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MAP Architects masterfully restores access to a 700-year-old medieval ruin

Denmark’s oldest surviving medieval site is finally accessible to the public thanks to an elegant architectural solution. MAP Architects restored access to the 700-year-old Kalø Slotsruin with a minimally invasive entrance and staircase that allow views of the archaeological layers and surrounding landscape. Show More Summary

Déjà Vu

This May 28 will mark the 125th anniversary of the Sierra Club. I know, I know?—?we don’t look a day over 100. Not everything about getting older is great?—?my basketball game is proof of that. But if you’re lucky and you pay attention, you do gain at least one thing: perspective. Show More Summary

Flexible Una Pavilion is designed to be super stable and easy to construct

All the elements of this multi-purpose pavilion in Brazil contribute to its structural stability and the ease of its construction. Brazilian architecture office Apiacás Arquitetos designed the Una Pavilion using standardized elements,...Show More Summary

Renewables = Over 50% New Electricity Capacity & 16% Of Energy Investment

Only 18% of energy investment in renewables despite >50% of new power capacity being renewables is, to me, a sign that the carbon bubble is still growing, but it's also a giant Post-it note telling investors that it's time to shift focus and put money into the future... Show More Summary

Wheelchair-friendly tiny house lets the injured or elderly maintain independence (Video)

Designed with input from health professionals, this tiny house prototype can help those with mobility issues stay at home or age in place.

VW unveils its autonomous electric microbus concept

The iconic VW microbus is getting a makeover, and although it's not clear if/when the I.D. Buzz will go into production, the specs on it are making this writer drool.

The Bad And The Good News: Climate Change Under Donald Trump

Author's note (1/23/2017). This blog was written and published before Trump's inauguration. Since then, we have seen every reference to climate change disappear from the White House's website and the launch of "An America First Energy...Show More Summary

Trump Fuels His Illegitimacy Daily, With Ever More Lies: Move On, Media, With A Trump Lie Counter

Who, me lie? Source Donald Trump's lies are already legendary, and as they mount daily, fuel his presidential illegitimacy in ways no others can: lies fuel voter mistrust, disapproval (of which Trump has record high levels entering the presidency) and increasingly detract from their perception of his presidential legitimacy. Show More Summary

Photo: Pretty in pink

Our photo of the day shows how to make an awkward bill look like a thing of grace.

To President Trump From A Pediatrician: Please Don't Hurt Our Children

Dear President Trump: I have been reading about the Women’s Marches all over the country and the world, unprecedented protests on your first full day of being president. Clearly, a lot of people are worried that we are headed in the wrong direction. Show More Summary

If ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Made You Angry, Go Vegan

If we recognise that Hercules matters morally, then we have no good reason for excluding other animals from our circles of moral concern.

World's first 3D-printed pedestrian bridge pops up in Madrid

Behold, the world's first 3D-printed pedestrian bridge. Inaugurated December 14 in the park of Castilla-La Mancha in Alcobendas, just south of Madrid in Spain, the micro-reinforced concrete structure spans nearly 40 feet in length and was created by fusing layers of sand using a massive D-shaped 3D printer. Show More Summary

Vivienne Westwood wants Britain to switch to renewable energy

It's an easy online request that could deliver a fatal blow to fossil fuel companies that are subsidized by the UK government.

High tech indoor compost machine has raised over 6 times its goal on Indiegogo

The machine that claims to turn scraps into fertilizer in just 24 hours is apparently in big demand.

EPA Protects People, Not Polluters:Tell Trump Today He Blew It with Pruitt

Whatever uncertainty there is about Donald Trump's actual agenda as President -- or more fundamentally about the legitimacy of his Presidency -- there can be no doubt about his hostility to environmental protection and progress. Don't...Show More Summary

2017 Electric Car Sales Projections — From You & EV Volumes

How many electric vehicles will be sold in the US during 2016? Will Chevy Bolt EV sales grow rapidly following nationwide availability in the late summer? What about Toyota Prius Prime sales (if Toyota ever works out the dealership issues)?...Show More Summary

Trump presidency could spell the end for wolves in America's West

A couple hundred years ago, there were around two million wolves in the United States, but human expansion dramatically slashed those numbers. Conservationists recently celebrated victory as gray wolves slowly returned to the American...Show More Summary

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