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Enjoy Fine Dining Anywhere with Off-The-Floor Picnic Basket

The URfresco Basket is redefining the traditional picnic experience allowing users to eat on a table

Wrap Your Apple Device in Marble

UNIQFIND dresses up your Apple device in a fresh, trendy and residue-free way

Your Next Cat Sitter Might Just Be An iPhone-Controlled Laser Toy

Obi brings elegant design and the ability to do all of the work on its own to the design-less world of cat toys

Make the Coming Winter Less Cruel, Consider Wearing Recycled Down

Sustainable clothing line Nau aims at extending the life of raw materials and has set its sights on post-consumer down

Designing a Television to Complement Rather Than Dominate Decor

Has the time come for home electronics that don't look like electronics? Samsung and Studio Bouroullec think so

Tired of Screens? Adopt a Connected Strap for Your Dumb Watch

The Unique watch strap is an un-intrusive way to filter waves of information

3D-Printed Outfits Responds to the Male (or Female) Gaze

The 3D-printed wearable Caress of the Gaze promises a new human mating ritual

Evoking Snow-Covered Landscapes, Furniture Eases Anxiety of Patients

Jardin D'Hiver is a furniture collection that uses aromatherapy and light therapy for relaxation purposes

What if Flags Were More Like Infographics?

State of the Union maps dynamic information about a particular country onto symbols we've come to know as static and never-changing

Psychedelic Sunglasses Will Mimic an LSD Experience

Go on a hallucinogenic trip (without the acid) by pairing Mood 3D-printed sunglasses with a trippy soundtrack

The Anti-Bacterial Sneakers You Can Wear Without Socks

Baabuk's wool shoes are water-repellent, anti-bacterial footwear that are shape-conforming and breathable

Will This 8-in-1 Bra Give Victoria’s Secret a Run for Its Money?

Knix Wear's Evolution Bra is anti-microbial, fully reversible and requires no underwire

Addicted to Your Phone? The NoPhone Is Here to Help

The NoPhone Zero is the latest smartphone-sized piece of plastic designed to help users combat technology addiction

Like California, Partially-Filled Bottled Water Keeps Residents Thirsting for More

Designer Chris Onesto created a concept water company to comment on water usage in the drought-stricken state

Dear Diary: Want To Hear a Secret?

Dear Diary Day (Sept. 22) ought to be every day, especially for writers. Get the habit of making notes in a journal, whether for your future self, or to enrich your next writing project. All you need is an open mind and a seductive notebook at hand.

Whimsical Inventions Born from a World We Wish Were Real

Japanese design company Pantograph has invented a series of playful, imaginative (and useless) objects we'd love to see in the real world

A Motion to Give Credit Cards Motion

A small change equals a huge convenience with a new design concept for credit cards

Zen Sand Garden Lets You Etch-A-Sketch to a Meditative State

Designer Jonathan Odom created XYZen Garden to provide meditation with cues from the mechanical drawing toy

Self-Sustaining Islands, the Future of Farming?

As nautical ways of living catch on, triple decker farms might start supplying a region near you

Eat Your Dinner and Then Eat Your Plate

A startup is planning to bring edible “paper” plates to the mainstream

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