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Game of Thrones Gifts And Decor For Your Home

Whether you’re looking for awesomely geeky gifts or just want to add to your ice and fire decor theme, you’ll definitely want to check out this mega-list of houseware and decorations inspired by the Game of Thrones. Suspense, passion, greed, and treachery – the struggle for the Iron Throne has captivated fantasy enthusiasts since the […]

Indoors or Out: Tips for Creating a Vertical Garden

Erick's Modern Organic Burbank Mix Pin it Remember when vertical gardens first hit the scene? They were glorious, but they all seemed to require access to a 20-story building, an impossibly high-tech irrigation system, and approximately three million dollars worth of plants. Show More Summary

Cameo's Urban Treehouse — Small Cool 2016

Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Cameo Location: Durham, NC Square Feet: 550 Division: Tiny What I Love About My Small Home: We purchased a 1927 Tudor style home in downtown Durham, NC. One of the benefits of this spacious corner lot was a large garage with an unfinished workshop upstairs. Show More Summary

Before & After: Abigail's "Can of Paint" Quick Kitchen Updates — Renters Solutions

Pin it So, what do you do when you want to give your kitchen an update but you live in a rental? Why, get out the paint can, of course! That's what I did when I decided to renovate my own space. Get out the paint brush and try these tips in your kitchen. READ MORE »

Michelangelo's Tuscan Villa is on the Market for $8.5 Million — Design News

Pin it Want to live like a Renaissance master? Michelangelo's former home, a 13,000 square foot villa in Tuscany, is on the market for €7.5 million (approx. $8.476 million). READ MORE »

Is There Anything I Can Do to Make This Small Room Look or Feel Bigger? — FAHQs: Frequently Asked Home Questions

John & Jo's Cruisy Modern Australian Home Pin it Small rooms can feel stifling. But you don't have to knock a wall down to make a room feel and look larger than it actually is. There are design choices—both subtle and bold—that can actually make a room feel or look bigger than it is. Show More Summary

Guggenheim Adds Solid Gold Toilet — Design News

Pin it Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is back and it's crap—literally. His first new work since retiring in 2011 is a functioning solid 18-karat gold toilet that will be installed not in a gallery, but in an actual bathroom at the Guggenheim. READ MORE »

Kristiana's Fun & Functional Montreal Loft — House Call

Pin it Name: Kristiana Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada I live in a teeny, tiny 502 square foot loft in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal. My building, which used to be a tobacco factory, is almost 100 years old. While living downtown is certainly convenient, small space living definitely has some challenges! READ MORE »

Is it Safe to Keep Oven Mitts on the Oven Door? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: Please help me resolve a debate with my beloved boyfriend. He insists that oven mitts cannot be kept on the oven door or anywhere near the stove, as it is a fire hazard. As the person who does the majority of the cooking, I'm...Show More Summary

Art Deco vs. Art Nouveau: What's the Difference?

An advertisement for cigarettes by Alphonse Mucha, very much in the Art Nouveau style. From Masterpiece Art via Wikimedia. Pin it It's easy enough to get Art Nouveau and Art Deco confused, probably owing to the fact that they both start with 'art'. Show More Summary

Tanika & Brian's NYC Newlywed Nest — House Tour

Pin it Name: Tanika and Brian Hochhauser (plus George the turtle and Tansy the dog) Location: Long Island City, New York, New York Size: 650 square feet Years lived in: 6 months You might recognize Tanika and Brian from the Love Videos, where they shared the charming story of how they met (and of their spur-of-the-moment wedding). Show More Summary

Considering Transparency and Opacity in Decor

Pin it Annie's "Evolving Aesthetic" We often talk about color and pattern in design, but one thing we don't always talk about is the value of transparency and opacity in the materials we choose. Depth of color often has to do with opacity as certain fabrics allow more light in, and transparent materials can allow rooms to feel lighter and larger. Show More Summary

Tour Gorgeous Style From Around the Globe...Without Ever Leaving Home

Pin it It's not just famous buildings and landmarks that make seeing parts of the world so interesting; it's getting to experience the style that exudes from homes of real people, too. Inside, find a collection of gorgeous glimpses of homes from around the world. Show More Summary

5 Ideas For Healthy and Green Living

The idea of healthy and green living has entered the mainstream — it impacts our diets, our work places, and now, of course, our homes. If you’ve been wondering how to make the right choices for both your family and the environment, look no further. Show More Summary

These Manholes Turned Tiny Homes Make a Statement About Homelessness — Design News

Pin it Homelessness is a global problem, and Milan is no exception. Italian artist and activist Biancoshock has transformed manholes in the fashion capital into tiny homes. READ MORE »

This Weekend: Start This Simple System Now & Save Money For Years To Come

Pin it Pin it The benefits of rotation are everywhere: when you plant crops, adjust your tires, or while serving on a volleyball team. The practice distributes a collective burden over a wider area, letting soil, treads, or players rest while someone or something else takes over for awhile. Show More Summary

Style Lessons from Today's Small Cool Entries (& Don't Forget to Enter & Vote!) — Entries from Friday, April 22

Pin it Every home has something to teach and each small home in the Small Cool contest holds lessons and tricks for living well while living small. Below is some wisdom from Friday's entries including using a big rug, a twist on a coffee table and a new use for the end of the bed. You have until Monday, April 25th at 6 pm EST to submit your own entry so don't delay! READ MORE »

A Colorado Couple Sharing A Stylish 300 Square Feet — House Call

Pin it Name: Desiree Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado My boyfriend and I live in our little 300 square foot apartment here in Steamboat Springs. We rent the space (it's expensive to buy here) so I'm trying to make the best of a space I can't paint or remodel. Show More Summary

Cailin's Small & Quirky D.C. Home — Small Cool 2016

Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Cailin Location: Washington, DC Square Feet: 575 Division: Tiny What I Love About My Small Home: There's so much I love about my small and quirky apartment! For one, I love the grey painted floors. Show More Summary

Coco's Trinkets & Treasures — Small Cool 2016

Like this entry? Favorite it below! Name: Coco Location: New York, NY Square Feet: 375 Division: Teeny-Tiny What I Love About My Small Home: I enjoy having all my trinkets and treasures around me. I can see it as one experience, all the time -- the whimsy, the color, the layers. Show More Summary

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