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A whole new kind of renewables business: Inside the SunEdison-First Wind deal; The world’s biggest clean energy developer will offer 24-7 clean energy to utilities Herman K. Trabish, November 23, 2014 (Utility Dive) SunEdison’s $2.4Show More Summary


HOW WIND IS GOOD FOR FARMERS Wind Turbines Have Positive Effect on Crops March 3, 2015 (WHO-TV) “Nearly $10 billion has been invested into Iowa wind energy facilities and farms…[and that will double by 2020 because 75% of the state is...Show More Summary

And the World's Most Sustainable City Is...

A city is more that just a place where a concentrated group of people live and work. And as more of the world’s population gravitates toward city living, these urban centers must cater to their population’s myriad needs with sustainable solutions like never before. read more

Ritter Communications, iRiS establish Ethernet pact to bring service to 100 rural communities

Ritter Communications has struck an interconnection agreement with iRis Networks to bring fiber and Ethernet services to more than 100 rural markets in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

FairPoint loses $43M in Q4 due to weather, labor strike

FairPoint Communications reported that a spate of inclement weather events combined with a four-month labor strike impacted residential broadband installations as the company was forced to curtail near-term marketing plans to focus on customer support.

$43 Billion: Current and Rising Cost to Canada of Environmental Inaction

Instead of seeing our economy contract as a result environmental inaction, it is a fact that Canada could actually be currently expanding its economy through the implementation of indigenous innovation that addresses the growing issues related to climate change. read more

Rural Call Completion Update: Final Rules Now in Effect

As we reported late last year, a few of the FCC’s revisions to its rules concerning rural call completion had to be run past the Office of Management and Budget before they could take effect. According to a notice in the Federal Register, that process has now been completed, so the final elements of those rule revisions have taken effect as of March 4, 2015.

Update: Most, But Not All, New E911 Rules Set to Take Effect in April

As we reported last month, the Commission has adopted a new set of E911 standards designed to improve E911 location capability. The FCC’s Fourth Report and Order setting forth those standards has now been published in the Federal Register. Show More Summary

Update: Comment Deadlines Announced in Digital Remote Pickup Proceeding

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order (NPRM/O) that resolved some questions related to broadcast remote pickup (RPU) authorizations and proposed a number of changes to the RPU rules. (Among the...Show More Summary

The Taming of the Drones

The French have lately been plagued by drone aircraft flying over nuclear energy facilities – and a plague it is, too, for a country that has suffered a traumatic terrorist attack recently. We’ll let the French deal with the issue with their usual je ne sais quoi, as we’re sure they will. Show More Summary

Creating the energy Internet

It only takes a power outage of a few minutes in the middle of a busy workday to drive home the hazards of relying on an energy infrastructure rooted in the Industrial Age. Without the electricity delivered over the nation’s power grid,...Show More Summary

Technology May Be Advancing But Soft Skills are Still Key

Technology continues to make humans dependent on interconnected electronic devices to accomplish daily tasks. At the office, some employees cannot get through the day without a smartphone, tablet computer or wireless device. This electronic...Show More Summary

Cheap and Flexible Solar

Solar cells made out of lead sulfide quantum dots could eventually offer a cheaper, more flexible alternative to ones made using silicon, but they are currently much less efficient. However, altering the chemical composition of quantum-dot solar cells offers a way of tuning them to reach higher efficiencies. read more

State Level Methane Taxes: Economic and Environmental Benefit

While federal greenhouse gas taxes remain elusive, localized benefits make state-based methane taxes politically feasible. A methane tax would also be more comprehensive, efficient and effective than technology standards like that imposed by Colorado. read more

Taking Risks on Our ‘Pioneering Journey of Sustainability’

In my last article I posed the question as to whether the pursuit of truth is even relevant anymore? We have to make difficult decisions today that will shape the future for generations to come. Is the pursuit of truth in the belief that we can actually know the future getting in the way of the decision-making […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery Market to ‘More than Triple by 2020?

Although enhanced oil recovery (EOR) currently accounts for merely 7.5 percent of total crude oil production in North America, the market is expected to grow rapidly — from revenues of $20.10 billion in 2014 to an estimated $70.60 billion in 2020 — as oil fields deplete and oil extraction becomes more complex, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan. Use of […]

Zayo Trims Latency to Mahwah Further, Plans Debt Sale

Another week, another dark fiber buildout project for Zayo. Today they announced plans to construct a new route between the NYSE facility in Mahwah and Equinix's NY5 data center in Secaucus.... [visit site to read more]

Neudesic takes Smart Meter Analytics to the Hybrid Cloud!

Seems like a day doesn’t pass when we have yet another announcement about a key industry solution moving to the cloud and yesterday was no exception. We are delighted to see that our partner Neudesic has announced the availability of its Smart Meter Analytics Solution. Show More Summary

The Model City of Mannheim Project Runs on a Smart Grid

Know how the U.S. power grid works? Anyone who remembers the 2003 blackout, when 50 million people lost power from Michigan to New York, might vaguely recall that it’s made up of three interconnections: eastern, western, and Texas. They...Show More Summary

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