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Steve Jurvetson Comments On Uber’s Acquisition Of Otto

Steve Jurvetson recently posted a noteworthy piece on Flickr about Uber’s acquisition of Otto — the recently formed autonomous semi-truck technology firm composed of ex-Google engineers. The Otto team was acquired as a means of speeding...Show More Summary

Peter Thiel and Cliven Bundy Demonstrate the Hazards of Overreach

Silicon Valley tycoon Peter Thiel and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy have nothing in common, except Libertarian philosophy and a disregard for democracy.

Justice Department Phasing out Privately Run Prisons

Last Thursday, Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates instructed the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to reduce its reliance on privately run prisons.

The Poaching Mentality

While poachers are considered destructive criminals of the first order, few think of society as harboring a similar, if less blatant mentality in the handling of natural resources. Yet a poacher-like attitude is more pervasive in society...Show More Summary

Solar as a Service: The Headache-Free Way to Have Solar Power

As New Zealand transitions its national energy profile to clean renewable power sources, solarcity NZ is committed to helping communities ramp up production of solar power Solar as a Service: The Headache-Free Way to Have Solar Power...Show More Summary

Clean Transport & Energy News Roundup (E-Bus Charging, CA EV Proposal, AAA EV Charging, India & Chile Solar…)

In this edition of the clean transport and energy news roundup, we’ve got news about an e-bus charging calculator, California’s EV market share proposal, AAA’s EV charging trucks, the ethanol/high octane debate, a zero emissions Three Peaks Challenge, solar training shortfalls, Chile solar auction prices, and more. Show More Summary

Study: Detectable Anthropogenic Climate Change Began In 1830s, Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

Detectable anthropogenic climate change began considerably earlier than previously thought, according to new research from the international Past Global Changes 2000 year (PAGES 2K) Consortium. The new work — which involved input from...Show More Summary

2020 Tokyo Olympics medals will be made from metals recovered from e-waste

By reclaiming precious metals from its 'urban mine' of obsolete electronics, Japan may be able to produce the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics from recycled materials.

Kokam: Solar Impulse 2 Used Batteries Based On Our Ultra-High-Energy NMC Technology

As we covered in quite some detail at the time, the Solar Impulse 2 recently completed the first round-the-world trip taken in a zero-fuel solar photovoltaic airplane. The final leg of that trip was completed on July 26th, when the Solar...Show More Summary

Refined timber-wrapped house is a low-maintenance space for a retired couple

The house is located on a sloping site in Victoria, Australia. The configuration of the plot dictated the form of the building, which the owners wanted to be all on a single level for convenience. Completed in 2014, the building functions...Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: Heating Up, Melting Away, Upping Wind Power, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Saving BUB, Beautiful Unique Biodiversity, like this Jeweled Flower Mantis found in Asian forests, is another reason to save these important ecosystems. Source Pinterest Forests:...Show More Summary

Airlander crash-lands on its no-longer flying bum

The second flight doesn't quite go as smoothly as the first.

5 houseplants for removing indoor air pollution

New research finds that certain houseplants are best for removing specific harmful compounds.

Japanese companies saving money and energy by crowding the elevators, turning out lights

How much of a difference it makes is another story, but it's the thought that counts.

Smartphone repair shops are taking over old British phone boxes

The iconic red phone booths have been getting a variety of makeovers.

Scents Of Doubt: The World’s 12 Smelliest Plants

A rose by any other name may smell the same but these dozen flowers, plants and fungi just plain stink! The post Scents Of Doubt: The World’s 12 Smelliest Plants appeared first on WebEcoist.

Maine's North Woods Monument a Fitting Celebration of the National Park Service's Legacy

If you've spent time in the woods in Maine, you know how hard it is to describe the peace and wonder that come with being amidst such natural beauty. Henry David Thoreau probably said it best when he wrote that "the tops of the mountains...Show More Summary

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