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Man rebuilds salvaged trailer into 200 sq. ft. tiny home, sells it on Craiglist

It doesn't seem like it, but this modern tiny home was once a regular trailer, and has been re-done as a tiny guesthouse.

The power of 'puppy dog eyes' explained

The gaze between human and dog can share physiological properties similar to that of mother and infant, a new study finds.

Photo: Darling duckling sits in the grass

It must be spring, because our readers are submitting all kinds of adorable baby animal photos, like this little mallard duckling.

GoSol is crowdfunding a scalable and cost-effective solar solution

This optimistic initiative aims to kick off a global wave of solar entrepreneurship with free construction guides for building high-powered solar concentrators with local materials.

Apple buys a forest the size of San Francisco for conservation, will build 2 new solar farms

The fruit company keeps taking steps in the right direction. Hopefully other big corporations follow in their footsteps.

Chinese textile mills save money while going green

A new report from Clean by Design shows how energy and water efficiency translate into big savings.

Avo Studio's chic flat pack furnishings are inspired by traditional textiles

Conflating the patterning from traditional Mexican textiles with high-tech digital fabrication, these flat pack pieces are attractive, easy to assemble and use.

Benefits of organic food go far beyond vitamins and minerals, despite study results

It makes sense to this writer that organic food is a healthier option than convention produce, which is grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Take away those harmful chemicals, and organic food ought to be better for you, right? I am not alone

12 Innovative designs featured at Brera for Milan Design Week 2015

Brera Design District at Fuorisalone 2015 It is only the 6th edition of Brera Design District at Fuorisalone, but it has already became one of the most interesting spots to visit during Milano Design Week. Compared to previous years, this time its a

California Needs a Strategy for Sustainable Natural Gas

Combustion of natural gas is responsible for a quarter of California's carbon emissions. If we are going to achieve the 80 percent reduction in emissions proposed by state legislators in S.B. 32, we will need to think clearly about the...Show More Summary

In Maryland, Tesla’s competition could help them get back in business

Tesla's been fighting for the right to do business in a number of states recently, but the electric car maker has gained some footing in Maryland, thanks to an unusual ally. The Maryland Automobile Dealers Association, which is essentially a collection

European Commission Approves Germany’s 30 Billion Euro Investment In Offshore Wind

The European Commission announced approval on Thursday for Germany to invest nearly 30 billion euros into the development of 20 offshore wind farms, following the country’s decision to back away from nuclear power and focus on renewables. Show More Summary

Beautiful Jan bicycle is made with a handcrafted wooden frame

Mucska developed the idea for a wooden bicycle two years ago and has since been working together with Vidlicka to create an original handcrafted bicycle design. Unlike other wooden frames that replicate the shape of their metal counterparts, Jan’s on

Apple to protect 36,000 acres of forest lands, and is building 2 new solar farms in China

The Apple logo might have gone from rainbow to black, but the company is getting greener every day. This week, Apple made two announcements that impressed environmentalists around the world. In the first, the iPhone maker shared the news that it has of

Solar Evolution, Gore: Solar Is Like Satellite TV… (Clean Electricity Link Drop)

Some hot-fun clean electricity news from around the interwebs is below, as well as some other obscure stuff I had to share. Enjoy this side dish, as well as the main meal. Renewables (as a whole) California’s Power Grid Plan For Integrating...Show More Summary

Largest Australian Utility Polluter AGL Set To Decarbonize By 2050

AGL Energy, one of Australia’s largest energy utilities and one of the country’s largest polluters, has announced Friday that it intends to start on a path that will conclude in 2050 with complete decarbonization. Which I can only therefore...Show More Summary

Tesla — Disruptive or Not? (+ Clean Transport Link Drop)

To start of this clean transport drop, I want to highlight a not-so-insightful Harvard Business Review article that argued that Tesla is actually “not as disruptive as you might think.” Not eager to give the article a ton of Google juice,...Show More Summary

Let's Not Take Our Foot Off the Pedal Now

Earlier last week, the Obama administration unveiled a blueprint for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by up to 28 percent over the next decade and submitted the formal statement to the to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Show More Summary

Rocket Lab’s new rocket is 3D-printed and powered by batteries

Add “rocket” to the list of things you can print with a 3D printer. Space company Rocket Lab revealed the Rutherford engine, an engine made of parts created in a 3D printer. Capable of 4,600 pounds of thrust, the engine will power both stages of The

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