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Another Fox In The Henhouse: Coal Lobbyist Tapped For Top Spot In Trump’s EPA

In a move that will probably surprise no one, but should dismay everyone who breathes air and drinks water, recent reports

EV Annex Puts The Tesla Model 3 In Your Pocket (4 Videos)

The folks over at EV Annex just can't stop innovating. We usually find them with new products popping out of their shop in Florida, but this time they are going virtual with the release of their new Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone app. Show More Summary

VW Exec Oliver Schmidt To Plead Guilty In US

The Volkswagen AG exec arrested last year in the US in relation to his part in defrauding diesel vehicle emissions regulators, Oliver Schmidt, will be pleading guilty on August 4 in US District Court in Detroit, a court spokespersonShow More Summary

Lyft Opens Its Own Self-Driving Vehicle Division

Despite the company's ongoing partnership with GM/Cruise, Waymo/Google, and Nutonomy, Lyft will be opening its own self-driving car division, according to recent reports Lyft Opens Its Own Self-Driving Vehicle Division was originally published on CleanTechnica. To read more from CleanTechnica, join over 50,000 other subscribers: Google+ | Email | Facebook | RSS | Twitter.

Angela Merkel: Don’t “Demonize” Diesel Cars

In response to the announcement by the UK government that the sale of new diesel- and petrol/gas-powered cars will be banned by 2040, a spokesperson for the German government was quoted as saying that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel...Show More Summary

French Riviera Wildfires Force Evacuation Of 10,000 People

Wildfires along France's popular Riviera coastline forced the evacuation of more than 10,000 people last night — including 3,000 who were staying at campsites along the coastline French Riviera Wildfires Force Evacuation Of 10,000 People...Show More Summary

Luscious eco-resort design in China inspired by the Silk Road

An existing native village in China is being transformed into a modern eco-resort that offers a variety of activities and spaces. Architects Jean Pierre HEIM and Carolyn HEIM of HEIMdesign approached the redesign of Sasseur eco-tourist village using "One Belt, One Road" development strategy that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among China and the rest of the world.[...]

Beached whale appears in Paris, stunning tourists and residents

Imagine strolling along the Seine river in Paris, hand-in-hand with a partner when all of a sudden, you glimpse a beached whale stranded on the shore. Without a doubt, the scene would inspire distress. However, this is exactly the reaction the Captain Boomer Collective was on a mission to evoke. Show More Summary

All Fracking Is Local

As the BLM tries to block an Obama rule that would protect drinking water on public lands, citizens in western Pennsylvania are taking direct action to block fracking operations and preserve their water supply from state sponsored pollution. All...Show More Summary

No New Cars Or Light Duty Trucks With Internal Combustion Engines In Britain After 2040

The government of Britain is proposing to ban all cars and light trucks powered by an internal combustion engine after 2040, a plan already advanced by the government of France and several other countries. No New Cars Or Light Duty Trucks...Show More Summary

Used Tesla Model S vs Tesla Model 3 (Next #Electrifying Webinar)

With Tesla Model 3 now in production, we're having a lot of fun. The naysayers have not exactly quieted down (they actually seem louder than ever), but yet another major milestone they said was impossible is already in the rearview camera. Show More Summary

Boring Company Elevator Test Completed, Tesla Model S Back On Top With Consumer Reports

Elon Musk posted a video on Instagram yesterday showing the first test of the elevator that will be used to raise and lower vehicles to the tunnels created by his Boring Company. Also, Consumer Reports has restored the top ranking of...Show More Summary

Doctor warns falling sperm counts could lead to extinction of humans

Will our lifestyle lead to our extinction? New findings from an international team of eight researchers indicated sperm counts in men from North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe may have halved in under 40 years. Lead author...Show More Summary

BatBnB unveils line of stylish (scientifically designed) homes for our flying friends

Airbnb disrupted the human housing world, now BatBnB is doing the same for bat housing. We all pretty much know that boxes are a stellar way to attract bats, but let's be honest, they aren't exactly good looking. That's why we're loving the elegantly designed BatBnB homes, which are attractive enough to display front and center at your home. Show More Summary

Britain to ban new diesel and petrol cars in 2040

British government ministers think low air quality poses the biggest environmental threat to public health, but that threat is avoidable. They aim to clean up the skies by targeting emissions-spewing vehicles. Following a similar move in France, Britain is to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2040.[...]

Delightful treehouse residence weaves through a forest in Thailand

A family in Thailand planted a small forest in their backyard and built their home to adapt to the trees without disturbing them. Studio Miti designed the Forest House as a cluster of four structures interconnected with wooden terraces and walkways, for the ultimate fantasy treetop dream home.[...]

New subway-style map shows how US rivers connect cities and national parks

When we think of transportation in the United States, we don't always think of rivers. But according to designer Theo Rindos, the country's waterways once were and still worthy of travel. He designed a subway-style map of America's major rivers inspired by Harry Beck's 1933 London Underground Tube Map. Show More Summary

Google enters nuclear fusion clean-energy race

Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of sustainable energy -- a potentially unlimited source of pollution-free energy that can power the world. No greenhouse gas emissions. Only helium and a neutron are produced. Now Google has jumped into...Show More Summary

Spectacular forestry dome shines like a gem in the woods of Belgium

Like a Russian Matryoshka doll, this shining dome houses another building within its shell. Architecture studio Philippe Samyn and Partners designed the compact, oval forestry building to respond to the irregular shape of its site, which is timbered with beautiful 200-year-old oak trees.[...]

Salvaged materials from devastating fire take new life in a British pier

A British seaside pier destroyed by a devastating fire in 2010 has made an incredible comeback in the hands of dRMM Architects. After a seven-year process, the century-old pier in Hastings, England was transformed from its decrepit and dangerous state to a vibrant new public space clad in reclaimed materials. Show More Summary

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