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The New Duplex Floor Plan

If you saw our before & after post about the beach duplex demo, then you know we’ve got some big plans for the duplex’s floor plan. We want to make the most of the given space – and we’re even adding on a smidge more – so it can sleep more people, offer more bathrooms, and generally improve the feeling of being in this cool old house. Show More Summary

#89: A Year Without Shopping

Could you put your wallet on lockdown for 365 days? Sherry shared the story of a woman who did, including why she took on the challenge, the few exceptions she allowed to make it possible, and how it’s inspiring us to adjust our spending… and maybe even try out a ban of our own. Show More Summary

Updated Beach House Tour!

Although we’ve been sharing lots of little peeks of our beach house progress on social media, John and I realized it has been nearly THREE WHOLE MONTHS since we gave you a full tour of everything (since this video tour from back in December!). Show More Summary

#88: Whatever Happened To Privacy In The Bathroom?

Doorless bathrooms? Toilets behind glass walls? Showers and tubs just sitting in the corner of the bedroom? These “open concept” bathroom trends seem to be showing up more often, and they’re alarming to some and exciting to others. So...Show More Summary

Brainstorming The Beach House Backsplash

With most of our functional building projects done at the beach house done – like the walk in pantry and the freshly constructed bunk beds (remember when we almost had to tear those down right after we built them?) – we’re starting to turn our attention to some of the big aesthetic projects that are still on our list. Show More Summary

#87: Lessons From The Messiest Homes In America

It’s never fun to get a call saying that you have to tear down something that you just SPENT AN ENTIRE WEEKEND CONSTRUCTING, but that’s exactly what happened with our beach house bunk beds. So this week we’re sharing what went down behind the scenes, and what we did to get around it. Show More Summary

Is My Mid Century Modern Desk An Homage or a Cheap Knock Off?

I designed and built a beautiful desk, but should I share the files? Read more on MAKE The post Is My Mid Century Modern Desk An Homage or a Cheap Knock Off? appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

A Duplex Demo Tour (Before & After Pics + A Video!)

We finally got there guys – and not without a few notable setbacks. But that might be why it feels extra good to finally say: the duplex is officially demo’d! And today we’re going to show you around (in photos and even on video) and share some of our plans for this beast. Show More Summary

#86: How Our Life Together Almost Didn’t Happen

We’re getting personal this week, and sharing some early setbacks and hard choices that almost steered our lives in a totally different direction – no houses, no blog, even no marriage! We also dive into how some failed attempts at making over a certain area of our home led to us giving up and calling in the pros. Show More Summary

How We Made Built-In Bunk Beds At The Beach House

The built-in bunk beds at the beach house are complete (!!) and I’m excited to share with you guys how we created them. Although, it should be noted that my excitement pales in comparison to our kids’ when they saw the much-talked-about bunks finally become a reality. Show More Summary

#85: What We Got Wrong In Our Beach House Kitchen

This week I’m fessing up to a design choice that I insisted we make in our beach house kitchen, but now realize was – shall we say – misguided? Thankfully it’s not too hard to undo, so we’re explaining our change of heart, and what we’re doing to fix it. Show More Summary

10 Home Items We’ve Had For 10 Years… Or More!

A few weeks ago, when we shared our son’s new “big boy room” not only were we feeling sentimental about no longer having a crib in our house, we noticed that we had some sentimental feelings for the daybed that we brought into his room. Show More Summary

#84: Things We Can’t Agree On Lately

We don’t always see eye-to-eye on our projects and decorating decisions. In fact, we’re stuck in the midst of some pretty “active” home arguments right now. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing everything we love about eachShow More Summary

Our New Source For Making Family Photo Books

Ever since MyPublisher shut down last year, one of the most frequent questions we’ve been getting is “who are you going to use to make your family photo book now??” For months and months, we had no good answer because we only print these...Show More Summary

#83: The Loophole We Found In Our Duplex Delay

We’ve encountered a few frustrating setbacks with our beach duplex renovation, but thanks to a small technicality we were finally able to charge ahead and start demolition. Gotta love a loophole! So we’re sharing our work-around, and the surprising thing that was discovered during demo. Show More Summary

Light Up Your Child’s Room with this Laser Cut Box

The letters on this laser cut box are softly illuminated, painting the walls of a room with the shadows of the ABCs. Read more on MAKE The post Light Up Your Child’s Room with this Laser Cut Box appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Houston, We Have A Big Boy Bedroom (Buh-Bye Crib!)

Our little man’s room is looking a little different these days, thanks to finally being done with the crib (our kids love a crib) and making a few other tweaks to the space while we were at it. He’ll be four this April, and he finally decided he was done with the crib earlier in January, which was bittersweet. Show More Summary

Repairing Cheap Furniture With Simple Tools

you don't always need fancy tools Read more on MAKE The post Repairing Cheap Furniture With Simple Tools appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

#82: What It’s Really Like To Live In A Tiny House

If you’ve ever had dreams (or maybe nightmares?) of living in a tiny house, you’re not alone. Lots of people have lots of different feelings about them. So we called up a couple who have lived in an 188 square foot space for over two...Show More Summary

How To Create A TV Gallery Wall

Some say gallery walls are trending out in favor of larger scale art. Maybe. It makes sense that gallery walls on every wall (especially the ones with a ton of tiny frames) might feel a little less “new and fresh” these days. But I’d argue that a collection of frames hung together on the wall feels pretty classic if you stop and think about it. Show More Summary

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