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#33: In Pursuit Of Buying Less & Doing More

On this week’s podcast, we hear what it’s really like to downsize thanks to Dana and Steve Miller from the blog HouseTweaking, who moved to a smaller home – while their family was getting bigger, no less! – and opened up about how it helped them achieve their financial and family goals (but isn’t always all roses). Show More Summary

How To Make Long Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Long ago we promised more details about how we made the reclaimed wood shelves that we hung as part of our big kitchen remodel, so we’re finally back with every last measurement, stain method, and hanging tip. We hadn’t originally planned...Show More Summary

#32: The Stuff In Our House We Don’t Show You

It’s official: Episode #32 of Young House Love Has A Podcast is officially here, and these are the official show notes. On this week’s episode a listener asked about the strange habits or odd things you might uncover in our house, and...Show More Summary

How We Picked Our Beach House Color

Picking paint isn’t always easy, and boy did we have a hard time deciding on a beach house color. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you probably saw us share a bunch of photoshopped options a few weeks ago that flashed by, slideshow-style,...Show More Summary

Beach House Style Inspiration

We’re nothing if not house optimists, so even as our our beach house comes apart (literally, we have mold and termite damage and bad wiring and no HVAC and a failing foundation and pretty much all of the other not-ideal things that necessitate...Show More Summary

2016 Rewind: Our Favorite Makeovers & Projects Of The Year

2016 was an interesting year, to say the least. Between starting a podcast, buying a beach house, creating a coloring book, and taking on various projects around here and beyond, well, there were lots of firsts. So we thought we’d end 2016 with a quick recap of the year’s highlights. Show More Summary

SEO Meta Tags Best Practices Guide 2017

What are Meta Tags? Meta tags are a great way for Webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites. (They) can be used to provide information to all sorts of clients, and each system processes only the meta tags they understand and ignores the rest. Show More Summary

Easy and Enchanting LED Fairy Globes

Turn clear Christmas ornaments into magical fairy globes. Read more on MAKE The post Easy and Enchanting LED Fairy Globes appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

The Complete Google Penguin Recovery Guide

Penguin is a series of Google algorithmic approaches launched in order to improve the quality of search results by discounting the value of certain manipulative link building practices employed by marketing vendors in order to improve their visibility in Google and other major search engines. Show More Summary

Best practises for writing page titles for a home impovement business

The title tag has been — and probably will always be — one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings The page title describes the content found on the page. It displays across the top of major browsers and is the text that displays in bookmarks. Show More Summary

How do search engines judge the value of a link?

External links: What others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. External links carry more weight than internal pages links. Anchor text: It is the biggest factor in ranking equation. Exact match anchor text...Show More Summary

Why is keyphrase analysis important for my home improvement business?

What is key phrase analysis Key phrase analysis is a very important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) as it is core to successful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for contractors and home improvement businesses. Identifying the...Show More Summary

Best Kitchen Faucets under $200 and How to choose the best one.

What are the best kitchen faucets? Looking for the best kitchen faucets for your home? If you’re looking for kitchen faucet under $200 reviews, you have the right place! The kitchen is that the fashionable social network of each home. Show More Summary

Two Ways To Make Ornaments With Kid Art

You know we like to make ornaments (there’s a nice collection of others that we’ve whipped up over the years at the end of this post) so we’re just dropping by to share the ones we made this year. You know, for any other jonesing-to-eat-all-the-cookies-and-make-all-the-ornaments folks out there. Show More Summary

Why a home Improvement blog is a great way to generate more leads

A home improvement blog should be one of the first strategies to be considered to increase your business’s online visibility. Your home improvement business can generate more traffic from the search engines by creating an SEO optimised blog that offers useful information to your prospects. Show More Summary

How to deal with damp in your house

Damp can cause all sorts of problems in the home, from the health risks associated with mould and mites, to structural damage caused by weakening walls and ceilings. While the results can be devastating if left for long periods of time, it’s possible to prevent most sources of damp from entering your home. Show More Summary

Fun with Christmas Lights

10 projects for getting the most out of your holiday lights. Read more on MAKE The post Fun with Christmas Lights appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

How To Make A Little Christmas Village

You guys know I like ceramic things. And miniature anything is 100% cuter than something that’s normal-sized (little sliders vs cheeseburgers for example). So it was only a matter of time before this happened. Let’s make a little Christmas...Show More Summary

Energy Saving Resource Guide

There are a lot of misperceptions about the best ways to save energy. As more and more building owners, homeowners and renters are looking to make their households more energy efficient, it is becoming more important to get quality information into the hands of the people doing the work. Show More Summary

Holiday House Tour 2016

If we’re in the car driving around at night and we see a house or a yard all decorated with Christmas lights, there’s one guarantee, and that is that a tiny 2 year old voice will shout “It’s Christmastime!” from the back seat. Yup, it’s hilarious. Show More Summary

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