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Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Raises Over $150K

Jimmy Kimmel‘s emotional plea for donations in honor of Cecil the Lion’s tragic death raked in a remarkable $150,000 for Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. On Tuesday night, the funny late night Read More The post Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Raises Over $150K appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, Sparks Solar Energy Breakthrough

Here's a new twist on the "butterfly effect" leading to more lightweight, compact concentrated systems for solar energy harvesting -- instead of hurricanes Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, Sparks Solar Energy Breakthrough was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

Fascinating floating city shaped like a manta ray would be 100% self-sustaining

French architect Jacques Rougerie has envisioned a giant floating city which bears a striking resemblance to a manta ray. He discusses his love for the ocean in an interview, where he calls himself a “mérien,” a term he coined which translates to a

Will Amazon Dash Buttons Kill Sustainable Consumption?

Amazon announced earlier this week that its Dash buttons are available now for all of its Amazon Prime members. For $4.99, members can buy a button connected to a specific brand and use it to reorder products of that brand. The Dash mantra is as simple as the service: Just press and never run out. Show More Summary

BREAKING: Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho killed by poachers

While the world mourns the loss of Cecil the lion, breaking news reveals that his brother Jericho was killed today by poachers illegally hunting in Zimbabwe. After Cecil was killed by American dentist Walter Palmer, experts feared that Cecil's cubs be a

Architects ‘Turn Around’ an Aging Victorian Home to Flood it With Natural Light

Reworking the home's boundaries involved creating a whole new configuration for the structure and removing an existing bathroom. In addition to "turning" the house around, the architects added a new dramatically pitched roof that permits high ceilings and

Refuge Tonneau: Cassina’s 1930s Pod Home Looks Like a Futuristic Space Shuttle

The shelter has a dodecahedron structure which was ahead of its times and was used in the Antarctic in 2002 and at the Mars Society Desert Research Station in 2011. The structure is lightweight and easy to assemble. Although it might look uninviting from the

Colossal Green Value Farm Flourishes Within a Former Factory in China

The colossal 2,100 square meter factory has become a testing ground for a number of green ideas. Within the confines of the space, the studio preserved the original factory features, such as old walls, trees, and natural water access while its existing brick

Start of Sea Cucumber Fishing in Galápagos Postponed Ten Days

By Cecilia Alvear and George Lewis Sea Cucumber in Galápagos Marine Reserve west of Isabela Island After considerable debate, representatives of the Galápagos National Park and the fishing industry...Show More Summary

The Fate of Greater Sage-grouse Is in Our Hands

Fossil fuel development, livestock grazing, transmission corridors, off-road vehicles, roads, fences, invasive species, climate change -- these are just a few of the 26 threats facing the greater sage-grouse, an iconic bird in the American west. Show More Summary

Bernie Sanders for President

We are at a generational, if not an historical, tipping point for our nation and the world. Our economy and institutional power structures have been built on the exploitation of people and the environment. Addressing the climate crisis...Show More Summary

Cacoon is a hanging tent that lets you get away from it all

The Cacoon hanging tent is the perfect place to escape from it all. Part hammock, part tent, it's an indoor/outdoor cocoon that can travel wherever you go - even if you never leave your home. Built to resist wind, rain and sea, the Cacoon comes in two

One Year After Toledo, Our Waters Still at Risk

Last August, a toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie left half a million people in the Toledo area unable to use their own tap water for drinking, bathing, or cooking. A year later, with another algae outbreak growing in Toledo's water supply,...Show More Summary

Never Mind Waldo - Where's Walter? The Hunter Is Hunted

First there was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, now there's The Secret Life of Walter Palmer, that mild-mannered balding bespectacled Minnesota dentist, who is in reality a big game hunter and serial animal killer. It is being reported that Walter is nowhere to be found. Show More Summary

78% Of German Electricity Came From Renewables On July 25

Originally published on Solar Love. On Saturday, July 25, 2015, Germany got 78% of its electricity from renewables. That performance eclipsed the old record of 74% set in May 2014. How did the country do that? First, July 25 was a Saturday,...Show More Summary

Exclusive video: The Barr Brothers perform at the Pickathon Music Festival

Somewhere between a dusty Americana and West African groove lies the soulful grit and instrumentally diverse folk-rock sound evoked from The Barr Brothers. The Montreal-based quartet features mesmerizing slide guitar, evocative vocals, and intense with

Clean Power Plan = Lower Electricity Bills

Originally published on Solar Love. A report from the University of Georgia says that states can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by using a combination of renewable energy sources and energy-saving strategies. It says those changes are affordable if done properly. Show More Summary

Human–Climate Link Still 97%? Nope. Over 99%. (VIDEO)

James L. Powell, director of the National Physical Sciences Consortium and whistleblower on climate change denial, has a mission to bring media and readers up to date on how many scientists believe people cause climate change. The anthropogenic climate change number is larger than you might think. Show More Summary

Get a sneak peek of Pickathon, the world’s most sustainable music festival, opening this weekend! The Mountain Stage is Pickathon’s main outdoor venue which has the distinction of being one of the world’s largest temporary festival tension structures. The design involves ~200,000 sq ft of 12

Renewables = 19% Of Electricity Generated In UK In 2014

New figures released by the UK Government show that electricity generated from renewable sources increased 21% in 2014, accounting for 19% of total UK electricity generation. RenewableUK, the country’s wind and marine energy trade association,...Show More Summary

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