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It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Energy Savings for New York!

This summer, EDF Climate Corps – a fellowship program run by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) that embeds trained graduate students in companies, cities, schools, and public institutions across the U.S. to accelerate clean energy projects – will place 33 fellows throughout New York to help meet the ambitious energy goals set by Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New Concept Turns Battery Technology Upside-Down

A new approach to the design of a liquid battery, using a passive, gravity-fed arrangement similar to an old-fashioned hourglass, could offer great advantages due to the system’s low cost and the simplicity of its design and operation, says a team of MIT researchers who have made a demonstration version of the new battery.

Oil: Not Yesterday’s Fuel, Just Yet

The new hype is to say that the end of the oil age is near. In the long run, the importance of oil will diminish, write Peter Simon Vargha, Chief Economist at Hungarian oil and gas company MOL and his colleague Csaba Pogonyi, but before that some good years for oil are likely. Just as high prices reduced the likely future demand for oil, low prices will probably prolong its use.

Industrial and Electric Power Sectors Drive Projected Growth in U.S. Natural Gas Use

U.S. consumption of natural gas is projected to rise from 28 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) in 2015 to 34 Tcf in 2040, an average increase of about 1% annually, according to EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2016 (AEO2016) Reference case. The industrial...Show More Summary

What will a broadband USO look like?

Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, has clarified the Government’s position with regards to the proposed broadband universal service obligation (USO), stating that it would be similar to the landline USO in that it would be provided on request, as opposed to premises being connected with 10 Mbit/s as default. […]

Use These Five Steps to Turn Your Answer into a Story

One common phrase you may hear during a job interview is "Tell me about a time when" followed by a hypothetical scenario that you encountered in your professional experience. This is the time for you to step up and tell a story about your weaknesses, the successful implementation of a plan or the time you dealt with an argument at work. Show More Summary

LPTV/TV Translator Deadline … or Punchline … Announced

Bureau announces, sort of, deadline for eligibility for first post-Spectrum Auction displacement window. LPTV and TV Translator licensees have known for some time – at least since last December – that they’re going to need to be “operating” as of a certain date in order to be eligible for the first displacement window that will … Continue Reading

Can Free Enterprise Help Manufacturers Reduce Their Carbon Releases?

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative says that its participating members have reduced their heat-trapping emissions by at least 40 percent since 2005.

Why Climate Business Risk Disclosures are the New Norm

A new emissions disclosure rule, proposed by the White House this week, would require companies with federal contracts to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, efforts and targets to limit such releases and their climate-change related business risks. “It’s the responsible thing to do to take steps to understand the sustainability — and challenges — […]

Global Climate Panel at Nuclear Energy Assembly

During the recently completed Nuclear Energy Assembly in Miami, Fl, one of the panel discussions focused on the importance of ensuring that nuclear energy has a loud voice and is at the table in policy discussions related to clean power production and CO2 emissions reductions. Show More Summary

Are You Ready for the New Overtime Rules?

In May 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor released new overtime rules that increase the threshold for workers to earn overtime pay, or time and a half, for time worked beyond 40 hours in a work week. The rule may increase HR costs and change the compensation for 5 million workers. Show More Summary

Will Russia’s crude output levels surprise again?

Russia’s oil sector has shown a surprising resilience to low oil prices and western sanctions over the past two years. The country’s output repeatedly hit new record highs despite various negative outlooks. This surprising pattern could well be repeated both this year and next should certain projects overcome delays and greenfields ramp up output. Show More Summary

Facebook, Microsoft, Telefonica Team Up for new Mid-Atlantic Cable

On what do Facebook and Microsoft agree? Apparently, on the need for a new transatlantic cable between Spain and Virginia. The MAREA cable system was announced yesterday, with the software and social networking giants working with Telefonica's Telxius subsidiary to make it happen.... [visit site to read more]

The Death of the Call Centre

For some time now we’ve been talking about the digital evolution of the telecom industry, but to this point it’s been an almost entirely theoretical conversation. In an effort to truly see what we’re talking about when we speak of the “digital age,” consider the impending death of one legacy era concept that I’m surely […]

The Robots are Coming: Foxconn Begins to Automate its Workforce

The robots are coming; heck, in many heavy manufacturing industries, they’re already here. Last year infamous tech manufacturing giant Foxconn announced a plan to heavily automate its workforce, and this week we got the first signs that Apple and Samsung’s chief manufacturing partner has initiated its promised robot revolution, with reports that it has replaced upwards […]

More support for mobile users to block nuisance calls

Mobile phone users can send a simple, free text message to opt out of unsolicited sales and marketing calls from today. The ‘text-to-register’ service, launched by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Ofcom, enables mobile phone users to add their number to the UK’s official ‘do not call’ database by texting ‘TPS’ and their email […]

UKRN loses its web site

The UK Regulators Network brings together all the economic regulators in Britain and does good work in promoting information exchange, better understanding and best practice in the regulatory space. A pity then that its web site is down. Bit ironic really when Ofcom is one of its largest members.

On Track for a Golden Age of Gas?

The global energy industry must overcome significant new challenges if natural gas development is to achieve the vision of a Golden Age of Gas. Low energy prices and reduced investment are only half the battle as regulations complexify and organized opposition grows. Show More Summary

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