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Drinking water for 170 million Americans tainted by radiation

Up to 170 million Americans in all fifty states may be exposed to radiation-tainted drinking water. Using data from 50,000 public water systems, the Environmental Working Group found that more than 22,000 utilities reported the presence of radium in treated drinking water between 2010 and 2015. Show More Summary

Rundown 1970s A-frame cabin transformed into light-filled modern getaway

Proving that a little sweat and ingenuity makes for great design, this formerly outdated A-frame cabin in Big Bear, California underwent a major transformation at the hands of its owner. Courtney Poulos loved her 880-square-foot cabin - but not its 1970s look - so she gave the space a modern makeover the preserves its rustic charm.[...]

Dubai's new self-sufficient floating villas can withstand rising seas

Millions of people will be displaced by rising sea levels - but these floating homes are designed to weather the storm. Waterstudio is building a community of 33 villas to float on top of the water so that they won't be inundated by sea rise. Construction of the community - dubbed Amillarah - starts this month with developer Dutch Docklands off the coast of Dubai.[...]

Intel’s Mobileye Self-Driving Vehicle Systems To Go Into 2 Million BMW, Nissan, & Volkswagen Cars Over The Near Term

In order to crowdsource data for self-driving car maps, Intel's Mobileye tech will be outfitted in around 2 million vehicles from BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen over the near term, an exec at the company has revealed

"Like a fly in amber:" two meteorites with ingredients for life

Two meteorites crashed to our planet in 1998 after billions of years in the asteroid belt. And they had something in common besides reaching Earth the same year: they were the first meteorites we've found to have both complex organic compounds like amino acids and hydrocarbons, and liquid water. They may have come from the asteroid Hebe and the dwarf planet Ceres.[...]

Light-filled Indianapolis home is a base for Airstream adventurers

Architecture studio Haus completed a modern energy-efficient home with its very own Airstream port. Commissioned by clients with a love of traveling, the Copperwood House in Zionsville, Indianapolis boasts passive and active green-building...Show More Summary

Transportation Now Largest Source of U.S. Emissions, While Renewables Surge

After years of power generation emitting the most carbon in the U.S., that badge is now worn by the country’s transportation sector. This switch is the first time emissions from power generation were less than those from transport since the late 1970s.

Green-roofed office is the first large-scale CLT structure in southeast Europe

Instead of concrete or metal, this striking eco-friendly office building in Romania features a sturdy timber skeleton in what’s claimed as the first large-scale CLT structure in southeast Europe. Romanian firm Tecto Arhitectura designed the building as the new office for HSR factory in Reci, Covasna. Show More Summary

Coal on the Chopping Block as Trump Ponders NAFTA Withdrawal

Indications are growing that President Donald Trump will pull the U.S. out of NAFTA, effectively killing the market for coal power generation in the U.S.

Your Questions About The California Mudslides, Answered

It's not just a tragic coincidence that the region is facing back-to-back disasters.

Teslanomics Predicts 192,576 Tesla Model 3 Sedans Will Be Manufactured In 2018

Ben Sullins of Teslanomics has crunched the numbers and concluded that Tesla will produce 192,576 Model 3 sedans in 2018. How did he come up with that number? Watch the video to find out.

Boeing Shows Off Prototype Unmanned Electric Vertical-Takeoff-&-Landing Cargo Aircraft

A prototype of a new unmanned and electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) cargo air vehicle (CAV) design has just been shown off by Boeing — with the idea being for the new prototype to serve as a test vehicle for the company's autonomous operation tech

Ford Partnering With Postmates In Self-Driving Car Sector

Ford has announced a new partnership with the delivery service Postmates centered around the self-driving vehicle sector. Plans call for testing of packaged and goods delivery via self-driving cars to begin later in

Wind & Solar + Storage Prices Smash Records

In a new report from Xcel Energy, the company reported unprecedented low bids for wind and solar with storage. Last year, Xcel announced it would close 660 MW worth of coal-fired power capacity at Comanche Generating Station. Xcel subsidiary Public Service Company issue a request for proposals for wind, solar, natural gas, and storage

Switzerland rules lobsters must be stunned before they are boiled

Lobsters may not really scream when you boil them - they don't possess vocal cords - but research shows they can feel pain, and Switzerland's government decided to do something about the common culinary practice of boiling lobsters alive. According to the government order, the crustaceans "will now have to be stunned before they are put to death." [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: All of the solar eclipses until 2075 in one handy graphic

Couldn't get enough of last year's incredible solar eclipse? The following infographic by RS Components will show you all you need to know to find the most exciting upcoming eclipse events. From the longest eclipse (6 minutes!), the best places to view them and the one time you can see two in one year, you will be able to plan for all the eclipses coming between now and 2075.[...]

Good News, Bad News: The Saga Of The Ford F-150

XL Hybrids' bolt in plug-in hybrid conversion can increase fuel economy for the Ford F-150 by as much as 50%. But a new lawsuit alleges diesel powered Ford Super Duty pickups emit up to 50 times as much more pollutants than allowed by state and federal regulations.

Why The California Mudslides Have Been So Deadly

Unheeded evacuation warnings, late emergency alerts and an area primed for flooding after wildfires all were factors.

New York City Sues 5 Major Oil Companies For Climate Change Related Damages

New York City has filed suit against 5 major oil companies asking them to pay to clean up the mess they have made. It also says its pension fund will sell off its shared in oil companies. Can you feel the gathering momentum?

Workhorse W-15 Orders Now Open To The Public

Workhorse has brought its W-15 plug-in hybrid pickup truck, N-Gen delivery van, and SureFly helicopter to CES 2018, where CEO Steve Burns announced that the company is now accepting reservations for the W-15 from private individuals...

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