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Additional Actions in EUETS Sectors Can Reduce Cumulative Emissions

It is often claimed that additional actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sectors covered by the EUETS are ineffective because total emissions are set by the level of the cap. However this claim is not valid in the current circumstances of the EUETS, and is unlikely to be so even in future. Show More Summary

Food, Beverage Companies Target Suppliers’ Water Efficiency

Seven food and beverage giants have announced commitments to work with thousands of growers in their global supply chains to reduce water use and pollution impacts.

Payment Day for Nuclear Addiction in France

French year ahead power prices have risen sharply over the last few weeks amid worries over the reliability of EDF’s nuclear output in the coming winter. The situation in France demonstrates that nuclear power is neither as cheap nor as reliable as its proponents claim, writes Benedict de Meulemeester, Managing Director of Brussels-based E&C Consultants.

Energy News: Fire, Ice, Wet’n’Wild – It’s All Part of Energy Storage’s Best Year Ever

It’s no secret that energy storage is on the rise. This week, though, we saw several stories on innovative thermal storage solutions, everything from hot rocks to cool ice. Plus, member updates from SunPower (solar + storage!), Bloom...Show More Summary

Lower Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Driven By Structural Changes to Major Markets Like Texas

Carbon dioxide emissions from the production of energy hit their lowest level since 1991, totaling 2,530 million metric tons during the first half of 2016. Although mild weather played a role in keeping consumer energy consumption down,...Show More Summary

Reinvigorating Ohio’s Clean Energy Standards Could Save $5B by 2030. Here’s How.

Ohio policymakers are at a crossroads. They can create jobs, grow the economy, cut pollution, and save customers money by rebuilding the state’s renewable and energy efficiency policies, or they can continue to let Ohio fall behind in the clean energy economy.

Venezuela Escapes Bankruptcy, But Oil Production Continues To Plunge

Venezuela just dodged a bullet, pulling off a last minute bond swap with creditors. The deal only buys Venezuela a little bit of breathing room, and a default at some point next year or the year after is not out of the question. Either way, the South American OPEC nation’s oil production is falling and will only continue on a downward trajectory.

McAuliffe’s Bright New Energy Plan Still Has That Rotten-Egg Smell

Earlier this week, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore published an op-ed in the Roanoke Times boasting of the Commonwealth’s achievements on energy. It was a sad reminder that Virginia has trouble moving beyond “all of the above,” a phrase that seems to have become the state motto.

Offshore Production Nearly 30% of Global Crude Oil Output in 2015

Global offshore oil production in 2015 was at the highest level since 2010, and accounted for nearly 30% of total global crude oil production. Offshore oil production increased in both 2014 and 2015, reversing consecutive annual declines from 2010 to 2013. Show More Summary

How Automated Garbage Segregation Can Increase Generation Of Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF)

Creating public awareness about the need to sort trash into recyclables and non-recyclables can be a never-ending process. For one, our cities are getting increasingly globalized and there is a constant influx of people from outside who may not be aware of the local sorting processes. Show More Summary

Josh Newton's Water Jobs & More - 25 October 2016

Perhaps a record for jobs today - 142! Here are Josh's 25 October 2016 jobs online. As a Word doc: Download 25 October - JWJ As a PDF: Download 25 October - JWJ Check out his website for all the jobs. His jobs are on Facebook, too. Follow Josh on...

Be Aware of These Tricky Interview Questions

Experienced hiring managers are adept at unearthing hidden weaknesses and personal details about you without stepping outside ethical lines. Interview questions that seem straightforward are often designed to make you reveal how you think and share information that hiring managers cannot directly request. Show More Summary

The New EHS Cloud, Is it for Everyone?

Companies moving from traditional on-premise, perpetually-licensed EHS software to technology services that are cloud-based, subscription service-based offerings has become a macro trend. When it’s time to look for a new software solution, the temptation is great to use the technical buzz phrases that get tossed around frequently. When that happens, the pros and cons of […]

Duke Energy Continues to be Haunted by Coal Ash Leaks

After Hurricane Matthew hit in the middle of October, it unleashed a potentially different disaster: over-flooded coal ash ponds, which then spilled into North Carolina's section of the Neuse River.

Landfill-Free: Don’t Just Say It, Prove It

By NSF INTERNATIONAL An increasing number of organizations are claiming landfill-free (or zero waste to landfill) status or establishing goals to get there. Many are taking the extra step of verifying their claim with an independent third party. Why is verification valuable when so many others just issue a press release to claim landfill-free status? […]

Metro Bytes: FirstLight, FiberLight, Zayo

Here are three metro and regional fiber news items to review:... [visit site to read more]

Electric Lightwave Lands Its Cable In EdgeConneX

EdgeConneX revealed a new and somewhat unique partnership out in southern California. They have teamed up with the regional fiber operator Electric Lightwave to create an 'Edge Landing Station' down in San Diego.... [visit site to read more]

Gas helps to warm Russia, Turkey relations after tumultuous 12 months

Moving toward the brink of war is about as serious as a geopolitical relationship can get — and that is where Moscow and Ankara found themselves after NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet on the border with Syria on November 24 last year. Show More Summary

EOBI Pensioners Enjoy Hassle-Free Pension Disbursement with Bank Alfalah EOBI Debit Cards

In pursuit of its mission of empowering society and simplifying everyday transactions, Bank Alfalah’s registration of EOBI pensioners, which started in May 2016, is underway with pensioners beginning to withdraw their pensions through ATMs with ease. Show More Summary

New Options for Residential LEED Projects

As part of the ongoing effort to make LEED work for all project types, in the October 2016 LEED® addenda release, USGBC has modified the rating system selection guidance for multifamily residential projects to increase flexibility for users.

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