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Fabrics Harnesses Bacteria To Glow For Hours

Designer Victoria Geaney has discovered a method that bacteria to add a bioluminescent glow to her apparel

Apple Watch Stand Looks Like A Retro Mac Monitor

Elago designs a bedside companion to keep your watch safe and sound

See Yourself Amid Nature With This ‘Portal’ Of Mirrors

'El Portal Invisible' is a pavilion wrapped in mirrors that invites reflection in the countryside

How future tech will disrupt retail in 2030 | Future of retail P4

Retail store associates knowing more about your tastes than your closest friends. The death of the cashier and rise of frictionless shopping. The merging of brick and mortar with e-commerce. Thus far in our Future of Retail series, we've covered a number of emerging trends that are set to redefine your future shopping experience. Show More Summary

As e-commerce dies, click and mortar takes its place: Future of retail P3

Throughout the early 2010s, thousands of tech journalists forecasted the impending doom of brick-and-mortar retailers at the hands the burgeoning e-commerce upstarts that rose out of Silicon Valley, New York, and China. And for muchShow More Summary

When cashiers go extinct, in-store and online purchases blend: Future of retail P2

The year is 2033, and it's been a long day at work. You're listening to some classic blues-rock by The Black Keys, reclining in your driver's seat, and catching up on your personal emails while your car speeds down the highway driving you home for dinner.  You get a text. Show More Summary

Jedi mind tricks and overly personalized casual shopping: Future of retail P1

The year is 2027. It’s an unseasonably warm winter afternoon, and you walk into the last retail store on your shopping list. You don’t know what you want to buy just yet, but you know it has to be special. It’s an anniversary after all, and you’re still in the doghouse for forgetting to buy tickets to Taylor Swift’s comeback tour yesterday. Show More Summary

Futuristic Leather Substitute Is Grown Using Mushrooms

Researchers are looking into the possibilities of using the fungus mycelium as a leather replacement or a building material

Skipping the screen: connecting socially via clothing

The evolution of social media is a hard one to predict. Though it grows exponentially, it is tough to say in what direction it will grow and flourish, and which avenues it will take that will die off, or never see the light of day. Wearable...Show More Summary

Targeting fat to treat cancer

For years, cancer was the star of all terminal diseases, one that attracted billions for research, study, and treatment. Similarly, the millions impacted by cancer each year hold out a hope that a cure can one day be found, rather than a treatment that simply prolongs someone's life. Show More Summary

Minimalist Bicycle Supports A Humanitarian Cause

Blu Dot has collaborated with Handsome Cycles to create a bike that looks and does good

Virtual reality: Is it more important than we realize?

For the last century, virtual reality has had mixed reviews. As an entertainment device, it has been treated like a gimmick, or avoided entirely by businesses. When the general public is asked about it most people have a wait and see attitude. Show More Summary

Newspapers: Will they survive in today's new media?

The past few years have been hard for the print news industry. Newspapers are losing money due to a decline in readership, which has resulted in loss of jobs and closure of papers. Even some of the biggest papers such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have been experiencing major losses. Show More Summary

The electoral college: Does it stand a chance for the future?

American presidential elections take place every four years. The problems the public have with the Electoral College stand for so much more- it can influence voter turnout, voter trust in the government, and voter’s faith in the future...Show More Summary

Color-Coded Perfumes Can Be Mixed And Matched For A Unique Scent

Paris-based perfumery Bon Parfumeur created a line of products that encourage people to crate their own unique mix

This Concept Design Could Be The Supermarket Of The Future

The retail space was designed by an MIT professor to be the first fully AR-powered store

Finding other habitable planets in the universe

Discovering a new super-earth Through an international effort, scientists have recently discovered a new super-earth, called GJ 536 b. A super-earth counts as anything larger than earth but also smaller than our larger planets, Uranus and Neptune, which are as big as 17 earth masses. Show More Summary

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