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Gordon Ramsay Regrets Abandoning ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

A million more Ramsay projects are on the way, however Gordon Ramsay has many shows on TV right now, but Kitchen Nightmares is not one of them. After attempting to save a few too many unsalvageable restaurants, the famous curse word-loving chef decided to kill that series a few years ago. Show More Summary

The 15 Best Trader Joe's Staples For Fast and Easy Dinners

Dilemma: you're too tired to cook dinner and too short on money to order out. Solution: a trip to Trader Joe's. We've shopped at Trader Joe's a time or two (thousand), so we've compiled a list of the absolute best 15 products that allow for incredibly fast and easy dinners. Show More Summary

A wine from Bolivia! Campos de Solano Tannat Malbec

Normally, Bolivia would be far to warm to make quality wines. But altitude changes things. This wine comes from the Tarija Valley in Bolivia, where the vineyards are at 1850 metres (6000 feet). Indeed, the region is practically on the Argentine border, not a long way from the high-altitude Salta wine region. This elevation makes [...]

Make your mayo better - stir in all kinds of sauces, salsas, chutneys

Those crafty French. Them and their crazy mother sauces. Bechamel, veloute and so on. Remember them? They're the sauces you'd never serve because they are considered bland and incomplete on their own. Like crackers. Or Sonny Bono. (What, too soon?) The idea is that, by taking one of these relatively...

36 Insanely Delicious Things You Can Make With Potatoes

When you have potatoes on hand, your first thought is probably mashed potatoes. While a perfectly creamy mash is a solid go-to side dish, it's not the only thing you could be making. Here's your reminder that this root veggie is incredibly...Show More Summary

12 Yellow Curry Recipes That Beat Takeout Any Night of the Week

Green and red curry might get all the love, but you're seriously missing out if you forget about yellow. Sauces, stews, stocks - no matter what you create with this delicious (and addictive) ingredient, your palate is in a good position to be pleased. Show More Summary

Green Flash Brewing to Open 3rd Brewery in Nebraska

The post, Green Flash Brewing to Open 3rd Brewery in Nebraska, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Less than one year after opening doors to their second brewery on the east coast, Green Flash Brewing Co. announces they are […] The post, Green Flash Brewing to Open 3rd Brewery in Nebraska, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

McDonald's Just Released Waffle Fries, and Hot Damn, We Need Them ASAP

Brace yourselves, reader, because the following news may make you salivate and/or attempt to eat your screen. We've just discovered that McDonald's locations in Singapore have begun selling freakin' waffle fries, and they look incredibly...Show More Summary

50+ Homemade Edible Gift Ideas For Any Time of Year

We all gotta eat, right? Rather than giving your friends or family stuff they don't need when holidays or birthdays roll around, why not make them something yummy that won't take up a bunch of space in their home? Ahead, we have more than 50 homemade gift ideas that are all edible, and many of them don't even require much skill in the kitchen. Show More Summary

Watch: How the King of Mozzarella Makes His Cheese

‘Dining on a Dime’ heads to the Bronx to learn about the process “I’m like the court jester of mozzarella,” says Dining on a Dime host Lucas Peterson — in this episode, he’s in the presence of the “king and prince” of the cheese, intruding on the family affair in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx. Show More Summary

Wines' bright flavors match summery spaghetti recipe

One of the season's champion flavor combo's — tomatoes and basil — come together in this simple spaghetti, but a perhaps unexpected ingredient is the secret: breadcrumbs. Bread on pasta? Carb on carb? If you're not familiar with the magic toasted breadcrumbs bring to pasta, get ready. MAKE THIS Summer...

Joanna Gaines's Latest Message May Inspire You to Get Back in the Kitchen

Chip and Joanna Gaines's fourth issue of Magnolia Journal centers around the theme of gratitude. In "a note from Jo," Joanna expresses her thankfulness for cooking. A small change in attitude enabled her to find joy in cooking, a chore she used to feel apprehensive about. Show More Summary

‘The Mind of a Chef’ Is Leaving PBS for Its Sixth Season

Major changes are underway for one of the best food shows on TV The Mind of a Chef, the award-winning and compulsively watchable food show from Anthony Bourdain and Zero Point Zero productions, is leaving PBS, the network that has hosted the program since its inception back in 2012. Show More Summary

Heritage Restaurant and Caviar Bar is 'a love letter to Chicago'

Some of the most successful restaurant openings this year have been deeply personal concepts, borne of vision, not an investor's bottom line. "Personal," in this case, means food with insight, which speaks to memory, personality, culture and, ultimately, comfort and nourishment. These are restaurants...

Green Flash to begin brewing in Nebraska

Green Flash Brewing, which opened 15 years ago in San Diego and added a second larger brewery last year in Virginia, has announced it will operate another brewery in Lincoln, Neb. A press release states the company has purchased a 10,000-square-foot production facility and tasting room with a restaurant in Lincoln. Ploughshare Brewing, which opened […]

Belotti Ristorante: The East Bay’s Best Homemade Pasta is in Oakland’s Rockridge Neighborhood

Pastas from Lombardy and the Piedmont region form the heart of the menu at Belotti Ristorante in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood.

At Last, A Big, Successful Trial of Probiotics

A large Indian study of 4,500 newborn babies found that the right microbes can prevent a life-threatening condition called sepsis.

Shh! These Quiet ASMR Food Videos Will Get Your Senses Tingling

A growing number of food videos aim to trigger ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or pleasing sensations in the brains of some viewers — by focusing on sounds like chopping and stirring.

How You Can Hack Avocado Toast at Subway

I sought out Subway's Executive Chef Chris Martone while trying his new sandwiches at The Green Room during Outside Lands. I had to get the scoop on little known facts about Subway's latest offerings and see if he could share a few secrets from the test kitchen. Show More Summary

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