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New York is Cracking Down On Shark Fin Traffickers

In a historic legal victory, the state has successfully prosecuted a Brooklyn-based seafood company for selling shark fins, a practice which has been illegal for the last year.

Future Ice Cream Might Not Melt Thanks to One of Japan’s Weirdest Foods

Researchers have figured out how to use natto—the much-reviled dish of gooey fermented soybeans—to make ice cream unmeltable.

David Shrigley's "My Beer"

I heard this yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon on BBC 6. Afternoon off. Snoozing on a summer day. Or was it folding laundry. Catching up with chores or closed eyelids. David Shrigley is a Glaswegian, five years younger than me. Show More Summary

High-Tech 3D Printer Makes Boats Out of Marzipan

Liver pâté mazes too. Who wouldn't want a 3D marzipan boat to call their own? According to, German startup Print2Taste is bringing a high-tech food printer called Bocusini to market that's capable of making your wildest marzipan dreams come to life. Show More Summary

Get Episodes 3 and 4 of The Food Lab Video Series Today!

Writing articles and taking photos sure is great, but there's nothing like live action to show you how fun, fascinating, and downright delicious the science behind home cooking can be. Today we release the third and fourth episodes of The Food Lab video series, all about boiling water (It's more interesting than you think!) and roasting chicken.

This Robot Reads the Internet to Teach Itself to Make Pancakes and Popcorn

Because what better reason to spend so much time, energy, money, and resources creating such cutting-edge robotic technology than to boss it around and make you food all day?

Is gentrification good for more expensive beer?

I’m just asking. I’d like to see somebody investigate the relationship between the impact of a changing beer demographic and a changing city demographic. It seems interesting to me, maybe even important, but I’ve got things like brewing with bark and what was cream ale sold in New Orleans in 1856 like to sort out. […]

Pig’s Milk Cheese Is Tasty, But It Won’t Make You Rich

In the Dutch town of Bathmen, pig farmer Erik Stegink is trying his hand at making cheese with the milk of his sows. The downside? Milking a pig is a time-consuming chore.

This Man Is Making Kimchi Taste Like Bourbon

Kimchi and bourbon are both strong personalities—so strong, perhaps, that they should stay far apart. But Joe Banet of Funked and Fermented Kimchi Lab believes the exact opposite, and he's mixing barrel char into one powerfully pungent jar.

China’s Demand for Cheese Is Skyrocketing Even If No One There Can Digest It

Now importing more than half a billion dollars worth of cheese every year, China is ready to embrace all the mozzarella and Cheddar you can fork over.

Are Mobile Cocktail Bars the Next Food Trucks?

Bar-on-wheels company Road Soda is redefining the meaning of a "to go" drink. In restaurant-saturated landscapes of America’s (always hungry) urban centers, it’s downright impossible these days to stroll more than a few stomach-rumbling blocks without bumping into a food truck. Show More Summary

Meet Fermentation Fetishist Sandor Katz

Fermentation as an engine for social change. This year, Eater is teaming up with James Beard award-winning Southern Foodways Alliance to spotlight their documentary work, premiering a short film every other week. This next piece focuses...Show More Summary

Space Beer Doesn’t Taste as Great as You Thought It Would

Last month, Yorkshire-based John Smith’s became the first brewery to send beer into space—with questionable results.

Space Beer Doesn’t Taste as Great as You Thought It Would

Last month, Yorkshire-based John Smith’s became the first brewery to send beer into space (with questionable results), but is the stunt just another of the gimmicks resorted to by big breweries in fear of their smaller craft competition?

How Carrie Bradshaw, Don Draper, and The Dude Changed Cocktail Culture

These fictional characters are responsible for the cocktails we drink today. It’s July 2007 and the first episode of Mad Men is airing on AMC. The camera glides to a bar of suited men drinking, smoking, and—of course—talking to pretty ladies. Show More Summary

McDonald's Stock Price Is Up; UberEats Expands to San Francisco

Plus Jimmy Fallon played egg Russian Roulette with Zac Efron. — After years of declining sales and a seemingly endless stream of bad news, it looks like McDonald's massive restructuring plan may be paying off. McDonald's stock price hit a new 52-week high of $101.44 per share today. Show More Summary

Blue Bell Ice Cream Hits Stores Again on August 31

The comeback is real. In just 15 days, Blue Bell Creameries' popular ice cream will hit freezer shelves in grocery stores once again. According to a note posted to the company's website, Blue Bell will be in stores again on August 31. In...Show More Summary

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