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The Solar Boom In The Middle East

There has never been a more exciting time for solar power in the Middle East, and this September the Intersolar Conference will bring together all the most important solar power stakeholders in the region. This historical energy hubShow More Summary

Yves Bhar unveils new Smart Locks that make keyless entry a breeze

One of the worst feelings is wondering whether or not you left the front door unlocked. With Yves Behar's new Smart Locks, you'll never have to worry about that again. Behar just debuted three new products for August Home Inc. - including a Doorbell Cam and two Smart Locks equipped with the first integrated sensor that tells homeowners if their doors are opened or closed.[...]

What Effects Does Climate Change Have On Soil Health & The Future Of Food?

The health and vitality of soil everywhere, from the smallest backyard garden to the largest Midwestern farm, plays an integral role in food production – and it’s threatened by climate change. What Effects Does Climate Change Have On...Show More Summary

US Department Of Transportation Reveals $55 Million “Low Or No” Emissions Bus Grant Program

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration has announced a new $55 million grant program that will see funding provided to various regional transit organizations for the purchase of low- and no-emissions buses...Show More Summary

DFJ’s Steve Jurvetson thinks Elon’s Boring Co. will win with short tunnels first

Noted Silicon Valley investor and SpaceX investor Steve Jurvetson is probably better positioned than most to know what Elon Musk is thinking with The Boring Company, his project to build a better tunnel boring concern, which he created essentially because he was fed up with sitting in traffic in L.A. Show More Summary

LA Paints Its Streets White To Keep The City Cooler

While politicians elsewhere waffle on climate change, officials in Los Angeles are tackling the problem head on with a radical plan to lower the temperature of the city. Mayor Eric Garcetti intends to cut the average temperature in LA by 3 degrees F over the next two decades. Show More Summary

$300 Million Fund Bolsters Samsung’s Commitment To Self-Driving Cars

Samsung has made a strong declaration of its commitment to the self-driving car market with the announcement of a new $300 million fund for automotive technology $300 Million Fund Bolsters Samsung’s Commitment To Self-Driving Cars was...Show More Summary

Canyon-inspired research center in Phoenix clad in gorgeous recycled copper panels

Los Angeles-based Co Architects just finished work on the new Biomedical Campus Health Sciences Education Building in Phoenix, Arizona. The massive building - which has already earned a LEED Silver certification - is clad in a perforated skin made up of almost 5,000 recycled copper panels that create a resilient envelope designed to withstand the city's extreme desert climate.[...]

Residential Subscribers In Focus As Minnesota Weighs Community Solar Incentives

The residential adder discussion is part of a larger debate over what state regulators can do to ensure community solar is universally accessible. Particularly as these projects catch on with developers in Minnesota and nationwide, sensible...Show More Summary

Tesla Model 3 Order Updates … Elon Musk Inc … Nissan’s LEAF Trick (Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week)

It was another blazingly hot week in EV world, led by rock star Tesla (and its Model 3) but also backed up by a strong performance from sidekick Nissan (and its new LEAF). Some original pieces from some of our thoughtful writers caught a lot of eyeballs, as did several exciting and surprising news stories. Show More Summary

Why Does Long-Termism Matter?

What does the focus on the future of our people, planet, and profits ultimately boil down to? Long-termism. We’ve seen an accelerated interest in the impact of long-termism on business and sustainability – inextricably linked as they...Show More Summary

Renewable Energy Sources To Account For 85% Of Global Electricity Production By 2050

Renewable energy sources will provide 85% of global electricity production in 2050, led by solar PV and onshore wind, according to a new report published this month.  Renewable Energy Sources To Account For 85% Of Global ElectricityShow More Summary

Rapidly strengthening Hurricane Maria bears down on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Hurricane Maria, which is forecasted to slam into Puerto Rico and neighboring islands within hours, has officially strengthened into a Category 3 storm. This means that within the past 24 hours, it has doubled in strength and sustained winds of 120 mph. Show More Summary

New York City Mandates Existing Buildings Must Increase Energy Efficiency

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced new mandates on building owners to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of existing buildings, in a move that will affect NYC's 14,500 least-efficient buildings, which together produceShow More Summary

M&M’s Launches Fans Of Wind Energy Campaign To Inform Consumers About Renewable Energy

One of the world's favourite candy companies, M&M's, has launched a new campaign called Fans of Wind energy in an effort to inform consumers of the value of renewable energy and its importance in counteracting climate change.  M&M’sShow More Summary

Estée Lauder & Kellogg Among New RE100 Members In Advance Of Climate Week NYC 2017

The Estée Lauder Companies and the Kellogg Company are among the newest members to join the RE100 campaign, committing to 100% renewable energy, in advance of Climate Week NYC 2017.  Estée Lauder & Kellogg Among New RE100 Members InShow More Summary

Tesla Superchargers Now Beginning To Appear At Sheetz Stations

We reported in June 2016 and then again December 2016 that Tesla Supercharger stations would be installed at various Sheetz locations throughout the US East Coast, we but didn't follow up on the matter since then for want of official updates. Show More Summary

US EIA Predicts 28% Increase In World Energy Use By 2040, Declining Role For Coal, Increased Renewables

The US Energy Information Administration last week published figures which project that world energy consumption will increase by 28% between 2015 and 2040, that coal demand will remain flat, and renewable energy will be the world'sShow More Summary

Navistar CEO: Tech For Autonomous Semi Trucks On Highways To Arrive “This Side Of 2025”

The tech that would allow for fully autonomous semi truck travel in limited circumstances, such as on highways, should arrive on “this side of 2025” — though, commercial adoption may have to wait, depending upon regulatory actions —Show More Summary

Garbage from Hurricane Irma will now help power Florida

Hurricane Irma left a mess of destruction in its wake. But in Florida, some of that trash will be put to good use - as electricity. Garbage will be burned in waste-to-energy plants, including one in Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located, that can produce enough power for around 30,000 homes.[...]

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