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Sleep Tight: A Tiny 345-Square-Foot Paris Studio With a Genius Bedroom Solution

One of the chief difficulties of small-space living is figuring out where to put all your stuff. And one of the chief difficulties of studio living is, how do you set up the bed so that you don't feel like you're sleeping in the middle of the living room? This 345-square-foot Paris studio has a very clever, and very elegant, solution to both of those problems. READ MORE »

4 Smart Tricks for Better-Smelling Garbage Cans — Kitchn

(Image credit: Minette Hand) From Kitchn ? 4 Smart Tricks for Better-Smelling Garbage READ MORE »

GIF Magic: RED Hot Color Edition

I admit I read this post with a slight eyeroll at first. I mean, red as the new "trending" color? THE red color that has been a part of human interiors for, like, ever? But then I looked around my interiors — and save for a few books spines and a couple of splashes in a rug — I have no red in my apartment. Show More Summary

When ?Procrastination is Good: Putting Things Off Can Pay Off

Whether you're putting off a report you have to write, stalling on a phone call you dread, or you just can't bring yourself to tackle that cleaning task you hate, procrastination plagues us all. Being in the clutches of procrastination often causes us to moan and groan and sheepishly admit it when we're caught. But procrastination does in fact have a bright side. READ MORE »

Curious About Casper Mattresses? Now You Can Try Them Out IRL at Target

Just when you thought going to the mattresses had gone to the mattresses, Casper and Target announced they're teaming up to completely own the bed-in-a-box industry. READ MORE »

A Journalist's Instagram-Famous Home in Buenos Aires — House Tour

Name: Carina, her husband, and their daughters Isabel and Francisca Location: Nordelta — Buenos Aires, Argentina Size: 2580 square feet Years lived in: 6 years, owned Carina and her family moved in to this house they built in the suburbs just one month before giving birth to their youngest daughter. Show More Summary

A Bright and Bubbly UK Victorian Embraces Pastels — House Call

Name: Kelly, her husband, their 4 children and 2 dogs Location: Lancashire, United Kingdom The basics: 10 1/2 years, owned | 2,000 square feet Kelly's home is full of cheery pink, upcycled finds and DIY projects big and small. Kelly and her husband Derrick have been able to adjust their home to their growing family without much outside help. READ MORE »

Why You Should Take a Day Off This Week

Say you woke up with flu symptoms this morning—fever, aches, a bad case of the sniffles and a cough that won't quit. Would you call out sick from work so you could have a day to rest and help yourself feel better? READ MORE »

FRAKTA Air Jordans Exist & You Can Own Them for $1500

The FRAKTA mashups keep coming. We were just alerted to the latest way you can wear IKEA's iconic bag, and that's on your feet. The Shoe Surgeon has taken the 99 cent tote and turned them into another icon, Air Jordans. READ MORE »

12 Budget-Friendly Outdoor Rugs (Pretty Enough to Use Indoors) — Annual Guide 2017

There's nothing like a rug to really tie a room together—and that's equally as true for outdoor spaces as it is for indoor ones. No matter the size of your space, an outdoor rug is just the thing to take your patio or balcony from "this looks okay I guess" to "this is a place I'd really like to be". Show More Summary

In Praise of the Little Black Sink

(Image credit: Amber Interior Design) Though it has gone "in" and "out" of style, the white porcelain or enamel farmhouse sink is really a classic element of kitchen design. Sure, it's roomy and it really does work with a wide variety of styles. But sometimes, you want something a bit more dramatic in your kitchen. READ MORE »

Monday on Marketplace: Everything and Anything in a Basket — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Want a dose of farmhouse chic or bohemian living in your home? It's as simple as adding a basket. Whether it's made of rattan, seagrass, fabric or wire, baskets add a bit of history and warmth to a space. I've pulled together a small list of favorites but there are plenty more for sale on Apartment Therapy Marketplace. Show More Summary

10 Smart Ways to Organize and Store Your Spices

(Image credit: Gneiss Spice/Etsy) Familiar with the struggle of trying to find the cinnamon or the garlic powder among more than a dozen other spices in varying-sized containers with no organizational system? It's time for a change,Show More Summary

It's Victoria Day So Let's Look at Some Gorgeous Victorians For Sale

House Tour: Chris & Roger's Vivacious 160-Year-Old Victorian (Image credit: Chris Stout-Hazard) In Bizarro America — where everyday life is fairly similar, except the road signs are in kilometers, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, and the elected leader looks more like a movie star than a reality TV host — today is Victoria Day. Show More Summary

A Tiny Houseboat-Inspired Mini Modern Cottage Remodel — House Tour

Name: Zoe Peters Location: Mill Valley — California Size: 231 square feet Years lived in: 3.5 years Nestled under trees on the far edge of family property in Mill Valley is a charming cottage Zoe calls home. Near Mount Tamalpais, it's the perfect home base for a nature lover. Show More Summary

50 Unique Floor Lamps That Definitely Deserve The Spotlight

Floor lamps occupy a special place in every designer’s heart – stylish lighting is part decor and part utility, able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they’re not in use. We’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite floor lamp designs, ranging from practical choices for purpose-driven spaces all the […]

These Towels Are the Best Thing I Ever Bought From Costco

(Image credit: Costco) I'm a loyal Costco-er. When my fiancé and I moved in together two years ago, the first thing we did, after setting up our internet/cable services (priorities, people) was head on over to the super big box store and get ourselves a membership. Show More Summary

Before & After: Adding On and Leveling Up For a Gorgeous New Kitchen

Penelope and Michael's outdated kitchen needed a boost. Well, not just a boost. A whole new extension and then a boost. After paying the high price of living through a kitchen reno with a toddler, they were handsomely rewarded with a gorgeous kitchen chock full of brand new functionality. READ MORE »

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