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Star Wars composer John Williams to get AFI Life Achievement Award

He's the man behind the geeky soundtracks of many a childhood, and "Star Wars" composer John Williams is set to be honored with the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award in 2016.

Tesla Model X Starting Price Will = ~$75,000, Elon States At Vanity Fair Summit

Originally published on EV Obsession. First of all, what the hell is Elon Musk doing at a Vanity Fair summit? Doesn’t he have some slow-moving suppliers to grill? Or some rockets to build (with his own. bare. hands. of course)? Well,...Show More Summary

Don't like Twitter? 'Moments' aims to change that with news hub

By highlighting top news stories, Twitter hopes to lure new users -- and it's not the only tech company hungry to become a news destination. Also: Lumo Run makes you a smarty pants, and Roku 4 gains 4K streaming powers.

Mitsubishi Electric Unveiling EMIRAI 3 xDAS Concept Car At Tokyo Motor Show

A new concept car from Mitsubishi Electric that will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show later this month — the EMIRAI 3 xDAS — will feature a number of interesting “assisted driver” technologies, according to recent reports. Show More Summary

Hilton Announces Big EV Charging Rollout

Originally published on EV Obsession. Electric vehicle (EV) charging station availability in the US is soon going to be boosted a bit by the expansion of a Hilton Worldwide program, according to a new press release. The expansion will...Show More Summary

'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' trailer makes killing zombies look classy

Hold on to your corsets! These zombie slayers bring weapons to ballroom dances and tea parties in an entertaining twist on author Jane Austen's beloved romantic novel.

Small apartment gets flexible with two rotating transformer walls (Video)

Thanks to two moveable walls, this small apartment can get an extra two bedrooms, handy for when family comes to visit.

Risky or wise? Relocating fish in Montana to save them from warming waters

Breaking one of the cardinal rules of contemporary conservation, scientists risk upsetting the ecological balance in order to protect a species.

Photo: A bighorn sheep spotted in Kamloops

This stately bighorn sheep was photographed by Sherry Bennett in Kamloops, Canada.

Whatever happened to "Peak Car"?

It seems to be following the same path as Peak Oil, and happy days are here again.

Living near fracking increases the risk of premature births

Another public health risk associated with unconventional gas and oil drilling.

Charity aims to train 32,000 families to grow trees, fight hunger

Climate change and deforestation have left many in the drylands of Africa unable to grow food. Planting trees may reverse that.

Sulfur pollution in Denmark's air dropped by 60% thanks to cleaner ship fuel regulations

Cargo ships have fallen through the regulatory cracks for too long, time to deal with the problem.

Blindness risk skyrocketing in shocking numbers, nature could prevent it

1 billion people are at risk of vision loss by 2050, but researchers say it could be curbed by just getting outside more.

How to create an ethical wardrobe for less money

Ethical fashion brands tend to be very expensive, but there are ways to make the transition without spending a pile of money.

Please help me plant 1,000,000 mangroves

As we wait for a deal in Paris, this crowdfunding campaign aims to mobilize citizens to set an example for our leaders to follow.

Things get awkward when couples bring Facebook behaviors to real life

Couples do some pretty weird stuff online, but things get really strange when they take that behavior into the real word, as evidenced by this video from CollegeHumor.

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