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South Crofty: The tin mine that wouldn’t die?

On August 11, 2016, the West Briton newspaper in the UK published a story under the following headline: “Tin mining at South Crofty could resume ‘within two years'”. And while it’s fair to say that the news caused barely a ripple inShow More Summary

Optimizing energy production: Addressing rotor wakes at wind farms

Wind energy would be much more plentiful if wind turbines could be placed in one long row always facing a steady wind direction. In reality, multiple constraints (e.g. land, environmental, financial, engineering) usually dictate placing turbines in several rows and closer together. Show More Summary

TGIF! Weekly Water News Summary, 20 - 26 August 2016

4 days agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Shill alert! Need I say more? There will be fewer blog posts and Tweets for next week. I leave for Honduras later today and will return late on 3 September. I will be finishing one village water project funded by the ACJ Foundation and checking out some other potential projects....

4 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Home Now

Buying a home is a liability for most. And a smart home would be a bigger one. Probably being a first-time smart home buyer, you’ve resorted to other smart home owners’ recommendation, many of whom are encouraging you to go ahead and buy it. Nonetheless, you may still retaliate, if that will be a right thing to […]

Recruitment Strategies to Help You Hire The Best Employee

The hiring process can be challenging for businesses and job seekers alike. You want a great employee that shares your company's vision, but wading through hundreds of candidates is a daunting task. Consider the following tips to revitalize your hiring practices and ensure that you are recruiting the best people for your business. Show More Summary

Zayo Posts Steady Revenue Growth, Expanding EBITDA

Zayo has checked in with its Fiscal Q4 numbers, posting a solid quarter.  Revenue checked in at $507.3M, which was above analyst projections, while EBITDA rose proportionally to $257.8M.   Here are their numbers in some context:... [visit site to read more]

Combatting extremism on social media

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee says that social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are “consciously failing” to combat the use of their sites to promote terrorism and killings, in its report published following an inquiry that has lasted 12 months, and included visits to Glasgow, Bradford and Europol. The Committee […]

The Case Against Biometrics

Developers like biometrics, but creative hacks have many concerned that the solution may not be as secure as we hoped.

Before Today’s Earnings, Here’s Another View of Zayo

Zayo reports earnings after the markets close today.  For those who might want to delve a little deeper into Zayo's valuation and performance and maybe look at the business from a different perspective, an interesting model and earnings primer has recently come across my desk.  ... [visit site to read more]

How Long Are You Making Job Candidates Wait for a Hiring Decision?

A slow hiring process can drive away top candidates and place strain on other employees as key roles remain vacant. Although candidates recognize the importance of making a good hire, they don't want to be stuck in job-search limbo for weeks awaiting a potential job offer. Show More Summary

Climate Change Could Cost Millenials Trillions

The Price Tag of Being Young: Climate Change and Millennials’ Economic Future Sara Jordan, August 21, 2016 (NextGen Climate Action) “…Left unaddressed, [climate change] will have devastating impacts on our economy, our environment, our...Show More Summary

Is Rhode Island Wind Energy’s Wedge?

Rhode Island may pave way for Obama wind energy boom Timothy Cama, August 24, 2016 (The Hill) “Five wind turbines in the waters off Rhode Island’s coast will start producing electricity this fall, fulfilling a years-old clean energyShow More Summary

How Texas National Guard Could Go Green

New Study: Solar, Energy Efficiency Can Help the Texas National Guard Save Money and Water Kate Zerenner, August 24, 2016 (Environmental Defense Fund) “...[Many Texas defense facilities are in water-stressed counties that could leadShow More Summary

California Leads The Way To Cars With Plugs

Who’s Leading on Electric Cars? (And Who’s Lagging Behind?) David Reichmuth, August 24, 2016 (Union of Concerned Scientists) “…Car buyers can now find alternatives to petroleum-powered cars, choosing from a growing number of electric-drive cars but] the availability of EVs varies greatly, both by manufacturer and geography. Show More Summary

Edible Food Packaging Garnering Interest from Food Companies to Reduce Waste

Edible food packaging made of milk proteins can reduce waste and prevent food spoilage, according to US Department of Agriculture researchers who are currently developing this casein-based film. The research team is currently creating prototype film samples for a small company in Texas, and says this new development has garnered interest among other companies, too. […]

The Will to Change: Private Enterprises Reduce Their Emissions

Global average temperatures have been at record levels month by month up to the time of writing (August 2016), and for most years since 2000. When attention focuses on the U.S., the number of days in a year above 100ºF (37.8ºC) is forecast to grow dramatically, for example by 2060 and 2100.

It Will Take More Than a Share in Shale Gas Profits to Sway Public Opinion on Fracking

The UK government has proposed a scheme under which households in communities affected by shale gas production would be paid directly out of a Shale Wealth Fund financed by company revenues. Joseph Dutton, Research Fellow at the Energy Policy Group, University of Exeter, points out it is impossible to estimate how much they would get paid.

New Study: Solar, Energy Efficiency Can Help the Texas National Guard Save Money and Water

This year has seen historic flooding across the South. In addition to the devastating rains that recently hit Louisiana, severe floods pummeled Texas earlier this year. In both cases, the states’ National Guards were first responders, rescuing families, delivering meals and supplies to survivors, and providing local agencies with high-water trucks, boats, and helicopters.

As Japan and South Korea Import Less LNG, Other Asian Countries Begin to Import More

Japan, South Korea, and China are the three largest importers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world, accounting for more than half of global LNG imports in 2015. Combined LNG imports in these countries averaged 18.2 billion cubic...Show More Summary

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