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Sweatshirt Functions As A Portable Back Massager

An accompanying app lets users pick the duration and intensity of their backrub session

How To Make Waste Management More Attractive Through Design

Unit stores recycling and trash in stackable compartments to save kitchen space

Desktop Gadgets Cleverly Constructed From Cardboard

The team behind Newfoldr wants to cut back on waste through clever designs

The Only Way To Turn On This Lamp Is By Turning Off Your Phone

Tranquillo offers an interruption-free mode by turning on when users put their phones down

Why Vulnerability And Rejection Are Part Of The Creative Process

Speakers at the 99U conference discussed their own stories of growth through rejection

Magically Manipulate Visuals With This Portable Projector

Mobile HD video projection system lets users control moving images through hand gestures

Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Drive-in Theater

Take an outdoor movie experience anywhere with this portable projector

These 3D Maps Project What A Flooded Earth Looks Like After Global Warming

A group of artists created the series to reflect on the human tendency to map our earth

Photos Of Vintage Computers Show How They Would Be Marketed Today

Retro fans will appreciate a series of photos highlighting computers from recent history

Flexible Furniture Merges Art And Engineering For A Functional Design

These pieces use a complex design that changes shape with a simple push or pull

Facebook Wants To Create An Emoji Of You

The social network might soon insert a picture of you when you send an emoji

Create A Minimalist Map Of Your Favorite Place on Earth

Once the domain of sites like Etsy, making a custom map is now free and open-source

This Microclimate Chair Could Give Athletes A Performance Advantage

Nike ergonomic chair uses thermoelectric pads to help athletes adjust to various scenarios

New Road System Warns Drivers If A Bike Is Coming

A Dutch construction company is making intersections safer with LED lights and sensors

Google Designers Introduce Female Professional Emojis

This new set of emojis give men and women professional parity

10 Proven Ways You Can Increase Intimacy

Imagine your relationship with your mate is like a friendly game of tug-of-war. Except you are not on opposite sides in this game. Either you both win or no one wins.

Service Turns Your Photos Into 3D PictoBalls

Scandy spheres allow you to hold and view your pictures from all angles

Popup Greenhouse Explores Nature Intersecting Design

Nearly 60 designers partnered with plants to create original micro-habitats

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