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Why Farmers Markets Are the Heartbeat of a Community (And the Best Fish You've Never Had)

Farmers' markets are the heartbeat of a community. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive than waking at dawn to greet a bustling market as it opens. I love talking to the farmers-who awakened three hours before I did-about what they grow, and what's in season. Show More Summary

New Job, New Country, Lots of Exciting Challenges

Last week, I moved my family to London. There are lots of reasons why that is exciting - all that unexplored history and cultural exposure for our children, and the chance to revisit my Scottish roots. But the main reason it's exciting - and the reason why I am doing it - is to begin work as the new Executive Director of Global Witness. Show More Summary

American Humane Certified Is Out of Step on the Meaning of "Humane"

Yet more disturbing videos have been released showing the abuse of animals raised for food. Last month, two separate investigations by animal advocacy organizations exposed the mistreatment of birds raised and slaughtered by poultry producer Foster Farms. Show More Summary

Shell NO!: The Fight Is Just Beginning

Last week, myself, staff members from Alaska Wilderness League, a few mascots and some inflatable kayaks made our way to Lafayette Park just outside the president's house -- joining in the "kayaktivist" movement to protect the Arctic from Shell. Show More Summary

Nepalese Organizers Announce an End to the World's Bloodiest Animal Sacrifice Spectacle

A few months back, I wrote with burning anger and sadness about the world's largest animal sacrifice, Nepal's Gadhimai festival, an event held every five years that results in an orgy of killing -- nearly half a million animals slaughtered in the open air. Show More Summary

Understanding the Controversy and Science of GMOs

By Nirvana Abou-Gabal The subject of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is one of the most hotly-debated food and environmental topics in the world today. Just look at the response to Chipotle's recent announcement that the chain would cease to include GMO ingredients on its menu. Show More Summary

Aviation's Poisoned Air: Aerotoxic Syndrome

I have never been a great airplane passenger. I prefer to be on the ground. Now that I have learned about Aerotoxic Syndrome, a heath issue not in the public domain, I have a new concern. In a pattern strongly reminiscent of how "Big...Show More Summary

'Green News Report' - July 28, 2015

The Green News Report is also available via... IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Hillary Clinton pledges to go big -- very big -- on solar; Jeb Bush calls for eliminating all energy subsidies; PLUS: New study suggests worst case sea level rise may happen much sooner than previously thought... Show More Summary

In Praise of Senior Dogs

Humans can’t join AARP until they’re 50 and really aren’t considered senior citizens until their 60s, but for dogs most breeds are considered seniors once they reach eight years of age. As with all things related to dogs aging, this number is a bit lower for larger dogs and a bit higher for smaller dogs. Show More Summary

The Secret Network of Fossil Fuel and Utility Backed Groups Working to Stop Clean Energy

The economics of clean energy technology are rapidly changing and, as a result, fossil fuel and electric utility companies are increasingly concerned about the rise of cheap clean energy. In response, these industries have financed attacks...Show More Summary

Graph Of The Day: Wind Power Sets New Record, As Abbott Renews Turbine Attack

Originally published on RenewEconomy This may be a case of exquisite timing. Just as Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched into another attack on Australia’s wind farms, the nation’s wind turbines have pooled together to provide record output for a single day in Australia. Show More Summary

Queensland Plans Solar Fast-Charging Stations For Electric Vehicle ‘Super Highway’

Originally published on RenewEconomy by Sophie Vorrath Queensland’s state government has called for expressions of interest to build what is being billed as Australia’s first electric vehicle service station, as the first installment of a potential 1,600km network of solar powered EV fast-charging stations dotted along the Bruce Highway. Show More Summary

French Renewable IPP Akuo Energy Grabs €34 Million In Green Bond Issue

France’s leading independent power producer in the renewable energy sector, Akuo Energy, has successfully completed a fresh green bond issue. Akuo Energy announced that it has raised €34.4 million from a green bond issue. This is the...Show More Summary

FDA bans import of some Mexican cilantro after feces found at farms

The FDA has announced a ban on imports of cilantro grown in specific areas of Mexico, as well as heightened inspections for all Mexican-grown cilantro after a series of inspections found unsanitary conditions at farms. "Objectionable conditions" were by

Brilliant rainbow mural unites a community in the drug capital of Mexico

So many souls, so many colors starts to express Germen Crew's approach to a multicolored mural in a small Mexican pueblo. Commissioned by the Las Palmitas municipality of the state of Sinaloa, long known for its role as the "Drug Capital of Mexico," to

Unravelling Dutch Electric Car Incentives (Video Interview)

Originally published on EV Obsession. In my recent trip to the Netherlands, I got to speak with a handful of electric vehicle experts. Of course, I was quite curious about EV incentives, so I probed them about those. The Netherlands is one of the top countries in the world in terms of electric vehicle sales. Show More Summary

ClipperCreek Unveils HCS-50 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Originally published on EV Obsession. A new 40 amp, 240 volt, Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station dubbed the HCS-50 was recently unveiled by the company ClipperCreek. The new charging station — which is rated for both indoor and outdoor installations — is retailing for $835, and is now available for purchase. Show More Summary

Bird-shaped treehouse with a stunning view pops up in Japan’s woods

The nine-meter-tall treehouse comprises two main components: the two-piece angled painted roof that forms the bird’s body, and the unpainted wooden staircase arranged to look like the bird’s tail. The inspiration for the design began with Bar’s to

New Bubble Greenhouses could produce fresh water and food in drought-stricken regions

A bubble greenhouse sounds just like the kind of thing one would put in a preschool to grow bubbles or use as a bouncy house or some such thing. Instead, researchers are looking to create a bubble greenhouse as a way to provide remote places in arid to

First Ever US Offshore Wind Farm Gets First “Steel In Water,” No Turning Back Now

Tiny Rhode Island has been leaping wind energy obstacles right and left, and is on its way to getting the nation's first offshore wind farm off the ground First Ever US Offshore Wind Farm Gets First “Steel In Water,” No Turning BackShow More Summary

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