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9 everyday products you didn't know had animal ingredients

If you thought that by quitting meat or at least going weekday vegetarian you were doing your part to avoid the horrors of factory farming,

Is Community Composting an Emerging Economic Opportunity?

Community-based composting could help municipalities cope with the pesky problem of food scraps and yard clippings. TriplePundit spoke with two community composting organizations to learn about their challenges, as well as how they scaled over time.

Ambitious Student Project Targets Renewable Hydrogen For Fuel Cell EVs

Award-winning students from Washington State University are developing a low-cost, innovative hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell electric vehicles.

Oil Recovery Using Solar Energy

A Fremont, California-based solar company says it has developed sun-powered technology for use in a surprising location: oil fields.

SolarCity Launches Residential Solar Services In Florida

In a blog post late last week, America's leading solar energy provider SolarCity announced that it would be bringing its residential solar services to Florida, which is certainly related to the rejection of an anti-solar initiative on...Show More Summary

New York City To Get Public EV Charging Station Pilot

Following the recent approval of INT. 1124 by the New York City Council, the unofficial capital of the northeastern US will soon become home to a new pilot program for the buildout of public electric vehicle charging stations New York...Show More Summary

Gun Fans Flee Levi’s But Can’t Run From CSR

Last week Levi's CEO Chip Bergh issued an open letter asking people to refrain from bringing firearms into the company's stores and offices. Some gun fans say they plan to boycott Levi's in favor of Wrangler. But the latter company's sustainability cred may surprise some of its new customers.

Kellogg Pops the ‘Alt-Right’ Bubble

Kellogg Co. points a media spotlight at the so-called "alt-right" movement promoted by Breitbart and Trump's close advisor, Steve Bannon.

Some Rust Belt Workers Remain Skeptical of Job Retraining Programs

Many citizens do not want to be told there are mostly winners and a few losers in globalization, and that a rapidly changing economy means they'll have to change industries and careers several times during our working lives.

The Army Corps just blocked the Dakota Access Pipeline in a major victory for protestors

The Dakota Access Pipeline protesters just celebrated a major victory as the Army Corps announced it will deny a permit for a key section of the 1,172 mile Dakota Access Pipeline. The controversial pipeline was supposed to be placedShow More Summary

Nissan & Eaton Accepting 2nd-Life EV Battery Home Storage Pre-Orders

Nissan and its partner Eaton have begun accepting pre-orders in the UK for its new xStorage Home portfolio of energy storage products. The product line — which includes a total of 6 different product configurations — was developed cooperatively...Show More Summary

Street art intervention gives new life to a forgotten Portuguese alleyway

Art has the power to change the way we see and interact with the world, just like this street art intervention that’s dramatically revived a forgotten alleyway on a Portuguese island. Roma-based architecture collective Orizzontale reclaimed...Show More Summary

This showroom in China looks like a piece of paper floating on water

The design of this showroom and management office in China was inspired by a piece of paper floating on water. FMD Architects designed the building as an addition to a large industrial office park in Minhang District, Shanghai, and combined...Show More Summary

The Values (R)Evolution

Digital Art: Isabel Rimanoczy A couple of years ago I ended the last chapter of my book, "Big Bang Being", citing Chris Bache and his suggestion that we might be entering the era of Homo Spiritualis. It may sound strange at a time when...Show More Summary

Apple Sends Letter To NHTSA Revealing Self-Driving Tech Plans

It's been an open secret for some time now that Apple was developing a car, and also developing self-driving vehicle tech. In recent months, though, there have reportedly been some shakeups at the company and a refocusing of its plans...Show More Summary

10 Top Cleantech Christmas Gifts

CleanTechnica is largely a consumer-oriented website, so it seemed like we should do one of those "top 10 gifts" thingies. Here's my shot at 10 top cleantech Christmas gifts (or Hanukkah gifts, Kwanzaa gifts, winter is long and coldShow More Summary

Hand-forged jewelry pays tribute to Gulf Coast fishermen

Though many may not realize it, the oyster industry in parts of the Gulf Coast has all but collapsed in recent years due to drought, oil spills, and a water rights struggle that spans three states. That's why New Orleans-based designer...Show More Summary

Mayors Of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid, & Athens Move To Ban All Diesel Vehicles By 2025

The mayors of 4 of the world's largest cities -- Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, and Athens -- have publicly committed to banning all diesel vehicles from their jurisdictions by the year 2025. The announcements came at the recent C40 Mayors...Show More Summary

An Open Letter To Honored Veterans: Please Stand In Peace At Standing Rock

Dear Honored Veterans, Thank you for your service to our country, for your continuing dedication to the high values of our Constitution and principles of justice. Thank you for once again being willing to put yourself on the line. I have heard from thousands of people across America about the hope that you represent. Show More Summary

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