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Real life genetic superheroes and how you can become one

For many years, superheroes, and villains have dominated pop culture. Whether it be an accidental run-in with gamma radiation or the result of a top-secret government science experiment, these seemingly everyday people acquire the ability...Show More Summary

7 Suggestions to Help You Find Writerly Flow

Here is some creatively inspiring advice from writers and poets to help you find your own sense of flow.

Quantumrun's 2017 Silicon Valley 100

The Quantumrun Silicon Valley 100 is an annual ranking of 100 Californian, Silicon Valley-associated corporations based on their likelihood to survive until 2030.   Company ranking image:

Quantumrun's 2017 Global 1000

The Quantumrun Global 1000 is an annual ranking of 1,000 corporations from around the world based on their likelihood to survive until 2030. Company ranking image:

Quantumrun US 500

The Quantumrun US 500 is an annual ranking of 500 corporations from the United States of America based on their likelihood to survive until 2030. Store item Image: Price: $499 Purchase: Purchase Download free sample: Download free sample

Targetting proteins in the brain to counteract binge eating

Binge eating disorder is reported to be experienced by more women than men. In the U.S. alone, men diagnosed with the disorder account for only 2% (3.1 million) of the population as opposed to 3.5% for women (5.6 million). Additionally, two-thirds of people in the U.S. Show More Summary

The illusion of sleep and the advertising invasion of dreams

Imagine this scenario. You are planning to buy a new car, conducting your research, browsing car websites, visiting showrooms, and even test driving a few cars. ?Every time you open your internet browser, you get a pop up ad from a car dealer or from one of your favourite car brands. However, you are still undecided. Show More Summary

Making computers more brain-like: Stanford researchers create first artificial synapse

Centuries of evolution have made the human brain the most power efficient machine in existence.  Despite the fact that the human brain only generates enough electricity to power a LED light, it can move information at a speed of 268 mph and has a storage space that is estimated to be close to 2.5 petabytes (2.5 million gigabytes). Show More Summary

Achieve vertigo with virtual reality art

Slowly you make the first steps forward in a dense forest. With every move, you feel the moss like a soft carpet under your feet. You smell the freshness of the trees and feel the moisture of the plants make little drops of water on your skin. Show More Summary

Fat converted to stem cells to save the sick

Ever worried about being obese? Do you ever feel guilty about that all those late night snack runs, or the time you skipped the gym? What if you were actually saving lives with those poor decisions? What if that beer belly you constantly...Show More Summary

Exercising Without Sweating? Yes, please!

The summer is so hot and sticky, why would we want to sweat even more by exercising? Or is it just me who thinks like that? Regardless, humidity, sweat and clothes sticking to our bodies as we move make exercise seem rather uncomfortable. Show More Summary

Am I Talented Enough?

You have big artistic aspirations. Knowing what and who to ask can help make your vision a reality, with some fine-tuning.

Changing Careers or Changing Art?

Is a Bachelor/Master of Fine Arts worth it?    With everything online, where do we draw the line? We’ve already seen free university courses available on the Internet, including free art classes as well. Since these learning resources...Show More Summary

The Creepy Appeal of the Bad Guy Narrator

When the bad guy pops into your head and demands a novel, what can you do? That's easy. You write from the point of view of a narcissist.

Pursuing immortality: why “cyborgs” are the species of the future

Technology has come quite a long way to be where it is today. In fact, to put things into perspective, take out your smartphone and visually dissect it for a moment. Notice its weight, its interface, its design and the fact that it can fit snugly in your pocket or comfortably in the palm of your hand. Show More Summary

Snake-inspired skin: the future of sensory prosthetics

The field of prosthetics is a niche, yet integral component, in showing how technology can increase the quality of life of those around us. Whilst amputees may not represent the majority of the general populace, they are reaping theShow More Summary

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