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How to Have Breakthrough Ideas

Follow these simple steps to master the art (and science) of breakthrough thinking

Craving More Meaningful Trips?

Guest blogger and constant traveler Steven Barber reviews an unusual travel guide, one that helps you figure yourself out in order to plan and take better trips.

The health and social consequences of family medical leave policies in the United States

Family medical leave, and specifically maternity/paternity leave, has only recently been an issue of concern that has faded in and out of the political media in terms of its coverage and popularity. The last piece of major legislation...Show More Summary

The pains, the gains and the race to Mars

Was the human race created for adventure or did humans create adventure? Is the exploration of outer space a push from science to test the limits of human advancement and discover a better alternative to planet earth? Or is space exploration a manifestation...Show More Summary

Imagine Falling Back in Time 600 Years — And Liking It

When a good writer creates a believable world on the page, it doesn't matter where you go in time, you'll want to keep turning pages.

Water, oil and science in new remix

Water, oil and science in new remix …Science is attempting a duplicate scientific miracle in a new effort of turning water and its compounds into fuel.   The economics and politics of oil energy easily qualify as probably the most topical issue on the planet. Show More Summary

Policing cyberspace - the future of combatting deviant AI

The age of artificial intelligence and its potential sentience is dawning upon civilization at an alarming rate. Technology has always been known to grow exponentially, and the realm of AI technologies isn’t any different. With excessive growth, comes a short list of problems that are largely shrouded in mystery. Show More Summary

Brain-computer interface technology is moving out of the lab, and into our lives

Interfacing our brains with computers conjures visions of either plugging into the Matrix, or running through the forests of Pandora in Avatar. Linking mind to machine has been speculated about ever since we began to understand the intricacies...Show More Summary

When Fantasies Lead You Down the Wrong Path

If we don’t take a step back periodically and become conscious of the fantasies that fuel us, we can find ourselves ferociously marching down the wrong path.

The future of the museum experience

Museums have been mainstays of the cultural and public life of any city since the 18th century, offering their visitors a portal into the past; a glimpse of the products of human struggle and ingenuity and knowledge of the natural and...Show More Summary

Social Media: Influence, Opportunities and Power

Social media is one avenue that holds incredible power to drive change. Its success has been noted on a number of occasions. Be it Twitter or Facebook, using social platforms for spurring movement has revolutionized society in fundamental ways. Show More Summary

What If Your Mind Lost Its Words?

Imagine if you stopped talking to yourself in your head. Living with impaired language abilities changes the way we think about who we are. A first-person account illuminates.

The evolution and superiority complex of human cooperation

The question of human and animal evolution  Evolution has become a topic of popular and controversial debate within the last two-hundred years. Beginning with modern day examples of Colleen and Jane, we are able to see the complex ways...Show More Summary

Superhuman brains: The future potential of dendrites

We’ve all heard about that oft-used trope that we humans have been only using a fraction of our available brain power—that up to ninety percent of our gray matter is unused. This has led to much speculation as to how this can manifest—from...Show More Summary

The future of ADHD treatment

The scoop   ADHD is a big thing in America. It affects 3-5% of the population (way more than ten years ago!) and affects both children and adults. So, with such a problem as widespread as this, there’s bound to be a cure, no?  Well, not quite. Show More Summary

The end may be nigh for the Great Barrier Reef

The present living structure of the Great Barrier Reef has experienced four bleachings in 19 years. Bleaching occurs when water temperatures increase and the coral expels the algae living within it, draining its colour. It is the world’s...Show More Summary

New drug, Aducanumab, shows promise in curing Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease was identified about 100 years ago. However, it was just within the last 30 years that it became recognised as the leading cause of dementia and a primary cause of death. There is no cure for the disease. The treatments available only prevent, slow and stop the spread of the disease. Show More Summary

Rise of the Useless Class

Historian Yuval Noah Harari asks an intriguing question: “What should we do with all the superfluous people, once we have highly intelligent, non-conscious algorithms that can do almost everything better than humans?"   First of all, calling people superfluous is a little mean-hearted. Show More Summary

Crispr/Cas9 gene editing speeds up selective breeding in agricultural industry

Selective breeding has drastically changed the agricultural industry over the years. For example, the corn and grains of today look nothing like it did when it shaped ancient farming civilizations. Through a very slow process, our ancestors...Show More Summary

Scientists warn the Earth has 10 years left

What if you found out you had 10 years left to live? Life is short enough, but such a generalization (when it is oh-so-suddenly applied to oneself) is quite startling, not to mention frightening. But now scientists are predicting that...Show More Summary

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