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Twitter Chat on Monday: #ForcedFashion with C&A Foundation

Join C&A Foundation, Remake, Freedom Fund, and TriplePundit on Dec. 5th at 9am PT / Noon ET / 6pm CET, where we’ll discuss forced labor – an issue that still plagues supply chains around the world.

20 Verdant gift ideas for the green thumb

There's so much more to gardening than just creating a pretty yard. Gardening is a wonderful pastime that can soothe the soul and nourish the body all in one go - not to mention beautifying even the gloomiest space and even cleaning your air. Show More Summary

Patagonia made $10 million for charity on Black Friday

In a single day, outdoor retailer Patagonia raised 10 million bucks for the environment. All of the sales from Black Friday are going to grassroots organizations working to protect the planet. Think of it as a fundraiser for the Earth that shattered previous records. [...]

15 great holiday gifts for your furry friends

For those of us whose pets are practically our children, there's no question that Santa is going to be bringing them some holiday cheer this year. Buying presents for pets and seeing them enjoy their gifts is a delight. Whether you're...Show More Summary

15 cozy knit gifts to keep you warm this winter

Everybody loves receiving cozy mittens, caps and other knit gifts, but the environmentalists in your life will be especially pleased if theirs have been purchased from people who source only the greenest, most sustainable yarn. And if it's fair trade, what a bonus. Show More Summary

BYD Gives SkyRail System Its International Debut At C40 Summit In Mexico City

BYD's elevated, layered urban transportation system SkyRail was given its international debut by the company at the recent C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica BYD Gives SkyRail System Its International...Show More Summary

Nissan Exec Recounts Top German Auto Engineer Claiming EVs “Doomed To Fail” & Consumers “Didn’t Want Or Need Them”

It's not any sort of news that the top German auto manufacturers have been slow to embrace electric vehicles to date — well, basically all major auto manufacturers have been. The German manufacturers have largely opted to spend the last...Show More Summary

New technology creates safe haven for rhinos

A rhino lying down in South Africa. Photo by Laurel Neme. An innovative, new technology might be able to protect rhinos like never before. Unveiled this week, the new system integrates a set of technologies--WiFi, thermal cameras, biometrics, closed-circuit televisions, and sensors--to create a security network across an entire game reserve. Show More Summary

Europe’s 1st Urban Fast Charging Station — In The Hague, Holland

Billions of euros are being invested into Europe's EV market. Most of the industry's best known vehicles are available. The race to build the infrastructure, which can help make them the vehicle of choice, lags behind. Ford, Volkswagen Group, BMW Group, and Daimler are entering into the race with joint plans to develop 400 sites by 2020. Show More Summary

Girfalco Unveils 3-Wheel Azkarra EV — 0–62 MPH In 2.5 Seconds, 124 Miles Range

The Quebec-based electric vehicle startup Girfalco has now unveiled its high-performance 3-wheel electric vehicle, the Azkarra — providing us with a few surprises. The model is seemingly deserving of the moniker "high-performance" with...Show More Summary

EWG and Healthy Child Healthy World - Making the World Toxin Free

For the past ten years, I've been a big fan of Ken Cook and the Environmental Working Group since I learned about their work. So when they asked me to co-host EWG's Healthy Child Healthy World Annual Gala, a celebration of the group's...Show More Summary

There's No Going Back: The World is Acting on Climate Change

Photo: Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at COP22 in Marrakech My message to my international colleagues -- and their message to me -- is straightforward: progress must continue because the climate change problem is both severe and urgent,...Show More Summary

It's all about delight: Why Vancouver is a multi-modal success story

Clarence Eckerson Jr's latest video has lessons that can be applied everywhere.

Tesla Launches In Spain

Tesla has now officially launched in Spain. What this means is that those in the country who want to purchase a Model S sedan or a Model X SUV can now do so directly through the company's online design studio, according to an email sent...Show More Summary

Nikola Motor Company Unveiling — Details On “Zero Emissions” Semi Truck

The Nikola Motor Company held an unveiling event last night for its zero emissions semi truck concept, the Nikola One — a hydrogen fuel-cell/battery-electric hybrid that will reportedly feature 1,200 miles of range; 1,000 horsepower;...Show More Summary

Let's Not Cut Corners: Why We Need to Adapt in a Climate-Smart Way

The world needs to adapt to the changing climate. But done the wrong way, adaptation measures can actually increase emission levels, ultimately aggravating climate change. Get your skis ready - winter is coming up in the Alps, and you'll soon be carving down the freshly fallen powder. Show More Summary

Photo: Autumn goes out in a blaze of glory

Our photo of the day celebrates the most vibrant of seasons

'Dine In Day' is a fun celebration of home cooking

December 3 is the official date for Dine In Day, when families are encouraged to sit down together and share a home-cooked meal.

3p Weekend: How You Can Help Stamp Out Modern-Day Slavery

While those of us in the Western world tend to think of slavery as a thing of the past, that couldn't be further from the truth. Read on for simple ways you can help stamp out modern-day slavery, and take action today!

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