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Video: Cockburn’s Port Bicentenary Tasting

Here’s a film from the recent Cockburn’s Port Bicentenary tasting, held in London. It involved a range of Ports from Cockburn’s glory days to the present day, including a couple of rare pre-phylloxera bottles. The Symingtons purchased Cockburn’s in 2006 and their aim is to restore this Port house – which for a long time [...]

Pineapple Excess

Among its many shortcomings, the piña colada, like all the silliest summertide mixed drinks, fails to gratify an honest thirst. Like the frozen strawberry margarita rotating in its machine as if spinning eternally into the abyss, the piña colada is more a sweet treat than a proper beverage. Show More Summary

Everyone Will Always Love Campari, With or Without Beetle Juice

In 2006, Campari decided to discontinue the use of carmine—a potent dye derived from crushed cochineal beetles—in favor of using artificial coloring to obtain its signature ruby-red hue. But aside from the unjust blood of innocent insects, Campari’s formula has been a mystery since its invention in 1860.

See 100 Years of Cocktail History in Under 2 Minutes

Get ready for some serious cocktail inspiration (or just a strong urge to get to happy hour as soon as possible tonight). Glam of Mode Media released a video on its YouTube channel that traces the most popular cocktails over 100 years. Show More Summary

See Spotify Run

Will the streaming service’s new features transform how people work out, or just transform’s Spotify’s value proposition?

Preserving the Traditions of Syrian Swimming Pool Cuisine

With the Syrian civil war now in its fourth devastating year, it's unlikely that Syrian swimming pools are operational. Poolside dining in Syria is a longstanding culinary practice that has disappeared with the war, but one family in Montreal is preserving Aleppo’s pre-crisis culinary culture at their restaurant, Le Petit Alep.

Science Says Being Drunk and Falling in Love Are Basically the Same Feeling

Scientists have figured out the chemical tie between the feelings of gazing into the eyes of your boo and the languid contentment that hits you somewhere during your second Mai Tai.

Watch Everyone's Best Friend Bill Murray Jump Out of a Cake on Letterman

Tonight is the last Late Show with David Letterman. Last night on the Late Show with David Letterman, friend to the world and comedian Bill Murray stopped by to say good-bye to Letterman (who hosts his final show tonight). To kick off...Show More Summary

Are Meat Eaters More Likely to Tolerate Social Inequality?

Researchers have figured out the four reasons you tell yourself it's okay to eat a hot dog after sobbing through the ending of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

Watch a Tofu Master at Work

"What I'm trying to do is make a tofu that the Asians in Asia would eat." That's what Minh Tsai, former-investment-banker-turned-tofu-master, says about his business, Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, California. In this short documentary...Show More Summary

This Is What Dinosaur Meat Tasted Like

We asked experts for insight into what tearing into a rack of Tyrannosaur ribs would be like, from a flavor and texture perspective, and it doesn't sound half bad.

Watch Science Blow Up a Watermelon

In this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Science Bob" Pflugfelder teaches Jimmy about the laws of physics by blowing up a watermelon with the help of some liquid nitrogen and a plastic bottle. It's a long build-up before you get to the good part, so impatient viewers can skip the first minute or so. Show More Summary

Welcome to the Vegan Paradise of Booze and Chili Cheese Fries

Some people think vegans are no fun, but the wasted attendees eating Cronuts and drawing giant penises at the Los Angeles Vegan Beer and Food Festival beg to differ.

This Chef Has Some Seriously Impressive Moves

This chef, in a clip from JukinVideo, has some major, Tom-Cruise-in-Cocktail-esque type moves. Come to think of it, he makes Cruise look like a three-toed sloth covered in molasses in January. The chef appears to be in Russia from the...Show More Summary

Make It Rain Fried Rice This Weekend

Throw some dollar bills at this cheap and easy-to-make strip club-inspired Thai dish from Night + Market Song chef Kris Yenbamroong in LA.

Watch Anthony Bourdain Hang With Darren Aronofsky and Eat Pig's Head in Madagascar

Parts Unknown Madagascar airs May 17. Here's a series of preview clips from the upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN show Parts Unknown. Bourdain travels to Madagascar with director Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) who happens to be a vegetarian. Show More Summary

How to Cook Bugs: Tarantulas

Tarantulas are something of an ultimate creepy-crawly when it comes to their ability to gross people out. But once you're past that, they kind of taste like Cheetos or soft-shell crab.

How Mountain Dew Came to Perpetuate a Deep-Seated Appalachian Stereotype

How did Appalachia become stereotyped by a popular beverage? A little over a year ago, I became obsessed with the concept of shame. For me, beginning to think about (and talk about) shame as an emotion was like searching for a word that’s...Show More Summary

Watch This Touching Video About Love and Coffee

This will warm the iciest of hearts. Nabob - "Coffee: A Love Story" from Saints Editorial on Vimeo.

Restaurant Bans Man for Cyberbullying After He Posts Video of Fighting Employees

High drama in a Chinese restaurant in a small Southern town. Owners of a Chinese restaurant in Tennessee have banned a man after he posted a video to YouTube of the restaurant's employees getting into a loud argument and throwing things. According...Show More Summary

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