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Interviewing for Creatives

When you think about a job interview, you likely envision dressing professionally, bringing multiple copies of your resume, and answering a slew of questions about your skills, strengths, weaknesses and experience. When it comes time to interview for a creative position, this may not be the case. Show More Summary

Powerful Diversity and Inclusion Results Come From Clarified Goals and Your Intentions

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace isn't just about meeting quotas. It's good business sense, and the best companies in the world realize that. However, your personal agenda may get in the way of having a fantastic diversity culture in your office. Show More Summary

Friday Bytes: Infomart, Colo Atl, Windstream, Green House Data

Here's another quick look at some colo & cloud news from this week:... [visit site to read more]

Guest Post: Offshore Wind Power Cost Update

Decommissioning of world's first offshore wind farm offers an opportunity to see how industry costs have changed over the past 25 years.

Overcoming Self-Doubt These Three Ways

Doubting yourself is often the beginning of self-discovery. It's certainty safe and comfortable, but you achieve greater levels of success when you accept change and explore the unfamiliar. To be a good leader, you have to manage self-doubt and use your inner critic to make productive decisions. Show More Summary

Balancing Clean Energy Costs and Green Jobs

What’s more important—creating jobs in the energy sector or creating jobs in the rest of the economy? In some cases, energy transitions can do both, when new energy technology both results in expanding employment within the energy sector and drives economy-wide job growth as well. Show More Summary

More Doctrinal and Partisan Economic Analysis at the FCC

According to FCC Chairman Amit Pai and the partially dissenting judge in a key case, the FCC desperately needs more economists and their work product. See; and Show More Summary

What Happens When You Have a Career You Love?

If you love your career, you likely feel energized and inspired by your work and excited to get out of bed each morning. Earning high pay for a profession you love is a great feat, but there’s no such thing as a perfect career. Unforeseen challenges or setbacks can make some days or time periods less than stellar. Show More Summary

U.S. Military Affirms Climate Change-War Link

Military Experts Issue a Warning Climate Skeptics Won't Want to Hear; A gripping new documentary explores the link between climate change and violent conflict. Alexandra Rosenmann, March 24, 2017 (Alternet) "…["The Hurt Locker" meets...Show More Summary

Solar Plus Hydro Drive Wholesale Power Cost Sub-Zero

Wholesale energy prices dip below zero because of California’s solar power Ashley May, April 11, 2017 (USA Today) “…Last winter and early spring’s dependence on solar [coupled with the oversupply of hydropower resulting from the rainy...Show More Summary

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