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Incredible video of Mars stitched together by hand from 33,000 images

If you’ve ever wanted to get up-close and personal with Mars, check out this incredible video recently released by NASA that shows the Red Planet’s surface in stunning detail. Entitled "A Fictive Flight Above Real Mars," the video is...Show More Summary

Cloud House makes it rain on demand with creative water harvesting system

You won’t have to do a rain dance to make it rain at the Cloud House—sitting in one of its rocking chairs should do the trick. Artist Matthew Mazzotta created the Cloud House, a gabled pavilion with a cloud-like sculpture that releases collected rainwater whenever someone sits inside the building. Show More Summary

7,000 methane gas bubbles in Siberia on the verge of exploding

Last summer researchers revealed crazy bubbling tundra in Siberia in a surreal video. Scientists believe the weird phenomenon is caused by methane released by melting permafrost. Now around 7,000 of those bubbles are getting ready to explode. Show More Summary

Swedish researchers develop low-cost wood filter to purify water in refugee camps

At least 780 million people in the world lack access to clean water, a dire problem exacerbated by the increasing number of people living in poorly-equipped refugee camps. Researchers from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in SwedenShow More Summary

Solar-powered aquaponic greenhouses grow up to 880 lbs of produce each year

Fresh produce - ideally grown locally right in your backyard - is essential to a healthy diet, but with scores of people either lacking the space, time, or knowledge to cultivate their own food, for many that ideal simply isn't attainable. Show More Summary

How high-tech Kasita microhomes could revolutionize homeownership

America’s affordable housing crisis is squeezing people out of cities, but one Harvard researcher believes he’s developed a beautiful and high-tech solution to the problem. In 2015, Jeff Wilson—also known as “Professor Dumpster” after...Show More Summary

Republican senator claims the EPA is brainwashing children

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma claimed Thursday on CNN that the Environmental Protection Agency is “brainwashing” America’s children, defending Donald Trump’s plan to cut the agency’s funding by 31 percent. He told the network: "We want to deliver the services. Show More Summary

New Zealand river world's first to obtain legal staus as a person

A river in New Zealand now has legal status similar to a human being, marking a historic victory for indigenous people. For over 100 years, the Whanganui Iwi have fought over the rights of the Whanganui River, the country's longest navigable river. Show More Summary

Quebec food waste program to rescue 30.8 million pounds of food

Sending leftover food from grocery stores to food banks may seem like a simple answer to food waste, but management and distribution have complicated the process in the past. Now in Canada, Food Banks of Quebec (FBC) has launched their...Show More Summary

New 2D perovskite cell could slash the cost of solar

Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have come up with new perovskite technology that could dramatically increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of solar cells, along with other electronic devices. Using thin films ofShow More Summary

Cork-clad Ecocubo tiny home pops up almost anywhere with minimal impact

Looking to reconnect with nature without roughing it on a campsite? Ecocubo, a tiny portable home made of wood and cork could be the answer you’re looking for. Designed by a Portuguese startup, the prefabricated house can be transported...Show More Summary

Atlanta's New NFL Stadium Is Raising The Bar For Everybody Else

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a behemoth, located delicately in the center of downtown Atlanta between skyscrapers, public parks, and thousands of homes. Huge, triangular glass panes make up the outer walls of the $1.5 billion structure and...Show More Summary

Canine Nursery Nanny Reports For Tiger Cub Duty At Cincinnati Zoo

Blakely the Australian Shepherd Filling in as Parent to One-Month-Old Tiger Cubs Three rare Malayan tiger cubs, all female, have been cared for by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s nursery staff since they were born on February 3, 2017, and ignored by their mother. Show More Summary

Welfarism & Property Status – Like Jailbreak With A Plastic Fork

The animals - to remain things - are merely pawns in the game of efficiency and profitability.

Trump’s War On The EPA: Deconstruction

Note: This is Part II of a two-part analysis of President Trump’s war on the Environmental Protection Agency. Part I: Deception examines how Trump is trying to please a narrow audience of special interests and supporters while misleading the public at large. Show More Summary

10 Facts Show Trump's EPA Budget 'Is A Fantasy;

The Environmental Protection Agency has restored healthier air and cleaner water for millions of Americans. But the Trump administration is reportedly proposing a cut of 25% to the agency’s budget, which would severely damage its ability...Show More Summary

World's oldest fossils discovered in Canada - and they're 4 billion-years-old

Around four billion years ago, bacteria formed tiny tubes and filaments, likely in deep-sea hydrothermal vents. An international team of scientists lead by the University College London (UCL) recently discovered those microorganism remains,...Show More Summary

Gutting EPA’s Budget And Staff Would Endanger The Health Of Millions Of Americans

During his nationally televised speech before Congress on Tuesday night, President Trump vowed to “promote clean air and clean water.” Is that right, Mr. President? Then why is your administration proposing to slash as much as 25 percent...Show More Summary

Dazzling art-filled passageway immerses visitors in everything that makes Amsterdam special

The city of Amsterdam just added another attraction to its long list of must-sees. Artists Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem converted an arched passageway into Amsterdam Oersoep, an immersive art project decorated with seemingly innumerable references to the city of Amsterdam, its history, and its future. Show More Summary

Shell predicted the effects of climate change in its own 1991 film

A recent report by The Guardian reveals that Shell not only knew the extent of climate change as far back as 1991, but even made a film about it. The oil company's film, called “Climate of Concern,” said the climate was changing “atShow More Summary

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