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Make Chef E. Dubble’s Soigné and Simple Omelette

You’ll be able to make anyone at your breakfast table feel like one of chef Edwin "E. Dubble" Redway VIP clients.

The Car of the Future Might Be Made from Tequila Waste

Ford has teamed up with Jose Cuervo to develop a bioplastic made from the fibers of the agave plant left over from the tequila-making process, which could soon find its way into cars.

This Is How Your Favorite Vegan Mayonnaise Gets Made

It was like having my Violet Beauregard moment from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except, instead of rolling out as a giant blueberry, I metamorphosized into a six-foot-tall tub of Vegenaise and gracefully floated into the sky.

The Science of Ice Cream; Matt Damon on How to Win a Bar Fight

Six things to know right now Congratulations, you've made it through another week. Celebrate by making some ice cream this weekend. Or dive into Eater restaurant editor and roving critic Bill Addison's shiny new list of the 21 best new restaurants across the country. Show More Summary

The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Detroit’s Oldest Beer

When Detroit collapsed in spectacular fashion, the demise of Stroh’s—cheap suds once popular on college campuses and with the blue-collar crowd—wasn’t far behind. Starting in the late 1980s, the brand quietly faltered, then mostly vanished from store shelves outside Michigan over the last two decades.

Inside the All-Female Bakery Helping London’s Homeless Women

Luminary bakery trains disadvantaged women in baking and food hygiene. “There needs to be opportunities for women to feel safe if they have experienced domestic violence or sexual exploitation,” says founder Alice Boyle.

This Is How All Your Favorite Chefs Cook With Peaches

If you're not stocking up on fresh peaches all Summer long, you're doing it wrong. And if you are but you're just not sure what to do with them beyond snacking (and this upside down cake from How Sweet It Is), you're in the right place. Show More Summary

Why Waiters Are Racing Through London’s Soho with Trays of Prosecco

London’s Soho Waiters Race dates back to the 1950s and sees local waitstaff run through the streets holding a bottle of fizz balanced on a tray. “The waiters are part of the community,” explains race volunteer Tim Baros. “We want to build relationships between people who work here and people who live here.”

Watch: New Noma Documentary Follows René Redzepi and Team to Tokyo

'Ants on a Shrimp' chronicles the Copenhagen restaurant's 2015 pop-up in Japan Ants On A Shrimp (Official Trailer) from Pelle Asselbergs on Vimeo.

Everything You Need to Know About Geoducks

All about this Pacific Northwest treasure From microscopic plankton to intimidating, deep sea lantern fish, the creatures that live in the ocean are as varied and unfamiliar as if they lived on another planet. Among these strange looking alien creatures, the geoduck of the Northwest Coastal U.S. Show More Summary

20 Years of Magnolia Bakery; The Best Chefs Use Handmade Knives

Five things to chew on right now Congratulations on making it to Friday. Magnolia Bakery — of Sex and the City and cupcake fame — turns 20 this month, so Eater NY looked back on all of the biggest moments of its lifespan, including its...Show More Summary

You've Been Shelling Lobster All Wrong! Gordon Ramsay's Demo Will Set You Right

Gordon Ramsay schools Masterchef contestants on how to poach and shell a lobster in this stunning demo. One big takeaway that lobster cooks may not be doing is killing the lobster as "quickly and humanely as possible" before throwing it in the pot of boiling salted water for two minutes. Show More Summary

An Adults-Only Excuse to Venture to Disney World ASAP

In today's good news for Disney World fans who also love to drink, a store in Disney Springs is offering a whole new list of Coca-Cola-inspired alcoholic beverages. While the Coca-Cola store itself is not new, the bar - rooftop bar! - is, making it one of the more adult-friendly attractions at the theme park's downtown shopping center. Show More Summary

The Unbearably Slow Adoption of Genetic Cancer Tests

Discovering genes that increase the risk of tumors is one thing—but actually using that knowledge to help people is another.

The High-Tech Devices Aiming to Up Your Coffee Game

A roundup of the latest in coffee tech There's no shortage of devices on the market that aim to make shopping for, cooking, and preparing food easier. The latest technology is going after your morning cup of coffee — which pretty much...Show More Summary

Review: Gordon Ramsay’s App Game Is @#$#-ing Great

Putting DASH to the test When I completed the first stage of Gordon Ramsay DASH, I was rewarded by a little cartoon of Gordon Ramsay smiling at me, my phone playing a clip of his voice telling me I did a great job, and a dopamine squirt in my brain. Show More Summary

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