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These $25k Pods Fight Homeless Shelter Zoning Laws With Innovation

Following the mayor’s declared state of emergency, this school project plans on bringing hope and housing to the heart of L.A.’s homeless epidemic

This Device Breaks Ground As The First Sex Toy On Kickstarter

The Fin is made for women by women, made to augment touch without impeding it

This Furniture Set Honors Art Of Coffee Brewing

Each item represents a different stage of the ritual, and the set as a whole explores the duality of Eastern and Western influences

Hybrid Desk Offers Minimalist Style With Maximum Space-Saving

Flexit is a frame-like space saving concept tripling as a bed, clothing hanger and work desk

Paris’ New Public Urinals Also Grow Flowers

Design agency Faltazi created the Uritrottoir as an attempt to fight the foul smell of public bathrooms

World’s First 3D Printed Bridge Debuts In A Park In Spain

Builders of the pedestrian causeway used computations to build the most eco-friendly, structurally sound bridge

Fill This Pocket Windbreaker With Newspapers To Transform It Into An Insulated Parka

The Hideaway jacket is designed to store ‘temporary insulation’ for resourceful people in emergency situations

The Challenge of Writing and Publishing Dark Fiction

Think it's easy to write a serious book about good, evil, love, cowardice, Nazis, and a small group of people stuck on a desert island? An interview with Daniel A. Blum.

Screenless, Voice-Controlled Phone Claims To Be The Future Of Communication

This futuristic deign is made for a time when speech recognition is highly accurate and deeply embedded within society so much so that other controls aren’t necessary.

What about the “human” in the human transport tube system?

Hyperloop is becoming a reality; the question is less about how fast it can go, and more about whether we want to ride on it.    Hypothetical Thanksgiving Day Conversation, October 2020:    “So, you think Mom will make it for dinner?” ...Show More Summary

Designer Transforms Aesop’s Office Into A Temporary Spa

The flagship service is running to determine if the brand wants to have more treatment centers in all of their locations

Wear The Eyes Of Vincent Van Gogh To Sleep

Masterpieces Never Sleep is a series of sleep masks made to make the wearer look like iconic art masterpieces

Magnetic Mosaic Table Can Be Changed To Any Design

Mosaicool is a new table that lets people create intricate layouts to fit any aesthetic they want

Unveiled A Chair That Parks Itself When You Clap Your Hands

In a hurry after an office meeting? The Intelligent Parking Chairs will automatically reposition themselves neatly at a table

Shape-Shifting Classroom Design Lets It Adapt To Lessons Throughout The Day

South Korea’s DSSI Elementary School implemented a new layout to enhance their lesson plans

Full-Body Flying Suit Uses VR To Give Wearers A Workout

Wearers of the Icaros lay in a plank position and must twist and curve their body to fly through virtual environments

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