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DailyDirt: Computers Are Learning How To Play More Video Games, But They'll Never Appreciate A Good Game?

5 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Researchers can program computers to play all kinds of games and even beat the best humans at them. So far, we're not worried about AI that can beat us at chess or Jeopardy, but maybe we'll be more worried when a computer can program another computer to play chess at a grandmaster level. Show More Summary

Non-Sequiturs: 03.03.15

Getting a SCOTUS justice to attend your wedding is tough, but maybe invite one for dinner? [Washington Post] A DOJ investigation concludes that the Ferguson Police Department and courts engaged in a "pattern and practice" of discrimination against African Americans. Show More Summary

Greening the Chicago River

On a slow news weekend in October last year, the news in Chicago was all about the river, specifically a sunken barge and the filming of Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent. As ABC7 reported in regards to the latter:Saturday morning,Show More Summary

A Peek Inside MoMA's Hotly Anticipated Björk Retrospective

Björk opens this week at MoMA and covers 20 years of the shapeshifting artist's career in music, art, and design. An army of Björk takes over the Museum of Modern Art on Sunday. The Icelandic pop star/alien fairy goddess's hotly anticipated...Show More Summary

Australian Secretary Of Defense Not Concerned About Phone Hack; Doesn't Think People Want To Spy On His Phone

13 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

If you were the Secretary of Defense of a large country, you might think you'd be slightly concerned that foreign agents would want to spy on you. Not so down in Australia apparently, where the current Secretary of Defense, insists that he'd be "surprised" if anyone wanted to find out what was on his phone. Show More Summary

Enduring Mystery of Paul Magers’ On Air Dance Routine

We may never know what really happened, but we’ll always have the YouTube clip of KCBS anchor Paul Magers busting one very strange set of moves. It could be described as a form of “dancing,” perhaps, or maybe an exceptional form of restless leg syndrome. Show More Summary

Jimmy Kimmel swiftly shut down the entire anti-vaccination community

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel spent much of his show addressing anti-vaxxers, encouraging his massive audience to take vaccinating their kids seriously and cracking jokes about how if you think you know more than doctors, you're not allowed to visit medical professionals anymore. Show More Summary

Quantifying IP/optical integration synergies

By: Alcatel-Lucent’s: Ben Tang, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Bell Labs Consulting Services department Mohcene Mezhoudi, Senior Consultant Member of Technical Staff in the Bell Labs Consulting Services department Arnold...Show More Summary

Jessica Alba, Cam Newton, and the Fruits and Vegetables Marketing Machine

Jessica Alba and Cam Newton participated recently in an upbeat advertisement for healthful fruit and vegetables, sponsored by the Partnership for a Healthier America.An AP article Feb 26 explained some of the origins, noting that the...Show More Summary

Guest Post: CJ on Kittredge And Moskowitz talking corporate charter secrets

A pparently a charter spokesman, Jeremiah Kittredge in NYC, has difficulty---or feigns difficulty in order to manipulate folks---with the statistical concept of "average." (Kittredge is the high-paid and top spokesman for FAMILIES FOR...Show More Summary

7 videos that can help you be a better fundraiser

I've been inspired by these excellent videos, and I think you might be too. Give yourself a little time and enjoy them! 1. Paul Zak on the future of storytelling A look into the brain science of charitable giving. Here are the two ingredients every story needs in order to move people to give. Show More Summary

Friday Morning Update: Policy; Trade; Ag Economy; Biofuels; Biotech; and, Budget

Policy Issues On Thursday, the House Agriculture Nutrition Subcommittee met, “to review SNAP recipient characteristics and dynamics.” Yesterday’s hearing followed Wednesday’s full House Ag Committee meeting on SNAP and nutrition issues. Show More Summary

6 Auto Design Visionaries Who Could Make Apple's Titan Car A Reality

Think Apple doesn't have the know-how to design cars? Think again. Steve Jobs always wanted to make an iCar, at least according to Apple board member Mickey Drexler. Now, years after Jobs's death, Apple's finally setting out to do it, reports The Wall Street Journal. Show More Summary

DailyDirt: Science With Lego

2 weeks agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

People do all sorts of creative stuff with Lego -- even though Lego hasn't always been cool about people using Lego or Lego-like bricks in various ways. But when Lego interconnecting block enthusiasts are allowed to do anything they want to do, sometimes science benefits. Show More Summary

Dunedin: a gigatown positioned for a smart city future

BY: Tim Marshall, External Affairs Director, Alcatel-Lucent Oceania Originally appeared on Alcatel-Lucent Blog February 10, 2015 Perched on the southern edge of New Zealand, a small picturesque city with a big digital vision is about...Show More Summary

Bob Simon: Champion for the Lost Boys, Interpreter for Humanity

I remember the day in April 2001 when Bob Simon flew into northern Kenya's Kakuma Refugee Camp to cover the Lost Boys, a story that has become among the most watched in 60 Minutes' history, and that Bob followed for the next twelve years. Bob...Show More Summary

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