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How I Changed My Life by Staying Home

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Is That Why We’re Doing This?

It was a salutation unique to me, “Take good care of that car!” The young man behind the register said it just as I turned to leave the gas station. With my back turned, a puzzled look emerged on my face, “Take good care of that car?” What an odd thing to say I thought as I […]

Podcast 94: Don’t Treat Yourself, an Interview with Jonathan Fields, and Two Podcasts Recommendations.

It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Holidays are approaching! Want a Happier t-shirt? Email us if you want to get one. Or if you want to buy one of my books, journals, calendar, mug, etc., look here. Try This at Home: Don’t treat yourself. Show More Summary

WCME 063: IEA 2016 part 3: 4 Perspectives on the 3 Instincts: Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora, Beatrice Chestnut, and Tom Condon - Pace Smith

Here are my takeaways from the panel on the three instincts, with panelists Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora, Beatrice Chestnut, and Tom Condon. Russ: The instincts are energies in the body. Behaviors are symptoms. You want balance. Dominant instinct is your jet fuel for how you lose connection with your essence. Mario: Clusters of evolutionary behaviors. […]

Need Energy Now? 11 Guaranteed Ways To Feel Superhuman

You don’t know what’s wrong with you. No matter what you try, you can’t conquer the exhaustion that drags you down all day. Friends and colleagues ask if you’re okay, and you always reply that you’re tired. You need energy now, but most “solutions” are disasters. Naps backfire. Show More Summary

How I Learned the Difference Between Courage & Recklessness

The post How I Learned the Difference Between Courage & Recklessness appeared first on Change Your Life | The Change Blog.

A Little Happier: During the Holidays, Say “Yes” If We Can.

A Little Happier: During busy holiday time, it’s tempting to say “no” to try to make life easier, but in the end, we’re usually happier if we say “yes”—to the office party, the school show, or the holiday gathering. So the hack is: say “yes”if you can. Show More Summary

Are We the Same Person Throughout Our Lives? Agatha Christie Thought So.

Do you agree? It’s a difficult question. “We are all the same people as we were at three, six, ten or twenty years old. More noticeably so, perhaps, at six or seven, because we were not pretending so much then, whereas at twenty we put on a show of being someone else, of being in the mode of the moment. Show More Summary

Why Am I Obsessed with the Subject of Beautiful Colors?

Periodically, I get obsessed with subjects.  And nothing makes me happier than a new obsession! It’s energizing and exciting. Sometimes, this obsession leads to a book — like The Happiness Project or Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill. Show More Summary

The Art of Playing to Your Strengths

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein During one of my visits to London, I spent one of the days browsing around the fine...Show More Summary

WCML 113: Caging the Beast Within: What if you’re secretly a bad person who fakes being a good person? - Pace Smith

I must keep the beast under guard, In a cage always minded and barred. If the beast were set free, I fear I would be As awful as Jean-Luc Picard. A bad person + a conscience = a good person A selfish person + a filter = a considerate person A selfish person is a […]

Revealed! Three Book Club Choices for December. Happy Reading!

Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest: — one outstanding book about happiness or habits — one outstanding work of children’s or young-adult literature–I have a crazy passion for kidlit — one eccentric...Show More Summary

New Evidence Suggests Men Are Not Better Map Readers

There are remarkably few stable sex differences in cognitive abilities. One ability that has shown consistent sex differences, though, involves spatial perspective taking.

Podcast 93: Find Something to Admire, Consider Your Activity Level, and Getting Over a Break-Up.

It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Quick note: If you’re going to give one of my books as a holiday gift, and you’d like to request a personalized, signed bookplate or signature card to make the present more special, request it here — U.S. Show More Summary

‘Tis the Season to Share Your Story

Becoming Minimalist unites people around a common, life-giving pursuit. We have discovered there is more to be found in owning less than we can ever discover pursuing more. Regardless of where we find ourselves on this journey, we are resolved to live by these ideals and make it true in our lives. This is an important […]

How to Listen To Your Heart And Transform Your Life

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. Einstein What do you do when you feel stuck in life? Do you listen to your heart? Or do you weigh the situation? Sum up pros and cons. Think about it. Then think...Show More Summary

Interview with Gary Taubes: The Case Against Sugar

I’m a huge fan of Gary Taubes’s work. As I describe in Better Than Before, my book about habit change, while on vacation in March 2012, I read Gary’s book Why We Get Fat and overnight, I changed practically everything about the way I...Show More Summary

The Power of Listening to Your Loved Ones

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A Little Happier: During the Busy Holidays, Create Time for Quiet and Rest.

During the busy holiday season, when we’re spending a lot of time with family and friends, it can be particularly important to find ways to get some restorative silence and calm. Have you learned any great hacks for getting some quiet...Show More Summary

Acting with Thought and Feeling

  My last post was about thinking and feeling deeply before acting. A friend pointed out that this would lead to people acting in their usual ways, and this could be a problem. I entirely agree. For instance, bureaucracy doesn’t deal with complexity; when it comes across a complex problem the tendency is to add […]

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