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Caffeine in tea, revisited

20 hours agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

I researched the effects of caffeine for a blog post last year (here), which reviewed a research paper studying caffeine withdrawal.   I’m revisiting the subject related to finding an interesting study of caffeine levels in different tea types. Show More Summary

So Unrelated To Tea

yesterdayFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

The global music industry is embellished with a few entities that named themselves after tea. Perhaps you have heard of Mr. Tea and the Minions? Blackbeard’s Tea Party? How about the Tea Street Band? Bristol-based Mr. Tea and the Minions first caught my attention back in 2015 when McDonald’s was … Continue reading ? The post So Unrelated To Tea appeared first on T Ching.

Blast from the past: Recipe for kukicha citrus sole

yesterdayFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

I often combine my passions and this tea adventure – a combination of tea and food – was no different.  Kukicha, a green tea, has great citrus notes that I thought would go well with the fish I was going to make for dinner.  The marinade I describe below can … Continue reading ? The post Blast from the past: Recipe for kukicha citrus sole appeared first on T Ching.

La modernité du thé de la dynastie Song

J'aime boire du thé avec tous les gens qui aiment boire le thé, et cela quelque soit leur origine, leur religion, leur convictions politiques, leurs habitudes alimentaires, sexuelles... Partager le plaisir d'une bonne coupe de thé est un tel acte de fraternité que je n'aime pas le gâcher par des sujets qui divisent. Show More Summary

The 2017 Chinese Porcelain Exhibition of the Tea Institute at Penn State. Day 3: black glazed bowls

The third day's subject were black glazed bowls from the Song dynasty (960-1279). The Song emperor had his made in Jianyang, in Fujian. But being popular at the court, they were made/reproduced all over China. Sometimes the kiln can be determined from the shape, design of the bowl, but the best way is to look at the unglazed foot. Show More Summary

Which one is Ddok Cha? Which Is Puerh?

I was just long steeping both a 2008 Korean ddok cha and a 2007 Mengsong puerh when it occurred to me how similar they were. In fact, the leaves look so familiar that I doubt you can tell the difference between them? Any guesses just for fun?In that moment I had to think long and hard and actually sniffed them to tell them apart. Show More Summary

Screw Cancer!

5 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Despite over 5,000 international studies expounding the health benefits of tea, there still appear to be some questions…….not sure how that can happen, but our FDA isn’t happy with natural products. No profits to be made there. Give them pharmaceuticals and they’re giddy. Plants, not so much. A long time … Continue reading ? The post Screw Cancer! appeared first on T Ching.

Spring 2017 Alishan Jinxuan Oolong

This April 16th, 2017 Jinxuan Oolong from Alishan is the most most affordable high mountain Oolong in my selection this year. While it's an excellent gift choice for Oolong beginners, it's also a nice everyday fresh tea for experienced drinkers.I still tend to eat and drink great food or tea on special occasions only. Show More Summary

Heavy metals in tea?

6 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

We all know the health benefits of tea, and in most cases there are few side effects unless you drink in extreme quantities. Heavy metal exposure, though, can lead to a number of problems, especially with young children. Lead poisoning from paint chips is probably the most well-known, since it … Continue reading ? The post Heavy metals in tea? appeared first on T Ching.

La beauté des Oolongs

Il m'est facile de répondre à la question: "Quelle famille de thé emporterais-tu sur une ile déserte si tu ne pouvais qu'emmener des thés d'une seule famille?" Du Oolong, évidemment! C'est le thé le plus divers.Les Oolongs de haute montagne ont la fraicheur et finesse du thé vert. Show More Summary

Refreshing Hibiscus Tea

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

The flowers and leaves of the hibiscus plant are widely known to have an abundance of benefits for the skin and hair. In fact, at home in India, we often make a concoction of coconut oil simmered with hibiscus flowers and curry leaves to apply on the hair. Having been in … Continue reading ? The post Refreshing Hibiscus Tea appeared first on T Ching.

Going Out with an Yibang (2017, EoT)

Greetings, Heroes. How's 2017 treating all y'all? Trump (hnng), Brexit (hnnnrghn), Theresa May (hhrrrnnnngghh) - everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. Sith lightning After all of the (really) bad news, I was super-thrilled to be in correspondence with Mr. Show More Summary

Lapsang Souchong Star – Black Tea

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Bare your blissful darkness,  a dance, wisps of smoke reveal, satisfaction weaves taste buds of time,  craving moments alone – a smokey kiss,  embers sparkle in the night.  Lapsang Souchong from the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province,...Show More Summary

Da Yu Ling, spring 2017

View from a plantation on Da Yu Ling The fame and prices of Taiwan's most famous tea mountain keep growing. A farmer told me that buyers were lining up in his factory to purchase and carry away the tea as soon as it was produced! DYL...Show More Summary

Blast from the past: We all love tea, we may just see it differently

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

This article was originally published to T Ching in June of 2015. If we’re here as contributors, readers or both, it’s most likely because we are fans of tea.   Chef Wemischner loves to be creative with tea in recipes. Ifang Hsieh enjoys traveling and finding new tea experiences. Show More Summary

2006 Mengku Shuangjiang Wild Arbour King Brick

This was my first panicked purchase after realizing the puerh stash was dwindling. When the shock wore off I immediately thought to myself, “Who has the most accessible selection of semi-aged puerh out there?” Yunnan Sourcing came immediately to mind. Show More Summary

Icy tea and creamy ice cream

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

As summer approaches with a vengeance is most parts of the country, my hot tea drinking habit is being supplanted by cold brewed tea served in glasses filled with ice cubes made from tea. And instead of seasonal stone fruit pies served warm, hours out of the oven, I opt … Continue reading ? The post Icy tea and creamy ice cream appeared first on T Ching.

The 2017 Chinese Porcelain Exhibition of the Tea Institute at Penn State. Day 2: Dehua

This year, we witnessed the recent improvements to the design of the Tea Institute at Penn State. The entrance of the tea room is stunning thanks to these 2 wonderful displays of the Tea Institute's tea wares. Some of these remarkable...Show More Summary

A Perfect Pairing: Tea and Chocolate

last weekFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

You’re probably already an expert when it comes to pairing up different types of wine with food. White or red, fish or steak, it’s something you always consider before throwing a dinner party. It’s practically an art. However, did you know that serving up tea with the right flavor of … Continue reading ? The post A Perfect Pairing: Tea and Chocolate appeared first on T Ching.

Menghai, Douji, and Mengku -Trifecta of Factory Puerh/ Reliable Old Friends

When things go off the rails in life who do you go to? Your oldest best friends of course! So recently when I realized that my puerh stash will soon be gone, I did what I know is a sure bet and called on my reliable old friends to get me out of this situation fast… factory puerh. Show More Summary

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