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Getting Fit: How A Vegan Diet Can Help Improve Your Fitness

A common misconception I still hear is that you can't get be a serious athlete on a vegan diet. That's simply not the case. Veganism goes hand in hand with health and fitness. In fact, an all-vegan 100% plant-based diet might be just what you need to spring right back into shape. Show More Summary

Cuban-Inspired Chex Mix

  Recently, I heard an interview on NPR with Anya von Bremzen, the author of Paladares: Recipes Inspired by the Private Restaurants of Cuba, and I was completely captivated by the tales of resourcefulness, resilience, and innovation, not to mention the kinship the Russian author feels with her Cuban socialist brethren, especially in terms of Read more

Let Your Salad Speak For Itself: 8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Greens

Most people have the misconception that Vegans only eat salad! False!. This would not leave us with enough calories or healthy fats to sustain a balanced diet. Did you know that, on average, a vegetable salad holds about 200 calories? This is nowhere near enough to leave you feeling comfortably full or getting you all of the nutrients you need. Show More Summary

Vegan mini chocolate pudding pie.

I used Jamie Oliver's recipe for vegan chocolate pots to make this. I made 8 mini chocolate pies and topped them with coco whip. Yum!

Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice Soup

Sometimes you just need comfort food, like this creamy Instant Pot red beans and rice soup. Sometimes those times can stretch into weeks… and months.(...)Read the rest of Instant Pot Red Beans and Rice Soup (1,494 words) © svoisin for FatFree Vegan Kitchen, 2018. Show More Summary

New To Veganism? These Are The Ingredients You Should Begin To Substitute

No matter what reason you decided to introduce Veganism into your life, finding a nutritious balance is important. But what’s more important is that food remains delicious throughout the entire transition. It’s not always that easy to...Show More Summary

Growing Up Vegan: Tips To Raising Your Kids On A Vegan Diet

Since people are still skeptical of veganism and the positive effects that come with it, raising your children in a vegan household can still come attached with a negative connotation. Children aren’t old enough to make decisions onShow More Summary

Fall Off The Wagon? Can't Get Back On?

You had been eating healthier, sticking to the meal plans, and seeing progress in your weight loss… But then something in your life got in the way. Job change. Stressful life event. Or maybe you just had a really bad week… Bad habits crept back in… You start gaining back the weight you lost... Show More Summary

Confession: I Solve Hunger By Eating Too Much

Do you solve hunger by eating too much? I had an epiphany and thought you might appreciate it. We're all familiar with solving hunger by eating too much food. People say "I'm hungry" and then eat half a pan of lasagna as if they want...Show More Summary

Quick Vegan Snacks For When You Travel

For those of us on the go, it can be difficult to stick to your diet depending on where your travels take you. While people have become more health conscious, there are still strides that need to be made towards always having vegan food readily available. A difficulty that I've had in the past was keeping up with my diet while I was traveling. Show More Summary

English Muffins

I love English muffins but I find making them from a batter to be a real pain. It's hard to get quality muffin rings here, it's not easy to make them a consistent size, and it seems to take forever to make them. So, I reworked a Reinhart recipe by significantly upping the liquid and working the dough more like a ciabatta. Show More Summary

Chickpea flatbread pizza

This is the chickpea socca recipe from You Won't Believe It's Vegan but I cooked it in a hot pan first, then added toppings and baked them in a hot oven for 10 minutes. Very nice!

Healthy dinner bowls and lower sugar muffins.

This was yummy. It's The Happy Pear's Dahl made with red lentils, kale salad, brown rice, sauerkraut, hummus and avocado. Coconut Chana Masala from The World of The Happy Pear cookbook. Delicious. Not a great pic but I used the Bakery...Show More Summary

The Impossible Burger.

So Fatburger in Marina del Rey is trialing The Impossible Burger! I picked one up yesterday when I was in the area. I got mine without mayo. It has lettuce, onion, tomato and relish in it. I added ketchup. So what's the verdict, youShow More Summary

Vegan Crispy Brussels Sprouts Soft Tacos

Turn Brussels sprouts haters into lovers this Valentine’s Day… This is less a vegan recipe than a tasty suggestion for enjoying shaved Brussels sprouts in an unexpected but super-easy way. Your plant-based dinner will go together in a healthy and flavorful flash. Speaking of, I tend to stay busy and move pretty quickly in general, Read more

Scrambled Tofu Enchiladas

The insides are scrambled tofu and onions, black beans, spinach and peppers with salsa verse and spices. Daiya cheddar inside and out.

Rainbow bowl.

Spinach salad (lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper), Carrot Salad (apple cider vinegar, olive oil, agave, salt and pepper), purple cabbage, roasted potatoes and tofu with peanut sauce (pb, maple, sesame oil, soy sauce, lemon, Sriracha, water).

Dinner bowl and cookies.

This was delicious. There's rice under all that. Tofu with peanut sauce, steamed red cabbage, broccoli and spinach and roasted russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. This was an adaptation of the Crinkle Oatmeal Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie. Show More Summary

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Roasted up some cauliflower, sweet potato and peppers yesterday to have as a component of my Buddha bowl. Brown rice, roasted veg, kale salad with tahini dressing, hummus, avocado abd sautéed tofu. Delicious and healthy!

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