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A Tour Of Our New Beach Duplex!

If you haven’t already heard the news: we’re doubling down in the beach house department. And I mean the “double” part quite literally because we lost our minds and bought a DUPLEX! If you caught our podcast yesterday, you already know the whys, hows, and wheres of this story. Show More Summary

#64: You’ll Never Believe What We Did… Again

We’ve got some big news this week that you probably didn’t see coming (also: we might be crazy). Plus we share how we were able to pay off our mortgage (!!) and how the groundwork we laid over a decade ago in our first house made it all possible. Show More Summary

Living Simply: Our Go-To Household Cleaners And Personal Care Products

Since sharing this round-up back in 2009 and an one from 2012, we’ve been getting quite a few requests for an updated breakdown of the household cleaners and personal care products we’re using to keep our home (and bodies!) clean these days. Show More Summary

#63: Let’s Talk About Money & How To Spend It Smarter

Who wouldn’t want more money in the ol’ bank account? So we picked a money expert’s brain for the most common places he finds his clients overspending, and for his best tips on making (and sticking to!) an easy household budget – which is definitely the key to saving more each month. Show More Summary

3D Print This Blooming Flower Night Light

Jason Suter was assigned the simple task of making a night light for his soon-to-be-born baby girl’s room and, as is his norm, he got a bit carried away. Read more on MAKE The post 3D Print This Blooming Flower Night Light appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Labor Day Furniture & Home Decor Sales!

I’m doing that thing where I tell myself I’m writing a post to help you guys find all the best deals but really I’m adding a million things to my own cart and whispering “I should just click buy because everything is such a good deal...Show More Summary

#62: What The New Owners Changed In Our Old Houses

Watching your former homes get altered by their new owners can be tough, and we witnessed a couple of changes that bothered us more than we expected. So this week we’re sharing how we got over those feelings and how to find the silver lining in seeing someone undo your designs. Show More Summary

HOLY THINSET, BATMAN! The Beach House Bathrooms Are Tiled!

We had another progress-filled week at the beach house thanks to clocking over 40 hours of tiling across four days to finally finish all of the tile (well, almost all of the tile). Just like last week’s super-sized post on trim, doors,...Show More Summary

#61: How To Conquer Paper Clutter (Once And For All!)

When it comes to paper clutter around the house, the struggle is real. Where does it come from? Is it in the rabbit family, because HOW IS IT MULTIPLYING?! We get it. And this week we’re sharing exactly how we keep it at bay (and exactly where we put everything, from receipts and school papers to bills, party invitations, and coupons). Show More Summary

Beach House Progress: Original Trim, Doors, And Lots of New Tile!

Compared to the last nine months of gradual progress on our beach house, it feels like things are moving at breakneck speed lately. So this post is one big smorgasbord of updates (but the good kind of smorgasbord, with exotic cheeses and chocolate fondue). Show More Summary

Build an LED Broom to Light Up Life’s Dark Corners

I realized I wanted a lighted broom for cleaning up in my office a few weeks back, but was surprised to find none available for sale. So I built my own by hacking an LED worklight into my favorite angle broom. Here's how I did it. Read more on MAKE The post Build an LED Broom to Light Up Life’s Dark Corners appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

#60: Game-Changing Organization Tips From The Pros

We’ve been on an organizing bender lately, so we called up pro organizers to the stars (yes, they’ve done Gwyneth Paltrow’s pantry!) and Target’s new home organizing experts: The Home Edit. Clea and Joanna explain how people are sabotaging...Show More Summary

TV Point Installation Cost – TV Aerial Socket Installation Advice

If you already have an aerial tv installed and you want to watch tv in another room then you will need another aerial socket or aerial point installed. Find out how much does it cost to install tv aerial points or sockets in this guide. Show More Summary

How To Install An Irrigation System (But Why You Maybe Shouldn’t Do It)

Welp, I’ve found it guys – the DIY project I most regret undertaking: installing an irrigation system in our yard. Don’t be fooled by my friendly wave below. Why? The short answer is that it was much more exhausting and took much longer than I expected. Show More Summary

#59: The Renovation Rollercoaster That Brought Sherry to Tears

It’s been a busy few weeks on our beach house renovation and they’ve been… well… less than smooth, to say the least. So this week we’re taking you through the saga of three setbacks that happened pretty much back to back (including a missed deadline, having no water line to our house, and a surprise medical complication). Show More Summary

Kids Room Ideas From The Cutest Kids Bookstore Ever (Really, It’s AMAZING)

When we were visiting the Bowers this weekend, we shared some fleeting photos of a super adorable kids bookstore on Instagram stories. Then we got a barrage of messages and comments to the tune of: PLEASE DO A POST ABOUT THIS STORE SO...Show More Summary

#58: Why We Stopped Sharing Our Kids On The Internet

When does sharing things about your kids online become oversharing? And how do older kids who have grown up on their parents’ blogs and social media feeds feel about having their childhoods posted for public consumption? You’ve probably...Show More Summary

The Beach House Has Drywall And It’s Glorious

This has been a LOOOOOONG TIME COMING, and we couldn’t be more excited: our beach house has walls again! When we first “met” our house the original crumbling plaster was full of mold and termite damage, so it has taken over eight solid...Show More Summary

#57: The Home Design Choices That Drive Us Crazy

Decorating is incredibly subjective, and everyone has design choices they LOVE and other things that make them feel… I don’t know… twitchy? Sad? Hangry? So we’re sharing what we’re neurotic about avoiding in our own home: like a certain way of arranging furniture and a specific color combo. Show More Summary

A Little Wooden Playhouse In The Woods

Yup, we’re following the blogger trend that seems to be sweeping the internets: our kiddos officially have a playhouse. It was actually a gift from my mom for their joint birthdays back in the spring (yes, our 7-year-old and 3-year-old both agreed on precisely one thing, and it was that they wanted a little outdoor house to call their own). Show More Summary

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