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How Trust-Based Lending is Transforming Fair-Trade Supply Chains

Fair trade suppliers of all stripes struggle to finance growth, even though demand for their products is through the roof. Why? What can we do to help?

China Has 75% Of Electrolyte Solution Market & 75% Of Anode Materials Market (Key Lithium-Ion Battery Components)

Chinese firms now control more than 75% of the electrolyte solution market, according to the Tokyo-based Yano Research Institute. Electrolyte solution is a key component in the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells China Has 75% Of...Show More Summary

170 Years of Lighting DC: How WGL Plans for a More Sustainable Future

WGL Holdings' commitment to keeping D.C. heated and electrified has never wavered, even 169 years after its founding. Its mission of keeping the capital's streets lit and safe at night has morphed into aligning SDGs with the energy demands of a growing population.

World’s 6th Mass Extinction Grows — Ash Trees & 5 African Antelopes Near Extinction (With Climate Change Playing A Part)

The eradication of the world's remaining wildlife seems to be continuing at pace, going by the most recent IUCN Endangered Species List — with numerous species that were until recently common now "disappearing faster than they can be...Show More Summary

DiCaprio Rips Trump's Climate Record, Says Hurricanes Should Be A Wake-Up Call

"The cost of our inaction these past couple weeks has become even clearer," the actor and activist says at the Yale Climate Conference.

Hurricanes Expose Resilience Gap On Small Islands

By Robert Glasser Two years ago this month, Tropical Storm Erika, dumped an enormous quantity of rain on the small island

Unplugged Performance Amps Up Tesla Model 3 With New Body Kit Offerings

Unplugged Performance has brought its Model 3 body kit offerings out from hiding and the months of effort the team has poured into them have clearly paid off. The body kids transform the tame looks of Model 3 into an aggressive, race-ready...Show More Summary

Small Changes In Temperature Matter — Probably More Than You Think

A recent episode of the Sam Harris podcast featured Joe Romm of ThinkProgress. Overall it was an excellent episode that over

Trevor At Tesla Model 3 Owners Club Explains Model 3 HVAC System Operation (Video)

A newly published patent application reveals how the Tesla Model 3 HVAC system works, and it is way cooler than it sounds. Trevor from the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club broke it down in a new YouTube video which we have embedded below for...Show More Summary

Meet The Four Horsemen Of The EPA-pocalypse

Every week, another decision that endangers our families seems to come out of Scott Pruitt’s and Donald Trump’s Environmental

Gogoro revs up Smartscooter expansion with $300 million in new funding

Get ready Gogoro fans—the firm’s innovative electric scooters could soon be coming to a city near you. The Smartscooter maker just nabbed $300 million in new funding with an impressive list of international backers. Four new high-profile...Show More Summary

Over $2 Billion In US Fire Suppression Costs From This Year’s Wildfire Season

There has been more than $2 billion spent on fire suppression efforts so far this budget year in the US (the budget year runs from October 1 through September 30), according to the US Forest Service Over $2 Billion In US Fire Suppression...Show More Summary

LGs Brings New High-Efficiency Residential Solar Panels To SPI For Reveal

LG has unveiled a series of new residential solar modules that take the record as the highest efficiency residential solar panel produced by LGs Brings New High-Efficiency Residential Solar Panels To SPI For Reveal was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

Supervolcano in Italy is "becoming more dangerous" as magma builds beneath the surface

Like the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park, experts have been preparing for the eruption of the Campi Flegrei volcano near the Bay of Naples, in Italy for some time. Now, a new study published in Scientific Reports has renewed fear that it could erupt very soon. Show More Summary

More Good News About Solar Energy: Scientists Create Real Fuel With “Fake” Photosynthesis

A new artificial photosynthesis system captures carbon dioxide and converts it directly into ethanol and ethylene with the help of solar energy More Good News About Solar Energy: Scientists Create Real Fuel With “Fake” Photosynthesis...Show More Summary

More Than 300 Companies Have Set Ambitious Science-Based Climate Targets

More than 300 companies worldwide have now committed to setting ambitious Science Based Targets to reduce emissions, with more than 90 new companies joining this year alone, and also now includes 50 US businesses.  More Than 300 Companies...Show More Summary

Renault-Nissan Alliance Maps Out Alliance 2022 Vision For Its Electric, Autonomous Future

The Nissan-Renault Alliance, which now includes Mitsubishi Motors, just laid out its new Alliance 2022 vision for the future of the Alliance in Paris. That vision sees all 3 companies moving boldly forward with autonomous, electric vehicles...Show More Summary

Could France-sized ocean garbage patch become 196th nation?

Plastic trash is polluting our oceans, and now there's a garbage patch near Hawaii that is about as large as the entire country of France. The charity Plastic Oceans Foundation and publication LADbible want to have the patch acknowledged as a country called Trash Isles. Why? Two main reasons: to raise awareness of the pollution problem, and to get the area cleaned up.[...]

Bank Of America Environmental Financing Efforts Reaped 40,000 Jobs & $30 Billion Economic Output

A new analysis of the Bank of America's environmental financing has found that over a four-year period said financing supported an annual average of 40,000 jobs, realized a cumulative $30 billion in economic output, and contributed a...Show More Summary

Visionary eco-resort design for the Philippines features rotating seashell towers

Visionary eco-architect Vincent Callebaut has just unveiled images of his latest ecological masterpiece and it's jaw-droppingly stunning. Nautilus is a futuristic 27,000-square-meter eco-resort designed for Palawan, Philippines. TheShow More Summary

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