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This all-electric off-road spider car can drive over just about anything It may not look like your typical off-roading beast, but the ingenious Swincar by French company Mecanroc may be the most incredible ATV ever created. With four independent wheels mounted on spider-like and

Hunting and the Darker Side of Being Human

Photo Courtesy of By now I'm sure you've read about Cecil the lion ad nauseam. You've read about the sketchy and pathetic methods used to "hunt" Cecil. You've read about the celebrities raising hell on Twitter. Show More Summary

Get a sneak peek of Pickathon, the world’s most sustainable music festival, opening this weekend! The Mountain Stage is Pickathon’s main outdoor venue which has the distinction of being one of the world’s largest temporary festival tension structures. The design involves ~200,000 sq ft of 12

Three Myths Pushed by Polluters to Avoid Improving Air Quality

Just days ago, the National Association of Manufacturers, an organization representing factories and other major polluters, launched a multimillion dollar TV ad campaign aimed at keeping the EPA from strengthening federal health protections from ozone pollution. Show More Summary

Obama Is Fighting Inequality With Clean Power

Recently, at an event hosted by the New Republic in Washington, DC, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough remarked, "There's not a more important and pressing issue on the president's agenda than climate." McDonough's statement could only come from a White House unconcerned with reelection, helmed by a president with no one left to woo. Show More Summary

Why Everyone Is Outraged By Cecil the Lion's Death

Walter Palmer received international infamy almost overnight. His Yelp! page was bombarded with clever, snarky reviews. People picketed in front of his business and home. Celebrities tweeted about him. Walter Palmer quickly became one...Show More Summary

American public calls for extradition of lion poacher Walter Palmer

The American dentist who allegedly paid $55,000 to kill a beloved lion in Zimbabwe has come under fire since his identity was disclosed to the public this week. Stories about Cecil the lion and the hunter who killed him, Walter Palmer of Minnesota, to

Ed Miliband "Lesser Sense of Urgency" for Climate Than Pre-Copenhagen

"At this stage there is less sense of that movement and a lesser sense of urgency" Ed Miliband, the former leader of the UK Labour Party and very first secretary of state for the Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) gave his...Show More Summary

Cecil the lion’s killer identified as American dentist Walter Palmer Cecil the lion was one of Hwangwe National Parks favorite attractions, and now his killer may face poaching charges. A dentist from Minnesota, Walter Palmer of River Bluff Dental, reportedly paid $50,000 to

Wiggling Wind Power

By Don Willlmott You've heard all the gripes about wind turbines: they're ugly, they're expensive to build and maintain, they make weird noises, and they kill birds. Might there be another way to capture the power of the wind without...Show More Summary

Aviation's Poisoned Air: Aerotoxic Syndrome

I have never been a great airplane passenger. I prefer to be on the ground. Now that I have learned about Aerotoxic Syndrome, a heath issue not in the public domain, I have a new concern. In a pattern strongly reminiscent of how "Big...Show More Summary

Shelters for Nepal earthquake survivors can be built from reclaimed materials in two days Charles Lai and Takehiko Suzuki collaborated with AONA architecture studio and the One Village Focus Fund to deliver the design to a remote area of Nepal, where a team of four paid workers and ten the a

What really wiped out the Woolly Mammoth?

As we trudge into what scientists are calling the Holocene extinction, it is difficult to ignore the destructive power that humans wield over the natural world. The passenger pigeon, the thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), the Carolina parakeet; the list of by

David Brooks Fails on Climate Change

The same day that David Brooks accused Pope Francis of doom-mongering about the threat of climate change, Al Jazeera reported that over 700 people died during the first three days of a heat wave in Pakistan. In a recent New York Times column on climate change, David Brooks gets everything wrong. Show More Summary

Building the Future with Self-Healing Concrete

By Don Willlmott Geology and biology are blending in a fascinating way to create a breakthrough new construction material: concrete that can heal its own cracks. The secret weapon? Bacteria. At the Delft University of Technology in the...Show More Summary

Vela is the bike of the future in the body of a classic cruiser Vela is the bike of the future, wrapped up in the body of a classic fixed-gear cruiser.  The beautiful, electric single-speed cruiser comes with a Li-ion 370Wh removable battery, GPS tracking, anti-theft alarm system, a

Saving the Planet -- One Lake at a Time

Every now and then you can go home again... at least, home to a better planet. Here is another story -- to add to the stories of new baby Mallards and other recent wonders -- from Mountain Lake in San Francisco's Presidio National Park. Recently...Show More Summary

China's Rapidly Changing Views on Wildlife Conservation in Africa

A dramatic shift in Chinese public opinion about animal welfare and global wildlife conservation appears to be underway. Supported by high-profile celebrity campaigns by NBA legend Yao Ming and actress Li Bing Bing, there is growing awareness in China over the country's role in the illicit African wildlife trade. Show More Summary

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