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Plastic Wrap Makes Food Processor Cleanup a Snap

Even the most efficient kitchen appliances can be flawed, regardless of whether they do their intended job. From box graters to food mills to the ubiquitous food processor, some appliances are infuriatingly difficult to clean. But with just a sheet of plastic wrap, you can say good-bye to dirty food processor lids for good. Here's how.

Use the Pressure Cooker for Beef Barley Soup in Half the Time

A classic beef barley soup is a wintertime staple, but it takes a while to cook...unless you use a pressure cooker. This recipe takes advantage of the higher temperatures of a pressure cooker to get a deeply flavorful beef barley soup on the table in about an hour from start to finish.

Coconut Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is one of my signature breakfast and brunch moves, for all the typical reasons. Make ahead, check. Adaptable, check. Many five year olds love it, and most forty year olds too. Check, check. There are versions of it in my...Show More Summary

For Irish Coffee With a Bittersweet Note, Add a Double Dose of Amaro

Spiked coffee goes bittersweet in this deliciously rich hot cocktail, made with crème de cacao, Amaro Averna, Gran Classico, and bourbon.

The Difference Between Blackstrap and True Molasses

Got a jar of blackstrap in the pantry? For the love of all that is sweet and delicious, please don't use it as a substitute for true molasses.

Parmesan Palmiers

Puff pastry is a handy thing to keep in your freezer and I always have a package or two on hand. I like to keep it around because it is so versatile and can be turned into a variety of sweet and savory treats very easily. Palmiers are probably my favorite easy, sweet things to...

Pâtisserie Gluten Free

For a long time, gluten free baked goods consisted primarily of dense, nutty breads that bore little resemblance to their “regular” counterparts. Thanks to the increasing popularity of gluten free goodies, the last few years have seen a steady increase in the quality and availability of gluten free breads and desserts that are much more...

How to Make Earthy, Smoky Penne Boscaiola (Pasta With Mushrooms and Bacon)

This earthy, smoky classic pasta dish has all the flavors of the forest and a campfire packed into it. Loaded with mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, and a touch of cream, it'll momentarily transport you from wherever you are to a cabin in a wintertime woodland.

Spicy Beef Stir Fry With Toasted Peanuts

Spicy beef stir fry with toasted peanuts – If you’re in a hurry or are too exhausted after a hard day’s work you might not have the nerves to cook an intricate meal. In cases like this, which basically applies to five days a week, stir-fries...Show More Summary

Olive Oil Lemon Berry Loaf Cake

You probably reach for olive oil when cooking savory dishes, but it can be a wonderful ingredient to bake with when it comes time for dessert, as well. Olive oil has a subtle, bright acidity to it that pairs well with citrus fruit and berries in particular. This Olive Oil Lemon Berry Loaf Cake is...

Nordic Ware Anniversary and Juibilee Loaf Pans

Loaf cakes don’t usually get the spotlight on the dessert table the way that layer cakes and bundt cakes do. They can be delicious, but sometimes their relatively plain appearance leads to the assumption that the loaf is a bit boring, as well. You can dress up a loaf cake by adding a drizzle of...

How to Ripen Bananas Quickly

When I buy bananas, I buy more than I need. In other words, if I think that I’m going to eat three bananas in a given week, I buy five or six. The leftover bananas will ripen to the point of being overripe, with dark brown mottled peels that make them look a bit unappetizing...

Big Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I have a bunch of ripe bananas, I’m usually going to turn them into banana bread or some kind of banana cake. But one banana isn’t usually enough for one of those recipes, so I turn from cakes to cookies and bake up a batch of Big Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies instead. These...

Quick Meal Ideas

YouTube Link: Quick Meal Ideas More Videos: Helen's Kitchen ChannelDishes and resources mentioned in this video:Veggies Videos Fish VideosBraised ShortribsBraised Pork ShoulderChicken NuggetsChicken Thighs with Prunes Balsamic SoyHow...Show More Summary

tomato-glazed meatloaves with brown butter mashed potatoes

I am a sucker for a good meatball. Something happens when you mix otherwise one-dimensional ground meats up with fresh breadcrumbs, herbs, seasonings and make a great sauce to go with it and that is that I will swat your fork away to get at them first. Show More Summary

Make Ahead Vegan Samosa Shepherd's Pie

This recipe uses a number of my favorite techniques: mashing, slathering, and drizzling. Imagine a Shepherd's pie meeting the flavors of an Indian samosa. That's where we're headed. Shepherd's pies are typically lamb or meat based, but this is a veg-friendly version. Show More Summary

Why Every Kitchen Needs a Salt Pig (or Two)

Easy and immediate access to salt is one of the keys to a good kitchen setup. Your best bet: a salt pig or other dedicated large salt cellar. Maybe even more than one. Here's why.

A Cure for Everything: 17 Warming Chicken Soup Recipes

17 chicken soup recipes that'll hit the spot, whether you're sick or you're just cold and hungry.

Knife Skills: How to Mince Fresh Sage Leaves

This quick video will show you how to properly mince sage for recipes.

10 Best Mixing Bowls of 2017

Baking or any type of cooking is not possible without a good mixing bowl. When it comes to baking cakes or cookies mixing bowls are a must. It sometimes requires more than one bowl so it’s always better to go for the best mixing bowls that come in a set. Show More Summary

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