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Kitchen Remodel Chapter #3: The Big Reveal

Want a full tour of our newly renovated kitchen in 4,390 words or less? Well settle in and sip some LaCroix, because this is the post for you. Shall we begin with a few before and afters? You probably remember this view from our living room where you couldn’t actually see the kitchen. Show More Summary

Best Clothes Steamer Reviews (Buying Guide)

Nothing is nicer than making your way to work in a set of freshly ironed clothes. These days, with the daily hustle and bustle, it’s tough to set aside time to iron out the shirts and dresses you or your family may need. That being said,...Show More Summary

Kitchen Remodel Chapter #2: Gutting & Rebuilding

Hopefully, by now you heard that we redid our kitchen. We shared how we landed on a completely new layout last week. But moving things around on paper is one thing, so today we’re taking you through how things happened in real life – including how a certain wall came down to get that open view into our living room. Show More Summary

Installing a pet door : Why Install a pet door?

A pet door can seem like a small and insignificant home improvement that many home-owners don’t always bother with – after all, you can let a pet outside by just opening an ordinary door, right? Well, that’s true up to a point, but there...Show More Summary

Kitchen Reno Chapter #1: A Totally New Layout

As many of you have already heard (either on our podcast or via the pic below that we posted on Instagram), we’ve renovated our kitchen in what turned out to be the biggest, most comprehensive renovation project that we’ve ever undertaken. Show More Summary

Floor Screeding Prices – What is the cost of floor screeding ?

During any kind of home refurbishment or development, one of the most important stages of laying a new floor is the application of appropriate floor screeding. Screed is a mixture of sand, water, cement and other sand-based aggregates...Show More Summary

Most common boiler problems – Boiler faults diagnosed

Below is a list of the most common problems that your boiler  may encounter. Remember boiler troubleshooting can be tricky and sometimes dodgy work so if at any point you doubt your ability; it is definitely worth hiring an engineer as safety must remain paramount. Show More Summary

GE Lights for Life Challenge Winners Announced at Maker Faire

The average home has 45 lightbulbs. How will tomorrow's smart home use lightbulbs? We partnered with GE and Hackster to ask the maker community for their ideas. Read more on MAKE The post GE Lights for Life Challenge Winners Announced at Maker Faire appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

Make storage easier with Integrated Cupboards and Wardrobes

There’s plenty of reasons why moving home makes no financial sense – even if you have a large and expanding family. With house prices still on the rise and kids comfortable in their current school, it’s difficult to make that kind of decision. Show More Summary

How To Get Cheap Wooden Windows and Frames

While it’s true that wooden windows look neater and more refined than your typical white, plastic uPVC units, there’s no getting round the fact that you have to pay a lot more for that distinct aesthetic appeal – and sometimes the right wood, grain, or frame is just beyond your budget. Show More Summary

The benefits of patio covers – Add value to your home!

Whether you fancy an outdoor breakfast space, a luxurious open-plan dining area or simply a spot for those summer BBQ’s, home patio covers are a great investment. Unfortunately for UK residents though, frequent rainfall can keep youShow More Summary

Design Tips for Small Gardens

Let’s start at the very beginning According to the BBC, the average British garden is 90 square metres but many are a lot smaller and require a more compact design to take full advantage of your outdoor space. Before going full steam ahead with your garden project, first decide what you want from your garden. Show More Summary

A Large House Plant That’s Easier Than A Fiddle Leaf Fig

Big leafy house plants. If they’re large and healthy looking they can make the room and we’ve all seen the glossy magazine shots to prove it. They can also ruin your day if you pay a lot for one that later croaks, leaving you feeling...Show More Summary

A guide to laying new pipes and plumbing

This guide will look at some of the things to consider when laying new pipes or plumbing. Is laying new pipes or plumbing something I can do myself? Depending on the size of the project, you may be able to save a lot of money by doing...Show More Summary

Fixing roof leaks: How to deal with leaking roof

Keeping your roof in good shape at all times is very important as failure to do so can result in many consequences. In particular, your roof may start leaking. Roof leakages are associated with their own problems which they beset on household property and the ceiling. Show More Summary

Installing A Floating Floor: Fitting Advice & Benefits

Installing floating floor can be a cheap and easy way to redecorate a room in your home – but how does it compare to an ordinary concrete or hardwood floor? And is floating floor installation worth it? What is a Floating Floor? A floating...Show More Summary

Winter Decking Maintenance Tips

As autumn sets in, many homeowners will be preparing their garden for the winter months; giving hedges a final trim and flower beds a last weed before the frosts set in.  One section of the garden that many people often overlook at this...Show More Summary

10 Great Room Conversion Ideas

Having a spare room to hand when you move into a new home always seems like a good idea, especially if it is within your budget and an organic part of the perfect property you have just stumbled across. But how do you make the most of...Show More Summary

Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

If you take a look around your home there’s a good chance you’ll find gadgets in almost every room of the house. From recreational gadgets such as televisions and games consoles to incredibly useful ones such as dehumidifiers and vacuum cleaners, our homes are immersed in technologies which enhance the space we live in. Show More Summary

Pest control services Hull – Deal with ant infestations for good!

Pest removal hull – Hire an exterminator in Hull to help you Ants may not be the worst pests that can invade your home, but still they’re not suitable for pets. These little creatures can be truly annoying but luckily there pest control services Hull can help you deal with an ant infestation. Show More Summary

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