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Wearable Magazines Hide Stories Underneath

Readers can now invest in threads that tell a tale beyond their supply line

Netflix Binging, Napping or Navelgazing? A Couch Molds Itself to Every Use

With confort and function in mind, this all-in-one couch is a space-saver and a space-optimizer

Architects and Nonprofits Rebuild the Nepal Education System from Ground Up

Since a devastating earthquake, the country's schools have been in desperate shape, but the future is looking brighter with schools that adapt to destruction

Thanks to Fungi, Future Furniture Could Be Pollution-Free

A new interiors series challenges the throw-away world we live in by using fully compostable materials—including one most people put on their pizza

This Could Be the Bike Poncho We Didn’t Know We Needed

Keep your legs, feet and hands dry during bike rides in rainy weather—and don't die in the process

Piers Fawkes: Trends That Will Drive Creative Business Over the Next 18 Months

PSFK Labs releases the 2017 Forecast, a new report to help navigate 15 nascent future trends

Best of 2015: Pizza Hut Projector Delivers Pizza and Movie Nights

Pizza Hut Hong Kong allows customers to scan the pizza box for exclusive films

Best of 2015: Brace Yourselves for Nike Self-Lacing Shoes

A look at how former Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy, Max Erdenberger, teased a Nike Mag release

Silicon Cap Prevents Hair Loss During Chemo

This FDA-cleared device uses cooling to keep hair safe from chemo chemicals

Activewear Balances the Resistance of Elastic Bands With the Comfort of Tights

Made with patches of super-compressing fabrics, these workout pants require added effort to move in, ensuring every movement requires calorie-burning exertion

Fluctuating Workforces Require Office Space That Fluctuates With Them

Highly adaptable architecture system can be erected or shrunk according to space, personnel, or noise restraints

From a Single Piece of Plywood to a Model of Economical Proficiency

Through plywood bending, this collection suffers from no material loss during the construction process

Could New York’s Broadway Become a Linear Park?

The proposed park takes the idea of greening obsolete infrastructure to a new extreme

A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower

Nifty invention makes sure every drop of clear water counts, even if its not warm enough just yet

Longboard Stroller Design Trumps Flashy Technology

This longboard stroller combination brings together design, utility, and fun

The Evolution of a DIY Space Suit

An archaeologist and space enthusiasts are working on an affordable pressure suit

Why You Need a No-Fault Relationship

We want to be loved unreservedly, and we figure our mates should forgive our trivial imperfections. Yet we don't always give back that same unconditional affection.

Designing the “Perfection” Out of Fashion

This Spring/Summer 2016 collection embodies the belief that striving for the flawless can be destructive in the creative process

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