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Security Friday: Yahoo, Akamai, Level 3

The fact that much of the internet is a soft target has been reinforced on an almost weekly basis.... [visit site to read more]

Turnovers Can be Lessened With Good Leadership

No company wants to eat the cost of employee turnover. Not only does it lose out on productivity, talent and the cost of training new employees, but losing employees left and right to another company can also be a real morale killer....Show More Summary

EU Considers Adding Six Substances to Restricted Chemicals List

The primary chemical law in the European Union, called the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals or REACH, has proposed adding six new substances of very high concern to its restricted substances list

Governments poised to agree historic CO2 emissions market system for aviation

The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization is poised to take a ground-breaking decision on a global market-based measure to control aviation’s greenhouse gas emissions in a matter of days. If signed off at ICAO’s general...Show More Summary

Are You Using These Strategies to Lead Your Team?

Effective team leaders generally display a variety of personal and professional characteristics that naturally encourage others to follow them, such as confidence, integrity, decisiveness, optimism and trustworthiness. While all of these...Show More Summary

A Big Week in the LTE on Unlicensed Spectrum Battle

The long and winding road toward cellular carrier use of unlicensed spectrum took three steps this week.

South Africa’s Rapid Energy Transition Derails its Giant Nuclear and Coal Projects

South Africa shows how quick an energy transition can be. In four years, the country’s renewable energy program has mushroomed, while the building of coal power stations and the planning of a $50-$100 billion nuclear power project have come to a grinding halt.

Take the Best, Leave the Rest

Fundamental researchers offer new ways to sort molecules for clean energy and more.

Closed Loop Foundation Awards $300K to Plastic Film Recyclers

In an effort to advance film plastic packaging recycling, the Closed Loop Foundation has awarded about $300,000 in grant money to two plastic recycling companies.

Singing Dream Comes Alive with Huawei Live!

Huawei Pakistan has once again prepared to come up with an exciting and entertaining campaign, known as Huawei Live; a star-studded platform where youngsters come in the limelight by showing their hidden talent. Smartly integrating an activation with a competition, Huawei is setting up an activation which is both attractive and interactive. Show More Summary

Stay Productive and In Control With These Tips

In the workplace, lost productivity tends to have a domino effect. When you lose steam on one task, it can negatively impact a host of other jobs. The right proactive steps can help you stay productive and prevent your workload from spiraling out of control. Show More Summary

Pipeline Shutdown Disrupts Gasoline Supply in the Southeast

A partial shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline system, a major source of transportation fuels to the Southeast, has disrupted gasoline supplies, leading to higher prices and product shortages in parts of the region.

Why Oil Markets Should Brace For OPEC Disappointment

There is a strong possibility that OPEC disappoints the oil markets in the coming days, offering either no production limit or a toothless agreement that may not even be finalized until some future meeting.

Will Autonomous Vehicles Deliver On Their Promise Of A Greener Tomorrow? Our Future Hangs In Balance

The recent discourse at the advent of the 21st century has centered around the high amount of carbon emissions being put up in the atmosphere and the effect it has had on global temperatures. The surge in recent high intensity climatic...Show More Summary

Compliance with Clean Power Plan is Within Reach, Even for States Opposing It

In one week – on Tuesday, September 27th – the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will hear oral argument in legal challenges brought by the coal industry and its allies against the Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan establishes...Show More Summary

Homeowners Must Look at Sustainability as a Collective Pursuit

Technologies, products, and public awareness of the need for more sustainable living are out there. But for some reason, millions of Americans are still failing to prioritize sustainability in their own lives. What’s holding us back and how can we make eco-friendly living more of a widespread priority?

Making it Even Easier to be Green: Fannie Mae Upgrades Multifamily Green Rewards Product

This year alone, Fannie Mae has provided more than $1.2 billion in financing to qualified green multifamily properties. Fannie Mae’s green financing solutions use pricing breaks and higher loan proceeds to give multifamily investors an incentive to make sustainability improvements to their properties and/or to pursue green building project certifications.

Why Having Babies Is The Climate Change Answer

Climate Change Requires Innovative Solutions, Not Population Control Sam Mulopulos, September 20, 2016 (Huffington Post) “…[Population engineering is not really a solution for climate change. Yes, people] beget more people, and moreShow More Summary

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