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This YouTuber's Full Face Of Glam Uses Supplies From the Craft Aisle

A variety of bizarre (and meaningful) makeup challenges have been flooding the YouTube beauty community lately. Beauty mavens have been ditching their typical tutorials and hauls to slather on 100 layers of every product you could imagine...Show More Summary

Mirror Sharpie Nail Art Is the Latest YouTube Manicure Craze

Nail powders are having a big moment. When the first photos of holographic and mirror gel nails started to appear on Instagram, beauty lovers everywhere lost their collective mind. We needed to know where to get the most incredible nails we had ever seen and were dying to try it out for ourselves. Show More Summary

This Makeup Artist's Transformation Into Buster Bluth Is Off the Hook

The sheltered mama's boy (and possibly lobotomized) Buster Bluth is one of the star characters of Arrested Development. He excels at being neither seen nor heard, isn't afraid to take on a May-December romance, and really knows how to party. Show More Summary

Zoom In on US Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles's Gorgeous Cat Eye

Olympic US gymnast Simone Biles is so fierce on the floor that she has a move (the Biles) named after her. But Simone's multitumble move isn't the only aspirational quality about her. The 19-year-old also is known for wearing gorgeous eye makeup, braids, hair bows, and patriotic nail art. Show More Summary

Anna Akana Explains How Changing Her Approach to Makeup Changed Her Life

"Oh, another makeup tutorial." That's what I thought when I first saw the title for Anna Akana's "How to Put On Your Face" video. The thumbnail seemed fairly straightforward: she was going to teach people how she does her makeup. Anna is witty, smart and makes great points in all of her videos, so I was curious where this one would land. Show More Summary

Are You Using a Fake Jeffree Star Lipstick? Here's How to Tell

A photo posted by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on Jul 26, 2016 at 9:51pm PDT If you're out beauty shopping and find your favorite high-end product deeply discounted, there's a real possibility that the deal is too good to be true. Sadly,...Show More Summary

34 Flower Braids That Are Far More Beautiful Than a Bouquet

Along with the rest of the festival-beauty-loving set, we had our moment with flower crowns. Now we've moved past the Coachella-inspired trend and have discovered a more unique way to express our dreamy sense of style: flower braids. The look is reminiscent of the petals - and sometimes even the stem - of a rose. Show More Summary

4 Insanely Easy DIY Hair Masks For Anyone Who Loves Coconut Oil

Too much hair color or heat styling? Are your curls limp? Maybe your scalp is a little flaky. We've been there! But the good news is that there's a coconut oil treatment to help your biggest hair woes. We can think of a million reasons...Show More Summary

Watch as Princess Belle Gets a Gory Makeover in This Terrifying Tutorial

A truly spectacular Halloween look requires a great deal of planning. And getting ahead of the curve also means scoping out gory costume ideas - starting now. If you're a Disney fanatic, you've probably already established that your Halloween style will be inspired by one of your favorite princesses. Show More Summary

Kat Von D Slams Jeffree Star: "I'm Not Scared of You"

Makeup fans are buzzing over Kat Von D's Facebook post disassociating herself from YouTuber and former friend Jeffree Star. After promising to do so, she has now released her video statement. It is nearly 14 minutes long, but Kat spoke...Show More Summary

I Tried 4 Shades of Blue Lipstick So You Don't Have To

When I read the POPSUGAR headline We're Calling It: Blue Lipsticks Are Going to Be the Hottest Color Trend of 2016, I clutched my chest in what was likely a comically accurate imitation of a Southern grandmother. "This is my time toShow More Summary

The Surprising Reason This Beauty Vlogger Was Criticized For Wearing a Hijab

Australian beauty vlogger Chloe Morello describes herself as an atheist. On her personal Snapchat, Morello reportedly said, "I'm an atheist... I'm not trying to promote any religion here, I'm just trying to promote acceptance." Her religious views, however, don't upset her nearly two million YouTube subscribers. Show More Summary

Dove's New Campaign Will Empower You to Celebrate Your Unique Beauty

I love being a woman, but identifying with my gender comes with some challenges. Most notably, members of society think it's acceptable to comment on my appearance. I've been shamed by friends, family, and even complete strangers for more characteristics than I can even keep track of. Show More Summary

This Viral Makeup Challenge Proves Liquid Lipstick Is the Most Versatile Product

When teen makeup artist Mariya Lyubashevskaya replaced every product in her beauty routine with a different illuminator, she inadvertently started a beauty revolution. Dazzled by her iridescent masterpiece, vloggers decided to re-create...Show More Summary

Rainbow Nails Get an Elevated Update With This Ombré Design

After a quick look at this rainbow-meets-ombré nail art, you'd probably dismiss it as being too difficult. We can't blame you, but once you watch the full video, you'll see that it's actually pretty simple. It's just dependent on one...Show More Summary

Parfums MDCI Fetes Persanes ~ fragrance review

2 months agoBeauty / Perfume : Now Smell This

Parfums MDCI Fête Persanes was inspired by the Fête Persane portion of Les Indes Galantes, an 18 th -century opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau. I looked up the music before I started in on the review, and, my goodness, I dare you to listen to it without your heart cracking open. Show More Summary

This Woman Took Charge After Being Judged By Her Looks

It's not incorrect to say that many people have probably danced alone to Jennifer Lopez's music in their homes or car, pretending to be on stage with the pop superstar. But a small percentage of those people (including myself) haven't...Show More Summary

My Picks for This Year’s Best Spring and Summer Makeup Launches

Whew! There has been so much good makeup lately. I mean, I used to get more excited about moody fall colors, but this year the spring and summer collections have been incredible! Literally, every time I turn around, I’m seeing another gorgeous collection. Show More Summary

1 Blogger Tries Out 30 New Beauty Products You Need This Summer

For a dedicated beauty junkie, there is no such thing as having too many products. Which is why each season our favorite brands come up with innovative and gorgeous new makeup to upgrade our collections. But with any new beauty purchase, research and searching the web for reviews is imperative before dishing out cash. Show More Summary

How Being the Only Black Girl in School Changed This Woman's Idea of Beauty

When GloZell's around, you're never sure what to expect! But on this episode of Pretty Unfiltered, the YouTube sensation and comedian shows off her softer side. GloZell is beloved by her legions of fans for her crazy humor and her outspoken...Show More Summary

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