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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and I don’t mind eating it more than once because it is also one of my favorites. Breakfast bakes are a great way to start your morning or to give you a boost of energy in the afternoon. Make these for entertaining or just...

A Better Way to Skin Charred Peppers for Chilis, Soups, and Stews

Want the most flavor out of charred peppers for a chili, soup, stew, or dip? Instead of removing the skins under running water, try slipping them off in a bowl of water or stock. Here's why.

chocolate dutch baby

If I had a superpower, it would be rationalizing. Did you find a pair of boots that you love but they’re wildly expensive? Text me and I will tell you about the only time in my life I have splurged on boots and how lovely they are. We’re...Show More Summary

Why You Should Add Ping-Pong Balls to Your Sous Vide Bath

If you've cooked sous vide as much as I have, you've probably had a long, unattended cook accidentally cut itself short when the water level drops below the minimum level that the sous-vide cooker can handle. Not only can cooking sous vide in an open pot lead to situations like this, it's also a waste of energy. How do you solve this problem? With Ping-Pong balls.

Hot Ukrainian Borscht Is an Omnivore's Dream

Ukrainian borscht—hot, meaty, and beet-red—is a classic hearty wintertime soup. We'll show you how to make it, from meaty-broth beginning to beety-soup end.

20 Recipes for National Cheese Lovers Day

  Crispy fried Cheddar Chicken Get the recipe at: TheKitchenAddiction     Caramelized Onion Gouda Casatiello Get the recipe at: Hostessatheart   Smoked Gouda Mushroom Mach and Cheese   Get the recipe at: Themissinglokness   Italian Show More Summary

Orange Panna Cotta with Mascarpone cheese

Orange Panna Cotta with Mascarpone Cheese – Yes it’s January and it’s cold and snowy! But should we let this hold us back from enjoying a nice Italian dessert? I don’t think so ???? This creamy dessert is usually made with heavy cream and...Show More Summary

Crispy Fried Cheddar Chicken

Crispy Fried Cheddar Chicken – Looking for a really cheesy recipe? Hold on tight and read on, because this recipe should definitely serve you well! It’s crispy, it’s fried and it contains a good amount of cheddar. YEEEEES you’re right,...Show More Summary

A Glow-promoting, Luminizing Breakfast Beauty Bowl

One of the very best ways to work toward beautiful, luminous, glowing skin is through eating well and mindful hydration. Your skin is often a direct reflection of the internal eco-system of your body, and, being nice to your inside is one of the best ways to positively impact your outside. Show More Summary

Master the Basics: How To Make a Perfect French Omelette

Michelin-star chef David Kinch shows how to make the perfect French omelette. This is not the ubiquitous crêpe-thin, browned on the outside omelette most of us are used to. A properly made omelette is not flipped and looks more like you're preparing scrambled eggs.

Get Cozy With Hot Caramel-Popcorn Bourbon Apple Cider

The bourbon in this hot cider drink is flavored with caramel popcorn, giving the combination a rich, toasty note and a hit of butter that you back up with a little pat of butter floating on each mug. (Hey, they do it with rum all the time.)

Nestle Tollhouse Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Dough, reviewed

Since my freezer is often stocked with logs of homemade cookie dough, I don’t pick up refrigerated dough all that often. That said, I always take a look at that section in the market just to see if anything new is happening in that cookie genre and the limited edition Nestle Tollhouse Strawberry Shortcake Cookie...

Real Sweet: More Than 80 Crave-Worthy Treats Made with Natural Sugars

I have a sweet tooth and make no secrets about it, but a spoonful of white sugar isn’t the only way to satisfy it – and it also isn’t the only option you have when it comes to baking. In Real Sweet: More Than 80 Crave-Worthy Treats Made with Natural Sugars, you’ll find dozens of...

A weekend in Columbia, South Carolina...or 72 hours of great food and culture!

Back in late November (Halloween weekend actually), I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, on assignment for Garden&Gun magazine and the Columbia Midlands Authority for 72 hours to explore and venture around the city for their upcoming feature in this month's issue. Show More Summary

Bloom Ground Spices in Oil for Better Flavor

Frying ground spices in hot fat both releases fat-soluble flavor compounds and disperses the spices' flavor more efficiently throughout the final dish.

Hermit Bars

Hermit cookies have the strangest name of any cookie out there. The unusual name does not have a clear origin story, but the cookies always have a very similar recipe. Hermit cookies, and bar cookies for that matter, are made with molasses and flavored with a generous amount of spices – spices that do not...

21 Super Bowl Snacks to Kick Off Your Party

We've got all kinds of game day snack recipe sfor you, like Korean-inspired nachos topped with bulgogi, jalapeño poppers two ways, or spicy Thai-style shrimp cakes.

Vibrant Vegan Double Broccoli Buddha Bowl

A Buddha bowl is all sorts of healthful goodness piled in abundance in a single bowl. They tend to be very beautiful, and have an ability to make people more appreciative of a meal than usual. Perhaps it's because of the care that is...Show More Summary

Nectar of the Gods: Ivar's Legendary Clam Broth

On cold days here in Seattle, when I yearn for a cup of warmth, I head to the Piers. On Pier 54 you'll find Seattle's legendary Ivar's Fish Bar and Salmon House.

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