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Sanne Visser unveils super-strong rope bags made from human hair While it may sound disturbing at first, hair actually has a number of properties which make it perfect for use in yarn: it has a high tensile strength, is thermally insulating, flexible, lightweight, and oil-absorbent. Show More Summary

Big Soda goes to war against proposed Soda Tax in San Francisco

A proposed soda tax is officially on the ballet this November for the city of San Francisco. Proponents of the tax hope they can make up for lost ground after a similar measure failed two years ago, but the soda industry isn’t goingShow More Summary

Comfy aDream pods let you take a nap during long airport layovers

Designer Rafael Martin conceived aDream as a multi-functional furniture system that fits two mattresses on each side, a light, a drawer and a powder socket, all packed into small units that can be scattered throughout airport terminals. Show More Summary

The Cocoon: a biodegradable vessel that nurtures tree growth in harsh and arid conditions The Cocoon has two primary benefits to the seedlings it houses: a safe shelter from the harsh surrounding environment and an adequate water supply to develop healthy roots during its first year. The cylindrical shelter also protects seedlings from becoming lunch for small animals, as its high walls surround the tiny plant. Show More Summary

Dutch housing model lets students stay at a senior living home for free

At Humanitas Deventer, an independent living home for seniors in the Netherlands, it's not uncommon for an 80 or 90-year-old resident to have a 27-year-old neighbor. Students can live at Humanitas Deventer for free. All they have toShow More Summary

Swap-in wheel converts any bike into an electric within 60 seconds

Interested in trying an electric bike, but too attached to your traditional frame to part with it? Now there’s a solution for you – the GeoOrbital bike wheel. It’s a battery-powered tire that can replace a regular wheel on your bicycle, making your bike electric in just 60 seconds. Show More Summary

See what splurging on a tiny house on wheels gets you in the beautiful ESCAPE Vintage Presumably targeted towards retirees eager to travel, the new ESCAPE Vintage prioritizes comfort with a traditional Americana design that, despite its 315-square-foot size, features a first-floor...Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: Megadroughts, Virtual Clean Power Plants, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. Saving BUB, Beautiful Unique Biodiversity, as in this Amazonian ant-mimic treehopper, is another reason to preserve carbon storing forests. Credit Andreas Kay at flickr Forests:...Show More Summary

Seed-Saving 101: How to harvest and store herb, tomato, and berry seeds

Another great aspect of harvest season is that it’s the time of year when most plants go to seed, thus ensuring a strong new crop for the following spring. Those of you with food gardens have probably noticed the metamorphosis that your...Show More Summary

Tiny two-pound Micro Wind Turbine folds up just like an umbrella

While scaled-up renewable energy plants can generate a great deal of energy, there's a huge demand for smaller devices in off-grid, remote, or harsh locations. Designer Nils Ferber created a Micro Wind Turbine that works as well on a blustery mountaintop as it does in a backyard garden, and can charge smartphones via a USB port on the turbine. Show More Summary

Chinese researchers hack a Tesla from 12 miles away

When a new high-tech product or piece of software hits the market, the inevitable next thing is that hackers try to find its weak points. Although Tesla likely employed its own hackers in developing the Autopilot program on its Model S electric cars, the released version (and its subsequent updates) are anything but foolproof. Show More Summary

Tiny new flat-packed off-grid homes offer affordable housing breakthrough

For 11 years, Australia's five major cities have been listed as "severely unaffordable" - making home ownership just a dream for many. Architect Alex Symes realized home ownership is typically tied to land ownership, but land prices are now so high, most people can't afford to buy. Show More Summary

The Era Of Trump And PETA: Not A Good Time To Be Hispanic

It's open season on Mexican-Americans, whether you're a bigot running for president, or an "animal rights" organization fighting for its right to kill pets. It's rare that Trump and PETA are mentioned in the same breath, but get used to it. Show More Summary

Germany unveils the worlds first zero-emissions hydrogen-powered passenger train

French company Alstom unveiled the first-ever passenger train powered completely by hydrogen at this week’s Berlin InnoTrans trade show. The hydrogen train or “hydrail” will be put into service on Germany’s Buxtehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line in Lower Saxony by December 2017. Show More Summary

Volvo SuperTruck improves big rig fuel efficiency by a whopping 70%

The race toward eco-friendly transportation has mostly involved innovating more and more compact commuter cars, but big trucks need to get green as well. Volvo has been working on its SuperTruck concept for the past five years, which initially aimed to increase fuel efficiency by 50 percent over existing cargo trucking technology. Show More Summary

World's first piloted solar-powered helicopter lifts off in Maryland

University of Maryland students continue to soar with alternatively-powered aircraft. Their solar-powered helicopter, Solar Gamera, lifted off the ground earlier this month, marking the first flight of a piloted, solar-powered helicopter. Show More Summary

Despite Hawaii success, American wave energy lags behind rest of the world

Thanks to a Navy test site, America’s first wave-produced electricity was fed into Hawaii's power grid last summer. The US Department of Energy confirmed in July 2015 that the Azura prototype generator developed by Oregon-based Northwest...Show More Summary

It's Your Dog's Birthday! How Will You Celebrate It?

I love celebrations, especially when it involves one of my kids, so this month when my four-legged baby turns one-year-old, I'm throwing him a bash. While some friends and family roll their eyes, and my neighbor's think I'm corny, I don't care. Show More Summary

SEED: new film exposes startling loss of biodiversity in global crops

If you’ve taken a look around the produce aisle at your local grocery store, you’re lucky if you find more than two or three varieties of common fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, if you visit a farmer’s market, you’re likely to run into some foods you’ve never even heard of before. Show More Summary

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