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The Good Bagel Manifesto

For the past couple months I've been on a quest to find the best bagel in San Francisco. This led me to a shocking realization: there are really, really bad bagels everywhere, and I'm not just talking in the convenience stores or supermarkets—places you'd expect bad bagels. Show More Summary

A Man Named Bacon Got Into a Fight Over Sausage

Bacon had beef over sausage. You can't make this stuff up: A New Jersey man named named Thomas Bacon attacked a friend for eating the last slice of sausage. According to NBC New York, Mr. Bacon, a 19-year-old Madison, N.J. resident was so angry when a friend took the last piece of sausage that he went into attack mode. Show More Summary

All of the Food Words from the National Spelling Bee 2015

Plus, a peek at what the contestants ate before the competition. Food plays a major part in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Not only is what the competitors eat important — USA Today notes that many prefer a diet of "brain foods" like fish and nuts — but having a strong knowledge of food could even help someone win. Show More Summary

Green Man Brewery’s Wayfarer IPA Debuts This June

(Asheville,NC) – Green Man Brewery’s Wayfarer IPA, is now available in Asheville and will be available by mid-June on dra… The post Green Man Brewery’s Wayfarer IPA Debuts This June appeared first on

A Liberian Hospital After Ebola

In the wake of the epidemic, Liberian healthcare facilities have overhauled the way they handle infectious disease. But as resources and attention wane, can the country’s health system sustain these changes?

Fergus Henderson Has Perfected the Art of All Day-Drinking

St. John founder and cheffing legend Fergus Henderson has a carefully honed drinking regime, starting with a morning Fernet Branca and ending with an “uplifting” gin and tonic.

11 Amazing Things You Can Make in a Muffin Tin

In case you haven't heard, muffin tins are all the rage in the foodie world. You thought they were just for typical muffins and cupcakes? Not a chance! Read on for 11 delicious things you can make in a muffin tin, both sweet and savory. From peanut butter and jelly muffins to garlic parmesan popovers, there's a minicreation that will satisfy any craving.

A Restaurant Stored Its Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns in the Bathroom

The buns were quickly discarded upon discovery. There goes food safety down the toilet: According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, a Sonic in Kansas was caught storing its hamburger and hot dog buns in one of its restrooms. Customer Josh...Show More Summary

Weekend reading: Food Ethics for Everyone

Paul Thompson.  From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone.  Oxford University Press, 2015. I was pleased to be asked to blurb this one: From Field to Fork makes it clear that every food choice has ethical implications and that sorting out these implications from the science and politics of food is anything but simple.   […]

Grant Achatz's Alinea Will Pop-Up in Miami and Madrid

They are expected to take place in January or February 2016. Chef Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant Alinea is going on tour: the restaurant will pop-up in Miami and Madrid next year. In an interview with Fine Dining Lovers, Achatz reveals...Show More Summary

Friday Feature Photo: Best Beaches in Europe

17 hours agoFood & Drink / Wine : CataVino

Photographer: Ryan Opaz Capture Date: November 29, 2014 Location: Porto, Portugal About: With over 800km of coastline, Portugal boasts of some of the best beaches in the world! Just over half of the country’s border butts up to the Atlantic sea, making it a treasure trove of diverse beaches – from rocky […]

5 Tea Myths That Need to Disappear

Whatever the reason you started drinking tea, chances are you have some questions about it. Fortunately there are many, many sources out there that simplify the vast world of tea into digestible nuggets of knowledge. Unfortunately, a lot of those sources—often the very companies selling you their tea—get some basic points pretty wrong.

Flashback Friday: tea and breakfast!

18 hours agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Many of us love to start our day with tea. Just tea! The variety of choices here is as wide as the world of tea! Many people like to start their day with a green or an oolong tea, but there are others of us who prefer to hit the morning hours with a nice strong pot of Pu’erh, Assam, or Breakfast Blend. Show More Summary

The 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe That's For Keeps

Americans are on a constant search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie - one that is dense and chewy on the inside while crisp on the outside. I'm included in that list of seekers. I've tried all sorts of recipes - including Serious...Show More Summary

Joe Carroll on How to Learn About Barbecue and Beer

Joe Carroll of Brooklyn's acclaimed Spuyten Duyvil, Fette Sau, and St. Anselm has a passion for beer and for lesser-known regional barbecue styles. Want to learn about both? Here's his advice.

This Guy Is Selling Sustainable Fish From a Motorway Service Station

Veteran fishmonger Francis Phillips is heading up the UK’s only service station-based fish counter, selling sustainably caught sardines, ling, and pollack.

24 Smashing Red, White, and Blue Desserts

It's not too early to start planning for a festive Independence Day: show your patriotic pride by cooking with red, white, and blue ingredients. Many of the season's most delicious offerings - strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and blueberries - fit the color scheme, so don't be afraid to get creative. Show More Summary

Healthy Recipes: Oat Applesauce Muffins

4.22 / 5 Stars | 255 Reviews by sal "These hearty muffins will fill you up with fiber and flavor instead of fat." View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

Meat and Poultry: Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Herb-Garlic-Pepper Coating

4.89 / 5 Stars | 85 Reviews by USA WEEKEND Pam Anderson "Rosemary, thyme, and garlic season a whole beef tenderloin which is then grilled to a rosy pink." View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

Appetizers and Snacks: Antipasto

4.52 / 5 Stars | 16 Reviews by Karen "This recipe makes a huge amount. I can it and give it away as Christmas gifts. We usually make this as a group project to cut down on prep time and cost. The ingredient amounts may be altered proportionally as needed." View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

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