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Answering the Question: Do My Skincare Products Really Have a Shelf Life?

Have you ever found an old tube of lipstick, a forgotten face mask, some abandoned eye cream, and wondered if you can still use it? We’ve all purchased products with high hopes and good intentions only to discover them buried months later when they failed to hold a place in our regular skincare rotation. If […]

Game Changing Lash and Brow Products.

This year has been all about strong brows and bold lashes, and that is not looking to change anytime soon. There are hundreds of products out there hat will get the job done, but if you are looking for the best game changing lash and brow products, you've landed in the right place. Show More Summary

Clinique + Macy's SWEET Gift with Purchase.

Now is the perfect time to shop for new fall makeup or stock up on your favorite skincare because Clinique and Macy's are having a sweet Gift with Purchase. These irresistible favorites from Clinique are available now for a limited time, and the bonus which comes in a must have deliciously printed cosmetics bag is a good one!

Blush is BACK! Best 7 Blush Palettes & Products for Fall.

In case you haven't noticed, blush is back this fall. After seasons of a natural cheek or an overly contoured face, blush is back, and it's back in a big way. This season's cheek is all about a beautiful flushed look. Highlighting is still a thing, so if you like that look, you can still add a highlighter on top of your blush. Show More Summary

Changing Up My Skincare Routine with Jouviance.

I feel like I have been in a skincare rut lately. I have been using the same core products for the last few years. Sure, I test a lot of products, but usually only for a short period then I go back to my regular skincare routine. I decided it was time for a real change going into fall because my skin seemed to stop responding to its current regimen. Show More Summary

Hot Topic: Do Skin-Plumping Serums Actually Work?

Ladies, nowadays we can’t flip through a magazine or watch our favorite shows without being bombarded with ads for anti-aging products. They usually include well-lit (and airbrushed) celebrities touting miracle potions or a British voiceover promising to diminish your fine lines and wrinkles and erase years from your face. The anti-aging skincare market is a […]

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 4.

If you are shopping for a new eyeshadow palette for fall, definitely take a look at this new stunner from MAKE UP FOR EVER. As I recommend earlier this week in my Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall post, the Artist Palette Volume 4 is a must-have containing shades that range from neutral to bold in an all wonderful gel-powder matte formula. 

What is My Skin Type and How Do I Know?

Have you ever tried some “amazing” new skincare product only to have it do nothing, or make your skin worse? It might have been wrong for your skin type. You’ve probably heard or read somewhere (I may have said it a couple times) that when it comes to beauty and skincare, you should be using […]

bareMinerals barePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation.

I'm always excited when bareMineral launches a new foundation; I consider he brand to be experts in the field of foundation. When I heard they were launching another powder foundation I will admit that I was skeptical. Being the pros...Show More Summary

Your Essential Guide for Treating Sun Damage on Your Face

Summer is coming to its official end. There’s a chill in the air, the days are getting shorter, and we’re starting to see signs of the long-awaited arrival of Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. We trade swimsuits for scarves and think back fondly on all those fun in the sun summer memories. But what if those memories […]

Top 10 Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall.

I love a great eyeshadow palette. I always pick up a new eyeshadow palette (or three) each season, especially in the fall. The fall season is when we really seem to change our makeup looks. Whether you are going for more neutral shades, bold or smoky shades or bringing on the brights, the best value you can get is an eyeshadow palette. Show More Summary

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Exclusives at Sephora!

I was super excited when I heard the news that IT Cosmetics was going to be sold in Sephora! I knew that by being sold in Sephora, IT Cosmetics would most likely be expanding, and they have. The brand will not only be carrying theirShow More Summary

Is Your Cell Phone Aging You? A Guest Post by Dr. Annette Tobia, Founder and CEO of MEG 21.

Cell phones:  They’ve become a universal addiction.  If you’ve ever misplaced your cell phone—and who hasn’t?—you know the dread that can quickly take over.  “OMG.  How can I survive in the twilight zone of disconnectedness?”  Americans spend a third of their waking hours on their devices. Our phones are always with us:  at home, at […]

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo.

Marc Jacobs Beauty has redefined blush this fall with the launch of its Air Blush Soft Glow Duo. Redefine blush, you say? Yes! Blush does not have o be boring. The right blush and proper application technique can just illuminate your look and pull your entire makeup look together. Show More Summary

Transitional Skin Care - 10 Products to Use in the Fall.

With summer coming to a close and fall just around the corner, we change a lot about our routines. Skin care should not be left out. After a long, hot summer out in the sun, surf and whatever else you may have subjected your skin to, it is time to get your skin back in tip top shape. Show More Summary

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water-Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner.

I've become pretty obsessed with liquid eyeliner recently; it's a really hot makeup item for fall, in fact. Whether you want to wear a thick or thin line, a winged-out eyeliner look or anything in between, a liquid eyeliner will give you the effect you are going for. Show More Summary

30 Skincare Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now

Your skincare regimen is on point. You’ve been practicing it for years, and you’ve got it down to a science...... for the most part. But, are you doing things in your skincare routine that could be hurting more than helping? In the wide world of skin care, we’ve all missed […]

BURBERRY Beauty Box.

You know I am obsessed with makeup, right? I think that is pretty much a given around here. I love all things makeup and beauty. I love luxe makeup oo, but I'll admit that I don't spend a lot of money on it. In fact, I had never tried...Show More Summary

Shake it Up this Fall: Lancôme Juicy Shaker.

Lancôme launched their new Juicy Shaker earlier in the summer, and this new lip balm - gloss hybrid innovation is sure to shake things up for fall. I’ve been obsessed with the Juicy Shaker for a few months now and had to show you all of the shades now that I have them all. 

The 11 Skincare Apps You Need to Download Today

These days, there’s an app for everything. We live in an age where apps can deliver rides, groceries, dog walkers and beauty experts to your door with just a Jetsons-style touch of your screen. The future is now, y’all! App popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down either. Research from a Nielsen study on […]

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