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Pork Belly Tacos With Cilantro Avocado Cream & An Announcement!

Three years ago, exactly to the date, I was letting you in on a pretty big move in my life. Both in my immediate geography and career. When I was asked by the creative director of Time Inc Books in Birmingham, Al to come work for them as Senior Photographer three years ago, the timing was perfect. Show More Summary

The Beauty of Beans: Slow Cooker Curry Lentils

Cranberry, black, pinto, kidney, broad, speckled - at first glance you might think I am talking about horse breeds or types of flowers but beans are just as colorful and interesting.  Many corners of the world rely on the humble legume as their main source of protein.

Chilled Ginger Cantaloupe Soup

Here’s a post from the archives, originally published in 2009. There are delicious fresh local melons still available just about everywhere, including in my garden, so I thought the timing was right for this simple little soup to make another appearance. Enjoy! Did you know that cantaloupe and ginger pair well together?  I didn’t, but […]

Melon and Mozzarella Salad with Honey, Lime, and Mint

Here’s a post from the archives, originally published in 2010. There are delicious fresh local melons still available just about everywhere, including in my garden, so I thought the timing was right for this simple little salad to make another appearance.  I bought a delicious Crenshaw melon at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and after […]

PaperChef Culinary Parchment Lotus Baking Cups, reviewed

I have a huge array of baking cups in my pantry. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The wrappers that are the most eye catching tend to be the “lotus” baking cups, which are made of parchment paper and designed so that excess paper rises up over the top of the muffin. This...

How to Not F#&k Up a Caprese Salad

You want the short version of this? Get the best damn tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil you can find, put 'em on a plate, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, drizzle them with the best damn olive oil, and stop right there. Serve it. Admire its perfection. You want the longer version? Here goes.

Beyond the Taco: 30 Mexican, Mexican-Inspired, and Tex-Mex Recipes

Mexican food isn't exactly a well-kept secret in America, but we do tend to emphasize only a small portion of the country's diverse food landscape. Among these 30 Mexican and Mexican-inspired recipes, you'll find classics like chicken enchiladas along with lesser-known dishes like aguachile, plus a few of our very own innovations.

How To Buy The Best Sea Scallops

Living right on the coast, our seasonal eating is not like our friends in the midwest. Tourists stand in line for hours to eat a single pound lobster, and we freeze them in 50 pound batches for winter eating.

5 Ways to Spruce Up a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly is the classic school lunch standby. Most parents keep bread and a jar of each on hand at all times. While there is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to tradition, it can get overstated from time to time.

Hoecakes with Maple Butter

Hoecakes may look like regular pancakes at first glance, but they are a bit different than that standard breakfast fare. Hoecakes are coarse cakes made of cornmeal, similar to cornbread. It is said that the name dates back to the pre-Civil War era, where a version of the recipe made with just cornmeal and water...

Bites from other Blogs

Zucchini is plentiful all summer long and it never hurts to have a few new ways to put it to use. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody whipped up a batch of Zucchini Apple Maple Muffins that are the perfect way to bridge the gap between summer and fall baking seasons – a gap that still has...

Broiled Saffron Dates

If you've been to my house at any point in recent months, you've likely had these dates. They take only slightly more effort to make than placing dates unadorned on a plate. And, there must be something unusually captivating about them because people always ask me how to make them. Show More Summary


I've started to post some of the events and book signings I'll be doing in September and October related to the release of Near & Far. First up is a dinner cooked in the amazing fireplace at Camino in Oakland - details here. After that,...Show More Summary

How Congress Almost Killed the Southern Boiled Peanut

From the their arrival on Southern shores as a provision on slave ships to a starring role in civil rights debates on the floor of Congress, boiled peanuts are inextricably entwined with the South's original sin.

Buttermilk Pie Crust

Most pie crusts are made with flour, butter and water, with a pinch of salt and sugar to add a little bit of additional flavor. The three basic ingredients change in proportion from recipe to recipe, but they are rarely replaced. This Buttermilk Pie Crust is a departure from my “usual” pie crust recipe because...

Leftover Grilled Chicken? Give It New Life With This Cabbage and Tahini Salad

I've been trying to come up with great ways to use leftover grilled chicken breasts that mask their inherent dryness and give them new life. One of my favorites is a fresh, crunchy salad with cabbage, red onion, and a ton of fresh herbs in a tahini-based dressing.

Everything You Can Do With a Can of Coconut Milk

If the closest you've come to a can of coconut milk is a takeout container of Thai chicken curry, you're missing out—it's responsible for a wealth of flavorful dishes that range from sweet, rich ice creams to spicy dips and soothing soups.

The Beauty of Homemade Condiments

To be honest, condiments are the unsung heroes of any dish. Who out there can relate to an overcooked hamburger being saved by creamy mayonnaise or chicken coming to life with a marinade of spicy mustard and honey?

A Veggie Sandwich tha Even the Kids Will Love

Parents, myself included, get stuck in the school lunch rut.  We run on auto-pilot, churning peanut butter and jelly  and bologna and cheese sandwiches like a well oiled machine.

Donna Bell’s Bake Shop

Fans of the hit show NCIS will immediately recognize the face of Pauley Perrette on the cover of Donna Bell’s Bake Shop: Recipes and Stories of Family, Friends, and Food. She plays forensic analyst Abby Sciuto on the show – but what you may not know is that she also owns a popular bakery in...

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