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Single-Stitched and Open-Source, A Simple Tee Redefines Manufacturing

Intelligent Design builds low-impact clothing that’s easy to make at home under a Creative Commons 4.0 license

Color-Changing Helmets Won’t Just Minimize Trauma, They’ll Detect It

Color-changing polymer developed by University of Pennsylvania reveals head trauma, helping flag injuries that might have gone untreated

A Vase that Grows and Changes with Your Plant

GROWTH is a project that explores what happens when vases conform to plants, instead of the other way around

Shrunken Traffic Signs Remind You to be Mindful of City Critter Co-Habitants

TinyRoadSigns alert human city dwellers about the spaces they share with other city residents

iPhone Case Self-Heals, Contends With Life’s Unexpected Close Calls

After dealing with the abuse from a 3000g bronze brush, Innerexile's Hydra iPhone 6 case healed in 30 seconds

Our Soda Cans Might Be Due for a Dramatic Shift in Aesthetic

An Italian designer created a version of the Pepsi can that features an attractive, Mondrian-esque print

Measure Life’s Fluid Moments with a Pitcher That Responds Accordingly

The Life Measured pitcher is an elegant and simple vessel with movable rubber rings to help you set measurements for watering your plants or making cocktails

Butter Stick, Meet the Butter Wheel

A packaging concept from WeidenHammer comes with a rotating inner bowl for quicker and easier access

Why We Need Emojis for Food Allergies

A proposal by a Google Designer reveals how using icons to communicate about food allergies could make life easier for those with food intolerance

Pick Your Choice of Stool Made from 3D Printing Waste Material

As the name suggests, Hot Wire Extensions are beautiful structures made by heating nylon powder with an electrical current

Find Flow Through a Camera Lens

Flow happens when you lose your sense of self, and many artists, including photographers, mean that quite literally.

When the Creativity Researcher Goes Back to Being Creative

For half of me, this is a dream come true. I’m revisiting my musical and reworking the script with my director Valeria and rewriting some songs with my composer Michael. The other half of me is feeling impostor syndrome for the first time since grad school – what the hell am I doing?

Jacket Hood Inflates With Air to Cradle Your Head

Live Comfy features a smart pump that helps provide an ergonomic fit by conforming to the shape of the wearer's head

Breathing New Life Into a 100-Year-Old Utensil

Map has redesigned the Tritensil: a combined knife, spoon and fork that was originally used during WWI

Breast Milk Koozie Monitors Its Freshness

Mommy's Watches guarantees breast milk freshness for your little tots with a little green check mark indicating the milk hasn't expired

New Zealand Votes on a More Inclusive New Flag

The New Zealand Governmentnew ensures that the redesigned flag will pull away from its Union Jack origins

Walk, Run and Skate in a Pair of Sneakers

Hermes, eat your heart out; cruise the city with the easily wearable Walk Wing

Through Its Responsive Body, A Stylus Mirrors All Strokes

The Scriba is a digital pen that changes its functionality after a small press through squeeze-motion tech

A Light-Up Backpack Keeps Students Safe While Heading Back to School

Repurpose Schoolbags are solar-powered, making the road to education less dangerous for millions

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