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Fur Is Simply Bad Design

NOTE: the content of this post may be sensitive to readers. Le Sourire Magazine (detail), 1924 by Leo Fontan It always troubles me to see fellow New Yorkers walking through the cold with their sweater-wrapped canine companions while they, themselves, adorn that ubiquitous coyote fur-trimmed, Canada Goose uniform. Show More Summary

The True Cost of Food Waste

The world wastes an astonishing amount of food. As a recent Chicago Council on Global Affairs' blog post outlines in stark detail, about one third of all the food that is produced is wasted, which amounts to about $1 trillion worth of food loss each year. Show More Summary

BioLabyrinthus Garden bridges sustainable development with classic French garden aesthetics

  French landscape architects Corinne Julhiet Détroyat and Claude Pasquer won first place at Italy’s prime international creative garden show organized by ORTICOLARIO. The designers rose to the challenge of how to combine a dynamic, sustainable

“Bioluminescent Forest” film uses digital mapping to light up the natural world "Bioluminescent Forest" is a 4-minute-long short film around the enchanting shimmer of naturally glowing organisms. The bioluminescent phenomenon is surprisingly common in nature, and occurs widely in marine vertebrates,

Kinematope installation turns Parisian railway station into a trippy science fiction world A fantastic light installation by artist Pablo Valbuena lit up the Nuit Blanche festival in Paris using light projectors, sounds systems and architecture to create a trippy artificial reality. Valbuena’s 546-yard-long Kinematope

Rotterdam’s floating, plastic waste-trapping Recycled Park opens this week

This week marks a new beginning in Rotterdam: the Recycled Park will begin to retrieve litter from the New Meuse (Nieuwe Maas) river, preventing it from being washed out to the sea. An initiative of the Recycled Island Foundation and created by WHIM Architecture, this

Climate Change This Week: New Solar Record, Murder, a Flying Donut, And More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Vier Pfoten/Four Paws/RHOI/Rex/AP Palm Oil is Lethal for Mother and Child: This orangutan mother and five year old child huddled, petrified, as bounty hunters closed in to kill them, to clear "these pests" off palm oil plantations. Show More Summary

Offshore Winds Soon to Power Cape Cod: Part 3

Part 2 of this three-part series concerning America's first offshore wind farm was an October interview with Cape Wind's Communications Director Mark Rodgers. Rodgers recently recalled the significance of Massachusetts's original windmills to the early economy of Cape Cod: "The Cape and the Islands once had a thousand working windmills. Show More Summary

Congrats: A New Gifting App That Plants Trees with Every Use

"Send a smile, save a tree". That's the slogan coined by a new gifting app called Congrats, which encourages folks to send heartfelt greetings without harming any trees. Considering that over 300,000 trees were cut down in the USA alone for this year's holiday

Rise of Walking for Fun & Fitness as a Social Trend

Walking is going places. Humans' most common pastime--forsaken for decades as too slow and too much effort-- is now recognized as a health breakthrough, an economic catalyst and a route to happiness. Real Simple magazine (circulation: 2 million) declared "walking America's untrendiest trend" in its February 2014 cover story. Show More Summary

Albatern’s WaveNET Harvests Wave Energy With Giant Floating Squids Since 2007 Albatern, one of Scotland’s most radical wave energy companies, has been working on a new approach to wave energy harvesting. Their new WaveNET system uses an array of floating generators called Squids

Tourism Opportunities To Protect The Sea Turtles

The Tour de Turtles race is over this year with Panama Jack and Calypso Blue III taking first and second. Amazing that Panama Jack actually traveled 2,828 miles during the 90 day race. That is a lot of swimming. :) Started in 2008, the...Show More Summary

Communicating Climate Change: A Story of Apocalypse, Money and Mind-Games

How to not communicate climate change and the justification for my TEDxTeen Talk: Climate change is not only extremely important it is also extremely hard to communicate. It is a monumentally vast topic area -- climate change is notShow More Summary

This is the Highest-Resolution Video of Earth Ever Created, and it’s Gorgeous (VIDEO)

The Russian Elektro-L weather satellite sits 25,000 miles above the Indian Ocean, where it creates an astonishing 121 megapixel image of the Earth every 30 minutes. James Tyrwhitt-Drake from the University of Victoria in Canada has used these images to create

The Climate Post: IEA Unveils World Energy Outlook 2014: Looking Ahead to 2040

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released its World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2014 report, which for the first time provides energy trend projections through the year 2040. Among the key challenges in the next two and a half decades...Show More Summary

Rethinking the Thanksgiving Turkey

I love Thanksgiving. So do most Americans, ranking it as their second favorite holiday of the year after Christmas. There is much to like about Thanksgiving. There's the concept of gratitude -- something we perpetually forget in our hectic day-to-day lives. Show More Summary

NASA Charts Real-Time Carbon Emissions in Ultra High-Resolution Climate Model (VIDEO) NASA just launched a new high-resolution computer model that gives a stunning look at the yearly movement of carbon emissions through the planet’s atmosphere. NASA created the model by combining ground-based

Is There Any Hope for Two Retired Circus Elephants, Rosie and Opal?

What is going to happen to Rosie and Opal? This is a nagging question for those who are following the tale of these two female elephants. Since 2012, Rosie and Opal -- a pair of middle-aged, retired circus elephants -- had been living at Hope Elephants, a facility in Hope, Maine. Show More Summary

Inhofe's Greatest Climate Change Denial Hits

As you've likely heard, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe -- author of "The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future" -- is the Republicans' first choice to head the Senate committee that oversees the country's environmental policy. Show More Summary

Make An Impressive Upcycled Bottle Gift This Year In Under Two Minutes with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter! During the last few holiday seasons you may have encountered some gifts made from recycled wine and beer bottles. We love this sort of thing on Inhabitat and have featured recycled bottle lamps, candles,

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