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Dong Ding Oolong du printemps 1980

La fête de Thanksgiving et une chute soudaine des températures me donnent envie de déguster un Hung Shui Oolong en ma possession depuis 2009! Il s'agit de ces feuilles du printemps 1980. Elles proviennent du village de Feng Huang, celui dont les plantations sont les plus élevées dans la région de Dong Ding. Show More Summary

Dutch Confirmation on the Health Benefits of Tea

yesterdayFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

I was delighted to see yet another confirmation about the profound health benefits of tea which appeared in the British Telegraph: “The Health Council of the Netherlands, an independent scientific body that advises parliament, this week...Show More Summary

Illustrated Review: JasETea Liu An Gua Pian

2 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Tealicious! The Liu An Gua Pian from JAS-eTea not only smells like roasted sunflower seeds, it boasts a rich, long finish with subtle floral hints. This beautiful, sip-worthy beverage is revered as one of China’s top green teas. TheShow More Summary

Getting the Grade on Matcha

2 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Matcha! As you may know, this luscious green powder, as fine as the smoke of a cigarette (without the cough!) comes in many different varieties and myriad grades: from the cheap and chalky granules made with boiling water and stirred with a spoon to produce a late served in popular … Continue reading ? The post Getting the Grade on Matcha appeared first on T Ching.

Oolong tasting contest / Concours de dégustation

This is the latest addition to my fresh Oolong selection. I've kept the origin a mystery. I would like that you taste it blind first and try to guess where it comes from. And to make this tasting contest more interesting, I will give...Show More Summary

Blast from the Past: Move Over Joe Bag, Here Comes the Full-Leaf Lady

6 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

The stinging disappointment of poor tea service used to wash over me time and time again in the 90’s.  I particularly remember a time many years ago when a friend and I were dining at a swanky steak house in Edmonton. I had suggested...Show More Summary

“Good Morning, Gentlemen…”

6 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

..and the ladies were forgotten inconveniently by me when I stood up to address the house on the morning of November 7th, the second day of the International Tea Forum 2015 in the city of Chi bi, China. In fact, I had been fuming all along the first day hearing … Continue reading ? The post “Good Morning, Gentlemen…” appeared first on T Ching.

Tea with Paris couple on November 14

Just a couple of hours after learning about the Paris attacks, I had tea with Sophie and her husband on their first day in Taiwan. Since it wasn't raining, we headed to a spot in nature in the nearby mountains of Tucheng. This environment...Show More Summary

Review: High Mountain Green by Gold World Century LTD

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

When I got this tea sample from Nathan Burchfield, the founder of Gold World Century LTD, I was very impressed by the simple yet elegant packaging. A beige canvas bag with colorful leaves printed on it held the brown resealable package containing the tea sample. Show More Summary

A Tea Mission

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Every tea lover to some degree has taken it upon themselves to introduce the tranquility and community of tea to others around them. It is an opportunity to inspire others to take the time to slow down and appreciate something as small as a sip of tea. There is no … Continue reading ? The post A Tea Mission appeared first on T Ching.

La dynastie Tang et les chevaux volants

C'est à la dynastie Tang (618-907) que nous devons la connaissance du thé ?. Auparavant, un autre caractère semblable, Tu, ?, proche phonétiquement de 'poison' désignait ces feuilles mystérieuses et parfois amères. 'Le classique du thé'...Show More Summary

Dragonwell: When it’s Good, it’s Really Good!

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

To be honest, I was not a fan of Longjing (A.K.A. Dragonwell) for quite some time. I knew what the profile was supposed to be and it seems like none of the samples we were sent for the store hit the mark. Then one day, while seeking out great tea and … Continue reading ? The post Dragonwell: When it’s Good, it’s Really Good! appeared first on T Ching.

Blast from the Past: The Efficiency of Tea

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Because it’s what I do for a living, very rarely do I make coffee at home.  I really hate making it when I don’t have to.  The other day, however, I was struck with the desire to make a small French press for myself.  After I set my water to … Continue reading ? The post Blast from the Past: The Efficiency of Tea appeared first on T Ching.

Interview: Conundrum Tea

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

In September of 2015, a new tea vendor called Conundrum Tea launched.  I was able to try some of their teas when they launched, and really enjoyed the tea.  Not only was the tea very good, but I also learned that all of their tea is sourced directly from farmers, … Continue reading ? The post Interview: Conundrum Tea appeared first on T Ching.

A tea class about cups

We start our historic review of tea cups during the Tang dynasty (618-906). Then, they were named tea bowls (cha zan or cha wan). These bowls were rather large (13 cm) and flat (6 cm). This shape was the best fit for the way tea was drunk during that era. Show More Summary

As Human as Possible: Part One

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

“Does Tony Nunez live here?”  The woman who delivers our mail peered at me from her white vehicle.  “ I came down here over that awful road, you know.  There was another package two weeks ago –“ “No, Tony Nunez does not live here, but if that package is from … Continue reading ? The post As Human as Possible: Part One appeared first on T Ching.

Review: Sage Tisane Infusion

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

  I’ve only reviewed two tisanes before, but both interesting ones, a mulberry leaf “tea” and coffee leaf “tea.”  To keep this simple, I’m going to recognize that tea enthusiasts don’t like to share the word “tea.”  Dictionaries are divided on whether “herb tea” is valid use of that word … Continue reading ? The post Review: Sage Tisane Infusion appeared first on T Ching.

Is the Cha Dao a road paved with violence?

For René Girard (1923-Nov. 4 2015), the French philosopher who has long taught at Stanford, people are in conflict because they have the same desires. Humans like to imitate others and desire what others have. Conflicts then arise as we become competitors for the same object. Show More Summary

Redesigning Tea History: Letting Go of a Culture That is Not Our Own

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

This is likely a topic that angers most and encourages others, especially in the world of tea. There is so much behind tea and so much more than the leaves and the hot water, and this is what brings many people into this beautiful beverage, pastime, and lifestyle. Show More Summary

Blast from the Past: How to Choose the Perfect Matcha

2 weeks agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

For those new to matcha, it can be a challenge to understand the different varieties of matcha and determine which one is right for you. We hope to help you with this guide to matcha.  An authentic matcha will always have distinct characteristics. Show More Summary

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