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2017 Essence of Tea Yiwu GuoYouLin and Trusting Gushu Claims

These days are quite different that when I first started drinking puerh. Back then nobody really understood what “ancient” “old tree” “gushu” really meant or how to distinguish between such stuff from even some factory produced puerh. Show More Summary

Blast From the Past: Theoretical Tea

2 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

There’s a theory in theoretical physics that explains and links all known phenomena.  It is rather aptly called “the theory of everything,” and is sometimes also known as the final theory.  In fact, it is sort of along the lines of the whole “a butterfly flapping a wing in China … Continue reading ? The post Blast From the Past: Theoretical Tea appeared first on T Ching.

The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

4 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena, California, was created by landscape designer Kinzuchi Fujii (1875-1957), who commenced the project in 1935 and was forced to abandon the endeavor in 1942 due to World War II internment. Show More Summary

Qu'y a-t-il de mieux qu'un Dong Ding Oolong?

Plantation à Feng Huang, Dong Ding en hiver Top Hung Shui Jinxuan Mieux qu'un Dong Ding? La réponse est simple: 2 Dong Ding!! Et comme j'adore les Hung Shui Oolong, qui le nom technique des Oolongs torréfiés de Dong Ding, je suis particulièrement...Show More Summary

A Short History of Wild Tea/Yesheng As I See It

Traditionally, wild tea/ yesheng was not aged like puerh tea. This is a rather recent idea. The qi of wild tea was to Clear Heat in the body and the leaves were consumed fresh by the minorities of Yunnan. The more bitter the taste the more effective it was at Clearing Heat. Show More Summary

The Perfect Treats to Pair with Afternoon Tea

5 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Guest article by: Lucy Wyndham. There is nothing quite like finding the perfect treat to go along with your tea. While the tradition of afternoon tea is usually associated with the British, it is now a delight that is enjoyed aroundShow More Summary

Taiwan tea house

When there's good weather, I often take my visitors to a wonderful spot in the mountains of Tucheng, half an hour drive from my place in Banciao. Last Saturday, the weather was dark and cloudy, so I opted for this old style tea house located a 10 minutes' walk near my house. Show More Summary

2017 Essence of Tea Nancai Ancient And Finding Other Obscure Puerh Producing Villages

Has anybody ever heard of Nancai? Certainly not me. Since my return to puerh there seem to be about a billion more puerh producing villages in our vocabulary. Whenever I have no clue where an area is these days I refer to this all important list. Show More Summary


6 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

What the heck is Biohacking? Amid all the talk about anonymous (or not so anonymous) hackers stealing valuable personal information and closely guarded state secrets from “secure” databases all over the globe, the word ‘hacking’ has taken on both a complicated and seemingly trepidatious connotation. Show More Summary

3 Top Western Vendors of Korean Tea

I have been meaning to update my large list of all places big and small that sell Korean tea to the Western world but have been putting it off. Since my last update, I actually think less vendors are selling Korean tea. If I were toShow More Summary

Hung Shui Oolong class

Yesterday I gave another tea class to Antonio. Thanks to the cooler weather, we felt like brewing roasting Oolong! So, I set up 2 dark Chaxi for him and for me to match the mood of the teas. We're using porcelain gaiwans to brew all our tea(ching materials)! It's affordable, neutral to the aromas, stylish, easy to clean, requires skill to handle... Show More Summary

Choisir le thé qui fait vibrer ses emotions

Le thé ne fait pas le bonheur, mais il peut y contribuer! Le thé est comme l'argent et toutes les choses matérielles. En soit, ce n'est qu'un produit inerte qui ne prend un sens pour nous que si on le désire. Donnez une coupe de votre...Show More Summary

What is Milk Tea?

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

  If you have never tried milk tea, you really need to rethink what you order when you go to a café. As amazing as coffee is, sometimes the same order with cream and a dash of sugar gets redundant. Milk tea often replaces coffee in many countries considering it … Continue reading ? The post What is Milk Tea? appeared first on T Ching.

What Number Is Your Tea?

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

As the season changes here in Japan, you never quite know whether to bring an umbrella or pull out the sunscreen. But one thing is for sure…it’s time to prepare the tea plants for the winter. That means giving them the last cut of the season, trimming them back so … Continue reading ? The post What Number Is Your Tea? appeared first on T Ching.

Herbs Are Your Beauty Allies

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

  We use various herbs on a daily basis, either as ingredients in the kitchen, medicines or to make potpourri. However, did you know that herbs are an excellent supplement to your beauty routine as well? If you haven’t incorporated them into your routine yet, now is the perfect time … Continue reading ? The post Herbs Are Your Beauty Allies appeared first on T Ching.

The Health Benefits of Caffeine

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Guest article by: Lucy Wyndham. A relaxing cup of tea, a morning cup of coffee, enjoying a refreshing cold soft drink or treating yourself to a chocolate – all these daily pleasures have a common ingredient known as caffeine.  Originally called “theine”, caffeine was first discovered in tea in 1827. Show More Summary

How to Appreciate Wild Tea (Don’t Compare It to Puerh)

1- shouldn’t compare to puerh because it’s not puerh (see here and here) 2- Those people out there who have compared wild tea to puerh, thinking that it is puerh or something puerh like, will likely be disappointed because it is really quite different (here and here and here). Show More Summary

2017 Essence of Tea WuLiang Wild and Reasons You Might Enjoy Wild Tea More Than Puerh

David of Essence of Tea has challenged us, the humble drinkers of puerh, to question what it is we value in our teas. For him in chronological order he values…. 1. Agrochemicals 2. Body Feel 3. Cleanliness 4. Mouthfeel/ Throatfeel 5....Show More Summary

Wenshan tea in November

I recommend you check the article on my photography blog where the resolution is better. (The text is in French.)

Blast From the Past: Holiday Spice

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Oh, yes, it is that time again – the holidays are upon us and, as always, we are looking for something different to prepare and serve – something festive, creative, tasty and easy?  Now that I have your attention, you probably know I am going to suggest TEA.  I will … Continue reading ? The post Blast From the Past: Holiday Spice appeared first on T Ching.

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