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Win a Copy of The One-Bottle Cocktail by Serious Eats' Maggie Hoffman

We're giving away a copy of Maggie Hoffman's The One-Bottle Cocktail, a collection of 83 bar-worthy cocktails designed with the home mixologist in mind.

Asian Chicken Salad with Fried Shallots

I'm a sucker for Vietnamese and Thai salads, especially those that combine sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavors. The recent issue of EatingWell magazine (March/April 2018) featured flavor-packed Burmese salads, a cuisine I'd never tasted...Show More Summary

6 Food Photography Tips For Beginners

If you scroll through your Instagram feed or on your favorite Pinterest board, you’re bound to start drooling over some amazing food photography. Great food images are a must for food bloggers to pull those readers in, but surprisingly you don’t need a whole lot of expensive studio gear and fancy cameras. Show More Summary

Fregola Sarda, the Perfect Lunchy Brunch Dish

I thought we could welcome spring with one of my favorite recipes from Near & Far. It's the perfect lunchy, brunch dish, and it's made with fregola. Fregola is a beautiful, tasty Sardinian pasta made from hard durum wheat flour -- rolled, sun-dried, and toasted to a mix of shades of yellow, gold, and brown. Show More Summary

KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor, reviewed

The food processor is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. My full size processor is a Magimix and it is fantastic – but it is also quite large, and while it does come with smaller bowls for making smaller recipes, there are times when I want something even easier to use.... The post KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor, reviewed appeared first on Baking Bites.

Salted Whole Wheat Butterscotch Blondies with Pecans

Dense, chewy blondies are always a hit when I bake them. They’re easy to make and very delicious – a combination that I can’t resist. It is easy to put a twist on a basic blondie recipe, just as it is easy to change things up with your favorite chocolate chip cookie... The post Salted Whole Wheat Butterscotch Blondies with Pecans appeared first on Baking Bites.

Banana Coconut Muffins

These Banana Coconut Muffins may just be one of my new favorite variations on traditional banana bread. They’re much quicker to make than a full sized loaf and are incredibly satisfying to eat – especially if you enjoy all baked goods with banana and coconut. While I wouldn’t consider banana bread... The post Banana Coconut Muffins appeared first on Baking Bites.

Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I am a sucker for oatmeal raisin cookies, especially when the raisins are plump and fresh, as they add so much natural sweetness to the buttery cookies. Most of my oatmeal cookie variations are based around different spice combinations...Show More Summary

Cappelletti di Manzo in Brodo

With the decidedly cold weather we've been experiencing, it seems like the perfect time to settle back with something warm and inviting. For me, that means a generous bowl of cappelletti in a hearty beef broth. Before you can even start thinking about making the pasta, you need a good stock. Show More Summary

Simple Beet Fettuccine

If you've never made homemade pasta before, this is a great place to start. Fresh pasta is a lot less time-intensive than you might think (really!). You knead the dough by hand, and you cut the pasta dough into fettuccine noodles in one of two ways - by hand, or with a pasta machine. Show More Summary

A Flavorbomb List of Essential Curry Pastes

One of the questions I'm asked often is, "what brand of curry paste do you use?" It's easy to buy a range of red, yellow, or green Thai curry pastes. You can purchase tubes and jars of Indian curry pastes, or Japanese curry powders. They're aromatic, flavor-boosts, and the components I deploy most when pulling together a quick weeknight meal. Show More Summary

Ten Weeknight Express Recipes eBook

Hi all! I made a free ebook for anyone who signs up for the 101 Cookbooks newsletter. It's a collection of favorite weeknight-friendly recipes, and by being on the mailing list, it'll be easier for me to send future recipes and content directly to you. Show More Summary

Muffin Tin Bread Puddings

Bread pudding is classic comfort food and most of these custardy delights are baked – and served – in large casserole dishes. This “family style” format is perfect when you have a big crowd to serve, but it’s not the only way to bake bread pudding. This recipe is for Muffin Tin... The post Muffin Tin Bread Puddings appeared first on Baking Bites.

The Best Simple Cauliflower Soup

This is the simplest of cauliflower soups. And it is so dang good. The ingredient list is shorter than short, and if you have a great yellow curry paste on hand (or even just a good one), it is worth making. I love the super silky texture you get from blending this soup in a high-speed blender, but a hand-blender is B+ level good as well. Show More Summary

6 Healthy Juices to Drink in the Morning

Have you ever questioned why the first human started squeezing fruits or vegetables to extract juices? Trust me; no one really knows why or how people started making juices. But that didn’t stop anyone from drinking a glass of fresh juice first thing in the morning. Fruits and veggies come […] The post 6 Healthy Juices to Drink in the Morning appeared first on Kitchen Folks.

5 Easy Juice Recipes To Help You Fall A Sleep

5 Easy Juice recipes to help you fall asleep It’s 3 am, and you still stuck with your smartphone, scrolling down your social media. While meaninglessly scrolling and searching for something and waiting for your sleep to kick in, youShow More Summary

Dash Mini Waffle Maker, reviewed

The Instant Pot might have been one of the popular holiday kitchen gifts last season, but the Dash Mini Waffle Maker has consistently been a best seller this year. The pint-size waffle maker is just a bit bigger than the palm of your hand and produce 4-inch waffles that are... The post Dash Mini Waffle Maker, reviewed appeared first on Baking Bites.

Gut Healthy Tangy Feta Chicken with Kale Wraps

Americans have a love affair with chicken, so I felt it apropos to feature it as the final dish in our 9-day Gut Health Series. This Tangy Feta Chicken recipe is courtesy of The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing by Carla Oates. Show More Summary

Special Sauce: Phil Rosenthal on Stepping Out of His Comfort Zone

Ed Levine's conversation with Phil Rosenthal, the host of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix, continues.

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