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RIP: New York Times Photographer Bill Cunningham

17 hours agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlNY

Says NYT chairman and publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.: “We have lost a legend, and I am personally heartbroken to have lost a friend.”

DailyDirt: More Robot Servants Will Be Nice...

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Robots are getting better at performing complex tasks all the time. It won't be too long before they can drive cars and deliver packages (and replace about a quarter of a million human workers who drive for UPS/FedEx/USPS/etc). The technology isn't quite there yet, but it doesn't seem to be too far off in the future. Show More Summary

New T-Shirt: Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Limited time offer: Support Techdirt and get a Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants t-shirt or hoodie! In the 80s, the BPI launched its now-iconic campaign to combat an early form of copyright infringement: Home Taping Is Killing Music. Of...Show More Summary

Music, Marketing, Me

Music is one of the few things that comes quite naturally for me; I don’t know why I love it, but every day I wake up and know that I am excited to keep writing, recording and singing. It’s been that way for a while now. I spent most...Show More Summary

Gaining Exposure: Music And The Indie Gaming Community

Getting people to listen to your music even once is a challenge, but getting them to engage with it and listen repeatedly is even harder. Luckily, the indie gaming community provides the perfect context in which to have listeners form a bond with your music. ______________________________ Guest Post by...

Rem Koolhaas Rails Against Brexit

Koolhaas joins other famous architects, including David Adjaye, Richard Rogers, and Eyal Weizman, in speaking out against Brexit. A few weeks ago, Rem Koolhaas sat at a conference table in Amsterdam, surrounded by flickering candles and the glow of an overhead projector. Show More Summary

DailyDirt: Smarter Than The Average Bear Cat... Bird?

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Animals aren't as dumb as you might think, and the more we study our pets -- the more we find that we may not just be anthropomorphizing our favorite animals. Some animals definitely have personalities, and some can exhibit some pretty complex cognitive skills. Show More Summary

Dear Bill McKibben: This Is How You Can Ensure America Truly Leads On Climate

Dear Bill, Please accept my belated congratulations on your appointment to the Democratic Party's 2016 National Platform Committee. As you wryly acknowledged at the opening of the first day of hearings on June 8th, you are now that rare and most valuable of things: a radical within the system. Show More Summary

It's Time To “Daydream” With YouTube’s VR Platform

Eager to be at the forefront of popularizing innovative new tech, Google recently announced their new high-quality virtual reality platform known as "Daydream," set to be released this fall, a platform for which YouTube also plans on creating a dedicated app. _____________________________________ Guest Post by Nathan Day: Account Manager, Video...

3 Keys to Bringing a Global Campaign to a Local Market

CANNES, France—How does a global marketer like Unilever put the focus on the individual consumer? At scale, of course. "We have gone from mass marketing to mass customization," said Keith Weed, the chief marketing and communicationsShow More Summary

DailyDirt: Crazy Cars That No One Drives

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We're on the verge of a transportation revolution with autonomous cars and electric vehicles about to become mainstream means of mobility. Various concept cars make the future of transportation look more bubble-shaped or like spandex,...Show More Summary

Veep Star Sam Richardson's New Comedy Central Show Is About Local Ad Guys in Detroit

Specs Name Sam Richardson Age 32 Claim to fame Stars as Richard Splett on HBO's Veep (Sundays, 10:30 p.m.); appears in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (July 8) and Ghostbusters (July 15); co-creator of the new Comedy Central series Detroiters...Show More Summary

Can the anti-vaccine movement be convinced with more positive messages?

In the hallway the other day a colleague stopped me and said, “Hey, do you want to see something funny?” “Sure,” I said, and he showed me the YouTube video called “How Anti-Vaxxers Sound to Normal People.”  The video highlighted that those who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children do so for reasons […]

We Must Rise

It has been a rough several weeks. The horrifying brutality in Orlando was just another instance in what seems like an endless stream of gun violence. And that violence is just one of the challenges facing us, from an increasingly hate-filled...Show More Summary

How America's Top 2 Breakfast Cereal Makers Are Responding to Soggy Sales

Oh, for the good old days of breakfast cereal. If you're of a certain age, chances are you can hum Kellogg's "Two scoops of raisins" jingle, imitate Tony the Tiger growling how "Grrreat!" Frosted Flakes were, and perhaps even remember when Bruce Jenner adorned a Wheaties box. Show More Summary

Mountain Dew Taps Into Your 90s Nostalgia By Resurrecting GUTS Aggro Crag

Those who grew up in the 90s—and watched Nickelodeon religiously—are probably familiar with the legendary show GUTS. For those not familiar, the show featured a fake mountain (called the Aggro Crag) that competitors would race up. Tapping...Show More Summary

CIA Director John Brennan Says Non-US Encryption Is 'Theoretical'

6 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

You would think that someone in charge of the Central Intelligence Agency would have some knowledge about what he's discussing while at a Senate Hearing on intelligence. Perhaps not so much. CIA Director John Brennan completely incorrectly...Show More Summary

Almost Cut My Hair

by Dennis Crouch Michael Kwun‘s new Greenbag article titled Alice Tells a Joke offers the following: A patent lawyer walks into a barber shop. The barber takes a look at the lawyer for a bit, and then says, “Ok, that’ll be $20.” The lawyer responds, “But you didn’t cut my hair!” The barber replies, “That’s ‘insignificant […]

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