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Facebook’s Video Management Efforts Must Consider Songwriters

Facebook's announcement that it will be releasing a suite of tools to help rights holders remove infringing video is good news for video rights holders, but leaves artists wondering if Facebook will assist songwriters and their publishing partners in monetizing their rights as the social network's video platform continues to...

Human vs. Machine Music Curation: Why We Need Anarchy In The A.I.

In a recent dig at Apple Music, Google's Eric Schmidt spoke out against human curated playlists, instead praising the idea of an artificially intelligent "tastemaker" service, designed to find the "next next big thing." But can A.I. truly hope to compete with the personalized touch of human curation? ______________________________________ Guest...

An Introduction to In-Flight Connectivity with Gogo

Like most business travelers, I have grown accustomed to looking for the familiar WiFi symbol while boarding a plane. Just a few years ago, in-flight connectivity was a luxury and something one could not depend on, whether through spotty...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Extra Gum Wraps Up One of the Year's Sweetest Love Stories

It took an extra long time—more than two years—for Wrigley's Extra Gum to release a follow-up its massively popular "Origami" ad, which, you may recall, told the story of a father and daughter with silvery gum-wrapper swans playing a key role. Show More Summary

Whole milk not so bad for you, it seems

It’s looking now as if decades of health alarmism about whole milk was misguided: in one survey, “contrary to the government advice, people who consumed more milk fat had lower incidence of heart disease.” More from me at Cato at Liberty...Show More Summary

Heedless Heeding Presumptions – How New York Law Became a Morass

Ever since this blog started, we’vemadeplainthat we have no use for the so-called “heeding presumption.” This presumption posits that, because under Restatement §402A, comment j, a defendant providing an adequate warning can presumeShow More Summary

Addressing the World’s Flare Gas Problem

This week Robert Rapier updates readers on his company's efforts to address the global flare gas problem.

A War of the Worlds

"Mars Show Signs of Having Flowing Water, Possible Niches for Life, NASA, Says" was the headline (NYT, 9/29/15) On October 30, l938, Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre on the Air presented an adaptation of H.G. Welles' The War of the Worlds. Show More Summary

Why The Muppets May Hold the Key to the Great Ad Blocking Debate

If I'm doing my job right as a columnist, I should be discussing ad blocking in this latest installment. But I'm going to take a short-cut: If you really want to understand ad blocking, and the latest controversy surrounding the launch...Show More Summary

How to Save Newspapers -- and Make Them Profitable Again

The Healing Fields from Alexandra Garcia on Vimeo. Newspapers are in trouble. Serious trouble. Once the engines of enormous wealth while providing their readers with important information, they are on the ropes. Some have already gone out of business, others will follow. Show More Summary

When People Say “I Want to Help!” 10 Million Times

For the past few weeks, everyone here at the VolunteerMatch office has been paying close attention to our live connection map. This map lets us see, in real time, every time someone clicks the “I want to help!” button on a VolunteerMatch listing. … Continue reading ?

Rights Camera Action: Sunshine Cinema

All photos provided by Sunshine Cinema Lloyd Maanyina is a charcoal burner from Livingston, Zambia - "home of the mighty Victoria Falls." The dirt from a hard day's work jammed beneath his fingernails, Maanyina counts his money as he...Show More Summary

DailyDirt: Helping The Blind With Technology

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've seen some early-stage advances for ways that might help restore sight to people with low vision (or no vision), but it will take many more years before the clinical trials and safety approvals are complete. And not everyone will want to undergo an eye surgery to try to regain some vision, either. Show More Summary

The SEC and the DOJ still don’t get it

The Supreme Court of the United States just recently, correctly decided not to review the US vs Newman Insider Trading case.  In response to this decision, there was a well written commentary on the decision here on Bloomberg by Matthew Levine. Given my interest at the near 2 year anniversary of my destroying the SEC...

Happy Birthday And The Problem With The Copyright Office's 'Orphan Works' Plan

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the big ruling by Judge George King in a district court in California that Warner/Chappell does not hold a valid copyright in the song "Happy Birthday." The press ran with the story, with nearly all of the coverage falsely stating that the judge had declared Happy Birthday to be in the public domain. Show More Summary

Love or Respect – the Collection Development Dilemma

In theory, we are all professionals and whether we like a particular area of the collection or not, we should be able to do our job of adding new materials and withdrawing those that are no longer of use. However, we're all human. Some things we like better than others. Show More Summary

“Spotlight:” Boston Globe church-scandal movie spurs press introspection

After the thunderous applause died down for last week’s preview of “Spotlight,” the new Michael Keaton movie, the real stars took seats in front of the screen. Marty Baron, Walter “Robby” Robinson, Mike Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Ben Bradlee Jr. Show More Summary

Trying Too Hard to Force Innovation (or Kaizen) Can Backfire

I hope to somebody attend one of the annual Deming Institute conferences. My friend Mike Stoecklein attends pretty often and has blogged about it. You can hear my podcast with Mike here. The institute posted a video of Kevin Cahill, a grandson of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, welcoming people to the event and talking about […]

Farm to School at Your Fingertips: Join our Fall Webinars

The Center for Rural Affairs is celebrating Farm to School Month (and season!) with 3 webinars filled with useful information for school staff and farmers and ranchers! You’ll find detailed information below. (And if you just can’t wait, access our Farm to School Midwest Menu webinar here.) 1. Show More Summary

Tyson’s Law

By MICHAEL PAINTER, MD I’m reading the morning news on my iPad at 32,000 feet en route from New Jersey to Silicon Valley for the annual fall Health 2.0 meeting. I love coming to this place with its promise and hope pushing us toward better futures. Of course, much of that hope is hitched to

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