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Review: Samuel Adams Escape Route, Crystal Pale Ale, Double Bock, and Rebel Rider IPA Series

Sam Adams is positively pouring out the new releases this season for springtime, including three seasonals — Escape Route, Crystal Pale Ale, and Double Bock — and a new series of “west coast style” IPAs called Rebel Rider. Rebel Rider...Show More Summary

This 97-Year-Old Fruitcake Might Outlive Us All

The Australian War Memorial is now the proud owner of a 97-year-old fruitcake that was originally baked in Downton Abbey times.

Matthew McConaughey to Star in Wine Fraud Film 'The Billionaire's Vinegar'

Will Smith is a producer. Alright, alright, alright: Oscar winner/Guy Fieri's best bud Matthew McConaughey is set to star in an upcoming movie about an infamous case of wine fraud. According to the Guardian, the movie — titled The Billionaire's...Show More Summary

A Good Appetite: A Radish and Herb Salad That’s on the Cutting Edge

The sharp blade on a mandoline transforms bulky root vegetables into ethereal shavings. (Article plus video.)

Ricardo Zarate: at Cochon, at Coachella and in your bookstore

On a recent afternoon in downtown Los Angeles, Ricardo Zarate sat sipping from a paper cup of coffee in the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel. The setting — the hotel opened in 1923 with travertine walls, crystal chandeliers, marble fountains and frescoed mural ceilings painted by an artist who...

Crooked Stave to Release Two New Fruited Petite Sours & Spring 2015 Vieille

Denver, CO – On Wednesday, April 1st, Crooked Stave will release Petite Sour Raspberry, a 5.5% ABV mixed fermentation ale … The post Crooked Stave to Release Two New Fruited Petite Sours & Spring 2015 Vieille appeared first on

René Redzepi Plays a Recording of Foraged Sounds in the Bathrooms of Noma

It's 67 minutes long. Everything at Noma — chef and foraging demigod René Redzepi's award-winning Copenhagen restaurant — is over-the-top and complex, including the music in the bathroom. Yes, that's right, even using the toilet at Noma is a deeply intellectual and revelatory experience. Show More Summary

We Should Start Breeding Our Own Snails

Many people are still squeamish about eating insects, but snails are far less of a reach. We caught up with the UK’s principal supplier of live edible snails and snail farm starter kits to find out more about the land-molluscs we should be eating.

Can an Abortion Be Undone?

Arizona's legislature wants doctors to offer an unproven treatment to women who regret terminating their pregnancies.

The Night That Lolita, My 16 Year-Old Female Cat, Became A Man

When I first adopted Lolita from the Atlanta Humane Society in 2001, her name was Princess. She was in a room full of mangy cats, but she seemed very ladylike and elegant; she held herself differently, a Christine Baranski type, who wanted out of this dump. I took her home and gave her the name [...]

How to Prepare and Cook Octopus

In addition to being delicious and surprisingly versatile, octopus is also easy to make home.

Emeril Lagasse Looks Back on the Restaurant That Started It All

How one Massachusetts-born chef changed Creole food for a nation. "The Food Network is not why I have 12 restaurants," says chef Emeril Lagasse. He's reflecting on the dozen-restaurant empire that sparked 25 years ago this month, with the opening of his eponymous New Orleans classic, Emeril's. Show More Summary

Brilliant Instagram Account Pokes Fun at High-End Dining

Say it aloud: Chef Jacques La Merde What do you get when you cross fast food with fine dining? A brilliant new Instagram account that marries tongue-in-cheek humor with kitchen slang. Chef Jacques Lamerde — a pseudonym for a chef familiar with New Nordic plating techniques — has a penchant for fast junk food and crazy-cool flavor combinations. Show More Summary

8 Nonalcoholic Drinks That'll Satisfy When You're Craving a Cocktail

When you're craving a cocktail, plain old juice or soda just doesn't cut it. Luckily we've got an archive full of really good options; alcohol-free recipes that really make good cocktail substitutes. These eight drinks are remarkably complex, thanks to the thoughtful use of spices, tart vinegar, fruit, and nuts.

City Kitchen: Mastering Steak au Poivre

A simple dish goes heavy on the spice, with a pleasant, woodsy heat.

People Drink Coffee While Stoned and Apparently Taste 'Chimpanzees' and 'Cars' (VIDEO)

Post by Maressa Brown. To many people, coffee is coffee is coffee. Doesn't matter if it's single origin, organic, fair trade, dark or light roast, whatever. If it has caffeine, it works! But when you're a coffee nerd, you can't help but use flowery language to describe what you're drinking. Show More Summary

Easy dinner recipes: Get grilling with quick steak, pork and chicken ideas

The weather's great, so why not enjoy it? Cook dinner outdoors tonight with these simple grilling ideas. From pork steaks to carne asada to grilled chicken salad, these ideas grill up quickly with little effort.

Starr Hill Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout

The post, Starr Hill Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog. When I have a cup of coffee, I like it as black as the darkened heart of the great beast—I don’t want cream or sweetener. The same sentiment can pretty much be applied to coffee stouts or any stout for that matter. Show More Summary

10 Ways to Jazz Up Lemonade

Learn how to jazz up your lemonade with these simple additions that are flavorful and fun, and perfect as the weather gets warmer!

2001 Xiaguan Tea Factory Jingua puerh (shu)

Quel étrange printemps Taiwanais! La semaine dernière, il fit si chaud qu'on se serait cru en été. Canicule et sécheresse. Mais depuis 7 jours, il pleut pratiquement sans arrêt sur le nord de l'ile et les températures ont chuté. Les réservoirs d'eau se remplissent à nouveau... Show More Summary

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