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The One Thing You Need to Finally Eliminate Kitchen Clutter

In my family, everything happens in the kitchen: work, bill paying, meal planning, arts and crafts, homework, evening gardening. Oh, right — and cooking and dining, too. Even though those are the main purposes of the space, so much other...Show More Summary

Before & After: This Kitchen Had One Great Thing Worth Saving

Adam and Amber bought their first home — a 1940 Tudor in Knoxville, TN — in 2016 and have been carefully re-designing it ever since. One of the main projects was the "heart" of any home — the kitchen — which Amber described as "on the verge of cardiac arrest." READ MORE »

IKEA Is Bringing High End Art to the Masses

Blaming millennials for nearly everything you can think of has become an unfortunate trend, but we're happy to report that there's a reason to give the generation a thumbs-up for influencing the world in a positive way. In addition to...Show More Summary

6 Takeaways From the Story of the Worst Roommate Ever

If you've spent any time on social media this week, no doubt at least one of your friends has shared — aghast in sheer and absolute shock — this story of quite possibly the worst, most horrific roommate in history. READ MORE »

Airstreams, Yurts & Cute Critters: A Modern Day "Green Acres" — Video House Tour

Name: Kirsten and Brandon Dickerson, plus their son and daughter Location: Our homestead know as Green Acres Retreat, just east of Austin in Elgin, Texas Size: 25 acres that includes our personal dwellings: a 1955 Spartan Mansion just...Show More Summary

Miniature Origami May Be The Smallest Art Form In Your Instagram Feed

It's no surprise that people love tiny things. The Japanese art of origami is objectively already tiny, where square sheets of paper get folded into palm-sized cranes, boats, cups, and other items. But one artist is taking the form to a whole new (miniscule) level. READ MORE »

The Easy-to-Grow Money Tree is Also Considered Very Lucky

If you've ever noticed a little potted tree with an unusual braided trunk (that's one on the far left in the photo above), you've encountered a money tree. The trunk braid and leaves have symbolism for many people who believe that they bring good luck and financial success. Show More Summary

How I Finally Broke my Ziplock Bag Habit

We all have our home vices, don't we? Taryn, our Lifestyle Editor, for instance, went on a "Green Clean" journey to reduce her dependance on paper towels last year — a move that made me take a good hard look at my own wasteful practices in and around my home. Show More Summary

These Funky and Unexpected Public Toilets Are Delightful

Not to sound crass, but taking a trip to the restroom doesn't have to be boring. At least that's the implied intent behind these colorful, creatively shaped Japanese public facilities photographed by Okinawa Soba (Rob). READ MORE »

Before and After: Another Gorgeous Use For a Cheap Placemat

What a lovely placemat! It would be great for protecting a table or beautifying a table or... that's pretty much it. A throw pillow, you say? Well, now I've heard everything! READ MORE »

Eating Where You Shop Isn't Just for Cracker Barrel Anymore

Shopping and dining are both enjoyable experiences, but usually we do them in different places. If pressed to come up with a modern example of a store that incorporates a restaurant, you might think of Cracker Barrel, or the Rainforest Cafe — both charming in their own way, but not exactly upscale experiences. Show More Summary

The Best Buys Under $30 From Urban Outfitter's Huge Home Sale — Deal of the Day

Urban Outfitters is currently offering an additional 40% off its home sale; everything from ring holders to couches are as much as 70% off. In other words, if you're looking for quirky ways to liven up your space, it might be time to pick up a few things while the deal lasts. Show More Summary

Goat Yoga Vacations Will Soon Be a Thing at The Goatel, A Goat Hotel in Portland

If Lainey Morse, the woman who started the Goat Yoga craze, were to write an autobiography, it should be called "Bleat, Pray, Love." The unofficial mantra of goat yoga's fans — who find the experience of practicing yoga while being surrounded...Show More Summary

10 Ways Magnetic Storage Could Save Your Organizing Life

Of course I know how magnets work (ok, I kind of know how magnets work), but somehow they still seem a little bit like magic: these wonderful surfaces that things mysteriously stick to, seemingly in defiance of the law of gravity. Turns...Show More Summary

This Man Is Responsible for the Gardens at NYC's Top Restaurants

It was a gray Friday afternoon, but Studio—a café and restaurant tucked inside the recently opened Freehand New York—felt alive. I was sitting across from the person who helped to create that vibe through a surprising vehicle—plants....Show More Summary

?Why You Should Keep Coffee Filters in the Living Room

It's easy — and sometimes good — to be compartmentalized. It's one way to keep ourselves sane and present in a world of multi-tasking and many-hat-wearing. But when it comes to uses for items around the house, thinking outside the box...Show More Summary

A Photographer Has Set Out to Capture All of Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings

Partaking in what sounds like the photography assignment of a lifetime is Andrew Pielage, who has set out to capture every one of Frank Lloyd Wright's remaining works. READ MORE »

The Unfortunate Downsides to Having Two Bathroom Sinks

Having two sinks in a master bathroom is either a nice little luxury, or a total relationship-saver, depending on how much your schedules overlap, how well you share space when they do, and just how messy you both are. Would anyone turn an extra one down? Turns out this set up does have a couple of drawbacks however, which might give you pause. READ MORE »

Whirlpool Has Recalled These Kettles For a Burn Hazard

Time to check your kitchen counter: Whirlpool has recalled their KitchenAid brand electric kettle. They've recalled around 40,200 units in the US and 47,300 in Canada due to burn hazards. READ MORE »

Get the Look: Call Me By Your Name's Worldly Italian Villa

If we could all be so lucky to inherit a 17th century mansion in the Northern Italian countryside, Villa Albergoni is a good inspiration (and the real shooting location is for sale!). Yes, it's got some 80s memorabilia in Elio's room that you could take or leave, but it's largely filled with antiques and objects spanning time and geography. Show More Summary

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