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Exploring the taste of Lishan

Lishan tea plantations This spring, I selected several high mountain Oolongs from very close mountains: Tsui Feng, Tsui Luan, LiShan and FuShouShan. Usually, they'd be all be lumped as Lishan (or FuShou Shan). This horizontal tasting...Show More Summary

Blanche Beauté

Songboling, plantation de Bai Wen (no 14) Les feuilles de ce thé proviennent de la même plantation de Bai Wen (TTES #14) de Songboling où j'ai aidé à faire un thé rouge cet été. On dirait des feuilles mortes tombées d'un arbre! Elles ne sont ni roulées en boule comme un Oolong, ni partiellement recroquevillées comme un Baozhong ou un thé rouge. Show More Summary

My evolution in brewing tea

Step 1: the bamboo traySmall and simple. From time to time I still use it when I need a mobile Chaxi (next to my computer, for instance). But this it doesn't happen very often anymore. Step 2: The big and heavy carved wood tray.I must have bought it in San-Yi roughly 18 years ago. Show More Summary

Traditional (Dong Ding) Concubine Oolong

The world of tea is constantly copying what is successful elsewhere. And sometimes the copy acquires its own character and becomes an innovation. Concubine (guei fei) Oolong started as some kind of Oriental Beauty imitation when organic plantations started to become more popular and farmers wanted to find a market for their summer harvests. Show More Summary

Soulever la longue robe rouge

Da Hong Pao Bei Dou numéro 1 L'apparence des Yan Cha est ce qu'il y a de plus trompeur. Quoi de plus similaire que des feuilles torréfiées que d'autres feuilles torréfiées? Qu'est-ce que cette feuille de Da Hong Pao a de plus qu'uneShow More Summary

Man in blue strikes gold, by Vandy Rattana

Early October, I went to the mountains to have jassid bitten teas with 2 blog readers. One of them is Vandy Rattana, a professional photographer. Here are the pictures he sent me after our mountain chaxi among the trees. I want to thank him for this wonderful gift and this lesson in photography. Show More Summary

SiJiChun Oolong de Mingjian (avec vidéo)

Plantation de Mingjian SiJiChun Oolong Comment mieux apprécier les Oolongs frais de Lishan, de Da Yu Ling, les terroirs les plus élevés de Taiwan? Une manière originale est de mieux connaitre les Oolongs du terroir le moins pentu, le plus bas de Taiwan. Show More Summary

Made in Germany

I'm still driving my 16 years old Toyota Corolla Premio and have no immediate plan to purchase a German car! But I would like to report that I had my first German made tea yesterday, courtesy of Wolfgang and Haengok, his Korean wife! They are growing tea bushes in their garden in North Rhine Westphalia. Show More Summary

Second printemps

Ce dimanche fut donc mon tour de composer un Chaxi pour la classe de thé avec Teaparker. C'est le genre d'exercice pratique que les nouveaux étudiants craignent le plus. C'est là qu'on se met à nu et que le manque d'entrainement se fait vite ressentir. Show More Summary

Second spring

The autumn season mirrors spring. The temperatures are well-tempered, not too hot and not too cold. Close to hibernation, nature displays its bright colors in an ultimate show. This is the theme of my Chaxi that plays with a background of big flowers on warm green and dry bamboo.I choose a spring high mountain Oolong from spring 2015. Show More Summary

Dégustation pour des mordus de thés aux morsures de criquet

Beauté Orientale Sarah adore les Oolongs Beauté Orientale et m'a demandé d'organiser un cours/dégustation sur ces thés, en extérieur et avec une théière d'Yixing. Profitant du beau temps d'octobre, nous sommes allés à un de mes coins préférés dans les montagnes de Tucheng. Show More Summary

Harpsichord: Tsui Luan high mountain Oolong

A harpsichord produces very brief, high pitched sounds that resonate for some time. The music appears particularly playful when it's executed with skill at a rather high speed. After drinking one of my favorite high mountain Oolong from...Show More Summary

Le coeur au centre du thé

Dans un magasin de thé de Suzhou, Chine Dans mon dernier article, j'ai critiqué le thé 'haut de gamme' en Chine et je n'ai pas changé d'avis. Mais je me rappelle du conseil de Bourion, le mythique prof de management à l'Institut Commercial...Show More Summary

Thoughts on China and tea

Shanghai skyline by night There are many things that can I could criticize about China, and my first criticism would be that it's not possible to write and publish a blog post like this one as long as you are behind the "big firewall"! But let me start with some positive words about what I saw. Show More Summary

Harvest Moon 7542 puerh Chaxi

Spring 1997 Menghai Tea Factory 7542 puerh The Harvest Moon is the September full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This year, it coincides with the Chinese Autumn Moon Festival. It's arguably the second most important festival in Chinese culture (after the New Year). Show More Summary

Morning Beauty during summer vacation

This Chaxi was one of the highlights of my summer vacation on Taiwan's Pacific coast. I brewed a high oxidized Oolong, the type of tea I typically choose for the morning. For this trip, I had my 2013 summer Oriental Beauty.Since it's...Show More Summary

Vacances pacifiques

La côte Est de Taiwan, entre Hualien et Taitung offre des paysages magnifiques: falaises et précipices côté terre, et océan Pacifique indomptable côté mer. L'arrivée d'un tourisme de masse de Chine Populaire a permis la création de nouveaux...Show More Summary

Is Tea A Diuretic? Or Not?

last monthFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

I have written on many occasions about the hydrating effect of green tea.  I had noted conclusions from Carrie Ruxton from Kings College in London who is a public health nutritionist, that tea is in fact hydrating. “There were no statistical differences between regular tea and water when a wide … Continue reading ? The post Is Tea A Diuretic? Or Not? appeared first on T Ching.

Blast from the Past: The Art of Reading the Tea Leaf

last monthFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Tasseography or tassology is a fortune-telling method that involves interpreting tea leaves. “Tasse” is from the Arabic root word for “cup” and “graphy” means “map.” The cup serves as a map, and the tea leaves are interpreted based on where they fall on the cup map. Show More Summary

Africa’s Jungle Teas – Disease Prevention Has a New Ally

last monthFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

Jungle Teas is a North Carolina-based startup hoping to improve the standard of living of impoverished African communities by finding markets for their nutritious wild-harvested herbal teas. I am one of its co-founders. Although scientifically...Show More Summary

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