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This Town Claims To Have Invented Poutine

Canada’s most recognizable culinary creation is slowly becoming known—and riffed on—across the globe but its origins remain shrouded in mystery.

Performing with Tea

14 hours agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

If members of the audience were surveyed after the taping of the NBC special The Illuisionists which I attended a couple of months ago, they would likely elect Anti-Conjuror Dan Sperry as their favorite performer. I am not a fan of tricks involving rodents or razor blades, but Mr. Sperry’s other … Continue reading ? The post Performing with Tea appeared first on T Ching.

A Venezuelan Governor Is Telling Hungry People to Eat Fried Rocks

So, what in the hell are patriotic Venezuelans to eat in desperate times? Why, rocks of course. Lots and lots of fried rocks.

The Yixing teapot Exhibition at the Tea Institute at PSU - Shaping the teapot

After the clays and the clay making, let's examine how Yixing teapots take shape. As part of this lecture, Teaparker asked the students of the Tea Institute to draw the same Xishi teapot from where they were sitting. This exercise forces...Show More Summary

Tomatoes Can Prevent Men From Having To Pee In The Middle of The Night

A compound found in tomatoes could be the secret to ending your middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.

Don’t Mess with the Rules at Montreal’s Temple of Fried Meats

Wilensky’s is as famous for its rules as it is for its food—rules which, perhaps unspoken among regulars and locals, are literally spelled out for the uninitiated.

Champagne Armand de Brignac: a marketing success story

The Armand de Brignac story is a remarkable one, and represents one of the great wine marketing successes of all time. It begins with the Cattier family, from the village of Chigny-Les-Roses, in the Montagne de Reims. They have cultivated vines here since 1763, although the first wines weren’t made by the family until 1918. Jean-Jacques [...]

The Nostalgic Beauty of Forgotten Pizza Huts

Photographer Ho Hai Tran and his collaborator Chloe Cahill have traveled across continents documenting the reincarnation of the Pizza Hut buildings that once hosted all our childhood birthday parties.

Egg McMuffins for Dinner Are a Fast Food Game-Changer

Photo by Albert Lynn Until recently, the fast-food industry didn’t seem to realize that Americans love eating breakfast for dinner. According to a recent consumer survey, 90% of Americans say they have breakfast for dinner, with 53% doing so …..Continue Reading "Egg McMuffins for Dinner Are a Fast Food Game-Changer" originally published on The Menuism Dining Blog.

Naples’s Best Pizza Maker Is Loved and Hated for Good Reason

Gino Sorbillo is considered Naples's best Neopolitan pizza maker, but between run-ins with the local mafia, a restaurant fire, and an influx of tourism, his road to success hasn't been easy.

Starbucks Spells Caitlyn Jenner's Name Correctly; Sandra Lee Blessed by the Pope

Plus, all about Taco Bell's new website — Taco Bell has expanded its order-ahead mobile app to the web with, a new website that allows users to place orders and pay ahead from desktop computers or tablets. According to a release,...Show More Summary

Cocio Is the Crack-Like Chocolate Milk of Denmark

However bonkers it may sound to the uninitiated, chocolate milk is to Danish hot dogs what champagne is to oysters. There, the reigning brand is Cocio, and it just might be the world’s best chocolate milk.

Tasting Pepsi Literally Makes a Woman Cry (VIDEO)

Post by Wendy Robinson. As anyone who has ever drowned her sorrows in a tub of ice cream knows, there is definitely a relationship between food and emotions. For one young woman, that relationship lead to tears following her first taste of a caffeine-free Pepsi. Show More Summary

A $1,400 Ferran Adrià Pop-Up; Shake Shack's Newest Fan Is a Squirrel

Plus more food world news from across the world. — Americans continue to be the worst? Countries all over the world eat insects by choice, as a source of protein, but last night on Conan, when comedian Kristen Schaal explained that she...Show More Summary

A-B buys Golden Road Brewing

Anheuser-Busch announced today it is acquiring Golden Road Brewing, the largest craft brewery in Los Angeles County. It is the fourth smaller brewery A-B has purchased since it first bought Goose Island Beer Co. In 2014 it acquired Blue Point Brewing, 10 Barrel Brewing and Elysian Brewing. In addition,s last month Goose Island subsidiary bought […]

Forget Defining Craft - Here's What "Small Brewer" Means

It's here! It's here! The new phone book is here!!!! Well, OK... it's not that exciting but the Master Framework Agreement dated 22 September 2015. Last April I discussed the process of reforming Ontario's beer retailing. I won't really...Show More Summary

A Merger of the Two Largest Beer Companies Could Change the Global Beverage Industry

The merger would amount to a really, really big company—possibly one that could take over the cornerstone soda corporations of the American beverage business.

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