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Parsing Bill Nye’s Anti-Nuclear Energy Keynote Speech

My previous article was about Bill Nye's choice to ignore the science when it comes to nuclear energy safety. I'm not picking on Bill. My critiques are in response to Nye's decision to use his celebrity status to publicly air his anti-nuclear energy beliefs. Show More Summary

Thorium Triggers Invasion of Norway (On Netflix)

Here at NEI, we try to keep an eye out for any television program or film that involves nuclear energy. As we've written in the past, the results can be something of a mixed bag. That's part of the reason that Pandora's Promise was such a pleasant surprise. Show More Summary

Game Localization Link Roundup – January 2016

January was another busy month in the game localization industry, and with the LocJAM and LocWorld coming in the next couple of months, the trend shouldn’t be fading anytime soon. On a personal level, I had the honor to join…

Bipartisan support for advanced nuclear energy development

Third Way bills itself as a centrist think tank that is not satisfied with just thinking; they take action that gets results. Thursday’s (Jan 28, 2016) Advanced Nuclear Summit and Showcase provided an excellent example of Third Way’s ability to seek common ground among people from both major political parties in the United States. Show More Summary

Rachel Pritzker kicks off Third Way’s Advanced Nuclear Summit and Showcase

In August 2015, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing Rachel Pritzker to Atomic Insights readers and Atomic Show listeners with Atomic Show #241 – Rachel Pritzker, philanthropic problem solver. Since that show, Rachel and I have met face to face, exchanged several emails, participated on the same conference calls, and interacted via Twitter. Show More Summary

The Third Way Summit and Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Say “nuclear reactor” and what leaps to mind is a giant machine, powerful enough to run an entire city, with thousands of moving parts.But UPower Technologies has a different concept: a nuclear power plant that is mostly built in a factory, and arrives on site in two standard shipping containers. Show More Summary

Debating Ecomodernism

Last week, 'An Ecomodernist Manifesto' coauthor and Alliance for Science visiting fellow Mark Lynas traveled to Oxford to present and debate ecomodernism. Respondents included Oxford geographers Constance McDermott, Richard Grenyer, and Paul Jepson. Show More Summary

Vermonters say they want industrial wind to go the way of the billboard

As a native of South Florida, I’ve probably logged at least a million miles driving on its interstate and U.S. highways. Most Americans have probably had at least a small taste of that experience. The contrast between Florida’s highways and those in Vermont is stark; Florida’s are littered with billboards. Show More Summary

Trump Vows to Strong-Arm Apple’s Manufacturing back to America

There’s no question that real estate mogul Donald Trump has brought plenty of bluster and truculence to the Republican presidential race, and, in fact, like candidates before him who have successfully managed to harness technology to ultimately win the race, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s controversial one-liners generated enough social media click-bait to propel […]

Clean energy, sustainable energy – both terms include nuclear energy

For the Democratic Party debate held last night, the scientists at MinuteEarth were asked to provide a video giving some context for their question to the candidates about climate change. Here is their video, their question and responses from Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor Mark O’Malley. Show More Summary

The Nuclear Year 2015

Watts Bar 2 Welcome, luminant friends, to 2016, and let it be a sweet 16 of potential and possibility, accomplishment and achievement. 2016 has context, namely 2015, to suggest its contours, so let’s take a look back at some of the year’s...Show More Summary

Caldeira, Emanuel, Wigley and Hansen Statement at COP21, December 4, 2015

On December 4, 2015, during COP21, Energy for Humanity hosted a press conference at which four leading climate scientists provided statements explaining why they believe that nuclear energy must be included in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions from the the power sources currently used to enable our modern, increasingly prosperous society. Show More Summary

The Year of the Good Anthropocene

Breakthrough Institute is excited to share the Top Breakthroughs of 2015. As you’ll see below, this has been a big year for the Breakthrough Institute and for ecomodernism. The spontaneous expression of support for ecomodernist ideas...Show More Summary

Natural gas leak polluting Porter Ranch in LA county since October 23, 2015

Earlier today, I found a link in one of my news feeds to a December 14, 2015 MarketPlace story titled A Natural Gas Leak With Seemingly No End. It describes an event near a neighborhood called Porter Ranch in Los Angeles county, California that has been in progress since October 23, 2015. Show More Summary

The pig and the python: How American refineries are dealing with the oil glut

Record US crude oil inventory levels in 2015 reminds us of a pig crossing paths with a python. The pig is consumed by the snake, bulging in the reptile’s stomach as it goes through the digestive process, and is a handy parable for oil markets. In 2015 US refineries took unprecedented bites out of the […]

Reverse Auction Homework: Getting Familiar with Form 177

The FCC is trying to make good on its promise to let auction participants know what’s in store for them on the auction application front (and the reimbursement front, too – but that’s for a later post). Now it’s up to broadcasters to take advantage of what the FCC has given them.  As the Broadcast … Continue Reading

Against Eco-Austerity

Leigh Phillips, whose book I loved, has a great op-ed in the Guardian this week arguing against "eco-austerity." Phillips' socialist argument in favor of growth and technology is a fascinating one: It is true that the right-wing Pollyannas...Show More Summary

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