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Why Is This Guy Terrorizing Supreme Fanboys in NYC?

NYC beware: there’s a new threat plaguing the streets, and it’s not Donald Trump. Yesterday, a rather bizarre video surfaced of a crazed loon vandalizing Supreme’s Lafayette Street flagship. The perpetrator, who calls himself “Ape,” embarks on a tirade against the beloved streetwear magnate, cursing Supreme and all of its affiliates – fans, store employees, […]

10 of Our Favorite Pieces From Slam Jam’s Massive Summer Sale

Luca Benini’s Slam Jam shop has been selling some of the best street and fashion labels for decades. Benini’s an influential industry figure in Europe, where he helped plenty of streetwear brands make headway, thanks to his membership in the original International Stüssy Tribe. These days, Slam Jam remains one of the most diverse shops in […]

This Makeup Artist's Disney Transformation Is Incredible

Isn't that Dory screenshot from Finding Nemo cute up there? Such a fun movie. Such a lovable fish. Um, just kidding. That's not a screenshot. That's a person's face. Yes, we had to peel ourselves off the floor, too. To be fair, we've...Show More Summary

14 Male Celebrities With Seriously Impressive Beauty Routines

From Cleopatra to Clara Bow, Marilyn Monroe to the entire Kardashian clan, we've long been culturally obsessed with the beauty secrets of beautiful, famous women. But the truth is, the men of history, Hollywood, and those in our ownShow More Summary

Why Are Supreme Fanboys Hating on ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Maisie Williams?

I never thought I would live to see the day where I could say that I vividly understand how Maisie Williams is feeling right now. We live such incredibly different lives: she’s the teenage star of a TV show about dragons, I’m the son of eastern European immigrants that somehow learned English well enough to write […]

Critiquing Amazon’s “Best” Budget Sneakers Under $50

Sneakers are an expensive habit. If you’re reading this site and don’t have a drug problem, it’s quite likely that you spend a fairly disproportionate amount of money every year on sneakers compared to say, homeware or meals in restaurants or cultural activities. Your average pair of Air Force 1s cost $90. Most other much-hyped […]

Why I Started Paying Attention to Zayn Malik Despite the Haters

Zayn Malik isn’t a name brought up frequently here at Highsnobiety. In fact, until last year, I actually didn’t even know who he was. However, this all changed once the singer decided to part ways with the colossally popular UK boy band, otherwise known as One Direction, in March 2015. The news wreaked sheer havoc […]

How Tyler, The Creator Turned a “Joke” Into a Lasting Legacy

There are few artists who represent the devil-may-care and do-it-yourself attitude better than Tyler, The Creator whose entire empire has been buoyed by his unwillingness to hold his tongue. Forged at a time when artists couldn’t merely exist inside CD jewel cases or on MP3s, Tyler’s relevance has been cemented by his ability to bounce […]

6 Undies Every Woman Should Own & Why

Illustrations By: Anna Sudit One of the first things we do in the morning (after hitting snooze on our alarm for the fifth and final time) is put on a fresh pair of underwear. It's the backbone of any good wardrobe, along with bras that actually fit us. Show More Summary

Missy Elliott Stars in Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2016 Campaign

Missy Elliott has been “supa dupa fly” since 1997, and with her recent resurgence, Marc Jacobs has chosen the hip-hop veteran as one of the faces for his new Fall 2016 campaign. Jacobs took to Instagram to reveal the news, disclosing “From the moment I heard, ‘The Rain,’ back in 1997, I was entranced by […]

5 Best Natural Lip Plumpers (You Know, Sans Toxins or Injectables)

Seems everyone wants full lips. But if you are committed to no toxins in your beauty regimen, how are you supposed to get a plumped-up pout? The good news: there are natural lip plumpers that are both toxin-free and give deflated kissers a boost. Show More Summary

Are Fashion Designers Exploiting Real Social Issues to Stay Relevant?

The first time I watched Mississippi Burning I sobbed; the trauma of an unspoken history was overwhelming and I was completely at a loss about how to feel. The first time I saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra I was so spellbound that for a month afterward I convinced myself that I loved playing violin enough […]

7 Things to Know Before Watching the Euro 2016 Football Tournament

This time of year is reserved for pundits of questionable intelligence who spout off about how it was the most “extraordinary” and “unpredictable” season yet. Ordinarily it’s nothing more than the hot air they expel as they’re prodded off-camera by pushy TV people eager to boost subscription renewals, but this time they’re right. The European […]

13 Girly TV Commercials From the '90s and '00s We'll Never Forget

Post by The Stir Bloggers. Like my undying obsession with celebrity perfumes (don’t judge!), I’ll admit I’m a big sucker for beauty commercials, as they take me back to a time when things were simpler and free of adult responsibilities. Sigh. But...Show More Summary

The Sports Direct Scandal Highlights the Immorality of Dirt Cheap Fashion

If you’re from the UK, you’ll be acutely familiar with Sports Direct. And if you’re not from the UK, but happen to be a serious Skepta fan, then you’ll probably know the Sports Direct name from its appearance on a coffee mug in one of his recent music videos, and his proclamations to HYPEBEAST that “when I’m […]

Here’s 17 Movies About Magic & Magicians to Get You Ready for ‘Now You See Me 2’

For the latest entry in our ongoing weekly film series, where we typically recommend movies to watch “if you liked” a particular new release, we decided to prepare you for the upcoming release of Now You See Me 2 by highlighting some of our favorite movies that have to do with magic (think deception/magic tricks, not sorcery) and/or magicians. Now You […]

Donald Glover’s Rap-Inspired TV Show ‘Atlanta’ Gets Its First Teaser

As one of the few rappers/actors that naturally bounces between two crafts, Donald Glover has been cultivating his thespian side as of late as demonstrated by the first look at his upcoming FX series, Atlanta. Described as a fictionalized version of Glover’s childhood in the Georgia capital which “revolves around two cousins on their way […]

PETA Infiltrated the Hermès Boardroom to Protest Against Ostrich Slaughter

PETA infiltrated Hermés’ annual meeting in Paris on Tuesday to protest against the French house’s use, and sale of, exotic skins. PETA inventively purchased Hermés stock last July, and therefore had the right to sit in the house’s meeting and push for change within the company. The move to buy stock followed shortly after PETA (People […]

PLEASURES Founder Explains Why He Put Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note on a T-Shirt

The grip that “hype” has on consumer culture is one so tight, not even a pair of titanium pliers could pry it. Coveting or adopting something due to its mass popularity or extreme exclusivity is not only something that’s been scientifically-proven to be embedded in a person’s DNA, it’s a trait that’s bracketed the fashion […]

What Losing All of My Hair Taught Me About Black Womanhood

A month ago, I had one of the biggest scares of my life. As I was sitting in my room, getting ready for bed I had decided to take my hair out and piece by piece it began falling from my scalp, into my hands with ease. Handful after handful, I was losing my curls and gaining fear of the unknown. Show More Summary

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