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Are Friends Really Worth That Much?

Have you ever reflected on the role of female friends in your own life? Do you maintain life-long friendships? If not, do you wish you could?

5 Fixes for When Good Conversations Go Bad

My soon-to-be-ex-husband said in a therapy session, “I’m not blaming. I’m just explaining what she did wrong.” If only we’d both had copies of the new book Blamestorming with its wealth of help for conversations going wrong.

Why You Need a Book Doctor

Before I hired a book doctor or would take the idea seriously, two or three interested agents had to urge me to get editing help. A new guidebook answers some of the many questions I had about paying for such help.

Physics and Poetry: A Polymath’s Creative Strategy

Where do successful individuals find inspiration and energy to do the things they do? Some may harbor their forces, focused on a single passion. Yet others take on multiple problems or even multiple careers. What? They let a hobby eat up their time? They split their energies between two careers? How does that enable success?

10 Myths About Love, Exploded

These are some of my favorite things: the color blue, strawberries for dessert, and the emotion called love. But what exactly is love? Can you be in and out of it at the same time? Myths abound.

The Blind Man, the Elephant, and Love: 11 Romantic Myths

These are some of my favorite things: the color blue, strawberries for dessert, and the emotion called love. But what exactly is love? Can you be in and out of it at the same time? Myths abound.

Is Diabetes Solvable?

Health books are fascinating to the degree that you have a personal interest in the topic. Diabetes has been a fact of life for my family for decades, so this new book held out hope.

Working Creativity

In Working Creativity, Dr Mark Batey explores the nature and nurture of creative potential at work. Tapping into your everyday genius. Mark Batey Ph.D.

Holy War: It's Waged by More Nations Than You Think

Is it possible to get beyond a lack of trust to find commonalities and hope in the Middle East? One scholar writes creatively on the subject.

10 Tips Toward a Less Timid Memoir

You may have to dig deep into your memories to write compellingly about your own life. Here's how.

Six Ways to Think About Death

A friend of mine has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for an aggressive form of cancer, and so the subject of dying has been popping up frequently at my house. Among the many insights I've been gathering, the following six help me, an atheist, think about dying and death in ways I can live with, for now...

How a Hopeful Lover Ends Up a Disappointed Friend

The reasons are more complex than you think, but begin with timing.

Is Every Child Gifted? Probably not

Every parent wants to think his or her child is special. And rest assured, parents—your child is special. At least, there is no other child on earth with the same precise mix of genes, experience, and pattern of strengths and weaknesses. But is every child gifted? Probably not.

From George and Lennox to Gaga and Lambert: Androgyny

Explicit displays of androgyny are everywhere these days, from the hip thrusting performances of Adam Lambert to the motorcyle riding feats of Lady Gaga.

IQ Bashing, Breakdancing, the Flynn Effect, and Genes

Some think the Flynn effect—the finding that IQ rose steadily during the 20th century—proves that genes play little to no role in intelligence. The key to the puzzle is understanding what will happen when breakdancers take over the world.

The Genetics of the X-Factor

Every season, hundreds of thousands of contestants audition for the myriad of television talent shows that exist. To make it far in these shows, you have to possess an "X Factor", a certain unidentifiable quality that makes you stand out from the rest. How may a nuanced view of genes contribute to our understanding of this factor?

Bouncing Back, Sort Of

Three new memoirs explore different kinds of pain, from the physical to the emotional to what we might call the spiritual or existential. Each author has adapted, but there’s always a high price to pay.

Conversations on Creativity with Darold Treffert, Part VIII:

Darold Treffert, M.D. was a technical consultant to the award-winning movie "Rain Man" that made "autistic savant" household terms. In this eighth and final part, we discussed lessons he has learned from a lifetime of studying savants, recent advances, and looking to the future.

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