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Distracted at the Office? Steelcase Has a Solution — Design News

Open offices are the norm these days, and it's not always the best for productivity. With the average employee getting distracted every 11 minutes, and it taking 23 minutes to get back on task, Brody from Steelcase wants to help minimize interruption. Show More Summary

Beyond Ikea: Swedish Design Blogs to Discover

Today we travel far into the northern hemisphere to Sweden, a country we feel we know a bit through our beloved Ikeas, which have fostered our love of Scandinavian design since the first U.S. store opened in 1985. Clean lines, negative space, and utility come together for a characteristic design aesthetic that beautifully melds form and function. Show More Summary

Stanley's Americana Studio — House Call

Name: Stanley Location: Washington, DC I live in a new studio apartment in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC. The apartment is 525 square feet in a modern design building that I have furnished with a mixture of Shaker furniture pieces and American folk art. READ MORE »

How To Shake Up Your Style and Reconnect With Your Home (For Free!)

All too often, when we find a place for our things, they stay there. That can be a good thing–it can keep you organized, and it can make you feel more comfortable in your home–but sometimes, it means that you get into a rut with your belongings. Show More Summary

Why a Class in Communications is a Must for Architects

Ever felt like nobody gets you? Are you the one with all the great ideas, if only you could get others to open their ears and listen?  What is it about that guy/gal at work? You know who we’re talking about—the one who makes a room fall...Show More Summary

Carson Ellis' New Book, Home, Is Where the Heart Is — Design News

Artist Carson Ellis has lent her distinctive style to album art for the Decemberists and children's books. Her latest, Home, is a charming compilation of places people live, real and imaginary. READ MORE »

12 Ways to Create a 'Bedroom' in a Studio Apartment

Either by choice or by the vagaries of fate, you have found yourself living in a studio apartment. That's it. Just one room. And maybe you're cool with that, but you don't feel like looking at your bed all day long. Or you need a little...Show More Summary

5 Luxury Bathrooms In High Detail

Most people don’t spend hours at a time in the bathroom. Even a long and luxurious bath doesn’t normally go on that long. But the time we do spend in that sacred space should be comfortable. Whether we’re washing our faces, putting on makeup, or shampooing, a beautiful bathroom is a luxury we can all […]

Ben's Tiny But Comfy 250 Square Foot Studio — House Tour

Name: Ben Steinbauer, Filmmaker, Man About Town Location: Austin, Texas Size: 250 square feet Years lived in: Rented 1 year Ben's home is the perfect example of not needing a lot of space or expensive furniture to create the kind of home you want to hang out in. Show More Summary

Why Your Outdoor Space Is Just As Important As Your Interiors

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer,  it’s time to think about dusting off that deck or outdoor patio and using your outdoor space again. Imagine how much fun you can have with backyard barbecues, pool parties, or even just a quiet dinner outdoors with your family. Show More Summary

Before & After: Dour, Dated Kitchen Gets a New Lease on Life

Tori's kitchen was fully functioning but "it was no beauty queen." She tackled its renovation, giving the space a smart makeover that brings the room forward a couple of decades. READ MORE »

PSSST: The Small Cool Contest is Almost Here!

Are you ready? The 2015 SMALL COOL contest is in the works behind the scenes and coming up quickly! Our month-long search for the coolest small homes from across the country and around the world is almost here - the entry form goes live next week. Show More Summary

SPONSORED POST: A Celebration of our 1,000,000th Color Search! — Powered by Sherwin-Williams

This month, we hit our one millionth Color Search, and to celebrate, we've relaunched the tool with a brand new interface that makes it even easier to find the palettes you're looking for, and to save the colors you love. Last July,Show More Summary

Maggie & Ed's Renovation: What a Difference a Week (of Demo) Makes — Renovation Diary

Our contractor Bennett sends me this photo about half way through day one and I'm blown away by how quickly demo is going and what a difference just a few hours makes! Name: Ed and Maggie Williams (of MVW Architect) Type of Project:Show More Summary

Your Messy Room Might be the Sign of a Brilliant Mind

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" Albert Einstein once famously asked. Conventional wisdom holds that it's easier to work, and to create, in a space that's neat and tidy — but what if the opposite were true? READ MORE »

All the Amazing Things You Can Do With an Extra Closet

Howard's Eclectic Art-Filled Studio Have an empty closet or nook where a closet used to be? You could transform it with one of these amazing ideas for almost any room. READ MORE »

This Robot Will Cook You Dinner — Design News

Who wouldn't want a Rosie the robot to prep, clean up, or even cook dinner? Moley Robotics is testing their robo-chef prototype that learns how to complete kitchen tasks by translating a human chef's movements into commands. Don't throw in the (kitchen) towel just yet— a commercial version is still about two years away (and will cost about $15,000). READ MORE »

Small Kitchen Must-Have: Clamp Lamps — The Kitchn

From The Kitchn ? Why Every Small Kitchen Should Have a Clamp Lamp READ MORE »

Modern Forest House Dedicated to Blues Music: Black House Blues

A couple in love with the blues imagined their life together. Painting the picture, they needed a place that would magnify this passionate love for soul-shaking music and help it unfold naturally.  This is how the Black House Blues in a small village called Kulautuva in Lithuania, was built. Show More Summary

A Five Second Trick To Brighten Up Your Old IKEA Ribba — Honey and Fitz

Via Curious Details Everyone I know has at least one or two IKEA Ribba frames kicking around their homes; they're the plain, cheap workhorses of many a gallery wall around here. And you've no doubt noticed that the mat included with the Ribba isn't quite white. Show More Summary

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