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3D Flooring Lets You Roll Out of Bed into Paradise

An epoxy layering technique from Imperial Interiors makes decorative floors pop out at the viewer

The Must See Events of 2015 NYCxDesign

Our short list of the best events in New York City's annual design celebration to discover the latest design trends

How Type Design Impacts the Future of Our Screen-Based Devices

Monotype's Nadine Chahine shares research on the role of type in our future and how 'the glance' is the new currency

Sculptural Jacket Changes Color Depending on Wearer’s Mood

Creative collective The Unseen and tech agency Holition collaborate to create coded couture with chameleonic ink

Portal Makes Way for Local Furniture Manufacturing

When working with neighboring manufacturers, customers pay less for better furniture with OpenDesk

Dan Barasch’s PSFK 2015 Update on NYC’s Underground Park

Dan Barasch and his team have been busy improving their technology and proving their ambitious project is feasible

Live in an Optical Illusion Apartment-House

Tokyo-based Kazuyasu Kochi converts eight studio apartments into a cubist home

Converse Invites PSFK to Its Creative Overtaking of a Boston Classic

Converse's spirited renovation of Boston's Lovejoy Wharf is in direct line with the company's freewheeling nature

Make Skepticism, Not Gullibility, Your Habit

Everyone knows someone who believes in some form of unscientific science. After all, if such-and-such helped so-and-so, it should help you, right? Not so fast.

Activity Tracker Ditches Tech for Aesthetically-Pleasing Liquid Droplets

Emulsion is a simple product that contains colored liquid, which splits and merges depending on the wearer's level of activity

Pen Writes Using Your Choice of Ink, Wine or Beer

The beautiful WINKpen will write with anything you typically wouldn't want staining other materials

Concept Car Splits Down the Middle into Two Motorcycles

As part of Fast Company's Creative Director for a Day series, Mark Wilson gets to design a dream car that's as functional as a flying car

Door Design Hacks Grant the Structure Passage to Modern Utility

When one door closes, a lamp door, storage door, and corner door open in its place

Camouflage Officewear Made from Everyday Stains

Dirt Pattern Material turns bike chain grease and mustard leaks into wearable art

Cone Bra Out-Madonnas Madonna Thanks to 3D Printing

Printing House's wearable combines iconic pop chicness with current, statement-making tech

Reusable Flatware Will Keep Mobile Dining Waste-Free

Fold-up Eating Set—for picnics, camping trips, weekend excursions—saves space and waste

Cause Waves at Work with Waterproof Wet-Suits

Quiksilver Japan designs a suit for men who surf more than just the Web

Put Designer Marshmallows in Your Hot Cocoa

Everyone's favorite treat got an upgrade via Boomf, a company that prints Instagram pictures onto those infamous sweets

Introjis are Emojis for Introverts

Designer Rebecca Evie Lynch tackles the iconography of inward-focused emotions

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