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Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

For every time you want an elaborate layer cake for a celebration, there are a half dozen times when you want a simpler cake as an everyday dessert. This Banana Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting is a great everyday cake. It is quick and easy to make, with a no-fuss presentation that means you...

How to Make a Whiskey Sour

If you enjoy whiskey cocktails, there is one classic one that should not be overlooked: the whiskey sour. This is a simple cocktail that has been on the books for well over a century (the earliest official recipe dates back to the 1860s, but unofficial versions predate that by decades) and it is just as...

Bites from other Blogs

Stone fruit season is upon us and that means that you should be incorporating peaches, plums and other wonderful fruits into some of your summer desserts. Courtney’s Kitchen baked up an easy Peach Blueberry Crisp that showcases both of these wonderful fruits. The crisp is very easy to make, with a base primarily made of...

Back to School Means Bento!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Even though I homeschool, it's such a relief when we can go back to a strict schedule to our day. My kids seem to respond in a positive way, although I think it may have to do with all the food prep that happens. 

Special Sauce: Dinosaur BBQ's John Stage on His Unlikely Path to Pitmaster

On this week's Special Sauce, John Stage, founder of the insanely popular barbecue mini-chain Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, reveals the unusual way he discovered his calling—through a gig in a prison mess hall—and shares the succinct message to restaurant critics that he's enshrined in a tattoo.

Dinner in 20: For the Best Fried Chicken Cutlets, Use Clarified Butter

Fried chicken cutlets are a surprisingly fast and easy weeknight dinner. The secret to the richest, deepest flavor: Add clarified butter to the skillet instead of frying oil.

Potato Gnocchi sauce with pumpkin

Potato gnocchi sauce with pumpkin – Simple and cheap weeknight dinner recipe with fresh pumpkin, potato gnocchi, grana padano and crème fraiche. If you ever wondered how to use fresh pumpkin. Here you go!   Potato gnocchi sauce – a simple...Show More Summary

Succulent Seafood Pie

These are the most beautiful days of summer on the coast of Maine. The days have quickly become shorter, but they are crisp and clear. These are the few weeks of the year when tourists have gone home for the most part, yet the businesses are still open.

Bright and Sunny Cuban Orange Mojito

Fruity and cold, you are going to love this new cocktail recipe from Foodista contributor, Julia, for this fabulous drink!

Eat Your Way Along Richmond B.C.'s Dumpling Trail

Nearly every culture on Earth has them. Some are boiled, some are steamed. Some are pan or wok fried. Some are dropped by the spoonful into a flavorful stew or broth. They are pinched, pleated, folded, formed. They are eaten with chopsticks, spoons, forks, fingers.

Not Your Average Frozen Cocktail: 11 Recipes to Try This Summer

Frozen cocktails carry a good deal of baggage in the cultural imagination. But, thanks to the collection we've built up of recipes for frosty, refreshing beverages that aren't overly sugary or one-note, we know to set our preconceived notions aside and enjoy a blender drink or two, one of summer's most rewarding pastimes. Show More Summary

How to Make the Most of Late-Summer Fruit With Pie

Choose a mix of fruits that are sweet and tart, firm and tender, for a pie as unique as your local farmers market.

Seekh Kebabs: The Grilled, Spiced Pakistani Meat-on-a-Stick of Your Dreams

When a Pakistani friend of mine in college introduced me to the little packets of pre-blended seekh kebab spices at our local Indian market, it was something of a revelation. Oh, this is what a balanced spice blend tastes like. These days, though, I like to up the ante and cook seekh kebabs up from scratch, using a homemade mixture of spices.

A Peachy Tomato Salad

Tomato week is in full swing celebrating all the deliciousness that this vegetable (that's really a fruit) brings to the table.

No-Churn Strawberry Ice Cream with Mini Chocolate Chips

Homemade ice cream can be as simple as whipping up a smoothie.  This recipe for no-churn strawberry ice cream is a favorite because you dump everything into a blender and then transfer the mixture into the freezer - no ice cream maker required.

Williams-Sonoma Doughnut Twist Pan

I like all kinds of donuts, but will always have a soft spot in my heart for the twisted variety, as the donut shop closest to my house growing up was known for their exceptionally light, yeast-raised twist donuts and I indulged in them whenever I could. I enjoy making baked donuts these days and...

Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a chocolate dessert, but special occasions often call for one because it never hurts to have something both decadent and impressive when celebrating. In Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-the-Top Recipes, you’ll find plenty of recipes that will satisfy your craving for chocolate and put the perfect finishing...

First Street Food Stall in the World Wins Michelin Star

A Singapore street food chef is the first in the World to win a Michelin star. Chan Hon Meng, chef and owner of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, won the coveted culinary award in July for his less than $2 a plate signature dish - the cheapest Michel-starred meal in the world.

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