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Skies between Australia-China suddenly thrown wide open

Unlimited risks and rewards come to air routes between Australia and China The post Skies between Australia-China suddenly thrown wide open appeared first on Plane Talking.

Hollywood Reacts With Disgust At ‘Last Tango” Rape Scene Revelations

Actors and other public figures are responding with outrage at recently surfaced news that Last Tango In Paris director Bernardo Bertolucci, in a three year old video that only came to light this week, confirmed what co-star Maria Schneider...Show More Summary

7 Holiday Music Promotion Tips To Engage Your Fanbase

It is that time of year again…. The HOLIDAZE! For artists, there is no better time to work on building engagement within your fan base and it’s a great time to also stimulate sales. Our friends at CyberPR offer 7 tactics that you can use to first activate your fan...

How the Simplest Idea Led to One of the Most Magical Car Commercials Ever

If the script for Volkswagen's "Pink Moon" commercial came across your desk today, would you recognize the brilliance underneath the seemingly mundane plot? Our "Best Ads Ever" series continues today with BBDO executive creative Matt...Show More Summary

The premise of Jim VandeHei’s new media venture: People who care about real news are now a niche

One problem with journalism now: It’s “too damn long,” Jim VandeHei, the cofounder of Politico, told Recode’s Kara Swisher Wednesday night. His new media venture, Axios — set to launch in January, with $10 million already raised — will focus largely on “content you can read on a [single] screen…but when we go deeper…you can...

Shell Just Made an Interactive Music Video Specifically for Snapchat

Shell is rebooting the #makethefuture music video it launched last month that featured musicians Jennifer Hudson, Luan Santana, Pixie Lott, Steve Aoki, Tan Weiwei and Yemi Alade. It's the same song—a cover of American Author's "The Best...Show More Summary

Pandora Top Spins: Anne-Marie Rings ‘Alarm’ plus A New Taylor Swift Song

Here we take a look at the the tracks dominating Pandora this holiday season, from the Chainsmokers, to the rising star Rae Sremmurd, to a new throwback-esque country hit from Taylor Swift. ________________________ Guest post by Emily Blake of Pandora's Next Big Sound It’s the holiday season, the season for...

#TBT: A Year of KaiNexus Webinars, January through June, on Various Lean Topics

One of the things I do for KaiNexus is produce and host our monthly free webinar series. You can view all of the recordings from the past few years via our on-demand library. They are also available via YouTube and this playlist. As we enter the last month of the year, I thought I’d look […]

Check Out How Cheez Doodles Just Totally Cheesed Up Its New Packaging

Americans spent about $1.4 billion on cheese snacks this year, and few brands know that better than Wise. The snack giant has been making Cheez Doodles since the early 1950s—extruding them at a rate of 220 doodles a second at its plant in Berwick, Pa., Wise turns out an estimated 15 million pounds of Cheez Doodles every year. Show More Summary

Music's Role In A Transhumanist Future [Bas Grasmayer]

Wil we all be musical cyborgs one day? In this edition of Projecting Trends, Bas Grasmayer explores how music will likely fit in to a transhumanist future, as technology's development continues to rapidly accelerate, bringing music along with it. __________________________________ Guest post by Bas Grasmayer on Synchblog Throughout the last...

What's the fastest way to alphabetize your bookshelf?

Topic: Libraries You work at the college library. You’re in the middle of a quiet afternoon when suddenly, a shipment of 1,280 books arrives. The books are in a straight line, but they're all out of order, and the automatic sorting system is broken. Show More Summary

Human Nature Around Incentives & Rewards… Even in North Korea?

Dr. W. Edwards Deming used to warn against replacing intrinsic motivation with extrinsic rewards and incentives. Brian Joiner (author of Fourth Generation Management), who worked with Deming, warned that setting targets and quotas can lead to three things: improving the system, distorting the system, or distorting the numbers. It’s often easier to distort the system […]

Now that's what I call unstoppable! How a compilation CD survived the digital age

Now 95 is sweeping all before it in the Christmas sales rush. How has the no-frills anthology series managed to prosper in the era of streaming? Until the 95th edition of the long-running pop hits compilation Now That’s What I Call Music! came out last week, I’d forgotten that the series existed. Show More Summary

Science, Sense And Social Media: Truth And Lies, In An Age Of Endless Echoes

Misinformation is very much in season. Disclosures since the presidential election about massively disseminated misinformation, some of it inadvertent, some of it willfully manipulative, have come fast and furious. In fact, in the aftermath of the recent revelations about fake news, we are being invited to add “post-truth” to our lexicon. Show More Summary

How Justin Bieber Booted Bing Crosby Off Retail Stores' Christmas Music Playlists

Right now, if you were to walk into a retail store anywhere in the world, there's a 1 in 10 chance you'd hear a Christmas song thumping through the PA. The deeper we get into the holiday season, the more those odds increase. By Christmas Eve, it's 1 in 4. Show More Summary

Why the media is a key dimension of global inequality

Global media systems cannot effectively contribute to social progress until opportunities are more widely shared. by Facebook/Facebook Nick Couldry, London School of Economics and Political Science and Clemencia Rodriguez,...Show More Summary

Media Critic Calls On Journalists To Be Obedient Stenographers

6 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Media critic Michael Wolff has a fairly long history of being hilariously wrong about just about everything. It's sort of his thing. He also has a history of being a ridiculously bad journalist in those rare moments when he tries to do journalism. Show More Summary

The New Fire project nears completion. Please prove there’s an eager market

Advanced nuclear reactor development is so vibrant, interesting and important that it has attracted a filmmaking team. The filmmakers, led by David Schumacher and Derek Wiesenhahn, are telling a story about some of the projects that aim to produce new ways to use fission to power society. Show More Summary

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