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The wet and wild West: Northwest hydro sets record levels this year

There is water, water everywhere with plenty to spare in the West this year. Hydro generation has risen to new levels on near-record winter snowfall, which has pulled down power prices into negative territory and cut back usage of other generation sources. Show More Summary

Game Localization Link Roundup – April 2017

Besides controversy surrounding Persona 5’s localization, April has been a rather calm month in the game localization world. June will see new elections organized for the IGDA LocSIG steering committee. It has been a great pleasure to help the SIG…

Dilbert 1, Scientists 0.

Ross McKitrick A communications group at Yale University has put out a video that seems to be a rebuttal to a Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams poking fun at climate scientists and their misplaced confidence in models. The video is full of impressive-looking scientists talking about charts and data and whatnot. Show More Summary

Why #NEA17 Is at the Intersection of Nuclear’s Present and Future

Nuclear power is working for America. On May 22, hundreds of engineers, scientists, plant operators, entrepreneurs and students will gather in Scottsdale, at the annual Nuclear Energy Assembly, to talk about the multiple benefits that...Show More Summary

FCC v. Colbert – A Controversy Based on Truth or Truthiness?

Last Monday, during his monologue on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert made a number of jokes at President Donald Trump’s expense, including lobbing a series of insults at the President.  (The full monologue is available here; check around 11:15 for the portion that has gotten folks talking).   One of these insults, which included a joking...… Continue Reading

The Wheels of Change Turn Slowly

Ike Brannon The Washington Post recently trumpeted an innovative new way that D.C. area residents are getting to work: taking the bus! It’s just the contrarian, old-is-the-new-hip ake that’s bound to make the kids start buying morning...Show More Summary

More Doctrinal and Partisan Economic Analysis at the FCC

According to FCC Chairman Amit Pai and the partially dissenting judge in a key case, the FCC desperately needs more economists and their work product. See; and Show More Summary

The Bolt Still Needs a Jolt

The Chevrolet Bolt is slowly being introduced to the American car-buying public. Last fall, after taking a Bolt on a brief spin in midtown Manhattan, I concluded it might be the first truly plausible all-electric car. Unlike the Tesla, which starts at about $70,000, the Bolt is within the financial reach of a large number of American car buyers. Show More Summary

Let’s talk about NEAT: Looking dapper from its napper to its feet

Comedy actor Peter Sellers knew a thing or two about comic timing and delivery needed to make a good joke shine. After all he played Inspector Clouseau, Dr Stranglove, and Dr Fritz Fassbender among his many famous Hollywood characters. Show More Summary

2017 Breakthrough Senior Fellows Announced

A leading agronomist addressing food demand and ecological protection. A renowned agricultural economist grounding the food and farming debate. A thought leader on global governance and development. A nuclear engineer at the forefront of nuclear innovation. Show More Summary

The Story NEI’s Maria Korsnick Will Tell Wall Street

There’s a lot going on in our world, and this Thursday at 8:30 a.m. EST, the Nuclear Energy Institute will be making its annual presentation to dozens of Wall Street analysts. The United States continues to operate the world’s largest fleet of reactors, and is the technology leader. Show More Summary

How About Using that Captured Carbon?

Imagine if the carbon dioxide (CO2) that emerges from smokestacks at coal- and natural gas-fired power plants and steel and cement facilities could actually be used for something. Some innovators are imagining just that.

Why Kering, HPE, Unilever Link Business Strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals

Leading companies are incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their environmental management plans — a trend that is gaining traction as corporations are finding environmental and financial benefits from linking the SDGs...Show More Summary

DOE execs killed respected science program studying radiation health effects. Fired PM who tried to protect science

Senior Department of Energy executives, several of whom were “Acting” Obama Administration appointees in roles that normally require Senate advice and consent, made decisions that eliminated unique research into the biological effects of low dose radiation in the United States. Show More Summary

Micheal Shellenberger tells Cal Poly audience how nuclear fear began. How will it end?

Michael Shellenberger, the director of Environmental Progress, recently gave a talk at Cal Poly titled How Fear of Nuclear Ends. As usual, Michael did a terrific job of presenting the talk and provides excellent graphics in support of his primary discussion points. Show More Summary

Webcaster Wake Up Call!

SoundExchange reports, payments due soon On February 2nd the groundhog best known as “Punxsutawney Phil” will be plucked from the comfort of his underground lair and ceremoniously asked to “predict” the end of winter.  Of course, this tradition was memorably portrayed in the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” in which Bill Murray’s Phil Connors relives a … Continue Reading

Perry Regrets Calling for Abolition of Department of Energy

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, discovered this week that it takes more than a glib turn of phrase to run a major federal agency. He comes to the job with very big shoes to fill. His two immediate predecessors were PhD scientists. Steven Chu was the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Physics. Ernest Moniz, based on his expertise, helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal.

Video Game Culturalization: Definition and Best Practices (IGDA LocSIG)

The Best Practices for Game Localization is a true gem of information kindly shared by the IGDA LocSIG. It contains everything one needs to know about game localization. The format in which it is shared might make it a little…

How Nanomaterials Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer and More Efficient

The following is a guest post from Matt Wald, senior communications advisor at NEI. Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattLWald.From the batteries in our cell phones to the clothes on our backs, "nanomaterials" that are designed molecule by molecule are working their way into our economy and our lives. Show More Summary

NuScale Submits SMR Design Certification Package to NRC

In a major step toward the deployment of the next generation of advanced nuclear technology, NuScale Power asked the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on December 31st, 2016 to approve the company’s 50 MW small modular reactor (SMR) commercial power plant design.

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