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tea is friendship

13 hours agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Tea has always been the emblem of civilization and peace. “Through tea make friends” is an old proverb expressing the sentiments we share with tea. Tea isn’t always deep and transcendent; it is sometimes a time/space of calm joy, where we can celebrate old friends and make new ones. Continue reading ? The post tea is friendship appeared first on T Ching.

Travel plans to Penn State and NYC this April

The Tea Institute at Penn State has invited Teaparker and me to come to State College for a fourth time this spring. From April 23rd to 26th, we'll speak at their 2015 Yixing Teapot Exhibition. The speeches and presentations are public events, so that anybody is free to attend. Show More Summary

Bihar: the untapped potential

yesterdayFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

When the Indian Tea Board declared four blocks of the Kishangunj district, namely Pothia, Thakurgunj, Bahadurgunj, and Kishangunj itself (from the far northeastern corner of Bihar bordering with North Bengal and Eastern Nepal) in 1999 as a non-traditional tea growing area Continue reading ? The post Bihar: the untapped potential appeared first on T Ching.

De la visite en quête de thé et de technique

J'ai beaucoup de sympathie pour Benoit car c'est un jeune Français qui, comme moi il y a 18 ans, cherche à s'implanter à Taiwan par amour pour Taiwan et, plus particulièrement, l'une de ses citoyennes! Cela fait donc quelques mois qu'il...Show More Summary

What is commodity tea?

2 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

In my last post I discussed the various definitions of specialty tea with little to no resolution of what ultimately defines specialty tea. Since then, I have spoken with many leaders in the tea industry who have given me the idea that one may be better able to understand specialty tea if they first understand commodity tea. Show More Summary

Dark Breakfast

One of my favourite posts over at the Duke of N's boudoir occurred recently ("Breakfast Tea"), in which our erstwhile correspondent showed us his breakfast.  As I mulled over "aged mushroom broth" and other delicacies, I reflected on...Show More Summary

Have tea stain . . . will travel

5 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

I was sipping a perfect cup of Doke Black Fusion, a Darjeeling tea available from Lochan Teas, as I packed my travel bag for an overnight trip. Tea in one hand, cordura duffle in the other, the duffle slipped just as I placed my favorite buckwheat pillow in the bag... jarring the cup of tea Continue reading ? The post Have tea stain... will travel appeared first on T Ching.


I received this as part of a tasting from Eric of Me And My Tea.The leaf is a deep green and looks more suited to a kitchen's chopped herb jar. The smell is enticing, a deep, sweet gyokuro aroma, and light milky smell resembling matcha. Show More Summary

Mystery Xiaguan Tuocha

Jade Cicada of the Pu-erh LiveJournal Community found this Xiaguan tuocha hiding in a vendor's cart, selling for $8 a piece. She supposed it was shu, but later found that something was different about it. To help identify, and reassure her opinion that it is not a young Xiaguan shu, she enlisted the help of a few fellow tea enthusiasts. Show More Summary

Duan ni Yixing Pot

This is an extra special day because I just acquired a new Duan ni yixing pot for my wuyi oolongs.The pot is made out of Duan ni clay, "a yellow or green Zisha, literally Satin Mud." The walls are thinner than my other pots, which is a bit of a scare. Show More Summary

Red Blossom Yancha, Rougui

Red Blossom Rougui I got this Rougui along with the other wuyi oolongs from Red Blossom. I already blogged the Huang Kuan Yin, and the Jin Fo "Golden Buddha." Neither of which I liked very much. I also got a few others I didn't blog: Wuyi Amber, which is very low quality, not very pleasant, but still drinkable. Show More Summary

Chiran Kanayamidori Itoen

The second of three teas I just ordered from Itoen. I chose this over the others on the Itoen website without much basis. It seemed less steamed, like an asamushi, which would be nice to have around so I don't get overloaded on fukamushi. Show More Summary

Huang Kuan Yin Red Blossom

The leaves are large, green, and smell delicious. Aroma of floral, and graham, not much roast.The tea is golden amber in color, and floral and honey in aroma. The taste is smooth, creamy, floral and honey. The slightest taste of graham is left from the light roasting.This tea is rather boring, which is what I find nearly all green oolong to be. Show More Summary

Georgian Tea

Yes, Georgia, the country that's all over the headlines. Who knew they grew tea... until now.The smell of the dry leaf is nice, fruity and dark. 3 minutes, the liquor comes out a deep red-brown. The smell had that fruitiness and dryness that reminds me of an assam or ceylon.Having just ate sour rasberries, the tea seems very light in taste. Show More Summary

Jin Fo Golden Buddha Yancha

"Golden Buddha is a new Wuyi oolong cultivar developed only ten years ago." -Red BlossomThe smell of the dry leaf is already enticing: sweet graham, which passes over into the aroma of the tea. Also noted is an aroma difficult to pin down: a dry to bitter caramel aroma. Show More Summary

Megami Sencha Itoen

Today, I'm trying Megami Sencha from Itoen.I believe it is a deep-steamed fukamushi because in the site's description, they say, "You'll immediately note the jade green intensity that comes from extra steaming." Well, the first steep(176°f - 1m) isn't so intense in color:A light lime-green. Show More Summary

2003 Dayi Yiwu Sheng Pu-erh

I got this tea in a 2oz sampler from Puerhshop. On inspection, the leaf is quite dark. But on a 2003? Obviously a sign of wet storage. The smell is deep and barky, similar to a semi-aged sheng, but also carries a sharpness.Aroma in the cup is not strong, but subdued, milky, and sharp. Show More Summary

Sea Dyke Brand Wu-i Yen Cha

Part III of this yancha run-though. Jim of puerhshop included this fairly tasty yancha with one of my orders. Too bad it isn't offered on his website... Sea Dyke Brand Wu-I Yen Cha (alternative spelling of wuyi yancha).Dry leaf carries an enticing aroma of sweet roasted chocolate.I filled my gaiwan just under halfway with leaf. Show More Summary

2002 Aged Rou Gui Yancha

Otherwise known as Mystery Sample A, thanks to Sir Brent of TeaNerd.So this is what they call an aged yancha. "Quite aged," even. If it were a pu-erh, then I would still consider it to be young. This 2002 Rou Gui, however, is reaching the end of it's life. Show More Summary

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