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Cape Town's water pipes could run dry by April

Cape Town in South Africa is battling its worst drought in a century - and the city's water supply is in trouble. Authorities are scrambling to drill boreholes and construct desalination plants, but Day Zero - when water taps run dry - is now predicted to take place on April 21st.[...]

Silent Sting: Vespa Scooters Go Electric

The classic Vespa scooter made by Italian motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio has exchanged its buzzy gas-fueled engine for a clean & green electric motor. The post Silent Sting: Vespa Scooters Go Electric appeared first on WebEcoist.

Increasing Renewable Energy In India Can Reduce Emissions, Water Use, & Supply Risk

Increasing the share of renewable energy sources in India's electricity mix and implementing changes in cooling technologies for thermal power plants could serve not only to reduce the country's carbon emissions intensity, but could also substantially reduce water consumption, mitigating or outright eliminating electricity supply risk due to water shortages. 

Major Food & Drink Companies Making Significant Carbon Reductions

Major food and drink companies have been making strong steps toward reducing their CO2 emissions according to a new report from the Food and Drink Federation, which showed that CO2 emissions from manufacturing was down 51% in 2016 compared to a 1990 baseline. 

University Of New South Wales Signs World-First 100% Solar Agreement

The University of New South Wales in Australia has signed a world-first agreement with Maoneng Australia and Origin Energy to secure 100% of its electricity from solar PV, becoming the world's first university to go fully carbon neutral with its energy sources

Santander Invests £28.5 Million In Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Spanish banking giant Santander has announced this week it will invest £28.5 million into London-based Battery Energy Storage Solutions for the express purpose of building and operating a grid-scale battery storage portfolio of 100 megawatts by the end of the year. 

Over 20,500 people have signed a petition to keep Starbucks out of Yosemite

Should Starbucks be present in a national park like Yosemite? More than 20,500 signers of a petition don't think so. The petition says opening the Starbucks would pave the way for more undue development and the national park "will lose its essence, making it hardly distinguishable from a chaotic and bustling commercial city."[...]

Chinese company unveils wild new electric SUV with a 370-mile range

Need detachable headlights or augmented reality in your car? Chinese automaker GAC Motor has you covered. They unveiled a concept car at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit that boasts these features - and a range of 370 miles on one charge. Show More Summary

Most active volcano in the Philippines sends locals and tourists fleeing

Mount Mayon, the most active volcano in the Philippines, sent lava billowing down its slopes on Tuesday and prompted an evacuation of more than 21,000 locals who live in threatened areas. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology...Show More Summary

Solar-powered Miami office is made entirely from repurposed shipping containers

Argentina-based Reale Arquitectos just unveiled plans for a stunning office building made completely out of shipping containers. Currently under construction in Miami, the contemporary structure is made out of four repurposed containers strategically configured to give the building plenty of open spaces and great ocean views. Show More Summary

Ford's new electric SUV will battle Tesla's Model X

Over the past few days, Ford has released lots of new information about its future lineup at the Detroit Auto Show. While our eyes were on its latest trucks and even a new Mustang, the automaker quietly dropped some information about its new electric SUV that's slated to arrive in 2020. Show More Summary

Russian artist paints magical fairytale artworks onto tree trunks

Although street art can be found in virtually any cityscape these days, Russian artist Eugenia Dudnikova is taking her art back to nature. The artist paints beautifully intricate artwork on the small bark-less spaces found in tree trunks. Her tiny, surrealistic images were inspired by children’s book illustrations.[...]

US CO2 emissions declined during Trump's first year as president

What were United States carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions like in 2017, the first year President Donald Trump was in office? Based on preliminary estimates, the Rhodium Group said US emissions declined by just below one percent, thanks to changes in the energy sector. Show More Summary

Australia Poised For Renewable Energy Breakout

The market for solar power in Australia is about to explode, according to multiple sources, driven in large part by the high cost of electricity in the country and the ever declining cost of solar power.

NYC’s Decision Opens the Door to More Fossil Fuel Divestment Worldwide

New York City has embarked on a two-part plan to divest its municipal pension plans from fossil fuels. But in a massive equities market, can such tactics actually work?

Carbon Fees & The Mystery Of The Untaxed Negative Externality

The states of Washington and Massachusetts will consider putting a price on carbon this year, but the success of their plans will depend on how they frame the debate on correcting "untaxed negative externalities."

ExxonMobil Plans to Sue Climate-Impacted Communities

ExxonMobil has petitioned a Texas county court for the ability to depose 16 city, county and state officials about their involvement in an effort to coordinate lawsuits against the oil and gas giant. Meanwhile, New York City has jumped on board with a suit against Big Oil, the latest effort to attribute responsibility for climate change impacts.

Interview With John Kostyack & David Gardner — A New Wind Energy Foundation Report (CleanTechnica Exclusive)

This interview with key voices from the Wind Energy Foundation discusses how upgraded and expanded transmission lines are needed to meet necessary renewable energy demand

This highly insulated modular home is completely self-sustaining

Going off grid isn’t just for solo meditative retreats—nowadays you can comfortably bring the whole family along. Australian firm Modscape recently completed their latest custom modular build called Franklinford, an off-grid residence in Victoria, Australia. Show More Summary

U.S. Coal on the Ropes as Global Renewable Energy Developers Take the Reins

More evidence that renewable energy is here to stay: experienced developers, mature supply chain, big investments from oil companies help drive costs down.

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