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Remote Designers Can Now Work Together In Real Time

Figma's new "Multiplayer" feature streamlines the collaborative process and offers tools to help those working apart

Coworking Space Designed Specifically For Hardware Entrepreneurs

A new spot in Brooklyn caters specifically to people who focus on AI, nanotechnology, life sciences and 3D printing

All-Terrain Tent Doubles As A Hammock

Sunda is a new camping product designed to give you a good night's sleep wherever you are

Recycled Newsprint Gets A Second Life As Furniture

Despite being made from paper, the marbled brick-like creations are sturdy enough for everyday use

Adjustable Seats Bring More Personal Space To Commuter Trains

The new design gives reprieve for weary travelers cramped on their rides

How It Feels to Be an Outsider Everywhere

Longing for home after an unwilling long-distance move, the protagonist of this profoundly insightful novel learns to live anywhere, or maybe nowhere.

CRISPR explained: the world's most powerful scissors

The world of genetics has been equal parts promise and controversy since its entry into the public zeitgeist in the 20th century. Genetic engineering, in particular, has been so mired in seduction and unease as to be considered black magic by some. Show More Summary

Is Digital Technology Just A Buzzy Distraction?

When we gain or regain the skill set to harness our attention, then we can make wiser decisions about when, how, and why we use digital technology and the Internet.

Crash-Friendly Drone Made From LEGOs Is Completely Rebuildable

The clever device offers games, education and the uniquely rewarding experience of destroying your high-flying airship

Concept Artists And Scientists Form Partnership To Visualize The Future

The collaboration hopes to liberate ideas and innovations trapped in notebooks

New haptic technology moves away from physical touch controls

Soon enough the world may be literally “at your fingertips”, thanks to new haptic technology that aims to eliminate physical controls in everything from cars to dishwashers. Companies like Ultrahaptic are making strides toward this future, where...Show More Summary

Desalination: Easing the burden of thirst

From the 1900s onwards, about 11 million people perished as a result of the widespread effects of drought. Drought – a period of lower than average amount of precipitation in a region – is a growing global problem. Consequences include freshwater levels decreasing, famine, and diseases. Show More Summary

Do humans really have to age?

You have probably heard about the tale (or enjoyed the Brad Pitt flick) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which the protagonist, Benjamin, ages in reverse. The idea may seem unusual, but cases of reverse aging or not aging at all are not so uncommon in the animal kingdom. Show More Summary

The complexity of digital streaming

A lot has changed over the last three decades because of digital media, the way we access information, our dietary habits and even how we raise our children, but one change that isn't always acknowledged lies in the music industry. We...Show More Summary

The importance of location in (T-cell receptor) real estate

T-cells have long been recognized as the linchpin of the immune system. The identification of potentially harmful substances (like infectious agents or cancer cells) depends on the activation of receptors scattered along a T-cell’s surface. Show More Summary

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Psychological tests that are trusted by one generation may be debunked by the next. A selection of tests to learn about and try, just for fun, are found in Psychobook.

Relics of our Milky Way

Since the beginning of civilization, scientists have been trying to unravel the mysteries of our galaxy. Although many phenomena occur so far away, these discoveries can nevertheless shed light on our understanding of the Milky Way. One distant cluster of stars, for example, has recently gained the attention of many curious minds. Show More Summary

Mirrored Wall Concept Turns Fog Into A Sustainable Water Supply

Three designers have crafted a proposal to create a surface that will blend seamlessly into the background while collecting condensation

Lexus Car Seat Concept Made With Synthetic Spider Silk

The web-inspired chair promises more stable vision while the vehicle is moving

Modular Home Provides Quick And Affordable Housing

The easy to assemble structure can be assembled in as little as three hours at a cost of about $1,200

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