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Airbnb Will Stage a Creativity-Sharing Installation at Design Miami/ 2015

Belong. Here. Now. will feature emerging creative talent showcasing their skills within a gathering-dependent space

Don’t Sacrifice Style for Function: Stylish Smartbag Offers Both

Play music, answer phone calls, record ideas, take selfies, and more with a HiSmart

The Power Behind Starbucks Red Holiday Cups

How Starbucks has turned a red cup into a season-defining brand asset

Think Small When Designing for the Cities of Tomorrow

Simple and elemental design creates peaceful space amongst the chaos of modern life

Who Says Socially Sustainable Water Bottles Can’t Be Chic?

Naturally sourced and powered by a filtration system, WELLY prioritizes your health and the social impact of your rehydration

New York City Subway’s Hidden Treasures Uncovered

Adam Chang's projects tells the story of hundreds of subway stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Zady Adds Male Collection to Its Eco-Friendly Line

The socially and environmentally conscious fashion brand expands its market by adding on a line for gents

Virtual Reality Sits Fronts Row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia

Using YouVisit's VR, everyone can now enjoy a closer look at a growing fashion showcase

Meet the Waterproof NOOK You Can Read Anywhere

Barnes & Noble finally updates the NOOK but is it enough to compete with other e-readers?

Creating Authenticity Through Context

Architecture holds greater meaning when skillfully integrated into the locale or natural landscape

The North Face Prototypes a Parka Produced From Synthetic Spider Silk

In partnership with biomaterials company Spiber, high-performance and sustainable protein materials have been created, with limitless applications

3D-Printed Shoes Befit for the Dutch Minister of Education

Sporting a feature called behavorial fit, 3D-printed shoes are reportedly more comfortable than traditional design

Ditch Your TV, Bike Storage Bookshelves Become the Focal Point

Designer Manuel Rossel created furniture that will make your bicycle the highlight of your room

Designing Distraction-Free Zones

Designers create spaces to hide from the stress of constant stimuli

Making the Public Bench in Times Square Serve More Than Tourists

Norwegian firm Snøhetta's benches will guide foot traffic and double as power sources for local performers

Dining Set Turns Mealtime Into a Cross-Platform Videogame

Yumit's place mat, knife, fork and spoon create an LED-powered experience that rewards every bite with virtual currency

Muscle Movements Might Let Us Reclaim “Handmade” Textiles

Jessica Smarsch used information recorded by muscle sensors to inform her weave patterns

Future Proofing with Flexible Design

Fluidity of environment helps individuals and organizations manage the new-age culture of multitasking

Wireless Earbuds Tuck Away Into Battery-Boosting Case

The four-in-one Skybuds case protects, provides extra battery, comes with truly wireless buds, and is a Bluetooth headset

Air Purification Systems You’ll Want to Leave Out for Guests to Admire

Fabian Zeijler's purifiers monitor for air humidity and ventilation, cuing owners to open a room's air flow with subtle movements

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