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This Car-Free Neighborhood Reimagines How We Think Of Suburbia

A design for a modern urban village promises to be greener and more diverse

When Fashion And Technology Collide [PSFK 2016]

Fashion Technologist Amanda Parkes returns with an update on how to take wearables past the wrist

Designing A Better Looking VR Headset

These slim and light goggles bring futuristic back into VR headsets

These Small Rings Contain Tiny Natural Landscapes

Secret Wood is a Canada-based company that adds a whimsical twist to traditional rings

50 Chair Designs Inspired By Japanese Manga

Design studio created abstract chairs that playfully challenge furniture's shape

Who Dares Speak Honestly About Unbelief?

Being an activist for a popular cause is easy. Speaking up for a cause that by its nature offends many people takes courage. Some new books tell the truth about atheism.

Space-Saving Furniture Creates Room In Small Spaces

Milan Design Show displays some creative designs that help urban dwellers economize

Precise Embroidered Circuits Bring Next-Gen Wearables Closer To Reality

Researchers at Ohio State University have woven intricate yet ultra-thin circuitry into everyday clothing

Ultrasonic Faucet Cleans 1000 Times Better Than Water

Scientists have devised a way to package ultrasonic technology into the head of a faucet

Small Leather Pouch Supports Any Travelers’ Need For Wi-Fi

Karma created a limited edition pouch that helps users stay connected when they travel

How Designers Are Rethinking The Public Restroom

Sleek modern architecture comes to a rural Japanese town in a surprising form

This Arcade-style Gym Makes Us Want To Exercise

A NYC fitness center installed a gamified section that adds fun to working out

Crowdfunding Downtown London Into A Mini-Golf Course

The project is looking to reinvent Trafalgar Square as a fully playable course

Copenhagen’s Plan To Survive The Effects Of Climate Change

Parks that turn into ponds and water tanks will help this costal city prepare for heavy rains

Designers Imagine A Packaging Rebranding For Marijuana

These cute and colorful designs could make marijuana usage and shopping more approachable

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