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The brilliant folding M.A.Di Home can be assembled in hours

The M.A.Di Home is an ingenious a-frame home that can be easily assembled in just a few hours. The foldable design, created by Italian architect, Renato Vidal,, is earthquake-resilient and can be equipped with rooftop solar panels LED lighting, and grey water systems to take it totally off-grid.[...]

7 global megatrends that could beat climate change

Is it too late for us to avert disastrous impacts of global warming? Maybe not, thanks to megatrends changing the way humans live on a global scale. The Guardian's environment editor Damian Carrington laid out trends that could turnShow More Summary

Eco-Professionals: The Next Generation Normal

Sustainability in the workforce is increasingly important, and can prove a rewarding pathway for a wide range of professionals both today and long into the future

Mining Giant Rio Tinto Sheds Coal for Good

Mining giant Rio Tinto is moving fast to sell off its last remaining coal operations. The company has put its Australian operations on the market, and once those assets are sold, the $33 billion mining juggernaut will no longer include coal within its global business operations.

Ole Scheeren unveils designs for a stunning sky forest in Vietnam

International architecture firm Buro Ole Scheeren just unveiled designs for Empire City, a greenery-infused skyscraper set to rise in Ho Chi Minh City. Expected to become Vietnam’s tallest building at 1,093 feet, the development softens...Show More Summary

Expanded PET Plastic Recycling Could Help Boost the Circular Economy

According to the environmental NGO GreenBlue, the volume of PET manufactured worldwide for fibers and yarns used in textiles and upholstery is actually greater than what is used in containers. The result is vast amounts of waste, but also huge potential to groom more of a circular economy.

Historic French building stuffed with plastic bags looks ready to explode

A shockingly large number of plastic bags appeared to fill a historic stone building to near bursting in Bordeaux last month. The eye-catching installation is the most recent work of Luzinterruptus, a design collective famous for raising environmental awareness with plastic art installations. Show More Summary

Be Your Best Self: Lessons From Harvey

It is said that crisis brings out the best in us, and that certainly was ? and is – true in the wake of the Hurricane Harvey

Climate Change Is Already Past The Point Of No Return, Warns Union Of Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists has issued a new report it calls a second warning. It says humanity is doing a lousy job of protecting the earth and is making it incapable of supporting life. Does anyone care?

Tesla’s Lack Of LIDAR For Autopilot Is Legit & Provides Cost-Competitive Edge, Research Hints

A Seeking Alpha writer says Tesla has a big lead over other companies in autonomous technology because it has chosen to not use expensive LIDAR technology. A new study says self-driving systems that rely on cameras can be just as effective and cost considerably less.

The Utilities Knew, Exxon Knew, Shell Knew, They All Knew

Climate deniers are fast running out of deception and lies. Just a few days ago, an exhaustive report by the Energy and Policy

Amsterdam’s Electric Vehicle Leadership (CleanTechnica Video)

One of the top presentations at EVBox’s first annual rEVolution conference earlier this year came from Bart Vertelman, Program Manager of Electric Mobility at the City of Amsterdam. Check out his presentation below in this exclusive CleanTechnica video

Hybrid Electrification System Can Be Installed On Long Haul Trucks For 30% Fuel Savings

Hyliion is described as a "Class 8 vehicle hybridizing company," and its two products are said to deliver up a significant savings in fuel and emissions, and are claimed to "instantly" convert a tractor or a trailer into an "intelligent" hybrid electric vehicle.

Arrivo Plans “Hyperloop-Inspired System” For Denver Area

Arrivo says it has signed a deal with the state of Colorado to construct a "hyperloop inspired system" that will whisk cars and cargo between Denver and Boulder in 10 minutes.

Norway Electric Car Incentives Depend On EU Permission, Under Threat

Norway exempts electric cars from the VAT tax paid at time of purchase but it needs permission from the EU to do so. Now, regulators in Brussels are indicating the time to end that incentive is fast approaching.

Cummins Snaps Up Brammo & Jumps Into The Electric Truck Party

Whatever happened to Brammo, the once promising electric motorcycle maker with its funky 6-speed gearbox? After Polaris acquired the company and left it to linger for years, Cummins just snapped up Brammo and is jumping into the electric truck party

Jordanian repurposes old VW Beetle into 'world's smallest hotel'

One enterprising man deep in the Jordanian desert is proving that when it comes to hotel design, it's the spirit that counts. Mohammed Al Malaheem, 64, has converted an old VW Beetle into a mini hotel for guests visiting his hometown of Al Jaya. Although it may not technically be the world's smallest hotel, it certainly runs large when it comes to hospitality.[...]

Here's what could happen if America went 100% vegan

What if America threw out its hot dogs and hamburgers in favor of vegan fare? You might say that would never happen, but two scientists - from Virginia Tech and the United States Department of Agriculture - decided to explore how such a choice would impact the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Show More Summary

SolarEdge Posts Another Record Quarter & Continued Strong Growth

Israel-based solar manufacturer SolarEdge announced its third-quarter earnings last week and it was yet another record quarter, with revenue up to an impressive $166.6 million, making investors very happy. 

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