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UPDATE: New PSFK 2016 Conference Speakers Announced

Founds of, sweetgreen and Gender Proud to share ideas that transform at flagship conference May 13

Pushing People to Better Learn Their City [PSFK 2016]

To give you a taste of PSFK 2016, Mike Rawlinson and Eoin Billings discuss improving urban access

Lamp Uses Natural Lighting Rhythms To Promote Wellness

A lamp designed to work with your body clock to help you feel awake during the day

Eject Your Cards From This Unloseable Wallet

The Ekster Wallet is reimagining how we take out our cards to make payments

Group Working Space Blends Socializing With Productivity

This space is designed to help tenants find a balance between working and socializing

5 Fun Ways to Make Great Ideas Flock to You

Be contrary, never ignore a hunch, and more than 50 other creatively illustrated mind-openers in a new book will motivate writers and artists. Here are 5 examples.

Plant-Based Biodegradable Water Bottle Fights Plastic Waste

How can we make bottles more sustainable and less impactful on the environment?

Would You Want Your DNA In Your Diamonds?

Personalizing jewelry by infusing each piece with a piece of the owner — literally

Terrarium Doubles As a Lamp Where Plants Can Thrive Without Water

Design team created an ecosystem in which plants can grow for indefinite amount of time

How Furniture Is Pushing The Boundaries Of In-Home Entertainment

This gadget looks to the seat rather than the screen for more immersive movie-watching

Carry Your Portfolio In Your Pocket With This App

A simple way to show off work on the go, inspired by business cards

Multi-Functional Cutting Board Can Tackle Any Task in the Kitchen

A Canadian chef has designed a cutting board to meet multiple functionalities and make cooking that much more organized

Skyscraper Concept Grows and Transforms As It Ages

This adaptable building turns aging into a chance to cater to an aging population

Table with Circadian Lighting Could Improve Your Sleep Cycle

The team behind this smart table hopes to make users feel more productive and creative

On the Road to 3D-Printed Bikes and Bridges

Robo-arm printing is making way for built-on-the-fly transport systems

How Refugee Camps Are Taking Cues From Hollywood

Movie production techniques could help create more sustainable cities

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