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Abortion in America: what will happen if it is banned?

The Scoop In only a few short days, everything has changed. In January of 2017, Donald Trump was put into office as the President of the United States of America. Though he’s been in office for only a short period of time, he’s already made good on actions he promised to enact when in office. Show More Summary

IPS cells and the future of medicine

When I first learned about Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells it was hard to believe. Science has figured out a way to scrape off a few of your skin cells, reprogram those cells into stem cells and then turn those stem cells into any cell in your body, essentially turning mature adult cells back into new born tissue. Show More Summary

6 Tips Toward Getting Your Book Published

Anyone serious about turning written work into actual books must do a lot of research into the realities of publishing before sending anything into the world. Here are 6 tips.

The future of transportation: Driverless cars and driverless buses

Innovations in transportation will greatly affect the infrastructure of future cities. With the coming of driverless cars (see Future of Transportation), traffic lights will eventually become obsolete. The increasing popularity of private ridesharing services will reduce traffic to the point that roads will adopt a more pedestrian-friendly design. Show More Summary

How Ford Is Rebranding The Iconic Mustang

The latest refresh of the iconic model shows a delicate dance with design

Device Brings Gestural Controls To The Voice-Dominated Smart Home Space

Hayo is a hub designed to enable devices to receive and interpret movement based controls

How An Algorithm Helped Design The Perfect Concert Hall

Numbers and patterns were used to create this beautifully stunning auditorium

Create a Morning Routine That Works For You

Most of us have heard and read the value of a morning routine. Yet, despite our best intentions, morning routines often go awry. What to do?

Repurposed Shipping Containers Offer Solutions For Home, Work And Play

CargoTek has transformed the containers for projects including small business units and emergency housing

Human-robot relationships: the rise of the sex robots

A sultry voice says ‘touch me’, while your hands touch her warm body. She murmurs and moans and you can fold her legs to all sides. She is a sex robot, and depending on your preferences you can buy her for thousands of dollars from Japanese,...Show More Summary

Glow-In-The-Dark Street Art Appears On The Roads Of Europe

Graphic arts design house Reskate Studios is lighting up cities with illuminated street art

Teleportation of Light Particles across cities takes us one step closer to a Quantum Internet

A recent experiment held in HeiFei, China, and Calgary, Canada has caused ripples in the science world after it proved photons could be teleported in a quantum state for much further distances than ever before attempted.    This ‘teleportation'...Show More Summary

The taste of things to come: Nestle, Coca-Cola in sugar battle!

Consumers have been in a sweet-bitter battle with sugar for ages. Balancing the consumers' sweet tooth against their health driven flight and fright from sugar is a dilemma that is getting food producing companies racing for a sweet solution. Show More Summary

This Plant In A Jar Never Needs To Be Watered

The Pickaplant Jar recycles the water and air inside the biotope to survive on its own

Dutch City Celebrates De Stijl Art Movement With Public Installation

Honoring 100 years of the minimalistic Dutch art movement, the city is erecting a series of art works inspired by De Stijl founder Piet Mondrian

Sarcastic NYC Souvenirs Capture True City Living

Artist Fenghe Luo designs a series of souvenirs that shows the reality of living in the Big Apple

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