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Peter Pan and Growing Up

If we believe in fairies, Tinkerbell lives. If we believe in an education system that keeps creativity alive, can Wendy, Tootles, and the rest hold onto some of their spark? read more

6 Ways to Clean Up Your Space and Your Life

Try these six suggestions, some based on the latest findings of positive psychology, for your own personal jump start. read more

Can Hope Be Bad?

Hope has been studied lately with more depth than I thought possible. Experts offer insights into good and bad kinds of hope. read more

8 Strategies For Thinking More Like Sherlock Holmes

It's the 125th anniversary of the first Sherlock Holmes novel, and here are some insights (and 8 tips) about the brain machinations of the world's most popular fictional detective. read more

Beautiful Minds Has a New Home

Beautiful Minds is now part of Scientific American MIND's new blog network! read more

The Truth about Mormons

Enlightening new novel called ELDERS satisfies curiosity about what Mormons do on those two-year proselytizing missions. read more

Raise a Sensitive Child

The ability to put yourself in the place of another, feelings and all, evolves throughout childhood, and there are ways you can help consolidate the trait of empathy in your own child. read more

When Obsessions Combine: Writer "Climbs" Everest

You don't have to be an adventure lover to feel the thrills. A superb novelist puts you at the peak of Everest with the earliest pioneers. read more

The Danger of (Some) Creativity Advocates

There is a place for revolutionaries. Sometimes it's okay for people to get upset. But can we upset people in a more scientific way? read more

Awesome Output, No Writer's Block: How?

Author David Madden's mind is lit by an awe-inspiring creative fire that, with his latest novel, shows no sign of dimming. read more

The 48-Hour Sulk Rule & the Creative’s Occupational Hazard

Between bolstering up and ranting, there might be a middle way when responding to criticism: the 48-hour sulk rule. Find out how. read more

The Psychology of Rejection & Criticism with Mark McGuinness

Criticism paralyzes some potentially creative people, but developing resilience in the face of rejection can help people realize their creative aspirations. read more

Writing When You Don't Feel Like It

You don't have to be brilliant to make a life (or a sort-of living) as a nonfiction writer. This guide offers the basics you'll need. read more

Why couldn't Jean Valjean have been more creative?

With a little creativity, Valjean could have helped a lot more people and made his life a lot easier. read more

4 Good Ways to Get Great Ideas

To refresh your sense of novelty and come up with new ideas, try some of these tips on how to constrain your imagination in good ways. read more

Writing a Life with MS

Laurie Clements Lambeth, a successful poet, first turned to writing when diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis at 17. We can all learn from her resilience. read more

Literary Author Self-Pubs Tale of Love & Death

The world of publishing is changing, so that an occasional literary writer decides to go it alone. Jon Clinch chose self-publishing for his Holocaust novel. Read why. read more

A Call to Wonder in an Age of Disruption

We’re in an age of disruption. We’re in a state of wonder. No surprise. With quick perspective on our own times of radical change, we also can consider what to do creatively. read more

11 Delicious New Novels

Some books seem to get most of the attention, but they're not the only ones worth reading, especially if your tastes run to dark, or quirky, or challenging. read more

7 Tips: When Every Millisecond Matters

Reptiles freeze when threatened, while mammals run. As humans, there are times when both impulses war within our brains. Our choices are often made in tiny fractions of a second. Seven insights to consider. read more

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