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Swooping rooflines make this proposed Silicon Valley home a sculptural work of art

Cambridge-based design studio WOJR has proposed an unusual Silicon Valley home that stands out from the pack with its swooping rooflines and sculptural appearance both inside and out. Located in Los Altos, the House of Horns will beShow More Summary

Tesla’s Proposed Compensation Package For Elon Musk Approved After Split In Recommendations

The performance-based compensation package Tesla's board recently proposed for Tesla CEO Elon Musk has drawn a variety of responses to date. After two of the most prominent proxy advisory firms out there came out against the proposal and urged shareholders to vote against it, Tesla's fourth largest investor, the T. Rowe Price Group, seemingly came out in favor of the proposal

Spin Doctor: Drone Cleans Dirty Wind Turbines

An innovative new drone can clean, wax, defrost and deice wind turbine blades, helping wind power plants maintain maximum efficiency over the long term. The post Spin Doctor: Drone Cleans Dirty Wind Turbines appeared first on WebEco...

Check out this Amsterdam house created with trash and items from eBay

Garbage doesn't need to simply be garbage; it can be used to build new things. At least, that's what Frank Alsema has done. Profiled by Gizmodo, Alsema is a retired TV producer in the Netherlands who’s been fashioning his home out of garbage and other items he discovered on eBay. Show More Summary

Researchers discover a completely new ocean zone swimming with new species

After six years of researching the uncharted depths of coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, scientists have discovered an entirely new ocean zone called the rariphotic zone. This column of water sits 130 to 490 feet below the sea surface, where it is too dark for photosynthesis, but above the dark fathoms of the aphotic zone. Show More Summary

The amount of plastic in the ocean could triple in 10 years

Plastic in the ocean could triple between 2015 and 2025, according to a new report for the United Kingdom government. The Foresight Future of the Sea report said the marine environment faces "unprecedented change as a result of direct human activity and climate change," and the authors are calling for further investigation. Show More Summary

Geoengineering — Reducing The Power Of Hurricanes With Curtains Of Air Bubbles

Scientists at SINTEF have an idea for how to prevent hurricanes from forming or reducing the power of those that do form. The secret? Air bubbles

Eventually, Joe Schmo Will Have His Electric Car “Lightbulb Moment”

When will that "lightbulb moment" happen with the car-buying public? When will they pivot en masse from fossil fuel powered cars to electric vehicles? Australia's chief scientist, Alan Finkel, owns two electric cars and says, "You just touch the accelerator and the car responds, whereas in a petrol car there is a lag of two-tenths of a second.... Show More Summary

Scientists Propose Geoengineering Projects To Control Rising Sea Levels

Scientists at Princeton recommend a variety of geoengineering projects to slow the melting of the continental ice shelves in Greenland and Antarctica and limit rising ocean levels

The world's first subsidy-free offshore wind farm is being built in the Netherlands

The world's first unsubsidized offshore wind farms are currently under construction in the Netherlands. The underlying economics of offshore wind energy have become so favorable in the country that the projects will require no public funds to be completed. Show More Summary

UK Offshore Wind Targets Sector Deal That Could Spur £48 Billion In Investments & 30 Gigawatts By 2030

The UK offshore wind industry has this week committed to working with the Government on a "transformative" sector deal that could spur £48 billion in new investments in the country's infrastructure and increase offshore wind capacity to 30 gigawatts by 2030. 

New pay-what-you-can restaurant opens in Fort Worth, Texas

A Texas couple have opened a new restaurant that offers a pay-what-you-can model. Taste Community Restaurant targets middle class people struggling to get by who still deserve excellent food at a price they can afford. "Specifically,"...Show More Summary

5-Star Movement Deputy: Party’s Plan To Focus On Transport Infrastructure & Renewable Energy

The economic policy plan proposal now being drafted by the 5-Star Movement in Italy will be focused on transport infrastructure and renewable energy, particularly with regard to development in the poorer southern parts of the country, as revealed by party deputy Laura Castelli in an interview with Reuters

Canadian Solar Reports Record Solar Shipments In Guidance-Beating Q4/FY-2017 Financials

Canadian Solar, one of the world's leading solar power companies, announced this week that it shipped a record high 6,828 megawatts worth of solar products in 2017 in its guidance-beating Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 financial report. 

JinkoSolar & Asunim Turkey Complete Largest Solar Project In Aegean Region

Leading solar company JinkoSolar, in cooperation with Turkish project developer Asunim Turkey, has completed what is the largest solar project in the entire Aegean Region, a 40.3 megawatt solar farm in Manisa, Turkey

Stricter climate regulations could save 150 million lives worldwide

Researchers have calculated that stronger climate regulations across the globe could help prevent up to 150 million premature deaths. Much of the public health benefits of strictly regulating greenhouse gases would be concentrated in South Asia, with nearly 13 million lives spared in large Indian cities alone if air pollution is curtailed. Show More Summary

This Tiny Fake Fish Could Spark A Hydropower Revolution In The USA

Despite Trump's happy talk on coal, the US Department of Energy is moving forward with plans to squeeze more zero emission electricity from the nation's vast hydropower potential

World's first mass-producible 3D-printed electric car will cost under $10K

The world's first mass-producible, 3D-printed electric car is set to revolutionize the auto industry. An Italy-based electric car company XEV and 3D printing material company Polymaker launched the tiny LSEV during a recent press conference held at the 3D-Printing Cultural Museum in Shanghai. Show More Summary

I Have Deleted My Facebook Account. I Urge You To Do The Same.

Facebook has participated, either knowingly or through gross negligence, in a scheme to steal the US government. Punish it by deleting your Facebook account today and join millions of others who are doing the same.

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