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New Italian ice cream shop reflects its delicious 'clean label' products

Italian architecture firm NINE Associati designed this stunning ice cream shop in the Italian village of Isola del Liri to reflect the company's commitment to serving "clean label" products. Started by the Masci family in 1989, ZERO-E serves up traditional Italian gelato made with zero preservatives. Show More Summary

Renzo Piano reveals designs for Toronto courthouse targeting LEED Silver

Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) teamed up with NORR Architects & Engineers to design the new Toronto Courthouse, located just northwest of Toronto City Hall. Designed to strengthen the city’s civic core, the new courthouse will embrace the streetscape and offer a variety of public amenities. Show More Summary

Skinny micro-home creates the illusion of space with natural light and materials

Space-saving furniture and ample glazing are key in making this skinny timber house welcoming and livable despite its tiny footprint - which is slightly larger than the average parking space. Dutch practice Ana Rocha Architecture designed the micro-home, named Slim Fit, in Almere Poort, the Netherlands. The home comprises 538 square feet of living space across three floors.[...]

Astronomers uncover echoes of the very first stars

Scientists have identified faint radio signals emitted by the first stars shortly after they shined their light on the universe for the first time. The evidence suggests the earliest stars formed 180 million years after the Big BangShow More Summary

This off-grid cabin in the pristine Alaskan wilderness can only be reached by sea or air

If you're looking for a luxurious off-grid retreat in the middle of nowhere, you've come to the right place. Located on Alaska's remote Alexander Archipelago, the spectacular Hidden Bay Retreat is a three-bedroom timber home with a copper roof that sits on the water's edge. Show More Summary

Green walls are great, but they need to work efficiently

You may have heard about green walls or even seen a few. Also called living walls, live walls, eco-walls and vertical gardens, these structures are essentially walls covered in vertically grown plants, and they can appear either inside or outside. Show More Summary

Jaguar reveals the new all-electric I-PACE SUV

Jaguar has finally fully revealed the official I-PACE all-electric SUV, a vehicle with just under 240 miles of range and a 0 to 60 mph time of under five seconds. The car can also charge to 80 percent from empty in 40 minutes using special quick charger hardware, and a 15-minute top-up is good for around 62 miles of additional range. Show More Summary

The "most technologically-sophisticated commercial indoor farm in the world" will grow 30X more produce

As our technology is advancing, so are our farms. Indoor farming company Bowery is constructing what they describe as the "most technologically-sophisticated commercial indoor farm in the world." It's their second, but this one (also in Kearny, New Jersey) will far outpace the first, churning out 30 times more produce and growing more than 100 kinds of herbs and leafy greens. [...]

Harley-Davidson and Alta Motors to co-develop electric motorcycles

Motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson is now a stakeholder in Alta Motors, the electric motorcycle and light vehicle EV drivetrain maker based in Brisbane, California. Harley-Davidson and Alta made the investment public today, and also announced...Show More Summary

Rome is banning all oil-burning cars by 2024

Rome is jumping on the diesel-banning bandwagon - the city just announced plans to ban oil-burning cars within the city by 2024. That's huge news, because roughly two-thirds of new cars sold last year in Italy were diesel, and Rome has struggled with poor air quality. The news comes on the heels of a court case in Germany that enabled cities to ban diesel vehicles.[...]

Porsche’s EV lead takes shots at Tesla while hyping the Mission E

Porsche is readying its Mission E for launch, with a 2019 target sales date. The all-electric Tesla Model S competitor has a lot of car fans excited, and has been drawing covetous looks since the concept’s unveiling back in 2015. Now that launch is drawing closer, however, we have some new info about the car, how it charges and its performance. Show More Summary

Breezy studio shows how to fit a lot of function into a small space

Don’t be deceived by this studio’s small size—architect Ulrika Saar of Freshwater studio designed the "Granny Flat" to fit a lot function in just 312 square feet. Nestled in Saar’s backyard in Sydney, the flexible timber-clad studio houses a home office, kitchenette, living room, bathroom, workspace, laundry, and storage. Show More Summary

New theory suggests the Moon may have formed "from a giant donut of vaporized rock"

Get ready to have your ideas about the Moon shattered. Scientists from Harvard University and the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) have put forth a new model for the Moon's origin, and it's mind-bending to say the least. In...Show More Summary

The last male northern white rhino suffers declining health

Sudan is a 45-year-old northern white rhinoceros - and the last male of his kind. He's suffering from poor health, and if he dies before he is able to mate it will likely signal the effective extinction of the northern white rhino, a...Show More Summary

Hyundai's first fully-electric SUV boasts a range of 292 miles

Hyundai just unveiled their electric SUV, the Kona Electric, and it can travel around 292 miles on a single charge. The company says this vehicle will be the "first fully-electric subcompact SUV on the European market," and features progressive design, including a closed grille on the front of the car that enhances aerodynamics.[...]

Total field ban on bee-harming neonicotinoids likely after new EU assessments

A total ban on pesticides that harm bees is highly likely in the European Union, according to The Guardian. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published new assessments Wednesday confirming the risks of neonicotinoids for bees. Countries will vote on a ban next month.[...]

Dutch villa taps into solar energy and optimal site conditions

EVA Architecten took the long view when designing Villa IJsselzig, a modern home optimized for energy efficiency and durability. Set next to the river Hollandse Ijssel, the villa respects the neighboring buildings by adapting a similar form while quietly standing out with its distinctly contemporary design. Show More Summary

First plastic-free supermarket aisle opens in Amsterdam

The world's first plastic-free supermarket aisle opened on February 28 at the Amsterdam location of the Netherlands-based supermarket chain Ekoplaza. Within this aisle, customers will be able to choose from more than 700 plastic-free products. Show More Summary

Coca-Cola, Nestle seek to privatize world's second largest aquifer

Coca-Cola and Nestle are pushing to take ownership of the Guarani Aquifer in Brazil. Named for the indigenous Guarani people, the world's second largest aquifer lies beneath parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina - and it may soon fall under private corporate control. Show More Summary

Daan Roosegaarde reveals vision for air-purifying Smog Free Drones

Studio Roosegaarde's Smog Free Project continues to create bubbles of clean air throughout the world - the team recently opened a Smog Free Tower in Park Jordana in Kraków, Poland. But Daan Roosegaarde isn't through innovating new ideas to clean our skies. Show More Summary

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