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Referrals Can Get You In the Door

A survey released in April 2016 by Future Workplace and indicates that employers prefer to hire people based on employee referrals versus more standard methods of the application process. While referrals don't necessarilyShow More Summary

Back Again: FCC Boot Camp!

Three-day program in San Francisco will feature FHH’s Laura Stefani and Dan Kirkpatrick along with other eminent FCC practitioners providing insight into All Things FCC. Attention, all you Friends of CommLawBlog! San Francisco beckons, again. Show More Summary

Jane Jacobs at 100

Emily Washington Jane Jacobs helped redefine the idea of how cities could thrive. Her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, is a classic work detailing how vibrant city life emerges. Emily Washington of the Mercatus Center comments.

The Shallow Back Reef Environment of Ofu, American Samoa

Craig D. Idso Writing as background for their work, the six-member research team of Koweek et al. (2015) cite several concerns about the future of Earth’s corals that have been projected to result from the so-called twin evils of global...Show More Summary

Stand Out in a Competitive Market With These Tips

Administrative assistants play a major role in the day-to-day operations of any business. Great administrative assistants come with a variety of technical and interpersonal skills, making them indispensable to their employers. The job...Show More Summary

Globalization of the Gas Market: It has Been Going on Longer Than You Think

The general view among analysts is that gas prices in North America, Europa and Asia diverged in the period 2005-2014. This was always a bit odd, since regional markets were becoming more interconnected in those years through increased LNG trade, increased market related pricing and gas hub development. Show More Summary

New Tool for Identifying Best State Energy Policy Opportunities Launches

The Center for the New Energy Economy (an energy policy think tank headed by Colorado’s former Governor Bill Ritter, Jr.), in partnership with the Nature Conservancy, launched a new state energy policy tool. The policy tool is called...Show More Summary

Ocean Oxygen: Suffocating the Seas

From the shallows down to its yawning depths, the ocean gets its oxygen from the surface, supplied either by the atmosphere or from the release of oxygen in phytoplankton through photosynthesis. Scientists have long known that one expected...Show More Summary

Despite Clean Power Plan Lawsuit, Local Chambers Say Clean Energy Good for Business

Local chambers of commerce across the US say their member businesses are benefiting from clean energy — and their leaders are speaking out about how clean energy emerging is an economic driver in a video series from Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE). The video series comes as the US Chamber of Commerce is […]

Closed loop: The disruption of electricity and fuel distribution

The new range of electric cars are priced in the $35,000-$40,000 bracket. Solar PV and home energy storage costs are falling fast. A green, closed loop of self-generation and consumption is on offer that could meet not just an individual’s electricity needs, but their transport requirements as well. Show More Summary

ORIGINAL REPORTING: How distribute energy resources will serve tomorrow’s grid

Assessing the costs and benefits of distributed energy to the grid of the future; EPRI is perfecting a method to evaluate the impact of DERs on all stakeholders Herman K. Trabish, July 23, 2015 (Utility Dive) click to enlarge The question...Show More Summary

ORIGINAL REPORTING: Big solar is the cheapest solar but is it the best solar?

Utility-scale solar is significantly cheaper than rooftop. Does that make it better?; The cost numbers don't lie, but critics say they don't tell the whole story of rooftop solar's value Herman K. Trabish, July 23, 2015 (Utility Dive) Ro...Show More Summary

Wish You Had Better Listeneing Skills?

In an age where digital messaging reigns supreme, highly developed listening skills can set you apart from the competition. Effective listening helps you maximize personal interactions, create strong relationships and benefit from the knowledge of your colleagues. Show More Summary

CRS Report: 'Legislative Options for Financing Water Infrastructure'

2 days agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Another exceptional water-related report from the Congressional Research Service folks: Legislative Options for Financing Water Infrastructure, by Claudia Copeland, Steven Maguire, and William J. Mallett. Download CRS_Financing_Water_Infra_27April2016...Show More Summary

Texas Methane Leaks are a Problem. For California

liso Canyon was a big methane release, especially in Los Angeles, but in the grand scheme of methane released every day by the nation’s oil and gas industry, it was a blip. And recent footage from Texas, coupled with a new study of over...Show More Summary

Declining Energy Prices Lower the Cost of Living

Since June 2014, decreases in crude oil and natural gas prices have reduced household energy costs. According to initial figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the chained consumer price index for urban consumers (C-CPI-U) decreased by 1.2% from June 2014 to February 2016. Show More Summary

Essentially All Climate Scientists Agree: Man-Made Global Warming is Real

Virtually Complete Unanimity of Acceptance of Man-Made Global Warming. James Lawrence Powell recently published an article which found that during 2013 and 2014 only 0.0058% of authors of peer-reviewed journal articles rejected the reality of man-made global warming. Of the almost 70,000 authors of those articles only 4 reached that conclusion, giving a ratio of 1:17,352.

Texas Firm Files with NRC for Interim Storage Site License for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Waste Control Specialists (WCS), which already operates a radioactive waste disposal site in west Texas, has filed a license application with the NRC to build and operate an interim storage site for the nation’s commercial spent nuclear fuel

Private Sector Opportunities at the U.S.-China Summit in June

China and the U.S. are poised to drive global sustainability coming off the Paris Agreement’s opening for signature on Earth Day. Indeed, at COP21 in Paris, President Xi Jinping made a strong commitment, promising that China will contribute to climate change by focusing on green building and transportation.

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