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The social, economic, and neurological effects of an unjust public education system

American public education policy has long been a hot topic of conversation. Many of the debates often reflect the need to first answer broader, philosophical questions about the role of public education in the United States and how exactly it serves, or should serve, to promote economic justice within society. Show More Summary

From mindfulness to corporate productivity

Mindfulness, yoga, and corporate meditation retreats are new fixations for Western health, education, business, and productivity. Companies like Google have already begun meditation courses, widely backed by employee popular demand.Show More Summary

A future with legal recreational drugs

"In my interview with Paul (late-teens, university student), he described Ecstasy as a ‘futuristic drug’ because it provides, in an easily consumable form, effects that are often desired in social situations—energy, openness, and calmness. Show More Summary

Potential Vaccine Leads to a Brighter Future for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related illnesses are amongst the most crippling in our health system, with a global cost of over $US600 billion a year. With the amount of Alzheimer’s cases increasing by 7.5 million a year, this cost is only going to grow. Show More Summary

Explore Sustainable City Design Through This Interactive Map

Smart Magazine is working to bring together future projects designed to innovate modern cities and make them more renewable for the people living there

Miami Design District Illuminated By Kinetic Installation

Designer Philippe Malouin has transformed the area with a playful rollercoaster of light

Biocomposite Skateboard Provides An Eco-Friendly Ride

The Uitto is an eco-friendly skate deck crafted from Norwegian wood fibers

Sustainability: Creating a Progressive Future in Brazil

Brazil is developing as a leader in the global market and implementing sustainability in its quarters. It is known as the world’s sixth-largest economy. Between the years 2005 and 2010, the growth of the population and migration to the cities accounted for about a 21 percent increase in energy-related emission. Show More Summary

Vaccines: Friends or Enemies?

According to the Center for Disease Control, vaccines are products that stimulate a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, ultimately protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are credited with saving...Show More Summary

Biodegradable Furniture Made From Pine Needles Could Be The Next Phase Of Sustainable Living

Premiering at Dutch Design Week 2016, the collection fully utilizes an often wasted material

Video Explores Complex Museum Architecture

A mini video gives a quick overview of the most beautiful cultural buildings built

Smog Vacuum Turns Pollution Particulates Into Unique Jewelry

A large device was installed in Beijing that sucks up smog and compresses it into small centerpieces atop jewelry

These Designs Bring Modern Architecture To The Humble Birdhouse

Artist Douglas Barnhard has imagined a series of designs emulating the work of architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Eichler

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