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Comcast pushes back heralded 2 Gbps fiber-to-the-home rollout

Comcast said it will rollout its 2 Gbps fiber-to-the-home service Gigabit Pro in June. The company was supposed to debut the service in May but was delayed.

CenturyLink exec Karen Puckett to retire

Karen Puckett, president of global markets at CenturyLink, will retire Aug. 31. Her position, at least in the interim, will be filled by Ross Garrity, senior vice president of IT solutions.

Duke Energy launching Ohio energy storage project

21 hours agoUtilities / Energy : Smart Grid

Duke Energy is partnering with LG Chem and Greensmith to build a battery-based energy storage system in Ohio. The system is meant to enhance reliability and stability on the state’s power grid. The project includes a 2 megawatt (MW) storage project which will help regulate electric grid frequency for PJM, a transmission organization that provides […]


Impact Analysis: Governor Brown’s 2030 Energy Goals May 2015 (Strategen Group) Executive Summary An impact analysis conducted by Strategen Consulting reveals that the Governor’s goals can be met through actions that will provide significant economic and societal benefits to California. Show More Summary


CLIMATE CHANGE AND TEXAS FLOODS In Texas floods, is there a link to climate change? John Neilsen-Gammon, June 2, 2015 (The Conversation) [Click through and read the whole article if possible] “…Thermodynamically, there’s a limit to how...Show More Summary

The Case for Carbon Capture

The environmental left is hesitant to support CCS because the process is viewed as a means to keep the fossil fuel industries operating well into the future. Industry and conservatives often treat CCS as an expensive and unproven albatross that will strangle business. read more

Lifeline Assistance Program needs broadband in reform, legislators say

Two U.S. senators and a congresswoman have thrown their support behind the Broadband Adoption Act of 2015, citing the need for the Lifeline Assistance Program to include subsidies for broadband Internet services.

Philadelphia suburb sues service providers over 911 fees

Philadelphia suburb Delaware County is suing 19 Pennsylvania telecom providers because, it claims, they came up short on $41.4 million in 911 fees over a six-year period, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Cisco's incoming CEO Robbins gives co-presidents Lloyd and Moore the boot

Two Cisco presidents will depart as part of an organizational restructuring instituted by incoming CEO Chuck Robbins.

Entergy’s Pilgrim: When No Nuclear News Is Good News

An outage happens every two years or so and provides a lot of work at a nuclear energy facility. The main job is to replace fuel rods, but plants also use the opportunity to update plant components and perform other activities. You can read more about what happens during an outage here. Show More Summary

EPA's Blown Call on Ethanol

Last Friday the US Environmental Protection Agency released its long-awaited proposal for untangling a broken federal Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). Although it provides all parties with greater certainty, it fails to resolve the regulation's fundamental flaws. read more

Sustainable Shipping and EPA's Truck Mileage Standards

Fuel efficient trucks will cost $12,000-$14,000 more than today's less efficient trucks, but given the amount of gas used by these vehicles and the amount of ground they cover, that cost will be recovered in less than two years. read more

6 Climate Tipping Points: How Worried Should We Be?

One of the biggest fears about climate change is that it may be triggering events that would dramatically alter Earth as we know it. Known to scientists as “tipping events,” they could contribute to mass extinction of species, dramatic sea level rise, extensive droughts and the transformation of forests into vast grasslands – among other upheavals our […]

The Energy Gang Debate: Should Utilities Be Allowed to Own Rooftop Solar? [PODCAST]

Whether the solar energy industry likes it or not, more regulated utilities in America are going to propose the idea and policy of owning residential PV systems themselves. It is a very controversial development in the renewable energy industry. read more

Are Policymakers Driving Blind with Yesterday's Energy Cost Numbers?

One of the most striking features of today’s modern energy economy is the pace and scale at which new technologies are changing an industry used to a much slower pace of evolution. Policymakers used to operating in an environment where capital deployment happens over the course of years. read more

Water, the West, and the Clean Power Plan

While much of the attention related to EPA’s Clean Power Plan is focused, appropriately, on the emissions and economic benefits of the new standards, a report just released by the CNA Corporation identified another benefit that may end up being worth more than all the other impacts combined: water. read more

Is Vaclav Smil a Pessimist or Voice of Uncomfortable Truths?

Vaclav Smil was accused of being a “pessimist" because of his recent article titled 'Revolution? More like a Crawl'. The title doesn't reek of optimism, but the article acknowledges the advances being made in today's energy landscape, yet refrains from turning that reality into a narrative of solving climate change. read more

Using smart tech to slash energy bills

For many, energy bills are getting more and more expensive, fast becoming an extra financial burden when times are already tough. According to the U.K.’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average standard credit bill for electricity in England and Wales in 2014 was £616 ($946) in 2014, up from £599 a year earlier […]

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