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The Best Honing Steel (Not Sharpening Steel!) for Your Knife

Honing steels don't sharpen knives, but they do help maintain a good edge between true sharpenings. Every cook should have one at home. Here are some of the most important things to know about them, along with product recommendation...

Is It Safe to Eat Bushmeat?

In Ghana, capturing wild animals is a tradition and a valuable source of protein. But there’s a fear it’s spreading diseases.

Tyson Recalls 130,000 Pounds of Chicken Nuggets That Might Contain Plastic

Check your freezer Just months after announcing it would phase out human antibiotics from its chicken by 2017, Tyson is now working to eliminate something else: plastic. The company is recalling approximately 132,520 pounds of frozen...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Double Standard on Weight

From the “400-pound” hacker to Alicia Machado, Trump’s denigration of fat people has a long tradition—but may be a liability.

What does “healthy” mean (on food labels)?

As it promised in response to a petition from the KIND fruit-and-nut bar company (as I discussed in a previous post), the FDA is now asking for public comment on what “healthy” means on food package labels. You might think that any food minimally processed from the plant, tree, animal, bird, or fish would qualify. But “healthy” […]

Did Someone Order a Pizza?

A history (though no, not an oral one) of pornography's most persistent narrative cliche It's Delivery Week here at Eater, five glorious days celebrating staying put and having your food (and in the case of this story, perhaps a little bit more) brought right to your door. A note: Many of the links in this story are not safe for work. Show More Summary

Exclusive: 'Modernist Bread' Is Six Volumes of Extreme Bread Geekery

And will cost you $625 Modernist Cuisine, the ground-breaking cookbook series and kitchen lab from ultimate food nerd (and former Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft) Nathan Myhrvold and company, is about to birth another megacookbook. Show More Summary

This ‘Breaditation’ Class Teaches Breadmaking and Meditation

Students mix a dough, knead the shit out of it, bake it, and then burn all the thoughts that cropped up in a ceremonial act of letting go.

Scientists Say Hipster Honey Could Actually Save Lives

A new study from the University of Southampton found that manuka honey solution could be used to prevent the growth of bacteria on hospital equipment.

Two Brothers Brewing opens a 3-floor bar, restaurant and market ... with no place to make beer

The latest project for Two Brothers Brewing doesn't feature a brewery — a bit odd for an operation that has made its name with beer for nearly 20 years. But The Craftsman, which opened Wednesday on a quaint stretch of downtown Naperville, has enough else going on across its three floors: a bakery,...

Peak TV & Peak Beer

If you aren’t sure what “peak TV” means then this may help: “When (John) Landgraf said ‘peak TV,’ he was trying to name a problem. Nearly 400 original series aired in 2015, and that number will get higher in 2016. From Landgraf’s perspective, this volume is keeping audiences from finding good series they would enjoy, […]

Shakshuka: A Template for Breakfast, Dinner, and Every Meal in Between

Though it's North African in origin, these days shakshuka is popular throughout the Middle East (particularly in Israel, where it may as well be one of the national dishes) and in hip neighborhood diners all over the coastal US. Given its versatility, it's easy to see why. Show More Summary

The Link Between Natural Disasters and Domestic Abuse

Flooding in Louisiana has left victims of abuse even more vulnerable.

Hair of the Dog

John and Deb Herron's dog, Hope, won't stop barking if you make eye contact with her so I was instructed not to do so as I entered the backyard to see John's compost experiments, the ones that are continually transforming the astounding...Show More Summary

5 Machines for 3D Printing Cutting-Edge Cuisines

3D Printing food could make for some interesting cuisine innovations in the future. There's a few options to get you "cooking" now. Read more on MAKE The post 5 Machines for 3D Printing Cutting-Edge Cuisines appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

In the Douro: Niepoort

Niepoort’s Quinta do Nápoles Next stop on the Douro trip: Niepoort. It was a real pleasure to spend a few days at Quinta do Nápoles with one of my favourite people in the world of wine, Dirk Niepoort. Dirk picks early, so when we visited harvest, this year a little later in the Douro, was well [...]

Stone Encore 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale

The post, Stone Encore 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Stone’s Vertical Epic series was the first of its kind. While not a true vertical tasting in the traditional sense — were […] The post, Stone Encore 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

MUNCHIES Presents: Edible Schoolyard NYC

MUNCHIES host Frank Pinello visits the Edible Schoolyard NYC program in East Harlem, New York to see the program's seed to table educational experience at work.

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