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Sample Giveaway because, well, Frozen!

Perfume PosseSample Giveaway because, well, Frozen! So.  Last  night I went to Frozen. It’s running in Denver before it moves to Broadway, and it was just beautiful and spectacular.  If it comes to a city near you, see it. Almost better than the show are the… Continue Reading ? Perfume PosseSample Giveaway because, well, Frozen!

Wednesday scent of the day 9/20

Yes, the swapmeet is still open, and there are a shocking number of orphaned perfumes that have not found new homes! Meantime, it's Hump Day. What fragrance are you wearing? I'm giving Amouage Lilac Love a second chance, but I fear it is still headed for the "nope" pile. Reminder: on 9/22 wear one of your "top 10 of fall" fragrances...

The daily lemming

Just as well for me that these are not my colors: the Toofaced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. "A sweetly tempting array of 16 matte and shimmer shadows scented with real chocolate. This beautiful assortment of chocolate-inspired shades were formulated using real cocoa powder. Encased in a playful chocolate bar tin, the rich selection of the […]

Dunhill Icon Racing ~ new fragrance

Dunhill has launched Icon Racing, a new fragrance for men. Icon Racing is a flanker to 2014's Dunhill Icon...

Ineke Idyllwild ~ fragrance review

Ineke's new Idyllwild is the ninth fragrance in the brand's alphabetical series, and it's worth reading the brand's description, because it says exactly what Idyllwild is all about: A visit to Idyllwild, a small mountain town in California with the prettiest of names, was the starting point in this scent composition...

Parfums de Marly Layton Exclusif ~ new fragrance

French niche line Parfums de Marly has launched Layton Exclusif, a new fragrance for men. Layton Exclusif is a flanker to 2016's Layton...

Online fragrance shopping

New at beautyhabit: Jardins d'Ecrivains Ajar. New at nordstrom: Frederic Malle Superstitious. New at twistedlily: Eight & Bob Champs de Provence.

Tuesday scent of the day 9/19

Ahoy! 'tis Tuesday, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day! What fragrance be ye wearin? I’m in Ineke Idyllwild again (review coming up later today). Tea at the moment is Upton Bond Street English Breakfast with a dash of Mariage Frères French Breakfast. Reminder: on 9/22 wear one of your "top 10 of fall" fragrances...

The daily lemming

Crabtree & Evelyn's Energising Soap in Citron & Coriander: "Let the zestiness of squeezed lemons combined with peppery coriander and honey revive your skin while freshening up. This restorative and moisturising soap supports as it cleanses, leaving skin feeling soft. An instant boost to the senses and a hard-earned treat for hands." $10 for 158g.

Its pre-regulation state

Recreating CK One in its pre-regulation state was remarkably easy. Will Andrews of Coty tells me “Firmenich had the original formula on file – which was a welcome surprise as computerisation of formulae was uncommon even in the 90s” – a simple case of having the formula weighed and including the now banned materials. Comparing […]

Chanel Gabrielle

Perfume PosseChanel Gabrielle I was on the lookout recently for a sweet-sixteen fragrance for my niece. I had some general ideas – and thus far she’s liked what I’ve given her – but I wanted this to be a “classic” from a great… Continue Reading ? Perfume PosseChanel Gabrielle

Piver Reve d’Or ~ fragrance review

In August, I met up with a friend at Sous le Parasol, a tiny perfume boutique in a a decidedly non-chi-chi Parisian neighborhood. The boutique looks like it hasn’t had a branding update since 1966, and its logo and throwback storefront...Show More Summary

Room 1015 Hollyrose ~ new fragrance

French niche line Room 1015 has launched Hollyrose, a new unisex fragrance. Hollyrose is a tribute to the "teenage groupies who ruled over Sunset Boulevard in the 70’s"...

Online fragrance shopping

New at bloomingdales: Bon Parfumeur & Tobi Tobin lines. New at luckyscent: Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense, Comme des Garcons Concrete, Institut Tres Bien Tres Russe.

Azzaro Pour Homme Edition Noire ~ new fragrance

Azzaro has launched Azzaro Pour Homme Édition Noire, a new fougère citrus woody fragrance for men. Azzaro Pour Homme Édition Noire is a flanker to 1978's Azzaro Pour Homme...

Trish McEvoy 100 ~ new fragrance

Trish McEvoy has launched 100, a new fragrance for women...


Yes, the scent is designed to be worn “on the pulse point between the thighs” and “activated” when you walk in an “intoxicating burst of fragrance”. [...] According to Mouret, the fragrance is “a women’s perfume that men can wear – not unisex," and was created in a very instinctive way. — Vogue explains the […]

Monday scent of the day 9/18

The swapmeet is open for business! Meantime, it's Monday and it's Cheeseburger Day. What fragrance are you wearing? I'm in Ineke Idyllwild. Reminder: on 9/22 wear one of your "top 10 of fall" fragrances...

The daily lemming

I am still hoping for a nice Indian Summer, but when that's over, a Simmered Cider Candle ("A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apples mulled with crushed clove and cardamom, with hints of bourbon") in a reusable copper mug sounds nice, no? $32 at Thymes.

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