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Nissan LEAF AT-EV “Going Off The Grid” — Driving 10,000 Miles From UK To Mongolia This Summer

Nissan reports that Plug In Adventures has created a specially modified Nissan LEAF for a unique tour. Pioneered with a purpose as the first Nissan LEAF going an immense distance "off the grid," it will be the first all-electric carShow More Summary

Report: Almost Half of Fortune 500s Set Climate Change, Clean Energy Targets

These findings and more comprise a joint report from the World Wildlife Fund, Calvert Investments, CDP and Ceres.

Apple's newest store has Solar Wings" that transform before your eyes

Apple pulled out all the stops for their glamorous new store in Dubai. Designed by Foster + Partners, the recently completed Apple Dubai Mall is unlike any mall we’ve seen before with its giant “Solar Wings” that open and close in a beautiful choreographed display. Show More Summary

Trump’s Tax Plan Could Be a Boon to Small Business, But Will Congress Pass It?

President Donald Trump's proposed tax plan could help both small and large businesses. But can he convince Republicans and Democrats who worry it will balloon the deficit?

Border Wall Could Start a Flood of Worries in the U.S. and Mexico

U.S. President Donald Trump's plans for a border wall have hit another snag. Engineers are now claiming that proposed sections of the project could violate a 50-year-old treaty signed between the U.S. and Mexico.

Patagonia Embraces Natural Dyes for Clean Color Collection

Patagonia's Clean Color Collection for men and women includes garments dyed with materials such as pomegranate, silkworm excrement, mulberry leaves and agricultural waste.

Tesloop Promises Easy City-to-City Travel in a Tesla

Tesloop is offering rides across Southern California in a Tesla Model S, and the non-affiliated startup has big plans to add more routes across the country via Tesla's supercharger network.

How a Solid CSR Program Could Save the Ivanka Trump Brand

The Ivanka Trump brand is facing some choppy seas, pushed along by boycott campaigns like #GrabYourWallet and Sleeping Giants. The first daughter is trying to turn things around -- and she'd do well to use some principals of corporate social responsibility in her re-vamp.

Transport For London Selects Fastned For Fast Charging Network In Greater London Area

Fastned is moving quickly to build its pan-European fast charging network. It has been selected by Transport for London to build up to 300 fast chargers in the greater London area by 2020. Transport For London Selects Fastned For Fast...Show More Summary

Corporate Social Responsibility Communication in the Digital Era

Communicating your corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision online is just one more way to help your company stand out, reach out and engage.

Australian Comedian Tom Gleeson Skewers “Ridiculous” Electricity Business Model

Australian comedian stalwart Tom Gleeson took to the stage earlier this month at the 2017 Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow, the highlight of the annual Melbourne Comedy Festival, and promptly skewered Australian Prime Minister...Show More Summary

The University Of San Francisco’s New Focus On The Energy Transition

The electric power sector is undergoing a rapid transformation to a system that is far more complex – more distributed resources, added storage, customers who are also producers, markets with different regulations and incentives, and...Show More Summary

Five Solar Celebrities Who Practice What They Preach

A growing number of celebs care deeply about the future of our planet, and the very best of them not only practice what they preach by incorporating solar energy into their own lives, they also use their place in the spotlight to advocate...Show More Summary

South Australia Sets New Record Wind Output Of 1,540 Megawatts On Anzac Day

South Australia set a new record for wind output on Tuesday, the Anzac Day public holiday, reaching 1,540MW just before midnight – a significant lift on its previous record of 1,400MW set just two weeks earlier. South Australia SetsShow More Summary

Plunging Costs Of Solar & Wind Means Australian “Green Fuel” Exports Could Replace Coal & Gas

The Australian government is expected to put hydrogen energy near the top of its clean energy investment shopping list, as it looks to tackle issues such as the domestic gas crisis, the increased reliance on transport fuel imports, and...Show More Summary

Formula E Already Improving EV Batteries

Formula E features battery-electric open-wheel race cars that compete on racing circuits laid out on city streets. All the cars use a 28 kWh battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering, a subsidiary of the Williams Formula One enterprise. Show More Summary

Australia’s Solar Capacity Reaches 6 Gigawatts, Is Expected To Double By 2020

Australia’s total solar power capacity has reached 6GW and is expected to double over the next few years as Australian households continue to invest in rooftop panels to reduce electricity bills, and the large-scale solar sector takes...Show More Summary

SolarQ Plans 350 Megawatt Solar + Storage Farm In Queensland

A newly-formed solar development company is seeking approval from Queensland’s Gympie regional council for what it says will be Australia’s biggest solar farm, in yet another sign of the snowballing interest in large scale solar PV –...Show More Summary

Queensland’s Biggest Power Station Is Now Its 1,805 Megawatts Of Rooftop Solar Capacity

The 1,805MW of solar PV capacity on the rooftops of Queensland homes and business now amount to be the biggest power station by capacity in the state, overtaking the 1,780MW of the Gladstone coal fired power station Queensland’s Biggest...Show More Summary

Tesla Has An Army Of Kuka Robots Waiting To Be Installed On Model 3 Assembly Line

Visitors to the Tesla factory report pallets loaded with Kuka robots everywhere waiting to be installed ahead of the start of production for the Model 3. Tesla Has An Army Of Kuka Robots Waiting To Be Installed On Model 3 Assembly Line...Show More Summary

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