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Reading for Imaginative Play

All the times you read Goodnight Moon, all those hours you and your children spent together with Jim Hawkins in search of Treasure Island--were they worth it? Children immersed in books from an early age can become good readers. And good readers, recent research tells us, do better in school. But that's not the only reason to make a big deal out of books.

The Looming Reading Disaster: How Abandoning Children’s Picture Books Will Stifle Creative Imagination

The New York Times reports that children's book publishers are releasing fewer picture books for young readers because parents are pushing their kids into advanced text-only books at ever younger ages. We're appalled. Find out why.

What are we doing about the Creativity Crisis?

Creativity is essential in the world of work. It forms the basis for the number 1 strategic aim for companies the world over and is in crisis in our classrooms. Yet, you might be left with the impression that little is being done to identify, assess or develop creative capacity. Sadly, you would probably be right.

Facing Budget Cuts? Creativity Is The Answer...

Public sector organisations are going to be asked to do more with less. We simply cannot maintain services with huge budget reductions by seeking efficiency.Instead it is time to get radical, get innovative and look for startlingly new ways of working. At the heart of these efforts MUST lie creativity.

Creativity in Career Management?

Time for a little soul-searching… Does your organisation take Career Management seriously and invest appropriately? Are you being creative in how careers are approached and managed? Is your organisation scared that investment in Career Management will result in employees leaving? What about you? Are you actively managing your career?

The Tweetment of Research

Could Twitter "kill" traditional paper-and-pencil based research? This blog post outlines 5 top tips for using Twitter for research

George Washington Carver and Everyday Inventivity

George Washington Carver was one of our greatest African American inventors. What made him so special? Plenty more than peanuts.

The Origins of Positive-Constructive Daydreaming

The important difference between mind wandering and daydreaming.

Recruiting for Creativity

If creativity is so important for organizational survival... Why are companies so bad at identifying creative potential?Avoid the pitfalls.. get creative to recruit creative people!

Conquer the Bugs of Distraction

Most creatives struggle with at least three kinds of distracting insects—life's fleas, society's gnats, and the mind's mosquitoes. Tools & resources can help you focus on doing your best work day-in, day-out.

The Tradition/Innovation Conundrum: Further Reflections on the UNESCO 2nd World Conference on Arts Education

The dichotomies commonly drawn between tradition and innovation, between the preservation of national arts and crafts and the assimilation of global arts and technologies, suggest a false divide in human culture. The conundrum is how do we close the gap with justice to both sides?

How Convergent and Divergent Thinking Foster Creativity

What happens when the IQ test taker becomes the IQ test constructor?

Reclaiming Creativity

"Creativity" is employed to refer from literally any artistic product of a child through to the intricacies of the theory of evolution, the poetry of Shakespeare, the music of Bach or the ingenuity of the Apple company. How then, are we to refer to creativity at work to drive organizational performance?

More Reflections on the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education: Towards Creative Synergy

In the minds of teaching artists, artist-activists and government officials, is creativity at odds with tradition when it comes to the role of global arts?

The Need to Believe in the Ability of Disability

Our society has clear expectations regarding students who don’t fit the norm.

Blind monks, elephants and other stories

In the finest tradition of maintaining attention in this media, message, saturated world I am going to approach my first series of creativity blogs with a list - the twelve step programme of organizational creativity.

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