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4 Ways Agencies Can Add Meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

A large, cross-generational majority of consumers expect companies to display a level of corporate social responsibility. Last year, Havas Worldwide's Project: Superbrand report, which surveyed 10,131 people ages 18 and over in 28 markets...Show More Summary

Alexa, give me the news: How outlets are tailoring their coverage for Amazon’s new platform

My routine most mornings these days goes like this: After snoozing my iPhone alarm at least twice, I roll over and say, “Alexa, give me my Flash Briefing.” The Amazon Echo sitting on my nightstand comes to life and proceeds to play NPR’s latest newscast. As I force myself out of bed to shower, brush...

Ad of the Day: Spike Jonze's New Perfume Ad Is Ludicrous, High-Octane, Sci-Fi Fun

If you find most ads for pricey perfume to be pretentious and ridiculous, because they are, this one's for you. But it's so over the top, it can't help but leave you entertained. The first clue is the name of the short film: "My Mutant...Show More Summary

The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters

This election, I’ve been trying an experiment, judging journalism from a different perspective, from the outside, as a member of a community and a partisan. I don’t like what I’m learning about my profession. We journalists tend to separate ourselves from the public we serve. We call ourselves objective, to distinguish us from the opinionated […]

Drone vs Helicopter

This wasn't put together as a PSA on drones, but it's being passed around the aviation community as one. I haven't figured out how to embed it as a video, so let me know if the link doesn't open a video for you. video Having the audio...Show More Summary

Ad of the Day: Volvo's Ads Are Getting Artful and Cryptic, and Maybe That's a Good Thing

A dark diner in Anywhere, USA. A writer chasing his invisible muse. A tree set aflame in the midst of a desert. One lone buffalo, roaming. The latest impressionistic Volvo spot by Grey New York continues a unusual approach to advertising...Show More Summary

Head Of Anti-Counterfeiting Lobbying Group Says He's Going To Make Counterfeit Techdirt T-Shirts

yesterdayIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Every so often when people find out about the position we tend to take on copying, they hit back with what they think is a "gotcha" of something along the lines of "you wouldn't feel that way if someone copied your stuff." They really do. Show More Summary

11 Ways To Promote A Music Video

Music videos require a lot time and often money to produce, so it's a shame if no one ends up seeing them. In this piece, rapper Kosha Dillz outlines eleven different methods for promoting a music video to ensure that as many fans (or potential fans) see it as possible....

Exposé About Detroit Medical Center, Dirty Surgical Instruments, Dysfunction, and… Lean?

A number of you emailed me about this report in the Detroit News. I grew up in Detroit and my first job was as a carrier for the News. Loved ones have received care from the Detroit Medical Center system… not that it’s good to read about problems like this at any hospital: “Dirty, missing […]

Even Spotify Is Surprised by the Huge Success of Its Discover Weekly Playlists

Spotify's secret sauce of algorithmic playlists didn't happen by accident. But its rapid growth—and rabid fan reaction—kind of did. It's been a little over a year since the streaming music service launched its Discovery Weekly feature,...Show More Summary

The "Race to the Bottom" Has Only One Runner

Jackson, Mississippi. The media have decided that the presidential campaign is a "race to the bottom" in which both campaigns are engaged in "mudslinging" and voters are, rightly, equally disgusted with the way the two major party candidates are behaving. This assessment is both mind-boggling and almost as outrageous as what Mr. Show More Summary

Why I Just Can't Support 'The Birth Of A Nation'

In light of the fiasco surrounding Nate Parker, and thus, his upcoming film, The Birth of A Nation in which Parker is the star, producer, director, and co-writer, I've been asked several times if I'm going to see the film. I've already seen it. Show More Summary

This Tourism Campaign's 'No Beachside Honeymooners' Rule Boosted Belize's GDP

Tourism campaigns for Caribbean destinations often have a similar aesthetic—sandy beaches, honeymooning couples, frosty drinks by the pool. But the Belize Tourism Board and its agency, Olson, had enough of that. For its latest ad campaigns,...Show More Summary

Germany Interior Minister Pushing For Deployment Of Facial Recognition Software In Public Areas

4 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Facial recognition software is the wave of the future present. The FBI -- acting without a required Privacy Impact Assessment -- rolled out its system in 2014, finding that a 20% false hit rate was good enough for government (surveillance)...Show More Summary

UB40, Stiff Little Fingers and Yes: the bands that split in half

Most bands end by breaking up. Not many carry on as two separate acts and land themselves in a bitter dispute about which is the ‘real’ group It was February 2008 and UB40 were appearing in Uganda. Over the previous three decades, the...Show More Summary

Ryan Lochte Inks Endorsement Deal With Pine Bros. Throat Drops

Disgraced Olympian Ryan Lochte, who was dropped this week by major sponsors including Speedo and Ralph Lauren, has found a brand willing to take him on. Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops signed an endorsement deal today with Lochte, who will appear in commercial and print ads for the brand. Show More Summary

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