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Workhorse W-15 Orders Now Open To The Public

Workhorse has brought its W-15 plug-in hybrid pickup truck, N-Gen delivery van, and SureFly helicopter to CES 2018, where CEO Steve Burns announced that the company is now accepting reservations for the W-15 from private individuals...

Zero Is The Hero: Zero Net Energy Buildings Reach New Communities, Promising Savings & Renewable Energy

As energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies continue to improve both functionally and economically, Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings are spreading in communities around the country. The energy savings and environmental benefits...Show More Summary

Florida monkeys are excreting an infectious disease fatal to humans

Non-native rhesus macaques in Florida's Silver Springs State Park have tested positive for herpes B, a potentially fatal disease that is spread through bodily fluids and may be transmissible to humans. According to a recent study published...Show More Summary

Scotland to ban manufacture and sale of plastic cotton swabs

Scotland could be the first country in the United Kingdom to ban plastic-stemmed cotton swabs. Both the manufacture and sale of the polluting items - hundreds were found during a recent Gullane beach clean-up - would be banned. Environment...Show More Summary

Your 2017 Electric Car Sales Projections Revisited, … & 2018 Projections!

Last year, we surveyed readers here to get your 2017 electric car sales projections for the year. How did things turn out? Take a look below. But in addition to checking out the 2017 results, it's time for 2018 projections as well!

Researchers Determine Future Climate Change Will Make Power Outages More Costly

Researchers from Virginia Tech have published findings that show future climate change will likely make power outages more costly for European households as residents seek to avoid summer outages. 

New 'thermal battery' soaks up heat energy like a sponge

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created a new unconventional material that is highly effective at storing and releasing heat energy — and could be used as a battery. Called AzoPMA, the new plastic-like polymer is capable of holding 100 times as much thermal energy as water. Show More Summary

Renewable Energy Has Many Benefits For People, The Economy, & The Environment

Renewable energy has historically been seen as an alternative to burning fossil fuels like coal and petroleum products for consumable energy. However, we have come to learn that far more than the core reasons for pursuing renewable energy, there are plenty of other benefits of clean, renewable energy. Show More Summary

Siemens Gamesa To Deliver 8 Megawatt Turbines To 500 Megawatt French Offshore Wind Farm

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced this week that it will supply 62 of its new 8 megawatt direct-drive offshore wind turbines to the 500 megawatt Saint Brieuc project in France, bringing the company's total supplied capacity in French waters up over 1.5 gigawatts. 

Damages From US Disasters Totaled $306 Billion In 2017

NOAA estimates losses from natural disasters totaled $306 billion in 2017. The influence of climate change on the severity of those disasters is getting harder and harder to ignore.

Seattle's new Angle Lake Transit Station looks like a long-exposure photo of a dancer in motion

Architecture firm Brooks + Scarpa just completed construction on the new Angle Lake Transit Station and Plaza at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The building's design was inspired by dance, and the architects wrapped the structure an undulating transparent envelope that mimics the motion of the human body.[...]

Salesforce Tower to include largest blackwater recycling system in a US commercial high-rise

7.8 million gallons of drinking water will be saved every year with a blackwater recycling system at the new 1,070-foot tall Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. The skyscraper, designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, will be equipped...Show More Summary

Tetra is a brilliant see-through dishwasher that fits in even the tiniest apartments

Most people living in tiny apartments are resigned to the fact that their kitchens will never have space for a dishwasher - but that's no longer the case. Heatworks just unveiled Tetra - a new compact, tankless dishwasher that's sure to make apartment dwellers jump for joy. Show More Summary

China is planting 6.6 million hectares of new forest enough to occupy Ireland

The government of China has announced its plans to plant forests in 2018 that will occupy at least 6.6 million hectares, equivalent to the size of Ireland. As the United States forfeits its leadership on climate change, China has been eager to seize the moment by taking bold action to mitigate the impact of climate change. Show More Summary

Two Graphs That Explain Why California’s Wildfires Will Only Get Worse

By Molly Taft The deadly wildfires ripping through Northern California are just the latest in a season of record-defying

Get Ready: USDA Projects A Whopper of A Rise in Meat Consumption

The USDA has a surprising projection: We're due to eat more meat this year than ever before. And the meat industry is ready for the uptick in sales.

Solar-powered home embraces sustainable design in Chihuahua

Sustainability and stunning views go hand-in-hand at the Cima House, a striking residence in Chihuahua, Mexico. Garza Iga Arquitectos designed the spacious solar-powered home rising three stories to overlook panoramic city views. Built with a concrete shell, the home’s appearance is softened by the layering of textiles and timber.[...]

Republican Tax Cuts May Actually Accelerate Flow of Jobs Overseas

Under new U.S. tax laws, there will still be little incentive for companies to invest in manufacturing in the U.S, as they will be taxed up to twice amount on those profits generated here as on goods produced in factories operating overseas.

Ford Called Out for Undermining Fuel Standards While Promoting Sustainability

Public Citizen and Greenpeace have been critical of Ford, saying the automaker and industry at large have been pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to roll back fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks manufactured between 2022 and 2025.

Prefab CLT pavilion cleverly encourages dialogue at a Vancouver TED conference

An experimental pavilion popped up by the waters of downtown Vancouver for the TED2017 conference. Selected as the winning entry in the PAUSE international design competition, this interactive prefabricated timber structure explores the concept of personal space and interaction. Show More Summary

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