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The US enters a brave new world as it begins LNG exports

Next month, the US is set to export its first cargo of LNG from the continental US. Cheniere Energy, the company that won the highly-contentious race to be the first exporter out of the gate, will have some advantages over its US peers, but the global LNG landscape has changed significantly since the company first proposed […]

Mobilink Maintains It’s Edge In The Industry

According to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) recently released report on the industry, Mobilink has further strengthened its number one position; qualitatively and quantitatively.  The Telco not only leads the industryShow More Summary

Huawei Meets Dealers and Bloggers

Huawei revealed its all new, magnificently best flagship smart phone, Huawei Mate 8, at an auspicious event, held at Movenpick, Karachi at end of last month. To interact with dealers and retailers in Lahore, Huawei hand a meet up at Royal Palm Lahore on 8th Feb 2015, Bloggers were also invited to cover the event. Show More Summary

New Obama Budget: The Usual Reckless Spending Hikes...and a Big New Tax on American Energy Consumers

Daniel J. Mitchell We have good news and bad news. The good news is that President Obama has unveiled his final budget. The bad news is that it’s a roadmap for an ever-growing burden of government spending. Here are the relevant details. The...Show More Summary

KidVid Reports Moving to LMS

Starting March 31, Form 398 will be filed through the Licensing and Management System portal Attention, all you Class A and commercial TV licensees. The Commission has announced that the next time you go to file a quarterly Children’s Programming Report (that would be Form 398), you’ll have to do it through the work-in-progress Licensing … Continue Reading

Is New York's Climate-Speech Probe Constitutional?

Walter Olson New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pursuing an investigation of the Exxon Corporation in part for making donations to think tanks and associations like the American Enterprise Institute and American Legislative...Show More Summary

Managing Federal Lands

Randal O'Toole My name is Randal O’Toole and I’m a senior fellow with the Cato Institute specializing in land-use issues, including public lands. I’ve written a book titled Reforming the Forest Service and more than 100 papers on national...Show More Summary

VimpelCom CEO Meets PM Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that international business community’s confidence to invest in Pakistan has been restored due to the incentives-based transparent policies of the government. The Prime Minister said this while meeting Mr. Show More Summary

Produced Water Treatment Technology Combines Separation Equipment, Flocculent from Seaweed

A pilot project to test produced water treatment technology is underway in the Middle East. Sorbwater Technology, a Norway-based company that has developed a technology to clean oil and other substances from water, is using its technology to clean the produced water, from an oil-in-water content of about 100ppm down to 1ppm oil in water. […]

Rural Broadband Progress Looking Good, Mostly

Projects are sprouting up as technology makes it financially feasible to reach people in ever-more sparsely populated areas.

Are oil market uncertainties, falling prices taking the sparkle out of London IP Week?

You know that London IP Week is underway when hundreds of attendees gather at the May Fair Hotel to attend the Platts London Oil Forum, which was Monday. Attendance was so high that the 500-plus participants filled three large conference rooms, linked by live video feed and connected by iPads, which got them sharing their […]


Coal Computing: How Companies Misunderstand Their Dirty Data Centers Ory Zik and Avi Shapiro, February 2016 (Lux Research) Despite their sophistication about data in other contexts, leading IT and computing giants in the U.S. use crude...Show More Summary


PENTAGON TO PRIORITIZE CLIMATE CHANGE Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions Rowan Scarborough, February 7, 2016 (Washington Times) “The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do…[A directive orders the U.S. Show More Summary

With a Focus Increasing Reliability and Decreasing Emissions, Microgrids are Stepping Out

When the electricity goes out, the lights often turn on inside the minds of innovators. Enter the world of microgrids, which is becoming a harbinger of energy trends as more and more companies and campuses with sensitive operations need a continuous flow of power. Microgrids are systems set up to power specific locations — not […]

2015: A Turning Point for Energy?

When I sifted through the major energy developments of 2015, I was surprised by the number of references I found to last year as a turning point, whether for the oil industry, the response to climate change, coal-fired electricity generation, or renewable energy. read more

The Case for Natural Gas and Renewable Energy

The twin technologies of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have unlocked massive amounts of natural gas and oil, at some of the cheapest extraction prices globally. But there is a clean energy revolution resulting from supportive federal/state policies and rapid technological development. read more

Study: China's New Policies will Lower CO2 Emissions Faster, Without Preventing Economic Growth

A new study that was co-authored by an MIT professor shows that China’s new efforts to price carbon could lower the country’s carbon dioxide emissions significantly without impeding economic development over the next three decades. read more

The Sustainable City

A great paradox of the transition to a sustainable economy is that it will not be achieved in rural places in harmony with nature, but in cities built to exploit nature without destroying it. The problem with the idea of getting "back" to nature is that there are too many people and there is not enough nature. read more

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