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FDA Issues New Seafood Advice For Moms-To-Be. Not Everyone Is Thrilled

Concerns about mercury contamination have led many pregnant women to under-consume seafood. So the FDA issued a new chart explaining what to eat and what to avoid. But critics say it muddles matters.

Trump’s Pick To Lead USDA Heads To Washington With Some Political Baggage

Sonny Perdue, who's been named to head the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has held many political offices in his home state of Georgia. Farmers liked him. Environmentalists, not so much.

Values, memories, ideals

This flag appears in black and white on page 22 of Brewing Local. It seems like a good day to think about it in color, or simply to think about it. It was hanging high on the back wall at Craftsman Brewing in Pasadena when I visited in March of 2014. It used to belong […]

January 2017: News update, part 2

News wire is heating up now that we've got the holidays packed up in a box behind us and 2017 squarely in front of us and under way. Here are some bits and bytes you should be aware of from the last...

A Look Inside the ‘Sanctuary Restaurants’ Popping Up Across America

Sanctuary Restaurants brings together food businesses that “do not allow any harassment of any individual based on immigrant/refugee status, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation to occur in their restaurant.”

Drink This: Bar at Dixie tracks down rare '70s ingredient to mix Brooklyns - while supplies last

Drink This: Bar at Dixie tracks down rare '70s ingredient to mix Brooklyns — while supplies last To make this cousin to the Manhattan, you need an aperitif that doesn't hit U.S. stories these days. 1952 1/2, the gorgeous backroom bar at Dixie in Bucktown, can help. We all know the Manhattan cocktail,...

A Glimpse at Elysian Two Years Beyond the ABI Buyout

As the world’s largest beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev is a victim of their own success. For many a craft drinker, a brewery bu… The post A Glimpse at Elysian Two Years Beyond the ABI Buyout appeared first on

Jonathan Gold: Gwen, a manly restaurant and butcher shop, simply screams 'steak'

On your way into Gwen, the Hollywood restaurant run by Curtis Stone and his brother, Luke, a former florist, you will probably spend a few seconds browsing the retail butcher’s counter, a display of Victorian lavishness — fat birds, richly marbled meats and intricate pâtés.  I am a fan of McCall’s...

Starbucks Now Has the Best Parental Leave Policy of Any Major Restaurant Chain

New parents can get up to 18 weeks of fully paid leave When it comes to parental leave policies, the U.S. falls far behind other developed nations — but Starbucks is trying to narrow that gap. On Thursday the coffee giant informed its...Show More Summary

AleSmith My Bloody Valentine Returns + Local Blood Drive Event

(San Diego, CA) — AleSmith Brewing Company is announcing, just in time for Valentine’s Day, its seasonal My Bloody Valentine i… The post AleSmith My Bloody Valentine Returns + Local Blood Drive Event appeared first on

Why are all these famous chefs coming to L.A.?

(Robert Carter / For the Times) Everyone is moving to L.A. It's a sentence you might be tired of hearing, but it appears to be true for a certain subset of the nation's culinary elite. This year, an impressive group of celebrated chefs and restaurateurs from New York, San Francisco, Chicago and...

Farmers market report: Meyer lemons are in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: Beyond the soft, smooth skin and bright, floral aroma, Meyer lemons are perhaps best known for their sweet flavor, a sharp difference from the jolt of acidity common in other lemon varieties. Generally in season from the late winter months through early spring, the plump, dark...

‘Top Chef’ Recap: Tensions Run High During Restaurant Wars

It's a no-holds-barred culinary face-off with lots of beef tongue and awful crab dip I scream, you scream, we all scream because tensions are extremely high on Top Chef at this point in the season. Also, now I want ice cream. Sure, part...Show More Summary

What to Cook: What to Cook This Weekend

It’s a great time to cook up a storm, and an even better opportunity to embark on a project.

Jackie Kennedy's waffles and more recipes for Inauguration Day

Happy Inauguration Day. Regardless of our political differences, we can always count on food to bring us together. Which is why we came up with six of our favorite recipes from former presidents and first families. Recipes to celebrate today’s Inauguration  » If you’re looking for a hearty main...

Watch: Sea Robins Prove Ugly Fish Can Be Delicious

They’re more than meets the eye Sea robins aren’t just bait thieves. In the latest episode of Fresh Catch, Adam Geringer-Dunn from Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. proves that although they aren’t exactly Instagram-friendly, sea robins are delicious. Making Sea Robin Ceviche at Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. Show More Summary

How an Olympic Gold Medalist Lost a Bet and Ended Up Buying a Vineyard

Daniele Molmenti competed for Italy in the men’s kayaking at the London Olympics. Months earlier, he bet his cousin that if he won gold, together they would buy a vineyard. Molmenti won.

Why Half of the World’s Crops Could Be Wiped Out by 2100

“Our relatively rosy view that climate may not be a major threat on global production is looking increasing like wishful thinking.”

Watch: Sheldon Simeon Prepares a Filipino Feast at Home

The ‘Cooking in America’ host makes use of local Hilo seafood and produce Under the guidance of host Sheldon Simeon — Hawaii-born chef and restaurant owner, as well as current contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef — Eater’s video series Cooking in America returns for its second season, focused entirely on the culinary traditions and food history of Hawaii. Show More Summary

Restaurant openings: 'Americana, but vegan' in Uptown, Stumptown coming to Chicago

UPTOWN - Longtime Uptown residents Andy and Gina Kalish had been eying a return to the neighborhood's dining scene for more than 15 years, ever since they gave up their Wilson Avenue catering company, Earth Market, following the birth of their son. The husband and wife are now just a few blocks...

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