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Peanut Butter Sauce

Is it weird that we want to drizzle this on everything? Use it as an ice cream mix-in or topping.

Monday beer links: Conversation starters and song lyrics

MONDAY BEER AND WINE LINKS, MUSING, 03.27.17 18 Defining Moments in the History of Craft Beer. [Via VinePair] I pass this along simply to show you how grown up I’ve become. There was a time I might have written 714 words about how friggin’ stupid many of these choices are. Instead I read it, hummed […]

Starr Hill Orange King of Hop Imperial IPA

The post, Starr Hill Orange King of Hop Imperial IPA, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Last year, Charlottesville’s Starr Hill Brewery released a four-beer variety pack based on their tasty imperial IPA, King of Hop. That endeavor […] The post, Starr Hill Orange King of Hop Imperial IPA, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Eater Is Creating the Ultimate Road Trip Guides

Starting with the essential 38 restaurants in the South This post originally appeared in EIC Amanda Kludt’s From the Editor newsletter, a roundup of the most important intel and stories in food and dining each week. Subscribe now. Bill...Show More Summary

20 Delicious Budget-Friendly Meals

While your grocery store's prices may vary, you should be able to make all 20 of these satisfying dishes for under than six bucks a person—and some for much less.

Raw milk, tap water on survey about Nebraska outbreak

Nebraska health officials want the public’s help with an investigation of a possible outbreak of gastrointestinal illnesses in and around the Beaver City. Even people who have not been sick are being asked to complete a survey, which includes questions about consuming unpasteurized milk, sources of tap water and dining at area restaurants. “If your... Continue Reading

Organizational Sunday Week #1

Heather says: This week you’ll need to repurpose or buy two containers, the type of containers will depend on two things, your budget and space. Personally I like Rubbermaid style totes, if you have the room they will work for most of our projects and you can find them at any big box store. Show More Summary

I Am Overwhelmed.

Dear Home Ec 101, I have a condition called skizo-affective disorder (skizofrenia and bipolar). My life and my house are a mess. I don’t even know where to start. Is there a step-by-step online course I can take or anything like that. Show More Summary

Menu Monday Week #26

Heather says Every year I delude myself thinking that the end of the school year will result in some down time. I don’t know where I get the idea, but it plants itself firmly in my mind and I hang onto it from February until school is done in late May / early June and then... Read More » The post Menu Monday Week #26 appeared first on Home Ec 101.        

Organizational Sunday Week #25 – Outdoor Toys

Heather says: In most of the country, school is out or soon will be out for the summer. Unlike January where everyone is adding layers, mittens, and coats, now we’re applying sunscreen and bug spray.  Today’s mission: Find a place for all of your: “We’re heading into the great outdoors” necessities. Show More Summary

Inside The Car | Weekly Organizational Challenge #26

Heather says: Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? Last week we organized the outdoor toys and made sure we had everything needed for outdoor fun. This week it’s time to clean out inside the car. If you don’t have a vehicle,...Show More Summary

Can We Talk?

Heather says You may find this funny; it’s been a few weeks, and I’m still somewhere between puzzled and amused. There was recently a request, from an individual, for this site to test multiple smooth stovetops and rate them by manufacturer and glass type. Show More Summary

Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #24 | Under The Bed

Heather says: This has been edited in light of the current tragedy. I don’t know the right words on days like today. I think about what keeps me going: “We are called to the light we are given.” I think about the phrase “be the light” and I think about  the mother of Mr. Show More Summary

Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #21

Heather says: This week, we’re heading right back into the bathroom. This time, instead of focusing on the vanity, we’ll be focusing on hair and body products. Are all of the open shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc. in active use?...Show More Summary

Organize Dresser | Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #23

Heather says This week’s challenge is still in the bedroom, your goal is to clear off the dresser / organize dresser. As with most horizontal surfaces, dressers tend to become a catch-all. Put any stacks of clothing away and deal with the receipts, loose change, etc. Show More Summary

Organizational Sunday Week 20

Heather says Today we’re going to the bathroom. Okay, well, umm, I hope that is something that happens every day or that you and your gastroenterologist have had long, heartfelt conversations and are comfortable with things.  Today when you enter your bathroom you are going to take a long, hard look at your vanity. Show More Summary

Organizational Sunday Challenge Week #18

Heather says, The effort involved in this week’s challenge will depend on your pack rat tendencies. This week’s goal is to get rid of excess magazines and books that no, you are not going to read.  The Friends of the Library is a great place to donate old books and quality magazines, like National Geographic. Show More Summary

Menu Monday Week #22, Memorial Day 2016 and some Transparency

Heather says If you’re out grilling, boating, or otherwise enjoying this long holiday weekend, please don’t forget to take a moment to thank and acknowledge those who gave their lives so we could have this privilege. Some of you may have noticed that it has been very quiet around here. Show More Summary

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