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Craft Brewing Has a Sexism Problem

1978 was the worst year for beer diversity in post-Prohibition America, with only 89 breweries operating in the entire country. Most of those breweries sucked, so a nation addled by other drugs might not have realized that things were starting to look up. Show More Summary

This Canadian Pizzeria Isn’t Allowed to Serve Cockroach Pizza

A cockroach-topped pizza was to be served at the Calgary Stampede, an annual festival of all things Western—but border control has stepped in and ruined everyone's six-legged fun.

Nothing Is More American Than a Beer Can Chicken

There is perhaps nothing more American—be you a pious pastor or a polyamorous anarchist—than tending a hot grill in summer.

Why Childhood Memories Disappear

Most adults can’t remember much of what happened to them before age 3 or so. What happens to the memories formed in those earliest years?

Illicit Moonshine Culture Is Dead

Illegal (for-profit) moonshine is heaving its dying breaths now that this misunderstood spirit is getting commercialized. While I'm guilty of that sin—I own a distillery—I'm still nostalgic for the old times growing up in Kentucky, when purchasing the illicit hooch was like paying a visit to the drug dealer.

Kobayashi Taught Me to Be a Champion Hot Dog Eater

With America's Independence Day rapidly approaching, it's (almost) time for hot dogs and grilling. I called up Kobayashi, perhaps the greatest competitive eater of all time, to show me how to eat as many wieners as possible so I can celebrate July 4th to the fullest.

Sen no Riky? in Cinema

4 days agoFood & Drink / Tea : T Ching

The two Japanese films, 1989’s Rikyu and 2013’s Ask This of Rikyu, could have been written by the same screenwriter as the plots tell almost identical sequence of incidents in Sen no Riky?‘s life.  I know because I binge watched the two movies one Saturday morning last year, and I … Continue reading ? The post Sen no Riky? in Cinema appeared first on T Ching.

Polish Summer Food Goes Way Beyond Cabbage and Potatoes

Poland isn't a dungeon of meat and starch, but a wonderland of strawberries, seafood, and locally sourced, seasonal produce. You've just got to know where—and when—to look.

How to Drink Like Your Grandparents and Enjoy It

Yes, all grandmas are different, and some don't even drink. But these cocktails—Pimm's Cups and wine spritzers—are for old people, or at least the old at heart.

Yorkshire Is Crazy About This 100-Year-Old Relish

Concocted using a secret 19th century recipe and almost impossible to buy outside of Yorkshire, Henderson’s Relish is a condiment that inspires cult-like devotion in the north of England.

Yorkshire Is Crazy About This 100-Year-Old Relish

Concocted with a decades-old recipe and almost impossible to buy outside of Yorkshire, Henderson’s Relish is a favourite accompaniment to pie, mash, and roast dinners. I visited the Sheffield factory to try and uncover its secret recipe.

How Coney Island Became the Unlikely Birthplace of Outdoor Dining

Nowadays, we think of it as a half-forgotten freak show, but Coney Island was once revolutionary in the history of al fresco eating.

Why Chris Christie's Campaign Ad Features Olive Garden; Cronut Creator Wins Fancy French Award

A round-up of news and reviews. — Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel aired New Jersey governor Chris Christie's first campaign ad in his expected run for the presidency. Apparently, Christie got some funding from Olive Garden for this faux promo. Show More Summary

Niagara falls, four ways

One of the side benefits of judging the National Wine Awards of Canada in Niagara Falls was the chance to spend some quality time with big water. Below is a short film of the Falls, four ways – up close, by boat, by helicopter, and at night. They really are remarkable, and you can get [...]

This Man Will Convince You to Eat Cattails and Duck Potatoes

Despite my aversion to the culinary obsession with the source of ingredients, I found myself embracing the foraging life with Gérald Le Gal in rural Quebec.

Who Wants to Do Chocolate Key Bumps?

Love putting stuff up your nose? Also love fine Belgian chocolates? Well, we have got news for you, gourmand. All of your interests can be found in one fun powder—and it’s a legal high.

LA’s Best Vegan Cheesemaker Used to Hate Vegans

Yousseff Fakhouri isn't making his dairy-free herbed feta and truffled brie for the vegans, per se. But that doesn't mean the vegans don't love—and in some cases, literally cry over—his stuff.

The Soccer Moms

Until 20 years ago, women players who wanted to start a family would quit their careers. But more athletes are stepping up to the challenge of balancing motherhood with their love of the game.

Eat These Carnivorous Plants Before They Eat You

Resourceful Malaysians have discovered that pitcher plants are delicious when stuffed with rice. Nevermind that these plants eat insects, rats, and even lizards and birds.

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