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Are fitness trackers fit for us?

Monitoring health-- tracking calories, activity, water intake and more-- is hard. Having a wearable device to do these tasks for you makes life easier. At least we thought so! Scientists have recently released information suggesting that wearable fitness trackers are ineffective in yielding weight loss. Show More Summary

Making ads fun again: the future of interactive advertising

“Creative without a strategy is called ‘art’. Creative with a strategy is called ‘advertising.’” -Jef I. Richards Digital technology has exploded over these last two decades. Now, rather than watch television, people watch content on their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Show More Summary

Vitamin “K” – How party drug may help patients suffering from depression

Depression and recreational drugs are both topics which seem to incite high levels of stigma and one-dimensional thinking. With an overarching dogmatic approach employed by governments and media to further facilitate these stigmas, it's...Show More Summary

How eating less meat can change your life and the planet: the shocking truth about the world’s meat production

Does a juicy double cheeseburger sound mouth-watering to you? Then there is a great chance you are terribly annoyed by vegetable-lovers who see you as that ‘meat-monster’, carelessly gorging innocent lambs while destroying the earth....Show More Summary

Emotional analytics: can you tell what I’m feeling?

Nonstop communication on our computers, phones, and tablets gives us undeniable convenience. It all sounds great at first. Then, think about the countless times you’ve received a message, unsure what tone it should be read in. Does technology...Show More Summary

First head transplant: set to launch late 2017

The scoop Way back when you were in high school, in that biology class you took that equally amazed and grossed you out, you may remember about learning about quite a few kooky scientific experiments that were actually conducted. Out...Show More Summary

17 Ways to Foster Creativity in a Practical Kid

Does your child show little interest in the usual arts and crafts? Some kids are most passionate about how the real world works, and can be remarkably creative. You can help.

Closing in on a cure: Making cancer immunotherapy more effective

What if the cure for cancer was your own immune system? Lots of research has gone into making that a reality. The treatment is called immunotherapy, where your T cells are genetically modified to identify cancer cells and destroy them. Show More Summary

Write Better By Reading Better Books

Some authors find they can't read other writers' work while they're creating their own. Others never stop reading and learning from the best. Eight new-ish novels to sink into.

When Creative & Business Mentors Show Up

The legend of the the “lone creative genius” has an air of truth, but it’s never the whole story. Many legendary geniuses had mentors along the way.

Virtual relationships: connecting or disconnecting society?

Social media and the disintegration of barriers The social media phenomenon has fundamentally shifted society’s way of being and its impact on the way we communicate is undisputedly substantial. Connection apps such as Tinder and Skype have revolutionized the way people meet and communicate. Show More Summary

Nose Swabs Could One Day Detect Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: Prevalence and Cause    The lung, an organ of the respiratory system, aids people in breathing through an automatic process of gas exchange. That is, bringing in oxygen (inhalation) and taking out carbon dioxide (exhalation). It’s...Show More Summary

The truth about fake news: its origin and where it may take us

The number of fake news stories being published is increasing, with motives of marketing or diverting the attention of society. How will this inflation of a lack of facts affect America or the world in the future? Will citizens’ trust...Show More Summary

Could Your Brain Make You Do Insane Things?

A brain tumor may figure in the insanity defense of the youth who fake-called Jewish community centers in the U.S. and elsewhere. Brain-imaging is gaining credence in courts.

3 Surprising Books to Help You Write Your Own

Writing a book requires different kinds of cognition. What times of day are optimal to think big picture, write conceptually, edit rationally, and draft imaginatively?

Blue Lives Matter Bill: To Protect Law Enforcement or Enhance their Power over Civilians?

The strain between U.S. law enforcement and those they are sworn to protect has been quite evident as of late. Eager to douse the flames of this tension, the state of Louisiana has enacted the Blue Lives Matter Bill, in efforts to further protect law enforcement. Show More Summary

VASQO releases the scents of any virtual world right to your nose

When your life isn’t as exciting as it used to be, you can always sink into your virtual world. You wear a headset to see your wildest fantasies right before your eyes. You put on surround-sound headphones to hear chirping birds around you in a virtual forest. Show More Summary

Sex robots: are they the new form of intimacy?

Throughout the 21 st century, our world has seen many great advances in technology. Smart phones, virtual reality headsets, drones, Google Glass, in-ear language translators – the list goes on. One technological advancement that has taken huge form in the past decade is robots – specifically human robots that are made as companions for humans. Show More Summary

Treating cancer: targeting fat to stop the growth of cancerous cells

For years, cancer has been the star of all terminal diseases to be researched, studied and treated through innovation. Hopefully one day there will be a cure rather than a treatment that may only prolong someone’s life. It is with sincere...Show More Summary

Animals: The True Victims of Climate Change?

The Story Think “climate change”, and one immediately thinks of melting glaciers, photochemical Californian sunsets, or even the denunciation of the issue by some politicians. However, among scientific circles, one thing is unanimous: climate change is (slowly, but surely) destroying our world. Show More Summary

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