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Podcast 118: Design Your Summer (Again), Start a Podcast Club — and Are You the Difficult One?

Update: Elizabeth’s new podcast with her writing partner Sarah Fain — Happier in Hollywood — has launched! Very exciting. Listen, rate, review, tell your friends, tune in tomorrow to listen to episode 2 for a discussion of bullet journals. Show More Summary

WCME 075: 12-Step Recovery Programs and the Enneagram, with Anne Geary - Pace Smith

12 Steps are a great way to heal; Anne Geary knows that, and now she’ll Share her discovery About how recovery And the Enneagram can congeal. The mysterious secretive history of Bill Wilson (the founder of 12 step programs) and Gurdjieff How the 12 steps fit in with the 3 centers of the Enneagram How […]

My Best Advice for Graduates: 12 Tips for A Happy Life

It’s graduation season. I’m particularly aware of this, because my daughter Eliza is graduating from high school in two weeks. The days are long, but the years are short. I’m trying to hold back the urge to follow her around the apartment giving her little bits of advice and wisdom. Show More Summary

Do Collisions Make Young Drivers Safer?

I have three kids, and over the years, I have seen each of them get a driver’s license and go out on their own. I worried when they took off in their cars.

How I Turned Getting Kicked in the Teeth By Life Into an Opportunity.

The post How I Turned Getting Kicked in the Teeth By Life Into an Opportunity. appeared first on Possibility of Change.

A Little Happier: A Tough Happiness Lesson from Hollywood’s Judd Apatow.

Ever since I read Sick in the Head: Conversations about Life and Comedy, by Hollywood producer, writer, director, and actor Judd Apatow (This is 40, Knocked Up, Freaks and Geeks, Girls, etc.), I’ve been haunted by this story. During the course of his interview with the legendary James L. Show More Summary

5 Signs You Need an Technology Detox

When I grew up, idle time was spent reading, playing baseball with my neighbors, or tracking mud into the house. My parents consciously and constantly encouraged me to “be outside” and not “sit there” in front of the TV. However, with the advent of smartphones and ever-present Internet access, I adapted. I purchased phones and computers, started websites […]

Agree, Disagree? “Nature Loves to Hide.”

“Nature loves to hide.” –Heraclitus, Fragments I’m not exactly sure what this line means, but I love it. It’s an elegant, thought-provoking, enigmatic observation. When I think about it in terms of “human nature,” I do agree.  I think...Show More Summary

Ta Da! The “Happier in Hollywood” Podcast Is Launched. Green Juice! Mantras! And That Horrible Call from Their Agent.

I’m so excited! Happier in Hollywood just launched — it’s the terrific new podcast that my sister Elizabeth Craft is doing with her longtime writing partner and friend, the brilliant and hilarious Sarah Fain. Today is my sister’s birthday,...Show More Summary

The Secret to a Healthy and Balanced Mind

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” –Lao Tzu Human history has shown us that long before the dawn of modern science, our ancestors knew the power of the human mind and its strong connection to the body and our overall wellbeing. Show More Summary

“Baristas at My Coffee Shop Know When I Have a Deadline: I Order the Chocolate-Chip Muffin for Breakfast!”

Interview: Andrea Petersen. Andrea Petersen is a news editor and feature writer for the Wall Street Journal — she writes about everything from science to health to aging to family. I know Andrea because we’re in a non-fiction writers’ group together. Show More Summary

WCML 125: Remove limitations by snapping your fingers and become unstuck by talking - Pace Smith

If your mom turned you into a coward, Then maybe it’s high time you flowered. If that pattern still lingers, Then just snap your fingers, And BOOM! You become more empowered. Remove externally-imposed limitations just by snapping your fingers (yes, this is as awesome as it sounds and is not at all bogus) Get unstuck […]

How Much Exercise Do You Need To Have A Healthy Heart?

During your life, a healthy heart will beat around 2 billion times – amazing, right? But if you’re not careful enough, things like chronic heart disease or a sudden heart attack can cut that number short. All of us are at risk, but do...Show More Summary

How to Reset Your Emotional Thermostat for a Happier Life

What is your habitual emotion? Do you most often feel gloomy and flat, or chirpy and enthusiastic? Neurobiological scientists say that how we feel habitually is regulated by our emotional thermostat. This thermostat is the emotional set point around which our daily mood swings. Show More Summary

Podcast 117: Are You a “Revealer” or a “Concealer,” Write a Haiku, and How Introverted Parents Can Manage an Extroverted Child.

Update: Elizabeth’s new podcast Happier in Hollywood launches tomorrow, May 18! In the first episode, Liz (yes, she’s “Liz” on that show) and Sarah pick a new work mantra and talk to their agent about one of the worst calls he ever had to make to them. Show More Summary

The Symbolism of a Panic Attack

The post The Symbolism of a Panic Attack appeared first on Possibility of Change.

Struggling to Get Something Done? Set Up Outer Accountability (Especially if You’re an Obliger!)

Have I mentioned that I’ve created a personality framework called the “Four Tendencies?” Oh right, I think I have. Well, if you don’t know about this framework, which divides all of humanity into four categories — Upholder, Questioner,...Show More Summary

A Little Happier: Sometimes, the Best Solution Is To Do Nothing at All.

My mother made this observation about an air-conditioner vent, but I’ve found that it’s widely applicable: Sometimes, the best solution is to do nothing at all. In the photo, you can see the vent. What do you think — were we right not...Show More Summary

Why Do People Still Think Pluto Is a Planet?

When I was growing up, the list of planets in our solar system included a small planet far from the Sun called Pluto. Then, things changed.

Five Better Ways to Measure Your Life

Note: This is a guest post from Lisa Avellan of Simple and Soul.  This world is obsessed with measuring up. Research shows we are exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day—and hidden inside each of those ads is a mistruth: “You don’t measure up until you buy our product.” Ad agencies are good. Real good. […]

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