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Windows 10 for IoT: Lowering the barrier to entry 

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features a developer device that sees public availability, a security guideline update for the Internet of Things (IoT), and the public release of the Windows 10 IoT platform.Thingsee One now commercially...Show More Summary

The Rise of “Malvertising”

While I would guess that most of us are annoyed by the unending deluge of online advertising that floods our online experience every day, just imagine how much more annoyed you’d be if simply having that advertising displayed on your screen was enough to infect your computer with a host of malicious software. To put [...]

Fast Food May Hold the Key to the Mobile Payment Revolution

For several years the tech world has collectively wondered what it would take to really fuel the launch of the mobile payment revolution. Like any other consumer technology, mobile payments really won’t take off until it’s widely available, easy to use, and doesn’t alienate us from the payment solutions we’re all used to, but mobile [...]

Kentucky Municipal Power Company Uses Sunverge Energy Storage Systems for Innovative Demand Response Program

The Glasgow Electric Plant Board is installing Sunverge Energy’s smart energy storage devices as part of the utility’s effort to significantly reduce emissions during times of peak demand for its customers in southern Kentucky.The municipally owned utility, which serves a town of 14,000, turned to Sunverge to help reach its goal of reducing carbon emissions […]

When the IoT Talks, Google’s Eddystone Listens

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has brought with it a host of new programmatic and operational issues as mountains of product data meet rivers of wireless signals from competing communication methods.Enter Eddystone, a new sensor technology from Google, which promises to bring game changing new insights to the chaos. Source: When the IoT Talks, […]

Molybdenum oxide: Some of the same woes, different low prices

About year ago, on August 21, 2014, Platts daily dealer molybdenum oxide assessment was at $13.15/lb. In fact, throughout August 2014 the price stayed above $12.95/lb, which seems unimaginable now when oxide struggles to hold above $6/lb. Today, interest for purchasing oxide powder is increasingly slow and prices are being held back by the lack […]

Crestron’s Little Wireless Photosensor Saves Energy in Home Automation Environment

Crestron Electronics is shipping its new GLS-LDL-EX-BATT dual-loop photosensor, a wireless device that utilizes Crestron’s ZigBee-based Infinet EX protocol for communicating with a home automation system.When integrated with lighting...Show More Summary

Parks Associates Finds Smart Home Devices and Systems Will Prompt Over 7 Million Support Requests in 2015

A new report from Parks Associates finds that smart home devices will prompt over 7 million support requests this year, with adoption at 16% of U.S. broadband households and nearly 40% planning to buy a smart home product in the next 12 months. By 2019, the number of support requests will reach nearly 11 million.“Rising […]

The New Generation Z Brings it Own Set of Issues

A young workforce of diverse talent is on the verge of joining the professional world, and business owners who want to attract and keep capable employees have to adapt their recruitment strategies. While sometimes identified as the second wave of millennials, Generation Z is not a mere carbon copy of Generation Y. Show More Summary

Solyndra: A Case Study in Green Energy, Cronyism, and the Failure of Central Planning

David Boaz Back in 2011 I wrote several times about the failure of Solyndra, the solar panel company that was well connected to the Obama administration. Then, as with so many stories, the topic passed out of the headlines and I lost touch with it. Show More Summary

What to Consider Before Making the Move to 802.11ac

Before an organization makes the jump to the new 802.11ac standard, there are a several important aspects to think through.

Get ready for the digital business journey

It’s no secret that, although the innovations are constantly rolling in the energy industry, utilities can be slow to change. Digital businesses are rapidly emerging across industries and, in terms of utilities, can be extremely important in terms of how they relate to security, smart devices and the Internet of Things, among others. Although utilities […]

Hurricane Katrina: Remembering the Federal Failures

Chris Edwards Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and generated a huge disaster. The storm flooded New Orleans, killed more than 1,800 people, and caused $100 billion in property damage. The storm’s...Show More Summary

Recognizing Clean Nuclear Plants in the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan will be with us for a long time and will be discussed pro and con for months and years. One aspect of the plan’s rationale that has stuck out to the nuclear energy industry is it’s notion that all currently running nuclear plants will keep running, thus continuing to contribute emission-free electricity. Show More Summary

Putting an End to Idiotic Interviews

Many job applicants find themselves in a seemingly never-ending cycle of fruitless interviews and wasted time. There is a clever interview tactic that you can employ that may help get you hired – in some cases, virtually on the spot....Show More Summary

Online Content Can Hurt You

The Internet can make it easier to look for a job, but it also creates some potential minefields for applicants. Instead of evaluating applicants based on their cover letters and résumés alone, recruiters are now narrowing their applicant pools by checking online content. Show More Summary


The sense in Republican climate-change nonsense Stephen Stromberg, August 25, 2015 (Washington Post) "Conservatives often insist that it’s pointless to cut climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions: It would amount to unilateral...Show More Summary

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