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Fighting Halloween Temptation? Tap into the Power of the Four Tendencies.

Do you find Halloween a time of temptation, or can you enjoy it healthfully? If you find it difficult to resist the lure of all those delightful treats, what helps you stick to your healthy habits?

A Body In Motion…

…stays in motion,” Isaac Newton explains in his first law of motion. This is true of objects. It is also true of us. Recently, I received an email from a reader with this question: Did you know what your passion was when you started downsizing? What advice would you give to people that don’t know […]

If You Could Visit Your “Neverland,” What Shape Would It Take?

If you've never read the book Peter Pan, you really don't know the story. It's a deeply, deeply strange and powerful book.

What Does Growing up Really Mean?

“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” – Chili Davis Can you recall all the times in your life when someone asked you to behave yourself and followed that statement with a patronizing request to “just grow up”? The person...Show More Summary

Does Obliger-Rebellion Ever Take the Form of Physical Symptoms?

A thoughtful reader asked an interesting question on Twitter: "Does Obliger-rebellion ever manifest as physical symptoms with no apparent cause?" I believe that it absolutely might do so. First -- what is Obliger-rebellion? Obliger-rebellion occurs when Obligers meet, meet, meet, meet expectations, and then suddenly -- they snap. They say, "This, I will not do!" […]

Astonishing! More than One Million People Have Taken the Four Tendencies Quiz

It's thrilling to see that the quiz has now passed the ONE MILLION mark. Yes, one million people have taken this quiz! I'm staggered by that number. You can take the quiz here. Your results will give you your Tendency, along with...

Spiritual bypass - Pace Smith

A spiritual bypass is when you focus on only the internal work to the exclusion of an external problem that needs to be addressed. Here’s what it looks like. The Law of Three starts with fixation. The second point is the negation. The third transcends both, If it’s actual growth, But what if it’s minimization? […]

How to Discuss Important Things

  I’ve been at uni this year. It’s been a fairly mixed experience (though the down sides hardly rate as serious on a scale of suffering. Just the pettiness of bureaucrats, academics spouting contradictions (without realising) – that kind of thing.). I did a uni subject on aid programs. There were the usual academic articles […]

Why Experiences Are Better Than Things

I enjoy baseball and I like cheering for the hometown team. So my son and I decided to attend an evening of postseason baseball this week when the Arizona Diamondbacks hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers. If you follow baseball, you know the Diamondbacks lost the game… and the series… and their season ended that night. […]

How Exercising Play a Crucial Part in Kids Learning

Children need the chance to exercise and enjoy life. However, this has not been the case to numerous kids since parents are so much focused on ensuring that children spend all their time learning and other related activities. Whether...Show More Summary

A Visit to the Hospital Reminds Me of How Happy I Am to Be Healthy.

For many of us, health -- like money -- contributes to happiness mostly in the negative; the lack of it brings much more unhappiness than possessing it brings happiness. It’s very easy to take money or health for granted -- until it's gone.

What Is Work, and What Is Play — for You?

What is work for you, that might be play to someone else? And what is play for you, that might be work for someone else?

Mental Accounting and Self-Control

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Richard Thaler from the University of Chicago. His work explores strategies people use for making choices.

Odd Question: In Your Life, Has Any Tree Ever Been Especially Beautiful or Beloved?

In your life, has there been a tree that was particularly beautiful or beloved? In the house where I lived from fourth grade until college, I loved to gaze at the big tree in our front yard. It looked exactly the way a tree should l...

10 Strategies to Avoid Burnout Once and For All

The Sneaky Start to Burnout Tell me if you can relate to this and I’ll tell you if you need to worry about burnout. You’re successful, driven and smart. You’re a go-getter, an achiever with places to go and things to do. You’re full of ideas and ambitions and dreams. Show More Summary

What I Learned About Minimalism in Poland

Earlier this week, I spoke in Warsaw on the topic of minimalism. It was at a conference of 1,000 fathers from a number of European countries. But most men in attendance were from the host country, Poland. It was, as you might imagine, fascinating. On Friday evening, my wife and I attended a gala honoring […]

Is Actor Anna Kendrick an Upholder? After Reading Her Memoir, I Think So.

I'm starting to wonder if more Hollywood types are Upholders than we might assume. There's a lot of media spotlight on episodes of non-Upholder-type behavior, but when you think of the grinding persistence that's needed for success, I can imagine that being an Upholder might come in handy.

5 Reasons Why You Determine Your Own Happiness

“Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.” – Ralph Marston Let’s face it – everyone wants to be happy in life. But for many people, happiness is like a rainbow – captivating yet elusive. Show More Summary

Agree? “Defining Moments Defining moments Are What Make Our Lives Memorable and Meaningful.”

The book explains why certain brief experiences can elevate us, allow us to change, and stick in our memories -- and how we have the power to shape and create those extraordinary moments.

How Personality Changes in Teens

A new study explores how traits shift and stabilize over time.

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