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A Select Assortment of Books and More

Not every worthy book or DVD gets the attention it deserves. Here are a few you might otherwise miss.

Book Regrows into Tree After Being Read

After you read Pequeno Editor's Tree Book Tree, you can plant it into the earth and watch it grow

Raised Bike Lanes Offer Space-Saving Safety to San Fran Riders

A raised lane, as pioneered on Valencia Street, increases visibility and provides built-in buffer from cars

A Plus-Shaped Pool Looks to Clean Up New York’s East River [PSFK 2015]

Transforming New York’s East River; +Pool flips the model for civic projects

Designs for a Linear Bike Park in Miami

The Underline proves that the space under rail tracks needn't be seedy

Wes Anderson Designs a Cafè for Prada

The director decorates a Milanese retreat and it looks peculiarly familiar

Core-Strengthening Stool Functions as In-Place Office Workout

Zami Smart outdoes the yoga ball when it comes to fitness sitting with real-time feedback

Make Coffee Break Connections on a Bench Merry-Go-Round

Strangers spin together on public art bench Bench Go Round in San Francisco

Skeleton Phone Wants to Ease Your Communication Burdens

The Light Phone is a minimalist phone designed to help you unplug, disconnect, and enjoy the present

Jewelry as Architecture and More from Collective Design Fair

NYCxDesign: Highlights from design-driven annual exhibition include a live weaving session, 3D-printed ceramic bowls, and color-changing wall panels

Mindful Wearable is Your Stress-Reducing Wrist Buddha

WellBe aims to promote emotional balance by monitoring what situations and people irritate you

Thermoformable Material Allows Bed to Be Room’s Focal and Functional Point

Inspired by the igloo, the Ice bed occupies the full extent of a room, serving as all-functional furniture

Business Cards Made from Melted Crayons

Artist and designer Dorota Pankowska's usable Crayon Business Cards leave their mark as intended

Magazine Designed to Be Read with Your Feet

Hansaplast makes foot care glamorous and fun with a special women's magazine

A Grab Bag of Wisdom to Help You Enter Flow

You know those times when you aren't in the mood to write, but you want to get in the mood? Read some of these honest and insightful quotes from good writers to help ease your own transition into the headiness of a creative flow sta...

Drink-Activated Coasters Encourage Responsible Drinking with Domestic Violence Reminder

A campaign from Yaocho Bar Group uses innovative design and technology to make Japan aware of the pitfalls of excess alcohol consumption

AIANY Exhibit Celebrates Best of NYC Architecture and Design

Design Week: New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects is honoring 35 cutting-edge designs for New York and international skylines

Photographing Every Skin Tone in the World

An on-going photography project takes portraits of strangers and matches their skin tone to a unique Pantone color

Tips from IKEA: Design By Emotion Will Make You Happier [PSFK 2015]

Becky LaFranchi, communication and interior design manager of IKEA, explains why there’s no space more central to our identity than our home

Bike Rack with Built-In Locks That Video Record Would-Be Thieves

BikeVault is a bicycle lock system that is more secure and practical than current methods

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