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Militarize or disarm? Reforming the police for the 21st century: Future of policing P1

Whether it's dealing with increasingly sophisticated criminal organizations, protecting against ghastly terror attacks, or simply breaking up a fight between a married couple, being a cop is tough, stressful and dangerous work. Luckily, future technologies could make the job safer both for the officer and for the people they arrest. Show More Summary

ELYTRA: How nature will shape our future

This summer I spent the entirety of June traveling Europe. The experience was truly a whirlwind adventure, changing my perspective on almost every facet of the human condition. In every city, from Dublin to Oslo and Dresden to Paris,...Show More Summary

How to stay young forever

Every year the beauty industry rakes in trillions of dollars selling lotions, serums, and magic potions to prevent aging to an ironically ever-younger population. It’s the perfect business; there will always be people who are scared of the aging process, and there will always be the inevitable progression of time slowly degrading their bodies. Show More Summary

Grow Furniture That Becomes Part Of Your Landscape

DIY system enables gardeners to create grass armchairs in their yard using cardboard frames

Why Did A Lunchbox Raise $2.78 Million On Kickstarter?

The company behind the smart product claims Prepd is re-imagining the tools for healthy living

Left Brain, Right Brain, Whole Brain: 9 Creative Tips

One of these new guides for creatives may offer you the precise bit of advice you need to engage with the work that means the world to you.

Shelf Makes Its Contents Appear To Hover In Midair

The design uses metal tubes to create an optical illusion when viewed from the front

Bike-Friendly Apartment Building For Swedish Cyclists

A residential space is being designed for commuters to easily transport goods

Japan Wants To Make 2020 Olympic Medals From Recycled Electronic Waste

The Tokyo Games could showcase the first-ever gold, silver and bronze awards made from discarded phones and computers

Garmin’s New Smartwatch Is Challenging The Luxury Market

The brand adds a premium version of its popular multi-sport trainer to its accessories collection

Plastic Wind Trees Are Bringing Sustainable Power To Residential Homes

These French-made turbines are offering a small, aesthetically pleasing approach to affordable personal energy

Space-Saving Sofa Has Extra Furniture Hidden Inside

Living in an apartment with limited space? This three-in-one bed transforms based on your needs

Whimsical Dental Clinic Design Aims To Calm Patient Fears

Cheerful colors and a nod to the comforts of home are design elements tactfully aimed to help people relax

Redesigned Electric Fan Collapses For Easy Storage

Conbox can be kept in pieces and packed away when not in use

The Electric Car to the Rescue

We can no longer regard global warming as a myth or some farfetched idea. It has become a scientific fact. The culprits? Humans. Okay, we may not be the only culprits. It would be crazy to think all of mankind is responsible for the destruction of the world, although, politically speaking, the world is in our hands. Show More Summary

Search Engine Turns Your Own Drawings Into Photos

This image-matching software accepts hand-made sketches instead of keywords

This Windbreaker Lets You Explore The Outdoors While Charging Your Phone

The apparel includes solar panels that allow the wearer to stay connected through the power of renewable energy

Milk Proteins Could Be The Packaging Material Of The Future

A newly discovered casein-based alternative is biodegradable, sustainable and even edible

Design Your Own Custom Watch Faces

Customize your wrist device with Garmin's new app that lets you display personalized images or patterns

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