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Dandelion Root Tea: Coffee Substitute with Added Benefits

Are you addicted to coffee and looking for a healthy alternative?  Believe it or not, the answer may simply lie in your backyard–dandelion roots! Actually dandelion root tea.   Those pesky dandelions can be used as a coffee substitute with the added benefits of  vitamin A, B, C, and D as well as iron, potassium [...]Show More Summary

Why We Won’t Make It to 2030 Without Buy-In From Business

A recap of The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership’s latest report If you were to audit a business class at a university 20 years ago, you would likely hear the recurring theme that the purpose of business is profit; to maximize shareholder value. Since that time, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have entered the picture. … Continued

Worlds first circular-economy business park mimics nature to achieve sustainability

The Triango sustainable business park in Paris, designed by RAU Architects, SeARCH, and karres + brands, embraces the idea of a circular economy using inspiration from nature. The idea behind the proposal is to create facilities that can behave dynamically throughout their period of use and to use materials that can be used over and over again in the future.[...]

Nebraska grants TransCanada approval to build the Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska just gave the go-ahead for Keystone XL, allowing TransCanada to clear the last regulatory hurdle for the hotly contested oil pipeline. After a nine-year battle, TransCanada can move forward with the project against which thousands have protested. Show More Summary

EV Archeology — Unearthing Key Artifacts From The Annals Of Electric Car History (Part 1)

Pop quiz: What American automaker brought a pure electric car to market in the 1990s? Even a fresh-faced neophyte to the world of EVs probably knows the answer. But wait. Here’s another one: What automaker attempted to make a pure electric car in the 1960s, and again in the 1970s? Fewer may know the answer to that one. Show More Summary

The International Energy Agency Is Steering The World To Climate Disaster

The International Energy Agency (IEA) likes to present itself as a climate champion, but it is in fact steering the energy system towards catastrophic levels of warming, writes Greg Muttitt, Senior Advisor at NGO Oil Change International.

Amid Murky Energy Outlook, Some Reasons To Be Thankful [Infographic]

Despite the unclear future, we share a few things we’re thankful for this year. These policy plays prove it’s possible -- at the local level -- to overcome obstacles to renewable energy generation, local ownership, and widespread access to both.

6 crafty DIY decorations for Thanksgiving

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and Thanksgiving is on its way. Celebrate this holiday the green way by decking out your home and table with gorgeous, simple, seasonal decor you can make yourself. From table centerpieces to candles, we've gathered 6 Autumn-inspired projects you can craft this Thanksgiving without setting foot in a store.[...]

US Military Spending On Microgrids To Exceed $1 Billion In 2026, Predicts Navigant

As the world's single largest consumer of petroleum, the US Department of Defense is expected to double-down on deploying military microgrids to sustain its operations, with annual microgrid implementation spending expected to reach $1.4 billion in 2026, according to a new deep-dive by Navigant Research. 

Yingli Solar Announces Begins Construction Of 100 Megawatt Top Runner Project In Inner Mongolia

Chinese solar manufacturer Yingli Solar has announced it has begun construction on its second Chinese Top Runner solar project, a 100 MW solar project in Wuhai City, in Inner Mongolia. 

JA Solar Goes Private In All-Cash Transaction On NASDAQ

After a lacklustre third-quarter, Shanghai-based solar cell and module manufacturer JA Solar has successfully entered into an agreement in which it will go private and exit the NASDAQ in a transaction worth approximately $362.1 million in cash. 

World's largest sovereign wealth fund could ditch oil and gas stocks

Norway raked in money from oil in the past. But now the country's Norges Bank, which manages its $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund - the world's largest - is recommending the government dump fossil fuel stocks. They said the move "will...Show More Summary

Should hydroponic veggies be labeled organic?

Does produce grown hydroponically deserve the organic label? Some organic farmers don't think so, and they gathered at a National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting where the board voted on a ban on hydroponic practices in organic farming, reports NPR. Hydroponic farmers fought back, saying they can produce food with less water.[...]

JA Solar Misses Wide In Lackluster Third Quarter

Shanghai-based solar cell manufacturer JA Solar missed wide on its third-quarter earnings and shipments experiencing a significant decrease compared to the previous quarter, causing shares to plummet. 

Spain’s Government Kneecaps Research at Plataforma Solar de Almería

Claiming budget cuts, Spain's ruling conservative party has once again kneecapped solar, this time, it is advanced concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies research at the world famous solar research lab Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in the Tabernas region of Spain, part of the Center for Energy, Environment and Technological Research (CIEMAT)

Video: NASA tests its supersonic parachute for the first time

NASA has performed the first test of its supersonic parachute as part of its Mars 2020 mission. This essential component will allow the Mars-bound spacecraft to slow down as its enters the planet's atmosphere whilst traveling at speeds...Show More Summary

UPS Boosts Supplies of Renewable Biogas

UPS announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase up to 11.5 million gallon equivalents of renewable biogas a year, helping the company reduce its carbon footprint well into the next decade.

The New GenZe e-201 E-Bike — Connectivity Is The Name of The Game (Part 2)

In part one of this GenZe e-201 review, I looked at the overall design of the new GenZe e-201 e-bike, what has changed, and what hasn't. In this part, I focus on the app and the ride feel

Facebook Revives Zombie Wind Power Project In Nebraska

The Trump administration pitches coal, but Nebraska catches wind power fever with a new 320-megawatt wind farm for a new Facebook data center

Ford Unveils New PHEV For Police & Government Fleets

Ford has just unveiled the country's newest plug-in hybrid (PHEV) targeted for the police force and government fleets

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