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The Science of the Daydreaming Paradox for Innovation

Most people aren’t trained to daydream on purpose. That’s where the art of deliberate daydreaming comes in and where science is catching up with the wisdom.

Living to 1000 years old to become a reality

Research is beginning to support the notion that aging is a disease rather than a natural part of life. This is encouraging anti-aging researchers to boost their efforts in "curing" aging. And if they succeed, humans could be livingShow More Summary

Scientists find safe way of tanning skin

With the summer heat settling in, many are heading to the beaches and poolsides to soak up the sun's rays, all in an effort get their golden tans. In the winter, many of these same people will resort to artificial tanning beds in the hopes of maintaining these tans year-round. Show More Summary

Is depression a mental illness?

"You don't even know what it’s like to live with a mental illness the way I do—depression is a very real thing!”    Depression is nothing to scoff at. However, in this day and age of political correctness, fear of unintentionally offending...Show More Summary

How do the brains of a SuperAger stay that sharp?

Full-blown Alzheimer pathology in the brains does not always bring about Alzheimer's disease, concluded scientists at Northwestern’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center (CNADC).    The scientists looked at the brains of eight ‘SuperAgers’ older...Show More Summary

Evolving our definition of life into a spectrum

Life: something so meaningful and precious to most, yet something that can actually be quite difficult to define. Even though life is something that has existed for millions of years, and even though it is something we all must go through and...Show More Summary

Artificial intelligence, the next matchmaker

How AI could change the face of dating  Technology has simplified consumer convenience. One area that has been significantly simplified is dating. You no longer have to spend countless hours reading advice columns or channeling your inner Casanova to ask someone out face-to-face. Show More Summary

Why millennials are embracing alternative diets

Millennials are known for a lot of things, but something that doesn’t come up is why they’ve adopted alternative dietary habits. More millennials are moving towards veganism, embracing vegetarianism, and even trying pescatarianism (vegetarians...Show More Summary

The future of human evolution

 When we think of evolution, we think of legendary scientists such as Darwin, Lamarck, Woese and others. We are the beautiful products of millions of years of selection and mutations, developed into one super organism, but are we correct...Show More Summary

The Hipster & the Clairvoyant: 6 Bad Openings for Your Book

Finish your novel or memoir with the help of book doctor Dinty W. Moore's six easy-to-identify missteps beginning writers often make.

“Mussel Glue” closes wounds without stitches or scaring

In 2015, a substance derived from the everyday mussel has been shown to help prevent the formation of scar tissue. Already this "mussel glue" has been successfully used in numerous clinical applications, leading to the development of an improved...Show More Summary

From the static to dynamic: the evolution of museums and galleries

A trip to the art gallery is typically quite straightforward: pay the entrance fee, grab a map, and wander around its confines at your leisure. For those wanting more direction to their visit, a guide will happily conduct a tour; and, those...Show More Summary

The “Printed Pill” Prediction – How The “Chemputer” Will Revolutionize Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry have long been untouched regarding the developmental processes of its medicines and supplements. Archaic methods of synthesis and production of its products are still used today, with laboratories having...Show More Summary

Some Mysteries Take the Genre to a New Level

Literary? Who knows or cares. This mystery novel is delightful and worth reading long into the cold dark night.

How to Have Breakthrough Ideas

Follow these simple steps to master the art (and science) of breakthrough thinking

Craving More Meaningful Trips?

Guest blogger and constant traveler Steven Barber reviews an unusual travel guide, one that helps you figure yourself out in order to plan and take better trips.

The health and social consequences of family medical leave policies in the United States

Family medical leave, and specifically maternity/paternity leave, has only recently been an issue of concern that has faded in and out of the political media in terms of its coverage and popularity. The last piece of major legislation...Show More Summary

The pains, the gains and the race to Mars

Was the human race created for adventure or did humans create adventure? Is the exploration of outer space a push from science to test the limits of human advancement and discover a better alternative to planet earth? Or is space exploration a manifestation...Show More Summary

Imagine Falling Back in Time 600 Years — And Liking It

When a good writer creates a believable world on the page, it doesn't matter where you go in time, you'll want to keep turning pages.

Water, oil and science in new remix

Water, oil and science in new remix …Science is attempting a duplicate scientific miracle in a new effort of turning water and its compounds into fuel.   The economics and politics of oil energy easily qualify as probably the most topical issue on the planet. Show More Summary

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