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Why I Love the Fairphone -- and Why I Won't Buy One

In an interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, environmental journalist Joel Makower asked Chouinard whether he felt any kinship with Apple, whose late CEO Steve Jobs was "another iconic, iconoclastic,...Show More Summary

The Number One Question

Be it by email, phone, social media, or in person, the number one question we at Wildlife SOS get asked is, "How is Raju doing?" For those of you unfamiliar with Raju, he is an elephant we rescued one year ago (on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA) who had spent 50 years in chains. Show More Summary

Why I Love the Fairphone--and Why I Won't Buy One

In an interview with Yvon Chouinard, founder of the outdoor clothing company Patagonia, environmental journalist Joel Makower asked Chouinard whether he felt any kinship with Apple, whose late CEO Steve Jobs was "another iconic, iconoclastic,...Show More Summary

Unbelievable miniature Japanese village will astound you with its attention to detail

The 70-second video above is completely enchanting and serene. Gentle instrumental music accompanies the visuals and the video begins with scenes of everyday life in a quiet village in rural Japan: browning leaves piled up along the roadsides, food to a

America's Zero Emissions Imperative

Co-authored by Rev. Lennox Yearwood Last fall, we wrote an article explaining why zero has become the most important number for humanity. Since that time, zero emissions has been embraced as an idea that's time has come by nearly 120...Show More Summary

World Leaders Moving Away from Coal, Fossil Fuels

June has proved to be a great month for the climate, as countries around the world tackle the dangers of fossil fuels head on. Perhaps the action getting the most attention was the announcement earlier this month from G7 leaders that they will phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century. Show More Summary

Another Gay Marriage Victory, Another Lesson for Climate Action

The United States Supreme Court ruled today that the right to same-sex marriage is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Having spent 10 years writing about gay rights, and the past 10 years focused on climate change, I find that the...Show More Summary

Destroying Ivory to Save Elephants: Is it Working?

Seized items for Times Square Ivory Crush. Photo by Bernard Starr Our planet is facing unprecedented mass extinctions of species. And we humans are the culprits. A just released study (June 19, 2015) reveals that "477 vertebrates have...Show More Summary

26-year-old woman receives world’s most advanced, natural bionic hand

Just in time for the return of Star Wars, bionic hand technology takes a grand step forward. The UK-based Steeper Group promotes its advanced “BeBionic” artificial hand as the world’s most “anatomically accurate,” with “unrivaled level of a

Who Says Cutting Carbon Pollution Is Bad for Business? Not These Businesspeople

Who says the EPA's Clean Power Plan is bad for business? Not Midwesterners Greg Smith, Ga-Young Park or millions of other businesspeople all across America. Truth is, the EPA's plan to cut carbon pollution from existing power plantsShow More Summary

Explore, Learn and Rethink Nature This Summer Vacation

Summer break looms just weeks away and many parents are wondering about vacation ideas for the kids. What better way to share time as a family than to pick activities that are not only fun, but that also reinforce the importance of an...Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: The Climate Pope, Hot Babes, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. In a 192-page paper Pope Francis lays out the argument for a new partnership between science and religion. Source the Daily Climate OO Encyclical Reveals Pope's Deep Dive...Show More Summary

Moral and Business

Photo: I.Rimanoczy I am not a religious person. This is just to set the context of my reflections. But over the last days I have, along with many others, doubtless, been giving a lot of thought to the profound impact of the papal encyclical...Show More Summary

Solar-powered retro-modern Happier Camper HC1 features a LEGO-like interior Weighing in at just 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms), the ultra-lightweight HC1 travel trailer can be easily pulled by small cars. Its 100% high-quality fiberglass shell comes in a colored gel coat of your choice and is with a

Climate Change Deniers Hate Me. Here's Why.

"Sold out...?! No way. Cannot be true." I swore to myself. In all of its awkward history, The Heartland Institute's conferences for climate change deniers have never sold out. This year it did, and I wanted in. These events aren't something to look forward to. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Make Sustainability Sexy for Millennials

The California drought is approaching its fifth year. Alabama is quaking with every new frack. And the honeybee is on its way to extinction. All signs point to the fact that using our resources with reckless abandon will put our planet...Show More Summary

American Petroleum Institute Ads Target Smog Rules

In a move that seems ripe for a John Oliver comedy segment, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has taken to radio, print, television, and social media to blanket Americans with the concept that our air is just fine the way it isShow More Summary

Photographer pays tribute to his dog in heart-wrenching movie

When Ben Moon met Denali he was a rescue dog who was fun to hang out with. Little did Moon know that he would be his best friend and companion through thick and thin. Denali came with Moon on many trips across the country and throughout the world as did

From Slow Food to Slow Fashion

Carlo Petrini began the "slow food" movement in 1986. When this international campaign was created, springing from the desire to protect local food cultures and emphasize the pleasure of food over the immediate gratification (and often resulting regret) of the growing fast-food culture, Carlo's ideas sounded idealistic, and perhaps a bit unrealistic. Show More Summary

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