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Vegan Mini-Tater Tot Waffleswith Savory or Sweet Tot Toppings

Yield: 4 mini-waffles (recipe easily multplies) [At bottom, I include instructions for one large waffle.] Last week, eyes wide, a colleague brought down to my classroom a culinary magazine featuring a San Francisco restaurant specializing in Tater Tot Waffles. Why didn’t I think of that? Basially, anything is better atop a Tot it seems, so Read more

Buffalo Bomber Fries, BBQ Ranch Pizza, Cajun Breakfast Tacos, & more!

We’ve got your cure for the winter blues right here. Combining greatest hits + hot, cozy meals this week. Don't miss out, join today! This week we have Bayou Bowls (NEW), Blueberry Pie Bars, Philly Queso-dillas (NEW), Kissing Kale Pasta...Show More Summary

Vegan Mustard Maple Chex MixThis is Chex on Steroids!

If anyone’s counting, this is my 7th iteration of Chex Mix of 2017.  After some unsuccessful experiments adulterating my mother’s hallowed “Texas Trash” recipe (aka Chex Mix) years ago, I let it go for a number of years because all of the ingredients are expenses and the batches big. But I’m back with a vengeance, Read more

Vegan Chex Mix Italiano

I just can’t stop. This is Chex Mix # 6 of 2017 and it is only February. I gifted it to a couple who took me to dinner last night, as Bob had had to work late on a major project.  Dear friends and gourmet vegan cooks, Juan and Barbara Gelpi, wanted to introduce me to Read more

Welcome Baby Mouse!

Just wanted to pop in to let you all know that my baby was born on February 11th at 9:38pm via c-section. I labored for 17 hrs and tried everything I could to deliver him the normal way. Baby was too big and wouldn't come out! So after...Show More Summary

Tokyo Taters, "Chorizo" Soup, Pizza Chili, & more!

OMG do we have some new dinner ideas for you… Tokyo Taters (just you wait!) Deviled Pasta—“deviled eggs” meets pasta! MMM!!! Sriracha “Fish” Tacos Join Meal Mentor Today! Enjoy Greek-Style Tomato Stew (NEW), Eggplant Falafel Burgers,...Show More Summary

Best-Ever Lentil Salad ?

By all rights, I should call this recipe One Turnip + One Onion & Six Cloves = The Best-Ever Lentil Salad. But that's kinda long so let's just go with Best-Ever Lentil Salad, the one I've been obsessing over for a couple of months now. Show More Summary

Read 100 Books in a Year, First 2017 Check-in (& Black History Month Books)

I 'resolved' to read 100 books in 2017. I've been keeping pace with reading 3 books a week, or phrased differently: reading a new book every 2 days. (I'll explain how I do this in a future blog post. My strategy is realistic—I don'tShow More Summary

If you eat out as a vegan, you have to do this

Here's something I've been doing lately. When I go somewhere (mall, airport, baseball stadium, etc) I create a contact in my phone and list all the food options I find so I can reference next time. I also do this with restaurants, add contact and note the exact meal I ordered especially if I had to tweak a few menu options. Show More Summary

My experience being the only woman at an all-male business conference

This week I attended a business conference where I was the only woman. As soon as I realized this, I felt an immense pressure to "represent" my gender; a sense of responsibility to be the symbol of female entrepreneur achievement. and I think a lot of people feel this way about being vegan. Show More Summary

Vegan Curried Chex MixThis is Next Level Chex!

I am sure it is clear to all of us by now that I am obsessed, as I believe this is my fifth Chex Mix iteration in the last month. But I have a good excuse for this one.  Sadly, a neighbor’s too-young husband passed away Sunday night and I wanted to stop by in Read more

Sweet Potato Chilaquiles, Kale Caesar "Bacon" Wraps, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal, & more!

Valentine's Day favorites are here! Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Whether you’re single or coupled up… This week’s meal plan will have you fallin’ in love with our recipes! Join Meal Mentor today! Get swept off your feet with Bolognese...Show More Summary

Locali sandwich and buffalo cauliflower.

Hungry Hungry Hippie sandwich. Hummus, tempeh bacon, cucumber, avocado, red onion, red pepper and arugula. Homemade buffalo cauliflower.

Tofu and mushroom cheesesteak sandwich.

God dang this was gooood! You should try it. Pan fry firm tofu slices seasoned with soy sauce and black pepper. Set aside. Sauté sliced red onion and green peppers in olive oil until tender and onions are caramelized. Season with salt and pepper. Show More Summary

Native Foods lunch and vegan burrito.

Went to Native Foods on Wednesday with my folks. We had a massive lunch. I had my fave BBQ chopped salad. I love big salads. Dad had the Bangkok Curry Bowl. He liked it. Mom had the Native Chopped Salad. She drowned it in mango line dressing. Show More Summary

Cookie Time!

My dear friend Cam came over today to bake cookies and spend time together. I'm officially on maternity leave yay! She made Anzac biscuits which are a delicious combination of oats, sugar, butter (earth balance) and coconut! She used 1/2 palm sugar, 1/2 regular sugar in this recipe. My cookie contribution was a yummy double chocolate chunk cookie. Show More Summary

Burger Bites, Nacho Mac, Buffalo Tots, Mongolian Noodles, & More!

Super Bowl Sunday is America’s 2nd biggest eating day (Thanksgiving #1) The average household buys 6,000 calories worth of snacks per person. WOAH! But unlike T-Day, there’s no set menu… You can score BIG w/ your crowd without feeling like a football after. Show More Summary

Mesquite BBQ Chex Mix

As I confessed in a previous post, I am darn near obsessed with rolling out new iterations of Chex Mix.  My adored late mother is, no doubt, doing her own share of rolling–as in rolling over–because she prefered classic, unadulterated versions of virtually all recipes, including her hallowed Texas Trash (aka Chex Mix) which made Read more

Willow Tree Minerals - vegan and cruelty free cosmetics.

I bought samples from Willow Tree Minerals about a year ago and never made swatches. This is a great little company that makes beautiful vegan mineral makeup in so many shades. Here's what I got. Top to bottom: Passion Fruit, Pumpkin,...Show More Summary


Was in the mood for what I call "crappy tacos" which just means that they are not authentic in any way. Think "taco supreme" from Taco Bell. Picked up this package of vegan crumbles which I had never tried before. I sautéed a chopped...Show More Summary

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