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LTE gets ready to fight against proprietary tech for the IoT 

While cellular-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are still being finalized in the standards process, non-cellular solutions like those promoted by Ingenu, Sigfox and members of the LoRa Alliance are catching a bit of a break.These companies and others are expanding their low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies, and they’ve had time on their […]

US steel scrap export drought, rains on pricing parade

Steel scrap is an incredibly unique commodity. We all have an impact on the demand side of commodities, whether you are building a house, filling up your gas tank or shopping at the grocery store. When it comes to scrap, almost every...Show More Summary

Why Tesla Wants to Buy SolarCity

Mobility without combustion. Electricity without emissions. These are the respective promises of the electric car and renewable energy. If you can figure out how to move vehicles without burning fossil fuels, and then figure out howShow More Summary

Should I purchase a last minute plane ticket to San Francisco?

I had originally intended to be occupied and unable to attend the March for Environmental Hope. Things changed. My schedule has opened up. Should I go to San Francisco tomorrow and join in the March? I’m feeling a strong pull, but it’s not an easy or cheap decision to make. Show More Summary

EL Announces the Product & Project of the Year Award Winners

Environmental Leader today announces the winners of the fourth annual Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards, a program that recognizes excellence in the fields of environmental, sustainability and energy management. “Each year since the inception of the Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards program, the range and quality of the entries has risen. With the […]

Amory Lovins Cheers Diablo Destruction Deal

Amory Lovins has once again chosen to publicly display his incredibly creative math skills. This time he is claiming that closing and destroying Diablo Canyon, a well-run and nicely situated nuclear power plant, 20 to 40 years before it has completed its useful life will reduce CO2 emissions and save money. Show More Summary

Do You Know the Secrets to Effective Interviewing?

A job interview requires showing your professionalism, eagerness and commitment within a short time. When answering interview questions, the hiring manager or committee is evaluating your qualifications as well as your personality. Put...Show More Summary

A Few Tips for Your Next Phone Interview

A phone interview is a common part of the modern job search. Companies often use phone calls to screen candidates in the early stages. In fact, when times are tight and travel budgets are cut, the entire interview process may take place over the phone. Show More Summary

Prioritize Like a Pro With These Tips

As an administrative assistant, your workload sometimes seems overwhelming. For times when that big report is due, the shareholders' meeting is coming up, a huge client is in town and your boss is returning from vacation all at once, you must learn to prioritize projects so you can effectively perform your job. Show More Summary

Don't Let Your Cover Letter be Your Blind Spot

Many job seekers carefully construct their resume in hopes of impressing hiring managers. The cover letter, on the other hand, is often seen as more of an afterthought or a quick task to complete just before sending the resume, which...Show More Summary

Legal 500 Kudos to Karyn Ablin, Copyright Lawyer Par Excellence

A week or two ago we introduced you to Karyn Ablin, a new arrival at FHH but an old-hand in a number of practice areas, including particularly copyright law. We should have held off on the welcoming post, because no sooner had we put it up but Karyn added yet another honor that we could … Continue Reading

What Should You Do When a Key Employee Quits?

As a manager, dealing with an employee resignation often proves a hard blow. Although you might initially question the motives of the employee, this situation can also provide an opportunity to evaluate how your company operates and serves employees as well as its clients. Show More Summary

Heat or Eat? New York Tackles Energy Costs and Climate Change

Heat or eat: that’s the stark choice faced by many low-income families during cold New York winters, according to Scott Oliver of PathStone, a non-profit group in upstate New York. But that could change. In January, New York State Governor...Show More Summary

Can Analogies Influence the Way We Think About Energy Issues?

Lately my research has led me to think about the way the community talks about renewable energy, and the way these discussions can influence people’s perceptions of utilities, residential solar energy and associated policies. In particular,...Show More Summary

“Sustainable Energy for All” Transforms Not Only How Energy is Generated But Also How It is Perceived

The Paris Climate Agreement and the inclusion of energy in the Millennium Development Goals were two key moments in 2015, writes Marie-José Nadeau, Chair of the World Energy Council and member of the Advisory Board of the SE4all initiative of the United Nations, which presented a new five-year strategy in Brussels last week.

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