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You’re Not That Important

“I am the number one determinate for student success” @PrincipalKafele is on fire @cedarhillisd w/the keynote address — orlando riddick (@opriddick1) July 30, 2015 I don’t know the full context of this statement so this isn’t a personal attack in any way but rather a concern about an attitude that reveals 2 huge issues […]

Here's Who Could Save Daytime Juggernaut 'The View'

"The View Adrift." Illustration by Bridget Starr Taylor After a decline in ratings by 16 percent at The View, the daytime juggernaut will need drastic changes to survive another round of not so surreptitious beatings from competitors. Show More Summary

Is Twitter to Blame for an MLB Player Crying on Live TV During a Game?

One of the most bizarre events in the recent history of Major League Baseball occurred last night, and many people feel social media is to blame. The New York Mets lost to the San Diego Padres 7-3, but the outcome of the game seemed like an afterthought in the bigger picture. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart: Those 'Secret' Obama Meetings Weren't Secret

Jon Stewart only has a few more days until his final signoff on Aug. 6 as host of The Daily Show, but he's not going quietly. The most recent noise revolves around what Politico has labeled Stewart's "secret" meetings with President Obama, a "sinister" description that last night on his...

Legal Battle Dogs Lebanese 'Fe-Male' Journalist

Lebanese journalist Hayat Mirshad, at loggerheads with TV personality Tony Khalife over social media posts in which she accused him of being a sexist advocate of domestic violence, is in legal hot water. Screen shot of provocative Hayat...Show More Summary

Union Square Ventures' Andy Weissman On The Blockchain And The Music Rights 'Nirvana State'

Today in part 5 of his series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard continues his exploration of Blockchain technology in a conversation with venture capitalist Any Weissman who shares his vision of how the technology could be used to create a music rights "Nirvana State". Guest post by George...

NAM Hosts Shopfloor Event on Heels of Senate Ex-Im Vote

Today the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) hosted a Shopfloor briefing for congressional staff about the need to reauthorize theRead the Rest...

It’s inevitable that physicians will evolve into virtualists

If someone was sitting on a veranda somewhere in the Alpha Centauri system, reading about health care in America of planet Earth, one would most likely conclude that the family of viruses known as the common cold are destroying a health system already crippled by a glut of poorly educated physicians practicing their miserable craft […]

Imogen Heap's Mycelia: Creating A Fair Trade Music Business, Inspired By Blockchain

In yesterday' interview with Zoe Keating and previous posts in this series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard explored Bitcoin Blockchain and its potential to revolutionize how music is monetized. Today, he interviews musician, artist and inventor Imogen Heap, who is working on her own Blockchain inspired solution to...

Why Doesn't The U.S. Have China's Quirkier Smartphones?

Peek inside the factories of Shenzhen to see the phones that don't make their way to America. A pack of Marlboros flips over to reveal an LCD screen. A tiny bluetooth headset squeezes a full T9 keyboard on its face. These are the quirky...Show More Summary

3 Good People, 3 Good Causes, 3 Perfect Matches

A senior trying yoga for the first time. A bobcat that can’t go back into the wild being cared for. A brother and sister strengthening their English skills after school.  These vastly different activities have one thing in common. They’re … Continue reading ?

He’s A Good Officer!

News from the great Northeast: MEDFORD (CBS) — A Medford police officer is on administrative leave after he was recorded threatening a driver during a traffic stop Sunday night. “I’ll put a hole right through your head,” Detective Stephen Lebert is heard telling the driver, who recorded the heated encounter on his dashboard camera. In the […]

Lasers Embedded Inside Cells to Help Track Spread of Cancer

The field of medicine sees advances in miniaturization on a regular basis, but now we’re almost shocked by the fact that researchers at the University of St Andrews in the UK managed to introduce microscopic lasers into the interior of live cells. Show More Summary

Topsite Operator, Who Admitted To Operating Servers With Tons Of Pirated Movies, Gets Off With Just Probation

3 days agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

TorrentFreak reports on a somewhat unexpected end to a criminal case against an (oddly unnamed) 50-year-old Swedish man who was accused of and admitted to running the servers for the topsite known as Devil. As anti-piracy folks always...Show More Summary

Bitcoin and Music: An Interview with Artist and Composer Zoe Keating

While there are obstacles to its adoption, Bitcoin Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how music is monetized. Today, in part three of a series, music business scholar and entrepreneur George Howard interviews musician Zoe Keating who sees the technology as a way to empower the musical middle class. Guest...

Can Campbell Brown’s education news site walk the advocacy–journalism tightrope?

The newcomer to education news outlets has a not-so-new name attached to it: Campbell Brown, veteran television reporter and former CNN and NBC News anchor, who has in recent years taken on the role of education reform advocate. So far, her celebrity, and her record, have been a mixed blessing as the site looks to...

Inside the Inglis Elevators

As part of my northwest Manitoba grain elevator trip, I visited the elevator row in Inglis, Manitoba. I wrote about the outsides of the elevators here and now I'm going to write about the interiors.Inglis has two elevators that are open to the public, the N.M. Show More Summary

When all students bring home is a piece of paper

Matt Caduff said (about a summer maker camp): When all I bring home is a piece of paper and I picked B instead of C, I don’t have a lot to talk about with my parents and because I picked C and the answer was B I don’t want to talk about it... [...]

Non-Sequiturs: 07.24.15

Cocaine-swiping judge out on work release. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Autozone settles $185 million suit over firing a pregnant worker. [Jezebel] Once Donald Trump shuts up about illegal immigrants, maybe the adults in the room can start talking about the horrific conditions facing legal migrants, specifically those with H-2 visas. Show More Summary Removes All Hulk Hogan References As Video With Racist Language Surfaces

Several hours ago, the World Wrestling Entertainment's website removed all references to Hulk Hogan, the iconic pro wrestler who came to fame in the 1980s. The WWE hasn't revealed the details behind the move. But it appears to be associated...Show More Summary

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