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Tuscan Bean & Cabbage Soup

Today I came home from work tired and hungry for something healthy and nourishing and tasty too. This is my fave soup by Linda McCartney. Instead of turnips, I used gold potatoes and cauliflower. I used water and 1 veggie bouillon cube. I also seasoned it with summer savory and Maldon Salt. So delicious. I ate two bowls!

Artichoke Po'Boys, Falafel'd Flatbreads, Loaded Potato Salad, Oh Fudge! Dip & more!

Are you’re looking for LESS work in the kitchen?? But don’t want to sacrifice nutrition?? This week’s meal plan is EXACTLY what you need! PLUS! It's our shortest prep week EVER!! You have time to prep less than 12 ingredients, right?...Show More Summary

Curried Corn Chowder with Coconut Milk ?

A hearty corn chowder, laced with zucchini and carrot and pungent with curry. It's the time of year to throw a zucchini into everything we can. I know, I know, it's folly to think a household of three could make a dent in a backyard garden's zucchini production. Show More Summary

Herbie of the Week: Rosemarie (no longer on meds, sleeps through the night, and built a support network)

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Rosemarie! Rosemarie has always had a passion for food and cooking, but the Standard American Diet started affecting her health. She developed high blood pressure and had to start prescription medication....Show More Summary

Zankou falafel and breakfast,

Went to Zankou yesterday with my husband. He gets chicken. I get falafel! This is the falafel plate which comes with so much! 6 falafel balls on top of salad and pickles, hummus, tahini sauce and pita. We always get a side of their excellent muttabal (eggplant dip) and rice. Show More Summary

Pretzel Buns

With the new school year ready to start in just over two weeks, it's time to get serious about baking for lunches. Of course, with two weeks of summer still left why not bake something that can also help you get the most out of the waning...Show More Summary

Baked Orzo Casserole ? with Eggplant, Olives, Goat Cheese & More

A gorgeous summer casserole, orzo loaded with Mediterranean vegetables, every single bite delivers a surprise of fresh, summer flavors. The orzo casserole is inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi and is a great dish to carry during late summer and early fall. Show More Summary

NY Deli Taters, Spicy Peanut Noodle Salad, Sloppy Buffalo'd Joes, Peachy Polenta & more!

If you come home after a loooong day at the office and hear your stomach grumble "What's for dinner?" armed and ready with this week's meal plan! Your stress will melt away when you open your fridge and see Sloppy Buffalo'd Joes...Show More Summary

Herbie of the Week: Mallory (Inspired by her grandfather her change still HAD to come from within)

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Mallory! Vegetarian on and off since she was a teen, Mallory watched her grandfather's health transform after he adopted a plant-based diet. Inspired, it still took her several years to apply that knowledge to her own life. Show More Summary

Easy vegan danish.

Vegan cream cheese and fruit Danish made out of crescent roll dough. Not exactly like Danish more like a bread, but still delicious! I used this recipe and substituted vegan ingredients.

Tomato Jam–Simple as (Tomato) Pie!

Yield: 2 pints (4 cups) Please forgive me for ignoring my precious blog and all of you.  You’ve been on my mind… As the year anniversary of my husband’s death approached (July 30), I found myself struggling a bit emotionally.  It didn’t help that, right about the 11-month mark, I began to feel a deep Read more

Taco night.

I was in the mood for cheap crunchy tacos after passing by two Del Taco restaurant s on the way home. Swung by the market to pick up a box of taco shells and vegan ground crumbles. Ralph's market sells their store brand for a few bucks...Show More Summary

Tofu loaf and champ.

I'm Tofu loaf with chickpeas and veg. Ketchup glaze on top! This loaf makes delicious sandwiches! I used the Magical Loaf Studio. This is an Irish dish called champ. It's a looser version of mashed potatoes with scallions. Yummy.

BBQ Peach Sliders, Deviled Pasta, Spinach Artichoke Dip Wraps, Banana Split Shakes & more!

Make dinnertime one less thing to worry about this school year with Meal Mentor! Take the crazy out of busy weeknights with STREAMLINED meals like BBQ Peach Sliders, Mango-Go Bowl (NEW!), Deviled Pasta (NEW!), Spinach Artichoke Dip Wraps (NEW!) & more! It's only going to get MORE hectic from here on out. Show More Summary

Herbie of the Week: Tim (Not a candidate for surgery, small changes were his only hope)

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Tim! Tim gave up on himself, then he tried to change one small thing. Then the next day another small step: just 4 more stairs today. Tim's wife was there through thick and thin, literally, and they couldn't be happier now! Read Tim's story in his own words... Show More Summary

California Cobb Sandwiches, Israeli Pasta Salad, Sweet Corn Pitas, 1-Minute Apple Pie & more!

Are you ready for an AWESOME August? Max the chillax before the back-to-school crazy hits with this week's meal plan! Go from kitchen to table in 12 minutes or less with Israeli Pasta Salad (NEW!), California Cobb Sandwiches (NEW!),Show More Summary

Herbie of the Week: Kim G (Plant based diet ended the yo-yo & high cholesterol)

Meet our Herbie of the Week: Kim G! Kim dropped major points with cholesterol, LDL and HDL levels, and on the scale. She feels fabulous and has kept the weight of for the first time ever! Read Kim's story in her own words... I began my plant based journey January of 2013. Show More Summary

Fresh Tomato Sauce ?

How to make tomato sauce, not for canning, but fresh for supper. Make it with summer's best tomatoes and eat it straight-away, still warm from the stove, laced with the essence of basil. ~recipe updated~ ~more recently updated recipes~ WAY...Show More Summary

Sunday pancakes.

Found this at Vons. It's vegan and whole grain, just what I needed. The mix requires milk and an egg. I subbed cashew milk and chickpea water (3 TB for 1 egg). Came out fluffy and tender! Homemade date syrup. 9 dates soaked in 1 1/4 cup boiling water for 1 hour then blended. Show More Summary

Vacation Eats!

Mac's Fish and Chip Shop in Santa Barbara. Authentic British food. I had chips and baked beans. Delicious! Mac's menu. Zaytoon Restaurant in Santa Barbara. Clearly marked vegan items! Vegetarian's Choice. Yummy. Lentil soup. Natural Cafe in Santa Barbara. I had the Local Favorite: avocado, onion, lettuce and tomato. Show More Summary

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