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The Geopolitics of Energy: Renewables Are Not in the Race Yet

At the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi on 12-13 January, oil executives, Middle Eastern energy ministers and experts in the geopolitics of energy came together to discuss the geopolitical implications of “the energy transformation”. Show More Summary

A Step Toward Renewable Diesel

MIT engineers have genetically reprogrammed a strain of yeast so that it converts sugars to fats much more efficiently, an advance that could make possible the renewable production of high-energy fuels such as diesel.

Energy News: National Grid Puts $100M in Sunrun; Tesla Builds a Rooftop Solar Farm; Self-Driving Cars Dominate Auto and Consumer Electronics Shows

We’ve entered the mid-winter slump up here in the northern hemisphere, but don’t worry. Between news of major deals and investments and advanced vehicles making headlines at both CES and the Detroit Auto Show, things are certainly looking sunny for advanced energy in the week that was.

The U.S. Could Lead the Next Tech Revolution by Investing in Clean Energy

In the first Risky Business report, a bi-partisan group of experts focused on the economic impacts of climate change at the country, state and regional levels and made the case that in spite of all that we do understand about the science...Show More Summary

Swansea Barrage Represents a Key Opportunity

Charles Hendry's report into the exciting Swansea Lagoon has given it the thumbs up.

5 Retail Predictions for 2017

There are plenty of reasons for retailers to celebrate as 2016 leaves and 2017 begins. The winter holiday shopping season topped forecast expectations by approaching nearly $1 trillion in consumer spending. In 2017, look for five disruptive retail trends to hit stores before the next winter holiday blitz hits shoppers. Show More Summary

Lindsay Sansom MA Paper: 'The Hueco Bolson: A Case for Improved Transboundary Aquifer Management'

4 days agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Lindsay Sansom is a PhD student in the Water Management and Hydrological Science Program at Texas A&M University. She's also Project Coordinator for the Texas Transboundary Groundwater Governance Project at Texas A&M University. I met her when I visited TAMU last spring at which time I agreed to serve on...

Wednesday Bytes: Level 3, NJFX, Hurricane Electric, Masergy, INOC

Here's another quick roundup of some more of the rapidfire news we've seen go out this week:... [visit site to read more]

Poll: What Will Trump’s FCC Do With Net Neutrality?

Ok, it's time for another poll.  We have a new president coming in this week and a particularly unpredictable one at that.  What should we expect from the FCC when it comes to net neutrality?  No, not what should happen to net neutrality, but what will.  It's prediction time, make your call:... [visit site […]

Indiana Study Says Companies Purposefully Locate in Downwind States

An Indiana University study found that companies may locating in places where the wind will carry their pollution across the border and thereby skirt the laws.

It’s Okay to Use Tap Water Again in Corpus Christi

Officials in Corpus Christi, TX advised residents there that it is now Okay to use the tap water there. A month ago, the water system had been infiltrated by a dangerous chemical that burns the skin. Customers of the City of Corpus Christi were notified on Wednesday, December 14, 2016... Read more »

In the Business of Providing Security and You Want to be Sustainable? Think Production, Packing and Shipping

When most businesses start to think green, they initially begin recycling programs. But it really does involve the whole lifecycle or decision-making process. And that includes everything from production to packaging to transportati...

Bird flocking inspires technology that cuts plug-in hybrid fuel use by 30 percent

TreeHugger has an article on a biomimicry based approach for reducing car fuel consumption by introducing flocking behaviour - Bird flocking inspires technology that cuts plug-in hybrid fuel use by 30 percent. Plug-in hybrid cars are...Show More Summary

Australian zinc refinery to build 100MW solar plant

RNE has a report on a Queensland zinc refiner that is building its own solar power plant -. Australian zinc metals producer Sun Metals is to build a 100MW solar PV plant to supply its refinery located near Townsville, in northern Queensland, in a landmark development in the Australian renewable energy landscape. Show More Summary

Gold skips the January blues

Unlike the rest of us, gold loves Januaries. Up just over 5.5% year-to-date, sailing through two-month highs above $1,215/oz this week on Brexit and Trump uncertainty, gold has seen gains in the first month of the year for nearly two-thirds of the past decade and a half. Show More Summary

How Nanomaterials Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer and More Efficient

The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior communications advisor at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald.From the batteries in our cell phones to the clothes on our backs, "nanomaterials" that are designed molecule by molecule are working their way into our economy and our lives. Show More Summary

Consumers Will Pay More Money for ‘Sustainable’ Products

Companies can expect a healthy return on investment from environmental and socially sustainable practices and products, according to new research.

What are the Best and Worst Words to Use in Your Resume?

You probably understand the need to put the right keywords in your resume to highlight your experience and qualifications. However, you might not realize that using generic, cliché and overdone words can sink your chance of getting an interview. Show More Summary

Waste-to-Energy Facilities Under Fire

Maryland considers tightening NOx emissions limits at the state’s two largest municipal waste incinerators.

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