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Largest-ever modular Gomos system project to be completed in just a few months

The future of construction looks to be pretty exciting, thanks to modular systems like Gomos Housing, which let you build adjustable structures in a matter of days. We first reported on the fabulous prefab system last year, and now the...Show More Summary

New Orleans doesn't need a hurricane to be inundated with water

Almost $15 billion went towards flood protection in New Orleans in the aftermath of 2005's Hurricane Katrina. But the city once again battled flooding this week - with no hurricane in sight. Several feet of water covered much of the city's central area as the pump system was overwhelmed. The crisis prompted Governor John Bel Edwards to declare a state of emergency.[...]

Fukushima in Japan is surrendering to nature

Nature has come for Fukushima. Six years after a nuclear meltdown resulted in a mass exodus of neighboring residents, the Fukushima prefecture is slowly being engulfed by a sea of green. Access to the Fukushima Exclusion Zone is still...Show More Summary

Drone video reveals progress on Heatherwicks tree-covered mountain architecture in Shanghai

Shanghai’s “tree-covered mountains” are coming to life as evidenced in #donotsettle project’s latest video. Filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, architects Wahyu Pratomo and Kris Provoost’s footage shows a sneak peek into the construction progress of the Heatherwick Studio-designed project for M50, the city’s contemporary art district. Show More Summary

700 Indian villagers waded through their filthy, dying river and brought it back to life

"Don't waste your time," doubters reportedly told a self-organized group of villagers in South Kerala who wanted to resurrect their once-teeming river. According to local Indian press, years of industrial seepage transformed the Kuttemperoor River into a giant cesspool that produced nothing but disease and devastation. Show More Summary

A garbage patch bigger than Texas was just discovered in the Pacific Ocean

A few months ago, scientists found a new garbage patch in the Arctic ocean. And now, another pocket of plastics, human trash, and chemical waste has been discovered in a newly-explored region of the Pacific Ocean. Like it’s cousin the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” it's an environmental burden that shows just how irresponsible humans have become in recent years.[...]

Sono Motors unveils the $14,000 SION solar-powered car

The dream of being able to commute to work in a solar-powered car is finally becoming a reality. Sono Motors just unveiled the SION solar-powered electric car that can travel up to 18 miles using nothing but energy from the sun. TheShow More Summary

Bacterial Wilt: Game Over for Squash, Cukes, and Melons

  One day your zucchini, cucumber, squash or melons are looking glorious and healthy, and then next day one of them just dies.  Flat as a pancake.  Wilted, limp, and no heartbeat. What the heck just happened?  The culprit is –not squash vine borer, like you thought–but bacterial wilt.   Yep, bacterial wilt.  So learn [...]Show More Summary

BatBnB unveils line of stylish (scientifically designed) homes for our flying friends

Airbnb disrupted the human housing world, now BatBnB is doing the same for bat housing. We all pretty much know that boxes are a stellar way to attract bats, but let's be honest, they aren't exactly good looking. That's why we're loving the elegantly designed BatBnB homes, which are attractive enough to display front and center at your home. Show More Summary

World's first solar-powered hot air balloon visits UK school

Schoolchildren living in the coolest city in the UK just got a glimpse of one of the coolest energy sources in action with the arrival of the world's first solar-powered hot air balloon. The balloon actually took its maiden voyage back...Show More Summary

Indian Railways launches first train with solar-powered coaches

Train travel in India just got a little greener. Last week Indian Railways rolled out their first train outfitted with rooftop solar panels - in the Delhi area notorious for its pollution. The solar panels will completely power fans, lighting, and display systems in the coaches. The government expects the move will save them around 5,547 gallons of diesel every single year.[...]

Russian Tarragon. Should it Have a Place in Your Garden?

Did you know there are two different tarragons?  One is Russian Tarragon  and the other is French Tarragon.  The later is used in cooking.  So what is Russian Tarragon and why haven’t you heard much about it? Probably because Russian Tarragon is viewed as the ugly stepsister to  the Cinderella French Tarragon.  However, I beg [...]Show More Summary

Tardigrades will be the last surviving creatures on earth after the sun dies

In the event that Earth is struck by an asteroid, the sun goes supernova or the planet is soaked in gamma ray bursts in an extreme energetic explosion, the last surviving creatures won't be cockroaches - they will be tardigrades. Oxford...Show More Summary

These ancient societies know the secrets of infinite growth on our finite planet

Once upon a time, there were three scientists––a biologist, an engineer, and a chemist. Each of them loved the ocean and liked nothing better than to walk its shores and study its inhabitants. They were curious and observant, and by watching how nature really works, with an open-mind, each of them stumbled on something radically new. Show More Summary

13-year-old Ohio girl taps traffic to generate renewable energy

We may be one step closer to tackling our energy crisis if this 8th grader has anything to say about it. 13-year-old Laalitya Acharya from Ohio came up with TraffEnerate, an invention to use vehicular traffic to generate clean power. She's a finalist in the 2017 Young Scientist Challenge, and stands to win $25,000.[...]

Worlds largest rotating solar plant to be built in South Korea

South Korea is known for its workaholic culture and for hosting an enormous LEGO tower. But soon, the country may be known for something even more impressive: installing the largest rotating solar plant in the world. Solkiss, a South Korean solar developer, has plans to install a proposed 2.67 MW PV project at the Deoku Reservoir. Show More Summary

IKEA's new cookbook cooks your food for you

You probably have that one friend who visits IKEA just for their Swedish meatballs, but now the furniture giant is showing how creative you can get with those meatballs at home. They just rolled out the IKEA Easy Recipe Series cookbook...Show More Summary

11-year-old boy invents device to save children from dying in hot cars

Children dying in overheated cars is one of those preventable tragedies that just shouldn't happen, and an 11-year-old boy in Texas decided to do something about it. Bishop Curry heard about a six-month-old who died in his hometown after being left inside a hot vehicle. Show More Summary

The World’s Largest Iceberg Is About To Break Off Antarctica. Here’s What It Should Be Named.

The first feeling is a chilling awe, as you watch the British Antarctic Survey’s aerial footage of the great crack that is spreading rapidly along the Larsen C ice shelf. You see the grand vastness of Antarctica absolutely cracked open, like a dropped dinner plate smashed crisply apart. Show More Summary

Atlanta makes rainbow crosswalks permanent as a symbol of unity

A vibrant visual symbol of pride will remain a permanent part of the urban fabric in Atlanta, Georgia. For Atlanta Pride Week 2015, rainbow crosswalks were installed at the intersection of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue, and this week on the anniversary of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, Mayor Kasim Reed made the colorful crosswalks permanent.[...]

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