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Hating men vs. hating the patriarchy - Pace Smith

A fantasy realm is made worse By not being somewhat diverse. I speak of The Sims, And with pseudonyms About these issues we’ll converse. Kyeli feels like a bad feminist for creating a male sim in a male-dominated profession. At the root is the difference between hating men and hating the patriarchy. Thanks for listening […]

#904 When you just barely manage to squeeze out enough toothpaste for one last brush

Say you wake up Monday morning and realize you forgot to set your alarm clock. Now not only did you miss out on some quality snoozetime, but you’re late for work to boot. You jump out of bed, jump on the toilet, jump in the shower, jump...Show More Summary

#905 Using all the different soaps and shampoos in your friend’s shower

Shampoo doesn’t travel well. First of all, you can barely get it on the plane. Nope, no liquids in your carry-on, so unless you’ve got a little travel bottle or you’re checking in a big suitcase, you can’t really take it. And even if you do check it in, you’ve got the packing problem. Show More Summary

#906 Drinking a glass of freezing cold water right after eating ice cream

So when you chug down that cold glass of water, it’s like an Arctic dam spilling into a sugary mineshaft. That water just feels so refreshing — like jumping into a bathtub of ice cubes, injecting Gatorade into your heart, or showering after a really, really long time. Show More Summary

#907 When your local sports team is on national TV

Maybe you’re the San Diego Chargers fan who watches every game wearing a football helmet and a big foam thumb on your couch. Maybe you’re a diehard freak for the Boston Red Sox, Montreal Canadiens, or Manchester United. Or maybe you can’t stop watching Chinese Taipei’s majestic Cinderella climb into the Little League World Series. Show More Summary

#909 The smell of a bakery 

Bakery air is that steaming hot front of thick, buttery fumes waiting for you just inside the door of a bakery. And girl, I’m just going to tell you straight up. That is some fine air. Bakery air immediately fills you up with the sickly...Show More Summary

How to Let Go of Something That No Longer Serves You

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” – Robert Tew “The root of suffering is attachment”. These words, accompanied by an image of Buddha in his usual calm repose,...Show More Summary

I Wrote My “18 for 2018” List. Now It’s Time to See How I’m Doing So Far

In episodes 149 and 152 of the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast, my sister Elizabeth and I talked about how we created a list of our "18 for 2018" – eighteen things we wanted to get done in 2018. Well, we’re a few months into 2018 now, and I thought I’d review my progress so far. […]

#910 When you arrive at your destination right as the song ends on the radio

There’s really nothing like pulling up in the driveway and shutting off the engine just as that final cymbal crashes or that wailing guitar solo slowly fades into perfect silence. If you time it just right, you’ll miss the start of the...Show More Summary

#911 A multiple-course breakfast in bed

Maybe it’s Mother’s Day at 7:30am and your kids wake you up with a plate of cold toast, runny eggs, and a short glass of lukewarm OJ. Sure, it may not be the best-tasting meal in the world, and yeah, you might fill your sheets with crumbs,...Show More Summary

Five Life-Giving Truths About Living Simply And Saving Money

People have set out to more remote places of the world, built homes of their own, and lived off the land. They’ve followed the sun—up at dawn, sleep at dark. Our ancestors lived simply, by default. Nowadays, however, it’s more difficult to live this way in a time of great technological advancement. People are looking […]

Objects Within Reach Grab Attention

Chances are, you spend a lot of time staring at screens. You look at a lot of pictures and watch a lot of videos. Is that just as good as the real thing?

#912 Hanging your hand out the window of a car on a hot day

On a warm, sunny day, driving in a car with the window open and your hair whipping around everywhere, what’s better than letting your hand slip safely out that window and letting it wildly roller-coaster against the wind? You know how...Show More Summary

7 Life-Changing Perspectives To Overcome Your Family’s Obsession with Stuff

Ten years ago, our lives changed dramatically. The realization that our possessions were actually distracting us from a life of joy and purpose and fulfillment became the motivation to pursue minimalism in our home. As our family of four began removing nonessential possessions, we soon discovered more time and energy and focus for the things […]

QUIZ: What is Your Primary Motivation?

Do you sometimes wonder what motivates you? In his Human Motivation Theory, psychologist McClelland identified three motivators that he believes we all have: A need for achievement, a need for affiliation, and a need for power. People have different characteristics depending on their dominant motivator. Show More Summary

#913 Having a whole row to yourself on the plane and being able to lie down

It was like a mirage. There I was, a few years ago, sitting in the middle seat of a plane set for take off, and there sat an empty aisle seat to my right. I was belted in and cramped and it just sat there vacant, while overhead binsShow More Summary

#914 Finding two-ply when you were expecting one-ply

Anyone else hate those big toilet paper wheels in the public restroom? You know the ones. They’re big, they’re plastic, and they hold massive rolls of thin, translucent one-ply toilet paper. And they’re pretty stingy with their papery plunder, too. Show More Summary

Secret of Adulthood: I’m Unique, Just Like Everyone Else.

In her memoir Life with Picasso, Francoise Gilot quoted Matisse: As Matisse said, "When I look at a fig tree, every leaf has a different design. They all have their own manner of moving in space; yet in their own separate ways, they all cry, 'Fig tree.'" It's one of my Secrets of Adulthood: I'm […]

#915 Finding leftover cake in the office kitchen

Ever had a birthday party in the office? If you have, you know that it’s usually celebrated with a streamer-covered cubicle, a signed birthday card, and a mid-afternoon birthday cake. And while everyone says they don’t want that cake,...Show More Summary

A Question I’m Often Asked: What Are Some Fun Things to Do in Kansas City?

I love my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, and talk about it often – and people ask, "What are some fun things to do in Kansas City?" I like that question, because it reminds me that I can be a tourist without leaving home. A tourist reads and studies, a tourist shows up, a tourist […]

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