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Trekkie-run Chinese gaming company builds HQ as homage to Star Trek

China… the final frontier. These are the voyages of a building that looks remarkably similar to the starship Enterprise. Except there aren’t any voyages for this Enterprise, because it’s an earthbound building. The wonderfully named gaming and has

Plastic Pollution: A Social Justice Perspective

The Plastic Pollution Movement is very new. The problem developed within our lifetimes with the explosion of single use plastics thanks to mankind's acceptance of a fossil fuel based economy and increasingly disruptive extraction methods...Show More Summary

This water-filled lamp makes it rain in your home

If you fell in love with Richard Clarkson Studio's intriguing Cloud Lamp, how about some rain

3 Reasons All Feminists Should Support Animal Rights

"Feminism" has lately become less of a dirty word, as more people recognize it as being the belief in gender equality. Men, women, and transpeople can all be feminists. According to popular sex educator Laci Green, if you believe women are human, you're a feminist. Show More Summary

Asheville Coal Plant to Retire After High-Profile, Three-Year Campaign

This week, I want to honor some of the most hard-working activists on our Beyond Coal campaign -- Team Asheville in North Carolina. After years of rallies, public meetings, educational forums, leadership from the Asheville City council, letter-writing and even a visit from the TV star Ian Somerhalder on Tuesday, all that hard work paid off. Show More Summary

Divest from the Carbon Bubble

If it seems that we have more big problems than we can solve these days, take heart. A small group of people can create a worldwide movement. It has happened before and it is happening again. Take the case of Ellen Dorsey, the executive director of the Wallace Global Fund. Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: CO2 Passes 400 ppm, President Can Act, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. @@ Global Warming Carbon Dioxide Levels Tick Past 400 ppm Reversing CO2 levels will take an unprecedented worldwide effort, say NOAA researchers. New Global Milestone:Show More Summary

2016 Presidential Election: The Candidates on Climate Change

Although the country is over a year and half away from the 2016 presidential election, candidates are stepping up to throw their hats into the ring. Voters may be exhausted by the time November '16 rolls around, but the upside is that...Show More Summary

The Forgotten Farmers

Photo Credit: © Dplett It's heartening to see the growing public interest in what we eat and how it's produced. People are waking up to the fact that the Western diet is damaging our health and that industrial farming is effectively destroying our planet. Show More Summary

Climate Change This Week: Cloudy Problems, Solar Charity, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded. @@ What Climate Change Looks Like: Beware The Blob - of warm air off the Pacific coast, that is - the blob that keeps diverting storms away from California, creating the worst drought in over 1,000 years, according to a recent tree ring study. Show More Summary

Is the Big Polluter agenda the environmental platform of the Republican Party?

Lindsey Graham asked a good question last month. The South Carolina Senator wants to know, "What is the environmental platform of the Republican Party?" Graham says he doesn't know. He suggests it's time for his party to do some "soul searching." Current Platform Graham is right to suggest some soul searching. Show More Summary

ON/OFF’s BOULEvard tensegrity ball is a mobile playground in Brussels The ON/OFF team assembled the 4-meter-tall BOULEvard ball with high-tension rope and large black plastic tubing that served as the core struts. The tensegrity structure was large enough to roll over bollards and flexible to

NTHE and Motivated Towards Excellence

NTHE is the acronym for Near Term Human Extinction. Our biosphere is on the fast track to being uninhabitable. With over two dozen self reinforcing feedback loops that have been identified by the science community, I ask you, how isShow More Summary

Got Science? Nine Surprising Signs Momentum Is Building for Climate Action

A spate of recent developments suggests momentum is building to address climate change --including some truly unexpected and inspiring signs in the United States and around the world. Of course, huge obstacles remain: Florida Governor Rick Scott would allegedly like to censor any official mention of the subject. Show More Summary

Shelter dogs ‘follow’ would-be owners across billboards to inspire adoptions If you've ever adopted a shelter animal, you may remember making a special connection with your furry companion when they approached you to play, or followed you around for a while. Battersea Dog & Cat Home, located in

True or False: Cork Is the Greenest Wine Bottle Stopper

TRUE! Read on for 5 Green Benefits... (And practical, cultural and community advantages, too. ) Did you know that Cork stoppers are made by stripping bark from Cork Oaks? Here is a tree that was recently stripped in the San Pietro Forest...Show More Summary

Couple spent 20 years building Freedom Cove, their self-sufficient floating oasis Adams and King have been living in their own self-made floating island since 1992. They are both artists, Adams is a carver and King, a retired ballerina enjoys painting, writing and playing music. Although

VIDEO: Inhabitat Sees Green at BKLYN Designs

If you read Inhabitat, you know that we're huge fans of BKLYN Designs, the annual furniture exhibition that takes place in DUMBO, Brooklyn. This year, we were saddened that the show did not take place (though they did have this rad booth at ICFF), and we think

Don't Cha Wish Your Make Up Was Cruelty Free?

Kimberly Wyatt, best known for being in one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, the Pussycat Dolls, is the latest celebrity to join Cruelty Free International in calling for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics. SheShow More Summary

Watch Oregon’s Lost Lake disappear down a bizarre hole

Located in Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest, the Lost Lake presents a highly unusual natural phenomenon; each winter the lake bed fills with water from nearby streams, and every spring it drains—rather like a bathtub—down a large hole. Jude of as

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