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California Leads on Reducing Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations

California took a big step forward to reduce emissions of potent, heat-trapping methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. Joining states like Wyoming, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, California is proposing strong but sensible rules to control methane across the oil and gas supply chain. read more

What EPA Should Consider on Their Final "Fracking" Assessment

Questions about if and how hydraulic fracturing activities (what is called “fracking” by some) can contaminate drinking water have been top-of-mind for many since the practice started getting widespread public attention about a decade ago. read more

Is Carbon Capture for Natural Gas the Missing Climate Solution?

Natural gas with carbon capture and storage could be an ideal long-term cheap and reliable low-carbon energy source. When most people in energy policy or markets hear “carbon capture and storage” (CCS), they think of coal generation. And rightly so. read more

It's All About the Transition

The ambition embodied within the Paris Agreement argues for the need to reach a state of net zero anthropogenic emissions around the middle of the century, although the text of the Agreement is less stringent and points to the second half of the century for a balance between sinks and sources. read more

India Takes Another Step Toward Deals With U.S. Nuclear Vendors

In a step towards opening its market to the nuclear reactors vendors of western nations, India recently finally signed off on to an international agreement on liability for damages in the event of a nuclear accident. The action has been pending since 2007. read more

Proposing an Overdue Oil and Climate Security Fee

The President proposed a 21st Century Clean Transportation Initiative loaded with interesting policy, the most attention-grabbing of which is a $10-per-barrel oil fee to be phased in over 5 years. The revenue from it drives a portfolio of investments in better, cleaner transportation. read more

Renewable Jet fuels: The Current State of Affairs

Jet fuel conventionally is produced from petroleum crude refining. Its composition depends on the raw crude oil, but the composition is typically around 20% paraffins, 40% isoparaffins, 20% naphthenes and 20% aromatics. Each of these components has a very specific role. read more

Super Bowl Waste Management Victory Goes to Geospatial Technology

Super Bowl 50 victory went to the Denver Broncos last night but the waste management winner was Trimble Geospatial Solutions, which provided the geospatial technology used to clean up illegal dumping sites across San Jose, California. As Waste360 reports, the city has seen a 75 percent increase in illegal dumping over the past several years. […]

Why We’re Seeing the Beginning of a Multi-Billion Dollar Ecosystem Marketplace

A little-noticed announcement by the US Department of Interior in late 2015 reflects an emerging paradigm shift in natural resource conservation — and the role market-based solutions will play as the nation ramps up efforts to save America’s imperiled species and landscapes. The new initiative to launch a Natural Resource Investment Center comes as the […]

Ask Hunker Harry: Good weather news is bad news for US steel

Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog who predicts the longevity of the US winter each year, did  not see his shadow last week, indicating an early spring. This is only the 18th time in 130 years that the groundhog failed to see his shadow. An emcee at the Groundhog Day event in a chilly northwestern Pennsylvania town […]

Coercion and Boondoggles in the Name of Green Transportation

Randal O'Toole For most of Obama’s years as president, he has opposed raising the gas tax. Now, in his last, lame-duck year, he is proposing a $10 per barrel tax on oil. Since a 42-gallon barrel of oil produces about 45 gallons of gasoline,...Show More Summary

NTT Takes Aim at Far East Latency

While the urgency of low latency in the financial world peaked some years ago, it's still a significant force and not just between New York and either Chicago or London.  Today Japan's NTT Communications took aim at a different route, that between the financial exchanges of Japan and Singapore.... [visit site to read more]

BroadSoft Acquires Transera, Invades the Contact Center

Early monday morning kicked off with an interesting bit of M&A in the cloud communications software arena. Broadsoft has announced the acquisition of privately held Transera, an upstart in the cloud contact center space.... [visit site to read more]

The Internet of Creepy Things

This article was authored by Stefan Hammond, and was originally posted on My colleague Tony Poulos documents the "IoST" (Internet of Silly Things) in his blog-posts. But as more consumer devices are connected to the IoT, it's gaining a new aura: the Internet of Creepy Things.... [visit site to read more]

Obama Proposes $10-Per-Barrel Oil Tax

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will propose a $10-per-barrel fee paid by oil companies to fund investments in low-carbon transportation. The oil tax, which would be phased in over five years, is part of the president’s 21st Century Clean Transportation Plan. The plan would increase by $20 billion per year above current levels spending on […]

BlackBerry to Lay Off 200 Employees in Canada and the US

BlackBerry will lay off 200 employees from its Waterloo headquarters and a manufacturing facility based in Florida, US. The cuts are part of the company’s turnaround plan plotted by CEO John Chen. The layoff is smaller than initially reported by Canadiantech blog MobileSyrup, whose sources had talked about the possibility of a major, 1000 job […]

Elaine J. Hanford's Bulletin Boards: 1) Geosciences; 2) Enviro-Sciences - 8 February 2016

3 days agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Elaine celebrated the viewing of her 50th Super Bowl - that's all of 'em. Like yours truly, she was glad to see Peyton Manning go out (presumably?) in style with his 200th win, an all-time record. Down to work now! Catch up on the weekly water news 30 January -...

Sanctions failed to take a bite out of Russia’s oil patch: Fuel for Thought

International sanctions against Russia introduced in 2014 turned out not to be the bogeyman they first seemed to be, and could in fact have played a key role in helping the Russian oil sector to not only handle the sharp price drop over the last year and a half, but make the industry more efficient […]

Super Sunday Special - Two CRS Reports: 1) 'Oil Sands & Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund'; 2) 'Is Biopower Carbon Neutral'?

3 days agoUtilities / Water : WaterWired

Since Super Bowl Sunday looms large, I need a real draw for readers - something to take their minds off the game. What better than to provide two Congressional Research Service reports, each related to energy? 1) Oil Sands and the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund: The Definition of "Oil"...

Jumping the Track Revisited

Update: I think this text still holds up and can be applied to issues that we face in the 2016 election. My conclusions point to thinking errors that Bernie Sanders has inherited from a sorta pseudo liberal ideology that he calls Socialism, but is not in fact derived from classical Socialism. Show More Summary

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