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Ethereal and Transparent Workspace Tools Let You Think Clearly

Designer Eugeni Quitllet's Dream Tools is a collection of crystalline office items

Intuition and the Logic of Sensual Thinking

Thinking in images and feelings is often dismissed as mere intuition. When a person "just knows" without the language to articulate how or why she knows, there may be difficulties in the boardroom-or the bedroom. But sensual thinking can be surprisingly "logical" as well as heart-felt. 

Too much novelty, not enough appropriateness

Creativity is usually thought to be both new and appropriate to the task. When creativity has too much new and not enough appropriate, some glorious blunders can happen. Take the story of Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant in South Bend, Indian, whose new billboard proclaims: "We're like a cult with better Kool-Aid."

Artsmarts: Why Cutting Arts Funding Is Not a Good Idea

Congress is once again making plans to gut the National Endowment for the Arts, so it is time for us to post more data supporting the arts. In previous posts, we've argued that the arts are essential for the development of scientific imagination. Here we argue that the arts stimulate economic development by fostering invention. 

Writers, the Given Line and Not-Knowing

Many writers find inspiration in what has been called ‘la ligne donnée' or ‘the given line'. A few choice words, sometimes whole stanzas or paragraphs, come into the mind and a piece of writing begins its gestation. Does that mean we got the creative process wrong in our last post? 

Before Words: How to Think Like A Poet

Some years ago, in an interview with Bill Moyers, the poet Gary Snyder compared a vital aspect of writing to rummaging about in the sock drawer. "And that's how you write poetry?" Moyers asked. "Rummaging in the socks?" The exchange, short as it was, spoke volumes about how poets and writers think. 

Gandhi, Bill Gates, and... Hannibal Lecter?: Creativity and Emotional Intelligence in all the Wrong Places

Constructs such as creativity and emotional intelligence are often considered part of Positive Psychology. They are seen, usually, as desirable and good traits. Yet there are many ways that people may use these abilities selfishly, or even, perhaps, evilly.

Can A Singer Make a Scientific Discovery? The Case of Manuel García

We blog a lot about the fact that creative people are often polymaths, talented at many things. The 19th century singer Manuel García illustrates how such multiple talents can result in surprising and unexpected discoveries - even in science! 

Child’s Play in Art and Science, The Story of Una Hunt

Some ideas keep turning up like lucky pennies on the sidewalk. Take this one. Across the centuries, creative endeavor in the arts and sciences has often been compared to child's play. Any number of famous individuals have remarked upon the subject. Show More Summary

Who will be remembered 100 years from now? Part One

Who will still be remembered in 100 years? Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, the Gosselins, and Megan Fox may dominate the news, but will barely be footnotes in 20 years (if not, I will change species). In this first of two blogs on this topic, I will start the discussion of which living people truly belong to the ages. 

What Happens When Your Dreams No Longer Serve You?

At various times in your life, you'll find that your dreams have deserted you. They've gone into hibernation or disappeared all together--daydreams of success or desire that fueled your motivation, or dreams and visions of a life that embodied your innermost authentic self.

Why is Bath and Body Works so nice to my wife?

Why is Bath and Body Works so nice to my wife? The easy returns, the heavy duty coupons.... Do they just love her, or could the answer be found in Robert Cialdini's Influence?

Here’s To Arts at the Center: Final Reflections on the UNESCO 2nd World Conference on Arts Education

What do origami, talking points and champagne toasts have to do with resolving the tradition/innovation conundrum? All suggest that the cutting edge of modern culture lies in dialogue between diverse arts and sciences from around the world and their integrated role in creative education. 

Leg Warmers, Pac Man, and Paranoid Songs

Growing up in the 1980's wasn't always the easiest thing to do. Terrorism wasn't the ever-present threat (to the average person) that it is now, but we were still mired in a cold war, braced for nuclear attacks, and (too slowly) becoming aware of AIDS. Show More Summary

Is Creativity the Number 1 Skill for the 21st Century?

Against a backdrop of uncertainty, economic turmoil and unprecedented change a new picture is emerging of the skills and traits for success (and perhaps even simply survival) in the modern era. At the heart of this essential skillset for the future lies... creativity. 

Half the Bike, Twice the Ride

Halfbike II is an urban mobility vehicle that aims to awaken rider's natural movements

Surface Separation and Other Design Trends from the New York Auto Show

Distorted trapezoids, sculpted faces, and white everywhere are themes car designers hope will spark interest with customers

Do You Take Your Whisky ‘3D on the Rocks’?

TBWA/Hakuhodo creates award-winning advertising campaign for fashionable drinking

Waterproof, High-End Smartwatch Functions Beyond Apps

The Olio Model One watch takes a minimalist's approach to smart tech through design and function

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