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Italian farmhouse transformed into exquisitely sustainable summer retreat

Minimalist sophistication may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Italian farm houses, but designer Andrew Trotter's first architectural project, Masseria Moroseta, is full of surprises. Renovated with locally-sourced...Show More Summary

Masdar Engage Winner Seva Karpauskaite: “The international green financing structure is the catalyst we need”

Thanks to all CleanTechnica readers, writers, and friends that entered the 5th annual Masdar Blogging Contest. Masdar received a record number of entries this year, with 130 entries from more than 40 nations across 6 continents discussing...Show More Summary

The Women’s March On Washington: The Convergence Of Climate Change, Gender Equality, & Racial Justice

There is no question that the President-elect and his appointees are waging war on climate change, women's rights, racial justice, and so many other important progressive values. While we here at CleanTechnica usually focus on the climate...Show More Summary

When the self-driving car revolution comes, how will you spend your free time in your vehicle?

Some experts foresee millions of self-driving cars on the roads within the next five years, which could free up some drive time for other activities.

The Climate Post: Obama Pens Article In Science On Clean Energy, Climate Policy

In a Policy Forum article published in the journal Science, President Barack Obama says that the national policy trend toward a clean-energy economy is “irreversible” and that the trend will continue due to “the mounting economic and scientific evidence” of its value. Show More Summary

SolPad Releases Pricing & Pre-Order Info For Mobile Solar + Storage Product

The Silicon Valley startup SunCulture Solar has just announced the specs, pricing, and pre-order date for its all-in-one solar plus storage mobile solution, which could help usher in a new era of entry-level solar SolPad Releases Pricing...Show More Summary

Novio is a warm & minimalist 210 sq. ft. tiny house from Quebec

Tiny houses don't have to be overly cute and rustic, as this little modern home shows.

Just a normal day, dropping the kid off at school

But what happens when everybody drives, and everybody wants to do it at the same time

High-tech mooring will gather data below Antarctic winter ice

Researchers know a fair amount about polar ocean pH levels in the summer, but this new tool will let them see what is happening year round.

Pee for Plants

Lately there has been a whole lot of talk about golden showers. For most people, showers are something that come in April and fall from the clouds in the sky, not something you go to Russian hotel rooms to find. That is as it should be. Show More Summary

Neighbors feed neighbors with Little Free Pantries

These ingenious kitchen cupboards are mounted outdoors, with food and toiletries free to the public.

10 landscape design projects that turned neglected spaces into incredible parks

Landscape architects frequently work to transform areas that contain industrial and toxic waste, infrastructure no longer in use, or land affected by war, natural disaster or disuse. These neglected places, while often having a negative impact on the environment and surrounding community, are simultaneously part of our cultural heritage. Show More Summary

2017: What Next for Green Finance?

2016 is on course to be not just the hottest on record, but also probably the dirtiest and most hazardous too. "The climate has broken records in 2016" says World Meteorological Organization chief Petteri Taalas. Smog once again returned...Show More Summary

Awareness, Awareness, Awareness — Clean Energy Is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap (Time To Be Annoying)

What do you think of people who just keep talking about the same thing o v e r and o v e r and o v e r again? Annoying as hell, right? Politicians who repeat the same crap lines repeatedly. CEOs who you hear deliver the same fluff PR talking point for the 100th time. Show More Summary

Reydon Grove Farm residence blends perfectly into the meadowlands of Suffolk

The long, narrow form of this residence fits perfectly with the existing barn and old dairies of this farm in the UK. The Reydon Grove Farm, designed by Danish studio Norm.Architects, creates a subtle transition from meadowlands to farmland...Show More Summary

As Trump Heads To White House, Lack Of Actual Policy Threatens US Energy Future

The U.S. energy economy faces unprecedented pressure to integrate clean and renewable fuel sources like wind and solar, but after a distracting 2016 presidential campaign sidelined energy policy, troubling and untenable gaps in the president-elect’s...Show More Summary

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