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How To Rediscover Your Enthusiasm For Life

Have you lost your enthusiasm for life? No sparkle? No pzazz? No bounce? Did you just wake up one morning and find yourself feeling flat? Or did you notice it slowly escaping day after day? Either way, its’ gone, leaving you feeling deflated. Show More Summary

From Chore to Understanding: A Gratitude Journal Actually Helped Me Find Self-Worth

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“How Does One Bring One’s Mind and Body Back Together? The Best Means Is ___”

In The Awakened Eye, Ross Parmenter writes, “How does one bring one’s mind and body back together? The best means is a vacation.” Hmmmm…I think there are many ways a person could answer the question, “How does one bring one’s mind and...Show More Summary

What Is Your Daily Grounding Practice?

Mindset Mastery Video #7: What is your daily grounding practice and why you might want to have one. Transcript What would you say if I asked you about your daily grounding practice? What does that mean to you? Let’s talk about what that...Show More Summary

A Little Happier: Never Have a Crush on Just One Person.

A friend in college told me something that I’ve never forgotten, “Never have a crush on just one person. With one crush, it matters too much what’s happening with your crush. With two crushes, if one crush isn’t going well, you think about the other crush.” I’ve found this to be excellent advice, in all sorts of non-crush situations. Show More Summary

Multi-Passionate. When You Refuse to Choose Just One.

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Helping Kids Overcome Envy

One common stumbling block for parents in the journey to simpler living is the notion that they need to protect their children from envy. They fear because their home will not be filled with all the latest and greatest products on the market, their children will become jealous of other kids. But our role as parents […]

Do You Feel that You’re Growing in Mastery as You Grow Older?

“From the age of six, I had a passion for copying the form of things and since the age of fifty I have published many drawings, yet of all I drew by my seventieth year there is nothing worth taking in to account. At seventy-three years I partly understood the structure of animals, birds, insects and fishes, and the life of grasses and plants. Show More Summary

Fun! My Book “The Happiness Project” Makes a Cameo in the HBO TV Show “Big Little Lies.”

Several thoughtful readers emailed me to let me know that they spotted my book The Happiness Project in the first episode of HBO’s new dark comedy-drama TV miniseries, Big Little Lies. So of course, my whole family watched the show this...Show More Summary

Revealed! Three Great Books for March: Siblings, Great Reading, and High Fantasy (with Honey).

Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest: — one outstanding book about happiness or habits — one outstanding work of children’s or young-adult literature–I have a crazy passion for kidlit — one eccentric...Show More Summary

Oops. Oh well. Turn around.

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How to Work Through Conflicted Feelings

“Patience is decisive indecision.” – James Richardson Ever since we were kids, we’ve been evaluating everything around us. It’s a hardwired human survival instinct that ensures that whatever we come across isn’t a threat to our safety. Show More Summary

“My Laptop Is My Friend and My Enemy.”

Interview: Alan Burdick. I’m fascinated by time, and our perception of time. Of everything I’ve ever written, I think this one-minute video, “The days are long, but the years are short,” is the thing that resonates most with people. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Alan Burdick’s new book, Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation. Show More Summary

How I Achieved Peace With My Depression.

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Podcast 106: Second Anniversary! Our Most Popular Try-This-at-Home Tips, Before-&-After Stories, and Favorite Moments.

It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin. It’s our second anniversary! Hard to believe. The days are long, but the years are short. As I mention, if you’d like to buy a cotton Happier t-shirt, in honor of our...Show More Summary

The Deeper Reason Why We Can’t Remember People’s Names

I’ve never been very good at remembering people’s names. Or at least, I’ve never been as good at remembering names as I would like to be. But I’m getting better—and I trace much of the change to a specific event that happened in my life many years ago. Now, I know there are tips and tricks […]

WCME 069: The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace, with Beatrice Chestnut (part 1 of 2) - Pace Smith

Bea’s gonna talk; you should heed her. And tell all your friends who are readers To pick up her new book, And give it a look, To find out the 9 types of leaders. Beatrice Chestnut gives us an overview of the 9 different leadership styles, and for each Enneagram type, 1 example of how […]

Three Morning Habits of Highly Productive People

You have a limited number of hours every day to do it all: complete your professional tasks, work on personal projects, spend time with those that matter to you. A quote that I remind myself of daily is: “How we spend our days is, of...Show More Summary

Pleasurable Activities Can Reduce Fear After Disasters

Although disasters are common (there are about 650 reported disasters a year), there is little research on how people deal psychologically with disasters they experience.

How to Find a Career You Love

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