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#918 When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep on the couch and someone throws a blanket on you

Hey, you know what’s even better than taking a nap on the couch? Well, I’ll tell you: that feeling you get just before you fall asleep on the couch. Yes, that’s when you enter that blissful, semi-conscious Pre-Nap World where your thoughts float and zoom around your brain and your muscles relax and detensify. Show More Summary

Money, Charity, and Emotions

The amazing thing about money is that every dollar is supposed to be the same as every other dollar. But psychologically, every dollar is not the same.

“Spend More Time with Friends, Spend More Time in Nature, and Remember that My Job Is Just My Job, Not My Identity.”

Interview: John Leland. John Leland is a longtime journalist who has been at The New York Times since 2000. He's covered a wide range of topics, among them, retirement and religion. He also writes books, and he has a new book that is just hitting the shelves: Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from […]

#920 Getting that painful eyelash out of your eye

Eyeballs do not want to be touched. I mean, have you ever put fingers, algae-filled lake water, or shampoo in there? Yeah, that gets your eyes screaming in pain pretty quick, doesn’t it? Unless you’re using Johnson & Johnson’s No More...Show More Summary

Anton Chekhov’s Letter to His Brother about the 8 Conditions for “Civilized People.”

In 1886, Russian playwright and short-story writer Anton Chekhov wrote a letter of advice to his beloved older brother Nikolai, a talented painter and writer who suffered from severe alcoholism. Chekhov writes: To my mind, civilized people ought to satisfy the following conditions: 1. They respect the individual and are therefore always indulgent, gentle, polite […]

#922 Getting a truck driver to blow their horn

Truckers have the best horns. Those things mean business. They’re loud and thundering and slap you in the face. None of this itty bitty bee-beep business that sounds less like a hatchback telling you the light turned green and more like a seagull telling other seagulls hey, there’s a guy throwing away crusts over here. Show More Summary

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Imagination

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” – Carl Sagan When you look up at a starry, night sky, what do you see? Do you see distant stars twinkling in a dark abyss connected by intricate...Show More Summary

#923 Doing anything that makes you sort of feel like a caveman

There’s something about getting in touch with your inner neanderthal that strokes your brain stem just the right way. Accomplishing something caveman-style feels good — a combination of clenched teeth, throbbing veins, and good old fashioned feistiness that we don’t always get to experience in today’s sophisticated society. Show More Summary

“I Love Running More for the Mental Clarity It Provides Than Anything Else.”

Interview: Melissa Dahl. Melissa is a senior editor at New York Magazine, and I got to know her work because I've been a long-time fan of Science of Us, a site that has now joined The Cut. The sites cover mental health, human behavior, personality, relationships, work, health, wellness -- all subjects that I love […]

The universe is a meaningless uncaring void (but whatevs) - Pace Smith

We didn’t believe this a month ago. But now, thanks to Zoloft and Lexapro, we kinda do! And what’s worse, we’re not even bothered by this. Here’s what it’s been like. I wager you might be surprised To hear Pace and Kyeli advise To give up intervening ‘Cause life has no meaning. Thanks so much, […]

#924 The fact that glass exists

Grab a handful of sand, heat it up to a few thousand degrees and suddenly, presto change-o, whaddaya got? That’s right, friend: a handful of glass and one severely burned paw. Now, how incredible is the fact that glass is made from sand?...Show More Summary

#925 Watching ‘The Price Is Right’ when you’re sick

At an early age, it is possible to learn the price of life through The Price Is Right. How many eight-year-olds know a can of chickpeas costs sixty-nine cents? How many twelve-year-olds can rattle off the features of a new solid oakShow More Summary

Self-knowledge Can Help You Strengthen Your Romantic Relationships

Valentine’s Day is almost here – and if you’ve been thinking about the relationships in your life, you may be thinking about some questions that I often get: "How do people’s Tendencies play out in romantic relationships? Are any pairings particularly strong – or particularly troubled? Can The Four Tendencies help me improve my relationship?" […]

#926 That runaway truck ramp at the bottom of big hills

Hey, have you ever found yourself careening down a massively steep mountainside hill in a runaway eighteen-wheeler with the brakes cut? If so, there’s really no need to worry. AWESOME! Photo from: here — Follow me on Facebook — The post #926 That runaway truck ramp at the bottom of big hills appeared first on 1000 Awesome Things.

Device Advice

Technology changes fast. And new advancements are announced with great fanfare. The promise of changing how we interact with the world is just as standard on new technological devices as a power-on button. This promise sounds good to us. And so we buy and buy these devices in incredible numbers. Meanwhile, our old devices sit […]

#927 A freezing cold glass of water on a boiling hot day

When your eyes sting from big salty beads of dripping sweat, your T-shirt gets wet and sticky and melts to your back, and your upper lip forms a splotchy sweatstache, then I say brother, it’s time for a drink. And what says refreshing...Show More Summary

My 5 Favorite Novels About Relationships

Given that Valentine’s Day is approaching, if you’d like to read a novel about relationships, here are some of my favorites. Never fear, each one stands on its own, and is well worth reading even if you’re not particularly interested in the subject. If you’re looking for a compelling, page-turning novel, choose any one of […]

#929 Your actual colon

Have you ever run the last leg of the relay? If you have then you know it’s a stressful experience, because you either make it or break it. I mean, you’re either ahead and it’s up to you to hold the lead, or you’re behind and it’s up to you to make it up. Everyone […] The post #929 Your actual colon appeared first on 1000 Awesome Things.

#930 Finally getting that tiny stuck piece of popcorn out of your teeth

You know when you can just feel that popcorn kernel stuck back there in swampy recesses of your mouth and it’s totally infuriating? Yes, your tongue slides past its smooth surface unsuccessfully, your toothbrush’s flimsy bristles just...Show More Summary

Why Passion and Commitment are Essential to Success

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” – Kenneth Blanchard I remember it like it was yesterday. Show More Summary

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