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Identifying and Training Creative Scientists

How do you search for scientific talent? What criteria should you use? IQ scores? High scores on math and science tests? Precocity in a scientific field? Some of the best scientists recommend looking for breadth of skills and talents in a variety of endeavors beyond the sciences.

Creativity: Here, There, and Everywhere

Creativity is everywhere and all around us, like oxygen but with more subjective properties.

ArtScience® is a Big Idea

ArtScience® is a Big Idea whose time has come. Like any galvanizing notion, it has been preparing to break through for many years. We like to think that our book Sparks of Genius (Houghton Mifflin, 1999) has had some small part in that preparation. Here's how.

Inner Beginners, Entrepreneurs and the Future of Creativity

Creativity favors the inner beginner. This was the message we took home last month from a national symposium on creativity at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. A light green haze hung in the dogwoods in and around campus, but spring was not the only thing in the air there. Show More Summary

A New New Year’s Resolution: Play More!

It's that time of year again when we all resolve to make some changes that will have a positive impact on our lives. What could be more life-enhancing than nurturing our own creativity? The question is how? We offer a simple answer. Resolve to make (more) room in your life for play. 

A Peek at Human Cognition: How Do YOU Think about Martha Graham?

Before the language of expression, comes the inspiration of first thoughts. Before the dancer creates her first step, she imagines it in her mind. Surprisingly, she may not initially imagine it as bodily movement. Using the dancer-choreographer Martha Graham as an example, we can take a peek into human cognition. Show More Summary

The Art and Science of Play

Some people seem born to play. In fact, the urge to play drives just about everything they do. And in some cases, it ends up linking multiple interests and endeavors across the arts and sciences into one large network of creative enterprise. Among these people count Desmond Morris, artist, scientist and science writer.

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Creativity

What does it mean to be creative? Creativity is effective novelty. To be creative, then, can be as simple as seeing something everyone else sees, but thinking what no one else thinks.  (Is that a bird or a flight of fancy?) For more straightforward answers, check this post!

Can Creativity Be Value-Neutral?

 An inquiring mind wants to know. And the answer is, no. It is almost impossible to talk about things that are novel and effective without bias. There is always a value judgment involved. Disclosure: Personally, we value the kind of novel effectiveness that makes possible this electronic conversation. Do you?

Aping Einstein

You might not think that chimpanzees trying to reach a banana would illuminate Albert Einstein’s scientific thinking. Chimps – well, they’re not in Einstein’s league.  Are they?

A Must Read: The Invisible Gorilla

To see the invisible gorilla: A review of Chabris and Simons' The Invisible Gorilla, my first must-read psychology book in years.

Psych Books can be fun?

Reading psychology books for fun? How lame -- but blog-worthy.

Bring your imagination to work

The pace of change in the work world is increasing exponentially at a dramatic rate. A report highlights a startling prediction "that we will face the equivalent of all the milestones of the 20th century--world wars, creation of the automobile, sequencing of DNA, rise of the Internet, etc.,--in a single week in the year 2025."

Armando Galarraga: Not Perfect, But Divine

If you aren't a baseball fan, then this column probably won't be terribly interesting. But I will tell you (at the end, after you click through) a magnificent video of Alan Moore's The Watchmen done as a 1980's Saturday Morning Cart...

New Sensitivity Gene Discovered

Some of the very same genes that under certain environmental conditions are associated with some of the lowest lows of humanity, are associated with the highest highs of human flourishing under supportive conditions.

Tuning into Daydreams for Career Direction

If you want to work at something you love, don't ignore the spontaneous thoughts and images that come to you when you imagine yourself at work. Okay, you might not be a rock star, but you could work in event promotion. You might not be an actress, but you might be happy in advertising or PR.

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