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A Little Happier: An Important Lesson from a Sticky Note on a Friend’s Computer.

A note on a friend’s computer taught me a giant lesson about writing — and about life. Down with boredom. Whenever possible, skip the boring parts! In writing all my books, if there’s an aspect of my subject that bores me, I figure out a way to write around it. Show More Summary

Mistakes Were Made.

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My Speech at the Austin March for Science

On April 22, 2017, Marches for Science were held all over the United States. I was given the chance to speak at the march that was held in Austin, Texas. Here are my remarks.

How Do We Learn Most About Another Person?

“You learn more about a person by living in his house for a week than by years of running into him at social gatherings.” –Philip Lopate, “Reflections on Subletting” in Against Joie de Vivre: Personal Essays Agree, disagree? I agree. What...Show More Summary

Get Uncluttered this Spring

“The Uncluttered course is about more than removing clutter. It is about challenging you to live differently.” —Amy Slenker-Smith, Herndon, VA Uncluttered Uncluttered is a 12-week online course that we developed to help you own less, live more, and discover the life you’ve always wanted. We offer the course only three times each year. And today, we are […]

The Secret to Effective Multitasking

The secret to multi-tasking is that it isn’t actually multi-tasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization. – Joss Whedon If you’re living the life of the average urban dweller, you probably have a lot going on during most days. At...Show More Summary

Observations from Marie Kondo about the Life-Changing Magic of Creating Good Habits.

Interview: Marie Kondo. It’s hard to exaggerate the influence that Marie Kondo has wrought with her blockbuster books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. The latter book takes its name, of course, from the question she...Show More Summary

My Other Father

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WCML 123: Curvy Yoga: Love Yourself & Your Body a Little More Each Day, with Anna Guest-Jelley - Pace Smith

Anna Guest-Jelley will say That yoga cares not what you weigh. Get her book on your shelf And start loving yourself A little bit more every day. Anna was on our podcast about a year ago, WCML 090: Curvy Yoga and Loving Your Body, with Anna Guest-Jelley. Here’s what’s new in her world in the […]

Podcast 113: Reclaim Your Dump Zones, a Hack for Making Tough Decisions, and Is Your Birthday Important to You?

Update: There’s an official launch date of May 18 for Elizabeth’s great new podcast with her writing partner and old friend Sarah Fain. Yes, Happier in Hollywood launches in a few weeks. I’m counting down the days! The Better app, all about the Four Tendencies, is now free. Show More Summary

When To See A Neck Pain Chiropractor

Have you been having lots of issues with your neck lately? Do you always suffer from stiff neck and neck pain that constrains you to do your work freely? If that’s the case, you may already been thinking about seeing a chiropractor that will help you resolve your neck pain problem. Show More Summary

How I Turned Around My Life After Our Full-term Stillborn

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A Little Happier: One of the Worst Ways to Waste Time Is to ____.

One of my favorite things to do is to help my sister Elizabeth clear clutter. (If you want to listen to my all-time favorite episode, Very Special Episode 10, recorded from inside Elizabeth’s clutter-filled closet, listen here.) OurShow More Summary

In 4 Months I Erased 33 Years of Fear and Anxiety

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Three Powerful Questions that Lift the Weight of “Too Much” and Anchor Us in Peace

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama. My family recently went kayaking in a marsh during my children’s spring break. As we paddled out of the marina, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful boats bobbing up and down against the docks. They reminded me of a painful time […]

Without You, There is No Copper-Red of the Beech to Set Against the Blue of the Cedar.

“I became unique and I felt I was needed: my own eyes were needed in order that the copper-red of the beech could be set against the blue of the cedar and the silver of the poplars. When I went away, the landscape fell to pieces, and...Show More Summary

Thoughts on Easter Sunday: Joy is Possible

This year I’ve been studying at uni.  These thoughts are inspired by an assignment I had for an art subject.   Joy is Possible Even here, even now.  Without lying to ourselves about how awful many situations are.  Without minimising how much death and misery there is.   Joy is... Joy is […]

How To Stop Being A Serial People-Pleaser

Basically, I’m a people pleaser who has a knack for disappointing. -Kevin Nealon Do you see it as good or bad? You know, being a people-pleaser. On the one hand it says ‘I want to be selfless, generous, contributing’. And on the other? Well, to many it says, ‘I want to be loved’. So is […] The post How To Stop Being A Serial People-Pleaser appeared first on Goodlife Zen.

Note to Self: It Is Easiest to Avoid Abstract Temptations

Which would you rather have, a dessert or a mouthwatering warm chocolate chip cookie?

Fun with the Four Tendencies: Is Taylor Swift an Upholder?

I spend a lot of time thinking about my personality framework, the Four Tendencies. It’s an endlessly fascinating thing to study. If you don’t know if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel — and why it matters — you can take the quick quiz here. Show More Summary

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