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I made a delicious French lentil soup with Dino kale. Nice to eat real food instead of frozen veggies burgers and chips!

Cake Batter Breakfast Bake, Greek-Style Lasagna, Springtime Pasta Primavera

This week’s plan has some of our FASTEST EVER hits! 15 minutes or LESS!! Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Have this meal on your table in a snap! EZ meals like Enchilada Polenta Bowls, Chickpea of the Sea Pockets (NEW), Poppin' Guacin' Tacos...Show More Summary

Carrot Recipes ? Alphabet Vegetables

Hello Vegetable Lovers: Every so often, like now! watch for some housekeeping with the Alphabet of Vegetables here on A Veggie Venture. The goal is to separate out our "most favorite" vegetables so their pages will load more quickly, handy for all but especially those of us who check for recipes on our phones on-the-go. Show More Summary

Vegan Chesapeake Bay Chex Mix

        1/2 cup vegan butter 1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise Juice of 1/2 large lemon 1 teaspoon Liquid Aminos or vegan Worchestershire Sauce 2 tablespoons Chesapeake Bay Seasoning (or Old Bay Seasoning) 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon onion powder 6 cups Cheerios 2 cups original Bugles 2 cups potato sticks 2 cups Read more

Vegan Greek Chex Mix

It’s official. I am obsessed. This is my 6th or 7th version of Chex Mix this year, each one–if I do say so–a flavor sensation. Picking a favorite is akin to picking a favorite puppy.   So, my favorite is whichever is in front of me. This iteration was inspired by Juan Gelpi’s vegan gyros. Read more

Quick Chilaquiles Casserole!

Fastest recipe to prepare when you've got a baby waiting for you. Simmered a quick sauce of sautéed onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes and spices. Then I layered tortilla chips, black beans and corn from a can, the tomato sauce, vegan mayo and a bit of cheese and threw it in the oven for 45 minutes. It was yummy! Photo of baby.

General Tso's Noodles, Vegan "Stouffer's" Pizza, "Bacon" Spinach Wrap, & MORE!

Been eating out? Not healthy? Thinking about picking up pizza right now? Not feeling motivated to do any food prep? I got you! This week's plan doesn't require food prep. Buy some frozen rice and diced onions. It's all "throw together!"...Show More Summary

Banana bread.

Made this gorgeous bread this morning with 2 very ripe bananas. So sweet and delicious with coffee or tea.

I went in a sensory deprivation chamber for 2 hours and...

I first heard about sensory deprivation when it was used as a form of torture in a sci-fi thriller... Except my OCPD/anxious brain thought it sounded... well, nice. At least for a little while. I get sensory overload constantly, see....Show More Summary

Thin Mint Mug Cake, Dublin Falafels, Emerald Isle Curry, & MORE!

We’ve got your pot of gold… The Big MACaroni! Get this recipe and more! This week we have some MAGICALLY delicious recipes like Buffalo Rancher Burgers, Emerald Isle Curry (NEW), Irish Pub Potatoes (NEW), Rainbow Cobb Salad (NEW), and...Show More Summary

Blue Apron: How It Works for Someone Who Wants Real Food But Doesn’t Like to Cook

How does Blue Apron work for someone who doesn't like to cook but wants to eat real food? A non-foodie's perspective! Please welcome Minnesota nature photographer Barb Kellogg to A Veggie Venture! Barb is a talented, creative photographer. Show More Summary

No new food pics today.

Hey all! Nothing new today in food. Since Hank was born three weeks ago today, I've been living on Boca burgers, sandwiches, baked Lays chips and sometimes soups if I have time to make it! I miss making nice meals but hopefully I'll get to do that again soon. In the meantime here are some pics of Hank Bowie!

Bok Choy Salad with Homemade Creamy Vinaigrette ?

Today's quick, flexible and dare-I-say addictive salad recipe: Raw bok choy stalks and greens tossed in a light creamy vinaigrette, topped with whatever you choose but really special with seasonal fruit, a little cheese and toasted nuts. Show More Summary

Sofrita Grande, Firefly Sweet Potato Chowder, "Sausage" Spaghetti, & MORE!

It’s only the beginning of March and our Meal Mentor members are already bragging… “I have lost 8.5 lbs since January 2 following the meal plans.” -Jennifer G. “Down 14 lbs since Jan. 1, eating from the meal plans.” -Becky G. … but can...Show More Summary

Some eats.

I've had precious little time to prepare meals so Mr. Mouse has been so helpful with my meals and also with the babe. Here is a delicious Gardein fish fillet sandwich with tartar sauce made with mayo and relish. These are amazing pizzas with Gardein meatballs and Trader Joe's mozzarella. Show More Summary

Vegan Mini-Tater Tot Waffleswith Savory or Sweet Tot Toppings

Yield: 4 mini-waffles (recipe easily multplies) [At bottom, I include instructions for one large waffle.] Last week, eyes wide, a colleague brought down to my classroom a culinary magazine featuring a San Francisco restaurant specializing in Tater Tot Waffles. Why didn’t I think of that? Basially, anything is better atop a Tot it seems, so Read more

Buffalo Bomber Fries, BBQ Ranch Pizza, Cajun Breakfast Tacos, & more!

We’ve got your cure for the winter blues right here. Combining greatest hits + hot, cozy meals this week. Don't miss out, join today! This week we have Bayou Bowls (NEW), Blueberry Pie Bars, Philly Queso-dillas (NEW), Kissing Kale Pasta...Show More Summary

Vegan Mustard Maple Chex MixThis is Chex on Steroids!

If anyone’s counting, this is my 7th iteration of Chex Mix of 2017.  After some unsuccessful experiments adulterating my mother’s hallowed “Texas Trash” recipe (aka Chex Mix) years ago, I let it go for a number of years because all of the ingredients are expenses and the batches big. But I’m back with a vengeance, Read more

Vegan Chex Mix Italiano

I just can’t stop. This is Chex Mix # 6 of 2017 and it is only February. I gifted it to a couple who took me to dinner last night, as Bob had had to work late on a major project.  Dear friends and gourmet vegan cooks, Juan and Barbara Gelpi, wanted to introduce me to Read more

Welcome Baby Mouse!

Just wanted to pop in to let you all know that my baby was born on February 11th at 9:38pm via c-section. I labored for 17 hrs and tried everything I could to deliver him the normal way. Baby was too big and wouldn't come out! So after...Show More Summary

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