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Blue Lives Matter Bill: To Protect Law Enforcement or Enhance their Power over Civilians?

The strain between U.S. law enforcement and those they are sworn to protect has been quite evident as of late. Eager to douse the flames of this tension, the state of Louisiana has enacted the Blue Lives Matter Bill, in efforts to further protect law enforcement. Show More Summary

VASQO releases the scents of any virtual world right to your nose

When your life isn’t as exciting as it used to be, you can always sink into your virtual world. You wear a headset to see your wildest fantasies right before your eyes. You put on surround-sound headphones to hear chirping birds around you in a virtual forest. Show More Summary

Sex robots: are they the new form of intimacy?

Throughout the 21 st century, our world has seen many great advances in technology. Smart phones, virtual reality headsets, drones, Google Glass, in-ear language translators – the list goes on. One technological advancement that has taken huge form in the past decade is robots – specifically human robots that are made as companions for humans. Show More Summary

Treating cancer: targeting fat to stop the growth of cancerous cells

For years, cancer has been the star of all terminal diseases to be researched, studied and treated through innovation. Hopefully one day there will be a cure rather than a treatment that may only prolong someone’s life. It is with sincere...Show More Summary

Animals: The True Victims of Climate Change?

The Story Think “climate change”, and one immediately thinks of melting glaciers, photochemical Californian sunsets, or even the denunciation of the issue by some politicians. However, among scientific circles, one thing is unanimous: climate change is (slowly, but surely) destroying our world. Show More Summary

Supercomputing advancements: using neuromorphic optical networks

In the last few decades, the once well-known and accurate trend, Moore’s Law, predicted by Gordon Moore of IBM in 1965, is now slowly becoming a defunct measure of computing performance.  Moore’s Law predicted that about every two years...Show More Summary

Pigs: helping to solve the organ transplant crisis

Every 10 minutes someone gets added to the national transplant waiting list. Hundreds of thousands of patients every day are currently awaiting a life-saving organ donation in the USA alone. Many of them are in various stages of liver, heart, kidney, and other types of organ failure. Show More Summary

China, China, China: communist specter or burgeoning democracy?

China isn’t evil  You could imagine the same scene with the American flag and the Chicago skyline instead. China is not a land of rice farmers in comical conical straw hats. It is not a land of Leninist communists bent on destroying the free world. Show More Summary

Global citizenship: saving the nations

Since the age of 18, Lenneal Henderson, a Government Professor at the College of William and Mary, has tried to get out of the country at least once a year to work with public policy issues such as energy, agriculture, poverty and health. Show More Summary

The future of brand – consumer relations in a digital age

 This article will look at the meaning of increased transparency between companies and consumers, the movement of campaigns centered upon creating mass awareness to a more daily human interaction, and the technology and tools used in cementing a consumer for life; all of which effect how we as consumers make informed decisions. Show More Summary

What Would Your Protest Sign Say?

Whether you're for or against something or everything, there are many ways to be effective. You'll also feel better by doing something. Here's an idea.

Changing how you vote: The failure of the two party system in modern times

First-past-the-post is an electoral system where voters cast a single vote for the candidate of their choice. Of the democratic states of the world, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Canada are some of the few that use it to elect their public officials. Show More Summary

When AI is among us: a review of Ex Machina

Ex Machina (2015, dir. Alex Garland) is a deeply philosophical film, with its central concern being whether AI (artificial intelligence) can ever be truly human.  The film is essentially a Turing test, which tries to evaluate whether machines can do what a human, a thinking entity, can do. Show More Summary

A primer on re-growing human limbs

Examples of regeneration abound in the animal kingdom:  lizards and salamanders regrow limbs and tails all the time, ditto for starfish. Planaria are even...Show More Summary

Autonomous passenger drones are not Sci-Fi anymore

No way! Heavy traffic jam in front of your door and you need to go to a meeting. You’re never going to be on time. No worries, with one click on your drone service-app, a little drone picks you up and takes you in ten minutes to your destination, without any headaches and with an amazing view of the city. Show More Summary

Massive surveillance is now legal in the UK

The Illusion of Privacy The Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), a surveillance law that allows Internet providers to store consumer’s browsing data for 1 year, is a definite cause of concern. This extreme form of surveillance, which wasShow More Summary

Humanity’s Achilles heel(s): the potential existential risks we face

6 Million Years ago was when modern science believes the first human beings walked the earth. Although our ancestors began life somewhere in that time frame, modern forms of human beings have only been around for 200,000 years with the civilization of them being a mere 6,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Can we create a world without disease?

Is it possible to have a disease free world? Disease is a word most (if not all) people feel uncomfortable hearing when either they or someone they know has one. Fortunately, Max Welling, a professor of machine learning at the University...Show More Summary

The future of pet appearances

If you've ever owned a dog, chances are you've gone to a dog park where you’ve encountered other dog owners. If you're unlucky, you might have to deal with one of those pretentious types. When it comes to peoples’ pets there's always...Show More Summary

Latest Parkinson’s disease therapies will affect us all

I am a 32 year old Canadian who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago. This past July I quit my job and moved back home to delve head first into this disease and learn all that I can about it and the treatment options that might be available to me. Show More Summary

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