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Here's What Really Happens When You Pour Coca-Cola on Your Hair

While we like to drink our Coca-Cola straight with tons of ice, Pinterest has discovered a new use for the soda - a texturizing product for hair. Supposedly, Suki Waterhouse uses the soft drink on her strands to achieve that just-rolled-out-of-bed texture models are known for. Show More Summary

This DIY Stitched Mouth Will Take Your Doll Costume to the Next Level

Mummies, demented dolls, and revived corpses are all costumes that could use this stitched mouth technique. It adds a 3D element to an otherwise flat Halloween makeup palette. All you need is string and a skin-safe adhesive to re-create this tutorial from Promise Phan. Show More Summary

Zendaya Switches From a Pixie Wig to a Braided Hairstyle and Posts a New Monday Mantra

Zendaya is giving us all a lesson in fierceness, both because of her fantastic one-day hair transformation at Paris Fashion Week (going from a short pixie cut during the day to thick cornrow braids at night) and the mantra she just posted on Instagram this morning. Show More Summary

Vanessa Hudgens' Easy Cat Halloween Costume Is Perfect for Procrastinators

Each October, we swear this is the year we're going to put together a genius Halloween costume. We fire up our cold Pinterest accounts and start the idea hunt. Then we blink and the party's tomorrow and ain't nobody got time for that. Show More Summary

Rainbow Hair Just Got a '90s Tie-Dye Makeover

Flashback to when tie-dye shirts were the hottest trend at Summer camp. We remember stamping everything from t-shirts to trucker caps in the psychedelic pattern. And like most trends from the '90s, tie-dye is back, but this time it's not just reserved for fabrics. Show More Summary

This Milan Fashion Week-Inspired Nail Art Is So Much Easier to DIY Than You'd Think

To celebrate the close of Milan Fashion Week, Sandi Crystal Ball, the 26-year-old nail genius behind the YouTube channel CutePolish and star of the show “The World at Your Fingertips” on Michelle Phan’s ICON Network, created an exclusive tutorial, just for Show More Summary

'90s Stars Who Look Even Better Today

Some of our favorite '90s stars have been out in force this month, and somehow, they seem to have hardly aged since we first girl-crushed on them. Some even look better than they did decades ago. Compare Winona Ryder at a pre-Academy Awards event in 1995 to her appearance at last week's Marc Jacobs show. Show More Summary

What Really Makes Someone Beautiful? Lizzie Velasquez Wants to Know

Once called "The Ugliest Woman in the World," Lizzie Velasquez, who was born with a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining any weight, is now doing an incredibly beautiful thing: She's taking a stand against bullies and opening up an important dialogue about what truly defines beauty in a new documentary, Lizzie Velasquez: A Brave Heart. Show More Summary

Aydian Dowling Is the Hunky Trans Model You Need to Know About

[image] The front runner for Men's Health's Ultimate Guy Search is Aydian Dowling. The hunky Long Island, NY, native is bound to win - not only does he have three times as many votes as the second-place candidate, but he also has an amazing body and an amazing philosophy toward life and health. Show More Summary

We're Flipping Out Over These Gorgeous Makeup Brushes

You know how it goes: you start perusing Instagram, checking out the popular page and investigating who has recently followed you, when you end up on a page that changes your life. Last night, that page for moi was the Real Techniques...Show More Summary

Are We Just Going to Pretend That Paris Hilton Doesn't Have "The Rachel" Haircut?

We haven't heard from Paris Hilton for a while, and it looks like the once-reality-star, now-professional-D.J. has been spending time in some far-off land that's stuck in the early aughts. The woman has gone and gotten herself The Rachel. Show More Summary

Celebrity Twinning Moments We Bet You Didn't See Coming

Either there's something in the water in Hollywood or our eyes are playing tricks on us because there were not one, not two, but three times we did a double-take this week. A peek at these doppelganger moments—some shocking, some straight-up hilarious (trust, you'll know which when you see)—is just what you need to ease into the weekend. Show More Summary

Exclusive! SunKissAlba Has 4 Tips for Rocking a Dark Lip Color

Who’s ready for a new makeup wardrobe, especially a deep, dark, vampy lip? We sure are. We love how plum, berry, and burgundy hues can look sophisticated during the day and vampy at night. Here, Alba Garcia, the Dominican-American beauty...Show More Summary

I Have Some News…

Guess what. (There’s a video on this post. Click here to watch it.) Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict, Karen The post, "I Have Some News…," first appeared on Makeup and Beauty Blog | Makeup Reviews, Swatches and How-To Makeup...

How 1 Woman Learned to Reapply Makeup After Becoming Paralyzed

Jordan Bone can't dress herself or do her own hair, but she has found a way to apply flawless makeup (cat eye included). The inspiring YouTuber has been a tetraplegic for a decade due to a car accident, which means she can't open or close her hands. Show More Summary

This Is What Smoking Does to Your Skin in 30 Years

Reality check - smoking totally ruins your skin and teeth. This BuzzFeed video is not a Halloween tutorial (unless your costume is you as your great-grandmother). With the help of makeup, each participant go to see what their skin would look like after 30 more years of smoking. Show More Summary

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Growing Out His Beard and Looks Hotter Than Ever

Here at Lipstick HQ, we have a Jake Gyllenhaal beardwatch going on. Care to join us? While one never needs an excuse to stare at this particular chiseled jawline, what has us fanning ourselves at our laptops right now is the fuller facial hair Jake's sporting at the Venice Film Festival, while promoting Everest. Show More Summary

YouTube Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into a Disturbingly Cool Dog

You know how, after a while, people start to look like their pets? Well, this YouTube makeup artist took that to another level, using face paint to transform into her Siberian husky, Aiibi. Though she's speaking Hebrew in the tutorial,...Show More Summary

Everything You Need to Know If You're Thinking of Getting Hair Extensions

I've always had long hair and never really thought much about extensions. Do I envy the Kardashians? Sure. But I just didn't think of myself as an extensions kind of girl. Until I got them. Many women opt for extensions on their wedding day, but for me, it was just about good old-fashioned vanity. Show More Summary

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