowerment and consumer experience (Sections 12 &13) and those questions associated with these issues (Questions 17-21). As regards consumer empowerment, we argue that […]

President Hillary Clinton Will Oppose Crude Oil Exports

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, Robert Rapier explains the implications on 2 high profile energy issues.

Mumbai turning smart with IoT

In a latest update, Connode is working with Reliance Energy in Mumbai as the strategic partner for communication solutions and applications using Intel IOT Gateways for building a SmartSustainable City Network in Mumbai. In the first phase, Reliance will connect the smart meters, streetlights and distribution automation equipment in Mumbai, using Intel IOT Gateways and […]

California needs a higher-tech way to lower water use

California is in its fourth year of a serious drought. In April 2015, Gov. Jerry Brown renewed his emergency declaration and imposed a mandatory 25 percent statewide water reduction. This means all Californians need to reduce water use from 2013 levels. As the drought persists, tensions in the state have mounted as urban and agricultural […]

Colbert On China’s Air

He’s back and as good as ever: “China announced it will limit its greenhouse gas emissions, bringing them down from the current level of infinite…” From The Late Show With Stephen Colbert via YouTube Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fShow More Summary

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