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Cheap and Flexible Solar

Solar cells made out of lead sulfide quantum dots could eventually offer a cheaper, more flexible alternative to ones made using silicon, but they are currently much less efficient. However, altering the chemical composition of quantum-dot solar cells offers a way of tuning them to reach higher efficiencies. read more

State Level Methane Taxes: Economic and Environmental Benefit

While federal greenhouse gas taxes remain elusive, localized benefits make state-based methane taxes politically feasible. A methane tax would also be more comprehensive, efficient and effective than technology standards like that imposed by Colorado. read more

Taking Risks on Our ‘Pioneering Journey of Sustainability’

In my last article I posed the question as to whether the pursuit of truth is even relevant anymore? We have to make difficult decisions today that will shape the future for generations to come. Is the pursuit of truth in the belief that we can actually know the future getting in the way of the decision-making […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery Market to ‘More than Triple by 2020?

Although enhanced oil recovery (EOR) currently accounts for merely 7.5 percent of total crude oil production in North America, the market is expected to grow rapidly — from revenues of $20.10 billion in 2014 to an estimated $70.60 billion in 2020 — as oil fields deplete and oil extraction becomes more complex, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan. Use of […]

Zayo Trims Latency to Mahwah Further, Plans Debt Sale

Another week, another dark fiber buildout project for Zayo. Today they announced plans to construct a new route between the NYSE facility in Mahwah and Equinix's NY5 data center in Secaucus.... [visit site to read more]

Neudesic takes Smart Meter Analytics to the Hybrid Cloud!

Seems like a day doesn’t pass when we have yet another announcement about a key industry solution moving to the cloud and yesterday was no exception. We are delighted to see that our partner Neudesic has announced the availability of its Smart Meter Analytics Solution. Show More Summary

The Model City of Mannheim Project Runs on a Smart Grid

16 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Know how the U.S. power grid works? Anyone who remembers the 2003 blackout, when 50 million people lost power from Michigan to New York, might vaguely recall that it’s made up of three interconnections: eastern, western, and Texas. They...Show More Summary

Equinix Readies Five New Data Centers For Launch

Equinix is planning to finish off the first quarter by finishing off a long construction to-do list.  They have five new IBX data center projects ready to launch over the next few weeks, spread out over four continents.  ... [visit site to read more]

Tips to Make Your Day Easier

For administrative professionals, a typical day can involve multiple projects, meetings and tasks — enough to cause stress for even the most seasoned worker. Over time, that tension can lead to burnout and breakdowns. By front-loading your organization and preparation, you can calm the chaos and create easier work days. Show More Summary

Learning How to Say No

Saying no at work can be difficult, particularly when you are new on the job or looking to get ahead. Fortunately, a desire to please doesn't mean you're destined to become the office doormat. If you set boundaries and adopt respectful communication strategies, it is possible to turn down requests without seeming uncooperative. Show More Summary

BASF Binder Helps Produce Automotive Lightweight Composites

BASF is launching a new binder, Acrodur Power 2750 X, designed for the production of natural fiber composites for automotive lightweight applications such as interior car door panels or shelves. As a low-emission alternative to formaldehyde-based reactive resins, Acrodur Power 2750 X gives natural fiber composites high mechanical stability, the company says. At the same […]

Bio-Succinic Acid Plant Commissioned

BioAmber, an industrial biotechnology company producing sustainable chemicals, has initiated commissioning activities for its 30,000 metric ton-capacity bio-succinic acid plant — the world’s largest — located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Show More Summary

UPS Routing System to Save 10M Gallons of Fuel Annually

UPS says that it expects its On-Road Integrated Optimization Navigation (ORION) routing system to reduce by 100 million miles annually the distance driven by its drivers, when fully implemented in 2016. The company is accelerating its implementation to complete all planned US routes in 2016. The deployment will result in a 100,000 metric ton reduction […]

Water Treatment System Helps Cambria During Drought

Membrane filtration manufacturer H2O Innovation has delivered a containerized advanced water treatment system to the Cambria Community Service District in California to help the community overcome the impact of the historic drought affecting the state. The system, designed to be used during the dry months, produces a flow rate of 587 gpm (3,200 m3/d). H2O […]

McDonald’s, Tyson Foods, Walmart Advance Beef Supply Chain Sustainability

Cargill, McDonald’s, Tyson Foods and Walmart are among the founding members of the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, launched yesterday. The USRSB — a group of US beef value chain participants including producers, processors, retailers,...Show More Summary

Internet Of Things Can Run At Lower Power Thanks To MIT Chip Design

17 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

A new chip developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will have ample power to broadcast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, but it will preserve its energy stores at 100 times the rate as current sensors. Anantha...Show More Summary

Clean Power Plan vs. Reliability: A False Dilemma for States

Ever since the EPA released its proposed Clean Power Plan last June, critics have raised concerns that the proposed regulation might jeopardize the reliability of our electricity system. Reliability has become a key policy talking-point, and for good reason: Nobody wants to see the lights go off. read more

AWS-3 Spectrum Auction Kicks Off – Official Results Friday

Canada’s mobile landscape and its competitiveness has been the topic of fierce debate during the past couple years, fuelled by Ottawa’s plan to foster wireless competition across the country. This year is about to bring (at least some kind of) balance: The AWS-3 spectrum auction just kicked off yesterday. In line with its plans, Ottawa [...]

OriginOil Launches Standalone Frack Water Treatment

OriginOil, developer of Electro Water Separation (EWS), the high-speed, primarily chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water, has launched Clean-Frac Prime, a standalone product designed to provide core water treatment for frac flowback and produced water applications in the oil and gas industry. Clean-Frac Prime removes up to 99.9 percent of all free […]

Environmental Disclosure, Benchmarking Tool Online

US companies are increasingly disclosing climate change risk, according to the 2015 edition of The Conference Board Sustainability Practices Dashboard. Created through a collaboration among The Conference Board, Bloomberg and the Global...Show More Summary

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