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Top 10 Spring Fragrances 2016

I am vocal about disliking spring. Where I live, there are always a few days in late February that feel like an elaborate set-up from Punk'd. Like newborn babes, they come: the office mates, friendly neighbors, the recently retired.Show More Summary

What Beauty Trends Are You Bad At?

I’m an oddly curious cat when it comes to other people’s makeup habits, and one thing I’ve been wondering lately is…how does everyone out there who’s amazing at makeup learn how to do what they do? I’ve learned most of the little bit...Show More Summary


Visitors to Adelaide Botanic Garden are asked what a corpse flower smells like, after visiting "Ganteng the Titan Arum". Ganteng (reportedly Indonesian for "handsome") bloomed in February. At the moment, you can also watch a live stream of "Sprout", a corpse flower just about to bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Woman Addresses the Stigmas Surrounding Depression With Parody Makeup DIY

If you have suffered from depression, you know the stigmas surrounding it. People suggest "smiling more" will make your sadness go away. Others are convinced that you just have to "snap out of it," and then life will be all sunshine and daffodils. Show More Summary

Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palette- Cashmere (Plus FOTD)

I'm still amazed at the restraint I've shown when only buying one of the new Viseart Theory Eye Shadow Palettes. I pre-ordered Cashmere a couple of months ago, knowing it was a sure thing, but passed on Minx and Chroma, as one is a very...Show More Summary

This Teal Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial Is the Epitome of Spring Beauty

Nothing says Spring beauty like a vibrant teal eye that's perfect for rocking at music festivals or on the daily if you're feeling adventurous. Makeup guru Kathleen Lights is back at it again with another YouTube tutorial featuring the...Show More Summary

Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba ~ fragrance review

Queue the Omara Portuondo and read on! Over the last decade, Santa Maria Novella seems to have less and less of a presence in the U.S. Do you, perfume fanatics, anxiously await a new Santa Maria Novella fragrance? I was not even aware of the latest Santa Maria Novella release: Cinquanta. Show More Summary

These Two Twentysomethings With Clear Skin Walked Around With Acne for a Day—Here's What Happened

We all dream of leaving our acne behind in high school, but for those who have cystic or other severe acne lasting into adulthood, it can be a tough road. Buzzfeed's latest video, "People Live With Acne For A Day", has two clear-skinned people explore what a day in others' skin feels like. Show More Summary

This Burn Survivor's Makeup Tutorials Will Truly Inspire You

Update: Since originally speaking to us since we first discovered her tutorials on Instagram, burn survivor Shalom Nchom's (known as Shalom Blac on YouTube) star has risen tenfold. So much so, she just opened up in an inspiring new video for A Great Big Story. Show More Summary

Proof Kaley Cuoco Can Pull Off Daring Makeup Like It's NBD

One of the many things we admire about Kaley Cuoco: her ability to pull off a daring makeup trend like it's NBD. If any actress is going to road-test some aspirational, ahead-of-the-curve look we've just seen on the runway or Instagram, it's her—in no small part thanks to her makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Show More Summary

Kylie Jenner Filmed a Video for Her New Lip Glosses, and We Have So Many Questions About It

Last night, Kylie Jenner teased us when she uploaded a photo of herself against a prison lineup wall with the caption, "4/1." So mysterious. We wondered, "WHAT COULD IT MEAN?" Could it be the date of another re-stock? Could it be the...Show More Summary

This Sultry Brown-Eye Makeup Tutorial Is All You Need to Turn Heads

If you've ever thought that blue- or green-eyed girls get first dibs on the most flattering eye shadow trends, you are mistaken. Women with brown gazers can easily pull off a spectrum of shades (including purples and greens) - however, neutral shadows complement them like no other. Show More Summary

Lancome Juicy Shakers Are Juicy Tubes Reinvented for Your Grown-Up Self

If Lancôme Juicy Tubes were one of the formative beauty products of your youth—ranking as high on the nostalgia-meter as Hard Candy nail polish, Bath & Body Works Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion, and Glints—get emotionally prepared, because a 2016 reboot is hitting stores next month, and your grown-up self will find it just as fun slash crazy-addictive. Show More Summary

A Mini Guide for Your Winter Malaise, or How to Treat Yourself When You’re on the Mend

This week I struggled for a subject to write a longer post on when it came to the subject of beauty and beauty related things. I grappled for an idea, when suddenly, like a message from above, it hit me, and hit me hard. Bronchitis.Show More Summary

President Obama Talks Black Hair and the Pressures His Daughters Feel to Look a Certain Way

In the latest news story proving that hair isn't always some superficial topic, even the President of the United States just acknowledged that the pressure women feel surrounding their hairstyles can be real. In a new filmed interview...Show More Summary

This Woman Re-Created Every Beauty-Lover's Favorite Snapchat Filter

Snapchat has offered some pretty wild filters before, like the famous rainbow puke and hilarious facial contortions. But the platform's most recent offering is probably its most intricately detailed by far, which every beauty-lover can definitely appreciate. Show More Summary

This 3-Ingredient DIY Will Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Stronger

It's safe to say we are big on nail art trends and have mastered the art of at-home manicures. That being said, we also know our favorite gel manis can have adverse effects on our nails. Too often after several salon visits, we find our nails dry and brittle. Show More Summary

Lady Gaga Got a Matching Tattoo With the Rape Survivors From Her Oscars Performance

Lady Gaga got a new tattoo yesterday, but not just some random pretty art. As she explained in a Snapchat where she let fans watch the whole process, the tattoo is a symbol of unity that matches those gotten by the sexual assault survivors who joined her onstage at Sunday's Oscars. Show More Summary

#DemonWeave: Why Women Are Convinced Their Hair Extensions Are Cursed

There are many reasons that hair extensions have a cult following. They can enhance finer strands, act as protective styling on natural coils, and add length to a mane that refuses to grow. But some weave aficionados are starting toShow More Summary

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