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Opel Ampera-e’s Official NEDC Range Is 520 Kilometers Per Full Charge

The Opel Ampera-e, the European rebranding of the Chevy Bolt EV, has now entered production and been granted its official range rating from the NEDC (the extremely "optimistic" European testing cycle) Opel Ampera-e’s Official NEDC Range...Show More Summary

Nevada Official: Tesla Now Hiring 150–200 New Workers Every Month

Tesla is now hiring 150 to 200 new workers a month in Nevada, as part of the Gigafactory development effort at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center in Storey County, going by recent comments made by the head of the Nevada governor's office...Show More Summary

New Research On “Ice Age Paradox” Suggests Sea Levels Will Rise More (& Faster) Than Current Models Predict

New research on the behavior of the Laurentide ice sheet that once covered a great deal of North America — long something of a puzzle for researchers, owing to the fact that it often melted and splintered into the ocean at very coldShow More Summary

Iceberg-inspired Greenland cultural center celebrates 20 years of resilience in the Arctic

Greenland’s harsh arctic climates are notoriously unforgiving, which makes the Katuaq Cultural Centre of Greenland’s 20th anniversary all the more impressive. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects completed the cultural and artistic center...Show More Summary

Impending Welfarist Propaganda In Jurassic World 2

Here we go again. Hollywood has boarded the welfarist train.

£5 Note Nonsense & The Vegan Society

Take tallow out of our currency and tallow would still exist in the exact same quantities.

A new model of climate change for the anthropocene epoch

A group of scientists argues our current climate change models get it wrong. Tracking "Carbon" only tells half the story.

NASA scientists propose to make Pluto a planet again

Alan Stern has never been happy with Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet. Principal investigator of NASA's New Horizons mission, he told Gizmodo the International Astronomical Union's new definition of a planet, which excludes Pluto, is...Show More Summary

Inhabitat is giving away an organic Avocado Green Mattress

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, but how many of us have taken the time to learn what's inside our mattresses? Studies have found that conventional mattresses contain toxic levels of volatile organic compounds that could be the source of many ailments, including chronic allergies, asthma, sleep problems, endocrine problems and even cancer. Show More Summary

Yes, buses and trucks can be zero emission too

From London's electric buses to large trucks running on overhead wires, the latest episode of Fully Charged goes large.

Couple's minimalist cargo van conversion is an incognito home on wheels

A roaming freelance photographer and writer go on the road in this self-built live-work space on wheels.

Dubai's crazy rotating wind-powered skyscraper is actually being built

The modern world is full of unique, eye-catching buildings - but an upcoming Dubai skyscraper is about to put a new spin on the field of architecture. We've reported before on Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher's crazy rotating Dynamic Tower - and now it looks like the 1,375-foot-tall high-rise is finally becoming a reality. Show More Summary

How Conservatives Could Save the Environment and Grow the Economy

If Donald Trump and his team were to tackle climate change, he could genuinely help the people who voted for him. But are the incoming president and his GOP cohorts in Congress willing to warm to clean energy?

Tensions Simmer In Standing Rock Protest Camps As Evacuation Nears

As demonstrators prepare to leave the Standing Rock protest camps, what's next for the Dakota Access Pipeline fight?

3 Signs the Hydrogen Economy is For Real

Despite Elon Musk's famous put-down of hydrogen fuel cell technology, three powerful nations are growing the market for fuel cells.

2018 World Cup in Russia is Toxic to Sponsors

The 32-team World Cup is usually a global gold mine for FIFA and its sponsors, which pay up to $50 million to have their brands associated with the event. But so far, sponsors aren't flocking to align their brands with the 2018 World Cup in Moscow.

Futuristic canopy made of knitted textile solar panels wins 2017 Young Architects Program at MoMA

Since 2000, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) PS1 art gallery brings to life experimental outdoor installations every summer—and this year’s winning design is shaping up to be its most innovative project yet. Ithaca-based design...Show More Summary

In Munich, Talk Of Climate Change and Growing Risk of War

During the Munich Security Conference last weekend, some expressed concern that climate change risks could escalate social conflicts around the globe.

Wisdom Can Be Bipartisan

At Wisdom 2.0, a mindfulness conference in Silicon Valley, thought leaders shared advice on how to drive social impact in politically-charged times.

The Vegan Food Boom is Good for People, Planet and Profit

For vegan-centered businesses, our food choices aren’t just about physical health; they're about global sustainability and long-term economics.

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