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Mynt Systems’ Cost Effective Net Zero Carbon Retrofit?

Mynt Systems energy efficiency retrofit of the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, CA helps the facility reduce energy usage and bring the facility to Net Zero Carbon

US Energy Storage Market Hits 1 Gigawatt-Hour Mark In 2017, Expected To Double In 2018

The US energy storage market is officially growing up, installing 431 megawatt-hours of grid-connected energy storage in 2017, surpassing 1 gigawatt-hour of cumulative capacity installed between 2013 and 2017 and with forecasts predicting to nearly double that figure in 2018 alone. 

PSA Groupe CEO: Auto Manufacturers Shouldn’t Be Fined For Failure To Meet CO2 Emissions Reductions Goals If EV Charging Networks Aren’t Developed

With only a few years left until auto manufacturers in Europe are potentially subject to non-compliance fines relating to CO2 fleet emissions reductions goals, the CEO of PSA Groupe has now begun publicly discussing potential loopho...

Young Republicans Embrace Carbon Fee Proposal

Young Republicans at universities across America are backing a carbon fee plan proposed by James Baker and George Schultz. Is this an idea whose time has come or one that is dead on arrival?

New Danish 350 kW EV Charge Contender: Nerve Smart Systems Focus On Smart Battery Buffer Management

Nerve Smart Systems is about to launch the first version of a new type of battery high power charger that support 350 kW sustained charging without overloading the power grid

Jaguar I-Pace Priced For America, Porsche & Honda Announce New Electric Car Plans

It's a busy week for news about automobiles, thanks to the Geneva auto show going on in Switzerland. CleanTechnica is fortunate to have its own correspondent, Maarten Vinkhuyzen, on the ground there this week and he has already begun filing reports from inside the hall.

Volkswagen Boss Returns To Diesels?!?!

Just when  you think the last nail in the coffin containing the cold dead body of diesel has been put in place, along comes Matthias M?ller, the capo di tutti capi at Volkswagen to tell us that his company still sees a bright future for cars with diesel engines

US DOT Finally Finalizes Low-Speed Noise Maker Rules For EVs

After years of delays, the US Department of Transportation has now finally released the finalized rules relating to the requirement for ultra-quiet vehicles (EVs) to emit artificial noises when traveling at low-speeds as a means of preventing pedestrian injury.

The Inclusive Internet Index — A Tool To Witness The Global Expansion Of Information Access For All

Does this spell the end of information poverty? Could we possibly be only a few years away from global, affordable, fast, internet access

Researchers Unveil Several Ways To Limit Global Warming To 1.5°C By 2100

A group of researchers led by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has used new modelling scenarios to showcase several ways with which to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100. 

Statoil Acquires 50% Interest In 1.2 Gigawatt Polish Offshore Wind Farms

Norwegian oil and gas giant Statoil has announced this week it has signed an agreement to acquire a 50% interest in the early phase development of two offshore wind farms in Poland with a combined capacity of 1.2 GW (gigawatts). 

ENGIE North America Secures 320 Megawatt Solar Pipeline In SoCore Energy Acquisition

ENGIE North America has this week announced the acquisition of Chicago-based SoCore Energy and its 320 megawatt pipeline of operational and late-stage development solar and battery storage projects. 

Polestar 1 Pictures & Specs From Geneva Motor Show (#CleanTechnica Pics)

Yesterday afternoon, the 2018 Geneva Motor Show gave press-days early access to the show floor. Most cars were still behind curtains or under wraps, but the new Polestar 1 was shown in all its glory

Tesla On Real “Mass Market” Car … Tesla History Repeats … US Electric Car Sales … (#CleanTechnica Top 20)

I just shared our top 20 articles in February, but it's already time to share the hottest 20 articles of the past week here on CleanTechnica. Check 'em out

EV Startup NIO Hires 8 Big Banks To Work On Coming IPO

The China-based electric vehicle startup NIO has hired 8 large banks to work on its coming initial public offering (IPO) of stock in the US, unnamed sources quoted by Reuters have revealed

Greenlight Capital Continues To Tumble (6% Loss In February), Betting Against Tesla & Amazon Not Helping

Greenlight Capital has now lost 11.9% this year, with 6% of that coming in February, Einhorn recently revealed to the hedge fund's clients

Toyota To Spend $2.8 Billion On Self-Driving Vehicle Tech Development

Toyota will be investing at least $2.8 billion into the internal development of self-driving vehicle tech via a new venture being created with Denso Corp and Aisin Seiki Co, according to recent reports.

Judge Allows Climate Change Suit Against Fossil Fuel Companies To Proceed In Federal Court

San Francisco and Oakland sued 5 oil companies last year for damages from climate change. Last week, a federal judge ruled the suit could proceed to trial.

Porsche Exec Says Flying Car Development May Be In The Offing

Is the Porsche exec serious with his comments? Will Porsche end up developing a flying car? Or are these comments simply meant to generate buzz?

GM Expands Electric Rental Fleet Maven To Austin

GM is sitting on something big with a healthy lead over most of its competition, but the landscape requires quick thinking and acting. The Bolt, Maven, and manufacturing might help the giant ride the next century.

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