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Beach House Progress: The Outside Is (Almost) Done & The Inside’s Just Getting Good

Slowly but surely we’re making headway on the beach house. In fact, in the next few weeks we’re going to see BIG progress as the house gets all new electrical, plumbing, and a fully functioning HVAC system (just in time for those sweltering beach days). Show More Summary

#45: Why We Got Rid Of Half The Toys In Our House

We had an “a-ha” moment while we were away on spring break, which led to a HUGE whole-house purge (including lots and lots of toys) and a ridiculously surprising reaction from our kids. So this week we talk about what inspired the change, and how it has shaped our outlook moving forward. Show More Summary

The different types of conservatories & their advantages

Is your home starting to feel a bit cramped? Instead of moving to a bigger property, why not consider installing a conservatory? Advantages of installing a conservatory A conservatory will increase the size of your home. This is great...Show More Summary

4 Tips for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Bored of your kitchen? One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give your kitchen a new look is by painting old kitchen cabinets. You can easily do the job yourself, with the right equipment, enough time and a steady hand. However if DIY is your nightmare, you could always contact a local painter to do the job for you. Show More Summary

Stuff In Our House That’s On Sale Right Now

There were TONS of sales this weekend – in fact nearly everything in our house that’s still being sold was majorly marked down. And I thought “it’d be awesome if I could get my act together and alert anyone who’s been hankering for something...Show More Summary

Improve Your Home Garden Converting it into a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own garden at home can be fun, and its also pretty easy if you follow a few simple rules and guidelines. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables, flowers, and even trees. The secret to improving and cultivating your own home garden is to know which zone you live in and what types of plants grow best there. Show More Summary

An Easy & Sweet Easter Egg Tree

Easter isn’t typically one of those decorate-every-surface-of-the-house holidays for me. I own exactly one white ceramic bunny who stays outside year-round for “whimsy-factor” (read: I’m too lazy to move him). But last year I made my first Easter tree and I’ve been inordinately excited about breaking it out again ever since. Show More Summary

#44: Are Open Floor Plans Over?

This week we’re sounding off on an article that says open floor plans should be a thing of the past. We’ve been known to knock down walls and widen doorways to add a more expansive feeling and better flow in all three of our homes, but there are undeniable reasons why it may NOT always be the right call. Show More Summary

Fencing Installation – Different Types and Materials

A fence is both the border and the face of your property – therefore fencing installation should be planned carefully. Whether you want an ornamental fence, a wooden picket fence for the front of your property, or a less visible chain link fence for the back garden – it’s important to have it professionally installed. Show More Summary

Using OpenDesk.CC to Create CNC Furniture

Looking to add some more furniture to your house? The web site has downloadable plans for desks, tables, and chairs. Read more on MAKE The post Using OpenDesk.CC to Create CNC Furniture appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

That Time Our Beach House Photobombed HGTV

Despite not even being close to finished, our beach house made its television debut on HGTV this past Sunday night! See it there on the right side of the screen? Our rotten siding basically worked its way into a solid 5% of the episode. Show More Summary

#43: A Surprise Birthday Adventure & YAY, COLOR!

One of the hardest things to master at home is mixing color and pattern (which can look CRAZY or yawn if you go about it without much direction). So we turned to someone who’s great at it for advice: Cassie from Hi Sugarplum. We loved...Show More Summary

Our Most Recent Project Is Gonna Knock Your You-Know-Whats Off!

The last year or so has felt a bit like a smorgasbord of side projects – a coloring book, a teacher’s lounge makeover, a podcast, new lighting designs, and a big ol’ beach house renovation. But behind the scenes, we Petersiks have had one more thing in the works for a while. Show More Summary

Easy Makeover: Taking A Neutral Living Room From Plain To Polished

I love a baller room makeover as much as the next person (Lisa Vanderpump’s closet? I could stare at it for HOURS), but scrapping all of your existing stuff and completely overhauling every nook and cranny of your room isn’t always realistic, especially if you don’t have a Housewives-sized budget. Show More Summary

Save Energy at Home: Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Kids!

Many concerned scientists warn that the overuse of energy gradually releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, which destroys everything in our environment that depends on clean air. People – kids included — need to exercise caution when they consume energy. Show More Summary

#42: How We Budget For Big Projects Without Going Broke

As we find ourselves in the midst of our biggest and most pocket-draining project ever, on this week’s episode we’re sharing our system for planning and managing our spending during any large scale upgrade or renovation (plus we divulge a few money-saving tips along the way). Show More Summary

Window Repair Tips for Different Types of Windows and Glazing

If you can spot cracked windows, scratches or broken and rotten window frames then you may need to undergo a spot of window repair work. These are all problems that would benefit greatly from the services of a professional tradesman or window repair company, rather than a keen DIY-er. Show More Summary

Keeping Your Autistic Kids Safe at Home

Most parents place their children’s safety as a top priority as a rule. But for parents of autistic kids, the reality is that it can be even more difficult to keep your children safe from themselves and others simply because of the nature of their disorder. Show More Summary

10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism at Home

Craft activities are fun for everyone, but for children on the autism spectrum, the opportunity to explore color, shape, and sensory experiences can stimulate attention, foster calm, and create loads of fun! Here are 10 activities that teachers and parents love to do with their special needs children. Show More Summary

A Kid’s Guide to Being More Energy Efficient

Energy exists all around us. Kids and grownups get energy from food. Once food converts to energy in the body it gives them the strength and resources to go to school or work, and to use their brains and bodies to get things done. Another kind of energy comes from other sources so that people have electricity, can drive cars, trains and automobiles. Show More Summary

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