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100 Books in 2017 (part 1)

My goal was to read 100 books in 2017. I hit 50 last week. I really do go all in, apparently!! Here's the list so far—I'll do a bigger post at the end of the year with my top top picks, but for now.... BTW, I've left a detailed review of every book on Goodreads. Show More Summary

The All Natural Face vegan cosmetics

Love this indie company that makes as their name suggests, all natural vegan cosmetics. They have a variety of face powder, blush, eyeshadows, lip products, mascara etc. You can find them on Etsy. I have tried one of their bronzers before called Warmth which is very pretty. Show More Summary

Buffalo'd Pasta, Big Easy Cajun Burgers, Brownie Breakfast Bake

ALL month we’ve been serving up lighter versions of your favorite meals. Now we’re bringing that magic to dessert (and you get to eat it first!) That's right -- Brownie Breakfast Bake and Chunky Monkey ONOs are on the menu this week!...Show More Summary

Spring VIP Membership Sale -- One Day Only!

We’ve all been there. We make plans to do something different but when the time comes, we just put it off until the next day. What actually works is having a vivid, concrete plan. Having a meal plan allowed me to put that vivid plan in place. Show More Summary

Thomas the Tank Engine Vegetable Trains ?

Hosting a Thomas the Tank Engine theme party? Here's a fun addition to kids' birthday parties and family gatherings with a train theme, colorful and healthy! It's just bell-pepper train "cars" with cucumber "wheels" filled with fresh vegetable "cargo". Show More Summary

Herbie of the Week: Eileen (Lost weight, stopped taking meds, improved overall health)

I miss the Herbie of the Week series too. It also feels a little bit selfish to get to see and read success emails and then not share them with the class. Shouldn't we all get to enjoy and be inspired by someone's journey? Shouldn't that person get community kudos? Everyone can use a little more love and inspiration... Show More Summary

Vegan Buffalo Chex Mix Perhaps the Richest Yet

I guess I need to stop calling these creations of late Chex Mix because many of them contain no Chex. Still, they are in the spirit of Chex Mix and you could certainly substitute some Chex Cereal, say the corn variety, for Bugles if the recipe calls for that childhood favorite, as this one does. Read more


Gardein vegan meatballs simmered in BBQ sauce and pineapple over instant mash. Quick and easy lunch!

The (embarrassing) real reason I wanted to lose weight (+ How the Plant-Based Diet Made Me an Overeater Part 3)

Two years ago I blogged about how the plant-based diet made me an overeater (it’s NOT all-you-can-eat, plants don’t have “magic calories that don’t count). I then updated 1 year later with some terrific before & after pics and I kicked off the Shortcut to Slim podcast breaking down the science and research that lead to my weight-loss success. Show More Summary

Betsy’s Best Vegan Blondies

Yield: 16 bars Wanting to try a blondie or cookie recipe with the white beans in my pantry, I searched and searched online but couldn’t find a recipe that quite suited me: they had to look beautiful, contain basic wholesome ingredients, and be the ideal texture. So I decided to create my own. These blondies Read more

Next Level Vegan Ramen

This is not your mama’s Ramen. And it is also not so much a recipe as an approach… A few weeks ago shopping at a local Asian market, the checkout person generously tucked four packages of Ramen-type dry noodle soup packages into my box of purchased items. And the soup turned out to be vegan. Read more

Spring Minestrone, Carrot Cake Dip, Spinach Artichoke Fettuccine, & MORE

A tisket, a tasket, your very own Meal Mentor Easter Basket :) We’re bringing together the freshest flavors of Spring… Spring Minestrone Enjoy this flavor-filled dish tonight! This week we're serving up 5 GORGEOUS dishes perfect forShow More Summary

Tuscan minestrone soup.

Recipe from The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. I left out the pasta and used potatoes instead. Simple yet so satisfying! Another view of yesterday's raisin bread. So flavorful and tender.

Betsy’s Vegan Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Scrub

It has been a very long time since my schedule as a high school art teacher and freelance writer has allowed me to do something completely decadent for myself. So on Saturday, with Spring Break having just commenced, I decanted oils and even mouthwash into these pretty glass bottles. Oh, and we took the Christmas Read more

Boiled raisin cake and tea.

3 pm and I'm beat taking care of baby. He's down for a nap right now. Looked forward to this all day. Easy to make boiled raisin cake and a hot cup of tea. I used half sultanas and half cranberries. You can find the recipe at all Hank is growing up so fast. 8 weeks old now.

Vegan Red Curry Popcorn with Cashews and Cabbage (I know this sounds a bit odd, but it is outrageously declicious)

Yield: 2 servings. This recipe defies both description and categorization; hence, I didn’t know whether to tag it as a vegetable side dish, snack, slaw, or ???  I suppose it could even be a main dish. But, no matter.  Whatever you call it or whenever you eat it–I was starved, so I invented it on Read more

Soup and Sandwich.

Broccoli, kale and white bean soup flavored with Italian herbs, garlic and olive oil. Yummy. Another hummus, beet, avocado sandwich!

Big Mac Potato, Springtime Teriyaki Bowl, Strawberry Dream Taquitos, & MORE

Are you ready for your Springtime slim-down? Eat THIS not that Meal Mentor edition: Instead of Big Mac’s… BIG MAC POTATO (Yup! It’s back) Whip this up for dinner tonight! Instead of greasy Chinese take-out… Springtime Teriyaki Bowl Also...Show More Summary

Another beet/hummus sandwich!

This was awesome. Warm pita topped with hummus, garlic spread, cucumber, beets, lemon juice and tahini.

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