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Understanding Hoarding: An Interview with Terrence Shulman

This past summer, I sat on a panel with Terrence Shulman discussing overshopping and consumerism on Huffington Post Live.  As is typically the case, we found time before and after the interview to chat and introduce ourselves. When Terrence told me he worked in the field of Compulsive Theft, Spending, and Hoarding, I knew I wanted […]

Important: Do Not Overfeed.

Last weekend, we had a lot of excitement. My nine-year-old daughter got a betta fish, which she named Esther. When we were talking to the clerk about how to care for the fish, she told us, “Be sure not to overfeed your fish. Just two pellets.” When we read the little instruction book that came with the bowl, it said, … ?

Secret of Adulthood: Flawed Can Be More Perfect Than Perfection.

Further Secrets of Adulthood:   Agree, disagree? If you’re interested in this idea, it also relates to the haunting Japanese concept of wabi-sabi–the beauty of “the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” I recalled this Secret of Adulthood when I was watching a ballet last year. Show More Summary

The Thinking and Doing Mindsets Affect What You See

At any given moment you can be focused on thinking about what is going on in the world around you or you can be motivated to act in the world. Psychologists have used different terms to describe these orientations, but I will call them the thinking mindset and the doing mindset. read more

how do you want to feel today

(you can read this poem yourself and you can also listen to me read it) every morning, my alarm goes off hey pace get out of bed hey pace shower hey pace pajamas hey pace Remembrance and then every morning, my most important alarm goes off it says “how do you want to feel today?” […]

How to Show Empathy: 4 Habits of Highly Empathic People

I cried when I heard the news about Robin Williams. Not once, not twice, but many many times. I was so sad at the loss his family and friends would feel, so sad for the rest of us to not be able to experience his genius again on the stage or on the big screen. […] The post How to Show Empathy: 4 Habits of Highly Empathic People appeared first on Prolific Living.

Revealed! Book Club Choices for October.

Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest: · one outstanding book about happiness or habits · one outstanding work of children’s or young-adult literature–I have a crazy passion for kidlit · one eccentric pick–a widely admired and excellent book that I love, yes, but one that may not appeal to everyone Shop at the … ?

One Important Pursuit to Find Greater Happiness

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” —Mandy Hale There are two pursuits common to humanity: the pursuit of self and the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of self comes quite natural for us. We don’t need to be reminded to pursue our […]

New! You Can Get All Five 21 Day Projects in One Bargain PDF.

I’ve been thrilled — and I must admit, astonished — by the popularity of my 21 Day Projects. I created these because, over the years, I kept hearing the same issues coming up again and again, as people talked about their happiness challenges. Show More Summary

How to Balance Me and Us Time

Nobody can put a price on ‘me time’ – whether you’ve had a stressful week at work or just want a moment to have a good think, we all need a little time out now and then. But when you’ve got a partner, this can be easier said than done, particularly if you’re in the [...]

“It Is Easy To Be Heavy: Hard To Be Light.”

“It is easy to be heavy: hard to be light.” –G. K. Chesterton, “The Eternal Revolution,” in The Everyman Chesterton Agree, disagree? This idea haunted me as I was writing The Happiness Project. It seemed relevant to everything.

Video: For Habits, the Strategy of Convenience.

I’m doing a video series in which I discuss the various strategies that we can use for habit-formation. Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness. If we have habits that work for us, we’re much more likely to be happy, healthy, productive, and creative. My forthcoming book, Better Than Before, describes the multiple … ?

WCML 036: Giving your heart away at the slightest provocation, with Susan Piver

A 4 and a car crash survivor, She’s also a great deep-sea diver. (I mean of the heart.) And that’s only part Of the beauty that is Susan Piver. Susan Piver is a Buddhist meditation teacher and a New York Times bestselling author of 7 books. She and I talk about the many, many paths(...)

The Stories We Don’t Tell

The stories we share with one another are important. They provide context and history. They connect us with the past and the people around us. They offer insight. They transfer wisdom. And they provide inspiration. The stories we choose to share as individuals and as a society are important to our development. But equally important […]

Want to Be Happy? 5 Powerful Ways Meditation Can Make It Happen

The power of the quiet mind, and how to get it. What if you could enhance and improve your life not by another new technique or tips you get from the media or books or online personal development blogs (including this one!) but rather...Show More Summary

Questioners, What Questions Do You Ask About Your Habits?

Every Wednesday is List Day, or Quiz Day, or Tip Day. I posted the other day about “Are you a people-pleaser?” This question is related to the  Four Tendencies framework, which I develop in Better Than Before, my book on habit change. (To hear when it goes on sale, sign up here.) A key piece of self-knowledge — which is … ?

“No One Wants to Admit They Were Tricked by the Size of a Scoop or the Shape of a Glass.”

Habits interview: Brian Wansink. I’ve been a big fan of behavioral scientist Brian Wansink for years. He does intensely interesting research on eating behavior and consumer habits, and his book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think was a resource for me as I was writing Better Than Before. For instance, he’s done a lot of research to … ?

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Do You Treat Yourself? Why You Should.

I offer free, signed bookplates to readers, and after I’ve signed them, my younger daughter helps me get the envelopes ready to mail. While we do this, we watch endless re-runs of the brilliant TV show, Parks and Recreation. (Before Parks and Rec, we watched The Office. What show should be next?) She’s thrilled, because if she helps me, she … ?

The Surprising Power of Apathy

One of the themes in this blog over the years is goal contagion, which is the idea that we often adopt the goals of the people around us. See someone helping others, and you suddenly want to be helpful. See someone being aggressive, and it makes you more likely to engage aggressively with others. What about apathy? read more

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