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Social and Mechanical Reasoning Inhibit Each Other

The brain can't engage social and mechanical reasoning at the same time.

“There’s no stat yet that measures heart." Or any test, either.

Joe Posnaski - an outstanding on-line baseball writer, one of the very best - has an interesting column where he riffs off of a Nomar Garciaparra quote: There's no stat yet that measures heart.Just as Joe riffed on Garciaparra, I'd like to riff a bit on Joe's blog. I think he offers a wonderful (if likely unintentional) metaphor for a student's GRE scores and their GPA.

The Pesky Persistence of Labels

New study shows that just because a label has been lifted doesn't make it disappear.

Dealing with Worry-Based Fantasies and Daydreams

“Daymare” is an old-fashioned word straight out of Charles Dickens. The word is not in use much anymore, but it certainly captures the stressful aspect of frightening and worry-based visions that plague many people on a regular basi...

A Creativity Researcher's Thoughts on the Oscars

I've always liked Michael Giacchino, composer of Pixar movies and Lost; now, I love him. In a brief speech, he articulated nearly everything I know about how to encourage creativity: When I was nine and I asked my dad, "Can I have your...Show More Summary

Interview with Author and Magician Alex Stone

Interview with Author and Magician Alex Stone about his book "Fooling Houdini."

The Charlie Brown Theory of Personality

Charlie Brown is a model neurotic. He is prone to depression and anxiety and paralyzing fits of over-analysis. Constantly worrying if he is liked or respected, he has a perpetual, usually dormant crush on the little redheaded girl, taking small joys in her foibles (like biting her pencil) that may make her more attainable. He is noted for his inability to fly a kite.

Social Rejection Can Fuel Creativity

Social rejection fuels creativity for people with an independent mindset.

The Dynamic Duo: Imagination + Knowledge

Isn't it great when a study confirms what you already suspected? There's a significant correlation between robust daydreaming and superior intelligence.

The Cognitive Psychology of Pick-up Lines

How perception and cognition influences receptivity to pick-up lines.

How to Work Your Daydreams

It's funny what cyclical creatures we are. Every year, I along with a zillion others pledge to do all kinds of righteous things in January, the New Year and season of fresh starts. Of course many of these cyclical goals spring from long-nurtured, long-held visions, fantasies, and daydreams of what we want to be. Show More Summary

How to Use Your Imagination to Fortify Yourself for the Holidays

You can use your everyday creativity in obvious ways to help you get the most out of holiday get-togethers--from the way you dress, to what food or gifts you bring, to how you choose to respond to any verbal gauntlets thrown. You can...Show More Summary

Our Capacity for Interruption or . . . How We Get Away with Daydreaming

At least the two Northwest Airlines pilots who flew 150 miles past their appointed runaway didn't claim "daydreaming" as a distraction. Instead, they asserted that they were caught up in doing business on their laptops.

Science of Creativity Moves Into the Body

Five thinkers pave the way to understanding how the body helps us learn and create.

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