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Why Bernie Sanders Is Sparring With Big Soda

The senator wants nothing to do with it The war against soft drink taxes has claimed a new victim: Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator and former presidential contender has been featured in a slew of anti-tax soda ads across the Bay Area. Show More Summary

Why Our Founding Fathers Adored Chinese Tea

Donald Trump has painted China as the ultimate antagonist, despite the fact that it has long supplied Americans with their caffeine fix. Even George Washington was particularly fond of China's premium green tea.

A Brief History of the Slurpee, a Frozen American Icon

For millions of people across the world, nostalgia tastes like a sweet and icy sip (er, slurp) of a 7-Eleven Slurpee. When you pull the lever on a Slurpee machine inside any 7-Eleven store on the planet, the fizzy, fluffy frozen beverage likely tastes just like the first one you ever tried. Show More Summary

Here Are All the Best Places to Get Drunk in Boston

This is definitely the funnest part of our MUNCHIES Guide to Boston and crucial to have on hand, because a bar crawl in Boston can easily get disorienting.

This Death Metal Burger Joint Is Grilled Meat Valhalla on Earth

LA's Grill ‘Em All has become a site of pilgrimage for metalheads of all sub-genres, crust punks, hardcore, and Powerviolence fans from around the world. Their flavorful burgers are as heavy as all of these musical styles combined.

I Gained 20 Pounds Visiting My Wife’s Polish Relatives

When I visited my wife's family in Poland for the first time, I wasn't prepared for the culinary realities of the Eastern European nation. I should have studied more so I could have politely demurred from gluttony. That, or brought along larger pants.

Boots Need Shining

"Boots need shining," I think as I have my morning lovelies, which is what I call my breakfast in the garden most days (see here for more about Mama Bread and here for lemongrass mint tea). I also think about all the things that need...Show More Summary

Netflix Turns the Scariest Stranger Things Moments Into Mouthwatering Recipes You Can Re-Create

While you're anxiously awaiting season two of Stranger Things and planning your Stranger Things Halloween costume (seriously, they're going to be everywhere), we've got the perfect recipes that will knock your taste buds upside down....Show More Summary

Richard Ayoade Contends for Role as Host of Great British Bake Off

Can he fill Mel and Sue’s shoes? A Great British Bake Off update has arrived in the form of a potential new cast member: former IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade is reportedly a contender in the quest to fill the vacancy left by hosts Mel...Show More Summary

1-Pot Chili Mac and Cheese Is Your New Favorite Weeknight Meal

Italian-food expert Laura Vitale, host of Cooking Channel's Simply Laura and YouTube's Laura in the Kitchen, knows the importance of easy weeknight dinners. She's teamed up with Red Gold for its Crush Hunger campaign to create this 30-minute,...Show More Summary

Vote for This Pimento Mac ‘n’ Cheese to Soothe Your Election Anxiety

Tell your diet to GTFO. It's getting cold, America's freaking out, the world is ending, and it's time to get fat on this absolutely delicious mac 'n' cheese.

Your life is in your hands: Global Handwashing Day is Oct. 15

Editor’s note: In recognition of Global Handwashing Day today, we have compiled information from the CDC about why it is so important to promote this simple activity.  Handwashing is like a “do-it-yourself” vaccine to reduce the spread of diarrheal and respiratory illness so you and those around you can stay healthy. Proper hand washing at... Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s Coffee Pods; Chipotle Gives Away More Free Food

Six things to know today Happy Friday. Did you know Donald Trump has his own brand of coffee pods? Offered in a variety of real estate-themed flavors including “Skyscraper” and “Resort,” one Amazon reviewer offers this astute assessment:...Show More Summary

Weekend reading: Restaurants that changed the way Americans eat

Paul Freedman.  Ten Restaurants that Changed America.  Liveright/WW Norton, 2016. I was happy to be asked for a blurb for this fascinating, entertaining, and beautifully produced (color illustrations!) volume.  Here’s what I said: Is...Show More Summary

This Mexican Brewery Tricked Donald Trump Supporters into Funding a Fiesta

Mexican craft brewery Cucapá conned Trump supporters into buying T-shirts proclaiming “I Support Donald"—but the message transforms into something very different when exposed to warm temperatures.

This Pho-Stuffed Burrito Is Better than It Sounds

"Everyone assumes that I’m going to serve it with a dipping broth but I just make sure that the beef is so juicy that it releases the pho broth when you bite into it.”

To Make Vaccines Anywhere, Just Add Water

By freeze-drying the innards of cells, scientists have created portable drug-manufacturing plants—and sensors for detecting viruses like Zika and Ebola.

These Kenneth-Bone-Themed Pizzas Are the Only Good Thing About the Election Right Now

Forget Napoleon's Arc de Triomphe and Shah Jahan's Taj Mahal, is there any greater medium for memorialization than the undisputed nectar of the gods that is pizza?

How to Make Rainbow Bagels, Galaxy Donuts, and Other Foods of the Moment

Instagram thirst trap From açaí bowls to Starbucks’ infamous pink drink, Instagram food fads are vast and varied. And they seem to leave the social media scene nearly as quickly as they arrived. They all have at least one thing in common,...Show More Summary

I Drank a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Amount of Coffee at Luke’s Diner

I got to live like a Stars Hollow resident for an afternoon, drinking copious amounts of coffee and speaking at an unhealthy Lorelai-like fast pace.

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