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Choose Holiday Traditions That Serve You

Holidays are holidays and traditions are traditions. But traditions are not the holiday. And this is an important distinction. Traditions help us celebrate and honor recurring events in our lives. Whether we are setting aside a day for gratitude or setting aside an entire season to celebrate faith, family, or both. Traditions should draw our […]

Which Do You Prefer? “Simple Beauty with No Explanation, or Knowing Exactly How and Why?”

I don't know which is better: simple beauty with no explanation, or knowing exactly how and why seed pods are organized.'

How to Meditate for Concentration

Let me ask you an important question. Do you ever find yourself getting distracted? Maybe you’re in a conversation and you can’t help but give in to the urge to check your phone. Or maybe you’ve got an important piece of work to do and every fifteen minutes you’ve somehow managed to take a break […] The post How to Meditate for Concentration appeared first on Goodlife Zen.

5 Subtle Ways You’re Giving Away Your Power

Power in the animal kingdom is determined by a creature’s ability to survive on the planet. For almost all living beings, the capacity to survive is determined by several key factors such as strength, adaptability, size, speed and intelligence. Show More Summary

The Surprising Truth About Why Your To-Do List May Be Failing You.

We're told that "everybody" should use to-do lists, and that "everybody" finds them useful. Nope, not in my observation.

A Happiness Paradox for Thanksgiving: Happiness Doesn’t Always Make Us Feel Happy.

Because sometimes happiness means living up to our values, even when it makes us "feel bad" to do so, or doing things to promote other people's happiness, even when it doesn't make us "feel good."

Futz without fear - Pace Smith

One of my favorite shortcuts Is learning by having the guts To try without fear And so today we’re Gonna teach you how to futz! How to futz in a safe sandbox Kitchen “common sense” Self-confidence Staying young Thanks for listening to The Dervish and the Mermaid! If you enjoyed this episode, please review us […]

Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin When was the last time that you had a good, hearty laugh? Did it happen while sharing an inside joke with a dear friend or while watching a funny sitcom or reading the newspaper...Show More Summary

When Did You Last Look Up? An Early Christmas Tale

Damn that ambulance driver. I was snailing into town, silently seething, he was tearing out of town, siren screaming. The sound of the ambulance’s klaxon echoed off the tall Victorian Houses, amplifying the urgency. It sounded like the whole street was answering an emergency. Show More Summary

Foolproof tips for new moms who want to be healthy and strong

Any woman will tell you that nothing is as fulfilling as being a mother. Kids have a way of bringing out the best in us and that is why they are special. From the moment you hold your kid in your arms your world changes. You now are in charge of someone else safety and […] The post Foolproof tips for new moms who want to be healthy and strong appeared first on Goodlife Zen.

Don’t Trade Your Passion Just to Gain the World

Very few people, if you were to sit across from them over coffee, would proclaim that owning everything in the world is their greatest goal in life. Most people would answer quite differently. When you engage in heartfelt conversations and ask people what they want to accomplish in life, most speak of love, relationships, impact, […]

Basic Problem 1 No Energy Part 2 ignorance, confusion and conflict

  Boredom   Boredom is different to tiredness. When you are tired you know what you want to do – rest. When you are bored you aren’t sure what you want to do. You don’t have the energy to do any particular thing – but you do have some energy; those tapping fingers or feet, […]

Keeping the Season Joyful After Experiencing Personal Loss

Today a guest post from Lucille Rosetti.  Christmas is coming and this can be a difficult time for those who are grieving. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, but you hardly feel the same enthusiasm as you used to. When a loved one passes away, it’s hard to believe that you can ever truly feel […]

Bulldozer and Doormat - Pace Smith

More detail (including live roleplay examples!) about the bulldozer/doormat pattern, in which one person dominates (often subconsciously) and one person submits (often subconsciously). Pace runs the bulldozer pattern and Kyeli runs the doormat pattern. I’m bent on achieving a goal. I’ll build up some steam, then I’ll roll. But don’t be afraid; If I am […]

12 Gratitude Quotes That Made Me a Believer

It sounds very noble, doesn’t it? To practice Gratitude. It has that wonderful aura of something ancient and mystical. Like a magical sprite in a fairytale that flits hither and thither, turning darkness into light, pain to joy, sorrow to happiness. Show More Summary

Messing With Information in Short-Term Memory

Sometimes the world around you is busy. Other times, it is fairly stable. How does that stability affect what you remember from moment-to-moment?

How to Become a Bulletproof Public Speaker

Speaking in public.It's a scary idea, right?My point today is that everyone has the potential to become a bulletproof speaker, if...If you choose a particular mindset.More about that later.First, let me tell you about my experience with public speaking. Show More Summary

Let Go of What Was to Make Space for What Will Be

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui of A Life in Progress. We are afraid to let go for different reasons. For one daughter of mine, her eclectic collection of books helps inform her identity. My husband, on the other hand, grew up in poverty and fear of lack can compel him to gather […]

Fill in the Blank: “The Best Portion of a Good Man’s Life” Is His _______.

Wordsworth's reflections on this landscape remind me of my resolution to "Find an area of refuge" -- that is, to find a few phrases or memories or scenes that fill me with peace, or exaltation, or good humor.

Basic Problem 1 No Energy Part 1 nutrition and movement

This is the first in a series I’ll do on our basic problems. I’ve got about eight topics in mind, but things may change as I go along. So here’s what I think is our first pretty basic kind of problem: no energy or motivation. I think ‘no energy’ covers three different things. Choose which […]

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