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China’s steel industry association opens arms to futures, at last

“Seeing is believing”, which can’t be truer with the substantial attitude change of the China Iron and Steel Association over the past couple of years to be now fully supportive of steel and iron ore futures. It was not so long ago,Show More Summary

The Energy Sector is One of the Largest Consumers of Water in a Drought-Threatened World

The implications of the global water footprint of energy generation are phenomenal, writes Gary Bilotta of the University of Brighton. He warns that if policy makers fail to take into account the links between energy and water, we may come to a point in many parts of the world where it is water availability that is the main determinant of the energy sources available for use.

ORIGINAL REPORTING -- A good rate design is hard to find

A good rate design is hard to find: Experts push utility-solar compromise; Getting rates right will be essential for both utility revenues and the growth of DERs Herman K. Trabish, September 21, 2015 (Utility Dive) Conventional knowledge is that the utility industry is slow-moving and resistant to change. Show More Summary

ORIGINAL REPORTING -- Growing Pains For Community Solar

Negative RECs for community solar: Market failure or utility opportunity?; Xcel and Colorado installers are at odds over how much utilities should pay for RECs Herman K. Trabish, September 23, 2015 (Utility Dive) Editor's note: Community...Show More Summary

What We Know, And Don’t Know, About Toxic Wastewater From The Oil And Gas Industry

For all that we hear and think about oil and gas production, wastewater may not be at the top of our list of concerns. And yet, onshore oil and gas operations in the United States produce more than 800 billion gallons of toxic wastewater each year.

Panama Canal Expansion Unlikely to Significantly Change Crude Oil, Petroleum Product Flows

On June 26, the Panama Canal Authority, the body that operates the Panama Canal, will inaugurate a third set of locks, which will allow for the transit of larger ships. This is the first such expansion since the canal was completed in 1914. Show More Summary

Behind the Ease of E-Commerce, Sustainable Manufacturing Benefits Everyone

These days, it’s easy to shop online, but just because you’re not going to the brick and mortar store doesn’t mean your goods aren’t coming from a LEED-certified green building. When we look back on this time, I suspect one of the biggest wonders will be how so many things, including the shopping cart, moved to "the cloud," but tangible products still wound up at our doors.

Metro Bytes: Cleareon, UPN, RVA-IX, Zayo

Here's a quick rundown of some metro news from this week.... [visit site to read more]

Questions for You to Ask at your Next Interview

As a job seeker in search of a fulfilling career at a company that offers opportunities for advancement, you must stand out during your job interview. While many candidates prepare responses to common interview questions, what makes you shine is additional preparation in compiling questions you can ask the interviewer. Show More Summary

Amory Lovins suggests additional areas of agreement between us

Amory Lovins understands that high quality blogging requires interaction between the author and the people who take time to make comments. He actively engages with readers after he publishes posts on He even visits here and engages on occasion. Show More Summary

Poll: How Big a Deal is Brexit for Telecom and Internet Infrastructure?

It's time for a Friday poll on the subject of the day.  Is Brexit a big deal for telecom and internet infrastructure?  Or is it not a big deal at all?  Have your say:... [visit site to read more]

Brexit Bomb Lands, Explodes, So Now What for Telecom & Infrastructure?

It seems like a crazy decision by UK voters, but they did it.  Britain has actually voted by a thin margin to leave the EU.  I leave the details of all that to those who specialize in it, but what about our little world.  What does this mean for telecommunications and infrastructure companies?  A few […]

Methane Replaces Carbon Dioxide as Primary Greenhouse Gas Regulatory Target

With the dramatic increase in the drilling for and use of methane for electricity generation (an increase driven, in part, by the lower carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion of natural gas compared to other fossil fuels), methane...Show More Summary

Dealing With Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is a serious problem for fast-paced, high-stress companies. It can reduce productivity, increase health care and sick-day costs, and damage morale. The problem rarely stays contained to the person in question. Instead, it ripples out through the staff and customer base. Show More Summary

Toyota, Dish Network Share Waste Management Strategies

Waste management, according to Toyota’s Ryan McMullan, is the “gateway drug” to employee engagement on environmental sustainability initiatives. At Environmental Leader’s conference, McMullan, who is Toyota Motor Sale’s environmental...Show More Summary

Using Technology to Enable Next-Level EHS Performance

Technology can improve environment, health and safety performance — and yet 64 percent of survey respondents say they aren’t using EHS software, says LNS Research analyst Peter Bussey. Bussey presented new EHS research at Environmental Leader’s conference on Wednesday. Show More Summary

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