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Slow-To-Accelerate EV Charging Program Provides Lessons For Improvement

Minnesota’s largest investor-owned utility, Xcel Energy, last month reported sparse participation in a program designed to deliver value to customers who charge their electric vehicles when it’s most convenient for the grid. But despite its benefits for the grid and cost savings for customers, the initiative appears stuck in neutral.

Gap In Global Progress Towards Paris Agreement 2°C Target Looms Large Despite Minor Improvements

The Climate Action Tracker has published updated estimates of global progress towards the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and aims at keeping temperature increases below 2°C and, despite minor improvements in India and China, the gap between current policies and 2°C still looms large. 

Sunrun To Overtake SolarCity As Leading US Residential Solar Lease Provider, Predicts GTM Research

After leading the way for several years, SolarCity is expected to lose its spot as leading residential solar lease provider in the United States to its main competitor, Sunrun, by the end of the year, according to new data from GTM Research. 

10 Awesome Design Features of Tesla’s Newest Supercharger Station

It shouldn't surprise you that seeing a nice pic of the new Tesla Supercharger station in Kettleman City, California, triggered another article. This station is really a prime example that others should learn from, and it's not just about one or two things — I counted 10. 

Reasons to Believe: Modern Agriculture and Climate Action

The VP of Global Sustainability, Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Insights for Monsanto outlines the power and opportunity the agriculture industry has to abate climate change.

Oil Company Subsidies in Brazil a Huge Setback for Climate Action

In Brazil, a proposed bill would drastically lower the country's federal taxes on the country’s vast offshore oil reserves - undercutting much of the global competition in the oil sector while increasing climate change risks worldwi...

Global Competition Launches to Transform Brownfield and Underused Sites Worldwide

C40 and 15 cities are searching for artists, architects, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and environmentalists to work together and compete for opportunities to transform these 46 sites worldwide into leading examples of urban sustainability and resiliency.

“Self-Forming” Renewable Energy Microgrids For U.S. Army — Puerto Rico Next?

In a tragic demonstration that renewable energy and microgrids offer greater resiliency, Puerto Rico is still struggling to restore conventional power.

When Lean Business Principles Visit the Vegetable Farm

The following are the five core lean business principles that have benefited Ben Hartman the most through his farming work.

World Toilet Day a Reminder 1 in 3 People Lack Access to Clean Sanitation

As World Toilet Day approaches, this day is a reminder that as more companies align their strategies with the SDGs, raising awareness about the need for improved sanitation is one way in which businesses can help solve this problem.

Here’s what it’s like to sit in the new Tesla Semi

Tesla’s truck is a departure from more traditional diesel powered equivalents in a number of ways, but it might be most starkly different when it comes to the cabin. I got the chance to spend some time in and around the Tesla Semi, and it’s going to offer up a dramatically different experience for drivers once they get the chance to hit the road. Show More Summary

The Tesla Semi tackles this classic truck safety problem using tech

Tesla’s Semi is an all-electric semi truck, which itself is a major feat, but its powertrain isn’t the only technological innovation that the automaker is applying to trucking. One other key element of the new Semi is that it will automatically...Show More Summary

Elephants should be recognized as legal persons, argues Connecticut lawsuit

Should elephants be viewed as legal persons in the eyes of the court? A new lawsuit filed by the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) argues yes. The group says three elephants, owned by a traveling Connecticut zoo, should have "the fundamental right to bodily liberty" and be placed in an animal sanctuary instead.[...]

Vienna cocktail bar is hidden underground in an 18th-century cellar

The places hidden beneath our feet are sometimes home to a city’s coolest spaces. That’s the case for the, a subterranean cocktail bar in Vienna, tucked away in a forgotten 18th century cellar that was only recently uncovered after renovations on Berggasse—a famed street associated with Sigmund Freud. Show More Summary

World's largest botanical garden to bloom in the desert of Oman

Perhaps the dry desert landscape of Oman may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of lush forests, but the Arabian nation is getting a massive infusion of greenery with the world's largest botanical garden. Showcasing...Show More Summary

Upgrading Technology and Farming Methods Will Help India’s Mint Farmers: Mars

What happens if you introduce technology into the way farmers grow and harvest mint in India? Will it make it more profitable for farmers and offer a better quality of life? Mars, a major purchaser of menthol and peppermint oil, was banking on it. And it now has the stats to show it will.

New Tesla Superchargers Hint At Future Of Public Charging [Hot!]

Tesla emailed approximately an hour ago that it just opened North America's largest Supercharger station... er, two of them. What's more interesting to me is that they represent a transition into a different charging dimension. KyleShow More Summary

Cool Airbus Vahana Project Is Ready For Flight Testing

The cool Airbus Vahana Project is ready for flight testing, right on the heels of Boeing, Uber, and others jumping into the electric plane game. Electric airplanes and other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft taking off

Tesla opens two largest Supercharger stations and a customer lounge

Tesla has opened new Supercharger stations in California, the largest its built to date. These are a new kind of Supercharger for the automaker, with not only the most stalls of any Supercharger station to date at 40 per station, but...Show More Summary

Google Adding Methane Detectors To Street View Cars

The Environmental Defense Fund is using a collaborative approach to find ways of working with industry partners to find and fix methane leaks that waste up to 10 million tons of methane each year in the US alone.

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