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The Top 13 Stories on Eater Last Week

Here's what everyone is still buzzing about Last week the UK imploded, California caught on fire, and a new cafe promised to serve coffee with a side of oral sex. Here's everything you may have missed in the world of food last week: 1. Show More Summary

What It’s Like to Work in a Restaurant and Fast During Ramadan

For Muslims restaurant workers observing the religious fast, being surrounded by delicious food is a challenge. “It’s the smell of biryani that makes it tough,” says Umar Farooq Mirza of Glasgow’s Yadgar restaurant.

Whole Hog Burger

With 3 different types of pork, how could you resist this burger? Answer: You can't.

Producers Are Worried About What Will Happen to EU Protected Foods Post-Brexit

Currently, 73 British food and drink products—including Cornish pasties and Rutland Bitter—are protected under European law, covering them against imitation throughout the EU.

Dining Alfresco At Bar Boulud Boston

It's that time of year. The cool evening breezes and gorgeous sunsets draw us out of the house for alfresco dining. Bar Boulud recently invited us to preview their Alfresco Summer Menu and it was, in a word, glorious. The weather was perfect, the conversation lively and the people-watching, as always, fun. Show More Summary

The Power of Casual Gratitude

On swallowing “sorry”s and replacing them with simple “thank you”s.

Schlafly Hop Trial: Eureka!

The post, Schlafly Hop Trial: Eureka!, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Eureka! is the second of the four beers that I pulled from Schlafly’s Hop Trials variety pack. The gist behind the release […] The post, Schlafly Hop Trial: Eureka!, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

18 Party-Friendly Burger and Sandwich Recipes for July 4th

I think it's fair to say that any kind of summery outdoor celebration flat-out requires a few handheld foods—something your guests can bite into without having to set their beers down. To that end, it's only logical that you supply them with burgers at a Fourth of July cookout, and sandwiches at a picnic. Show More Summary

Israel’s solution to peanut allergies

While in Israel, I kept hearing that peanut allergies are virtually unknown in that country.  Nobody I met knows anyone with problems with peanuts—not Jews, Arabs, children, nor adults. The explanation? Bamba (and its Arabic equivalent). These things are peanut puffs. Because they melt in the mouth, they are often fed to babies as a […]

Israel food: more random observations

Lunch in the old Yemenite section of Tel Aviv, now the up-and-trendy Kerem Ha Teymanim. The restaurant is Shlomo Doron’s The Joy of the Wipe.  This doesn’t quite get at the meaning, which is what you do to eat hummus with pita bread. The restaurant is near the Carmel Market.  These are great bowls of […]

Fast Food Chains Moving Quickly Toward Self-Service Kiosks

Photo by David Kover / Serious Eats Recently, I wrote about how fast food was turning to self-serve kiosks and other types of automation to cut costs. But it’s happening faster than I realized. In May, Wendy’s announced that self-service …..Continue Reading "Fast Food Chains Moving Quickly Toward Self-Service Kiosks" originally published on The Menuism Dining Blog.

Monday links: The culture & business of beer

MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 6.27.16 Talking Pride Over Pints Pride is an important part of what Robin LeBlanc says here, but so is this: “Longtime readers will no doubt agree with the fact that I see beer as exceptional background material to significant social goings-on. It’s the people you’re with that are more important than […]

Review: Studebaker Old Fashioned and Manhattan Bottled Cocktails

Studebaker is a new brand out of Norwalk, Connecticut, which is using Canadian whisky as the base for two “Prohibition inspired” bottled cocktails — both classics, the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan. Let’s see how these manage to turn out,… Continue reading ?

Illustrated Review: Summer Simmers with Gong Ting Pu’erh

yesterdayFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Can a hot cup of tea really cool you off? The answer to this question is steeped in science–it all comes down to sweat. If you have a larger amount of sweat, this means more cooling for your body, and this cooling counteracts the small...Show More Summary

Soup n Sandwich.

Corn and potato chowder. Chickpea salad with lightly pickled veggies on seeded baguette. Super good!

Cauliflower Tostada Recipe with a Citrusy Black Bean Salsa Topping

Enjoy a lower-carb version of a regular tortilla with this cauliflower tostada recipe. Tostada is Spanish word meaning “toasted.” In Ecuador, it’s prepared as a corn-based (and gluten-free!) version of a white flour tortilla and is used as a base to a plethora of various toppings. Show More Summary

Volcano's Elixir: The wines of Somló, Hungary

I was on my third day in paradise when I had one of those flashes of insight that wine writers constantly pray for. I'd been lulled into a meditative state by the excesses of Spring that gently assaulted me in this far corner of the Hungarian countryside. Show More Summary

English Breakfast from Cheeky Tea

One of my favourite blends in the whole World is good old English Breakfast – particularly first thing in the Morning... with, you guessed it, Breakfast! Now, I’ll apologise in advance to the purists – I’m from […] The post English Breakfast from Cheeky Tea appeared first on Tea Review Blog.

Jasmine Tea Crystals from Pique Tea

I was super-excited when Pique Tea’s jasmine tea crystals came through the door. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I’m a massive fan of matcha tea. The whole premise of matcha tea is that you consume the actual […] The post Jasmine Tea Crystals from Pique Tea appeared first on Tea Review Blog.

Judge strikes down USDA compost guidance, orders a do-over

An industry trade group representing California and Arizona produce growers isn’t happy with a recent federal court decision striking down government guidance for using composted municipal green waste on organic farms. In a statement released June 21, Western Growers of Irvine, CA, expressed disappointment in the June 20 ruling by U.S. Show More Summary

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