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How To Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Pin it Have you noticed your clothes smelling... musty? Even if you've switched the load from the washer to the dryer immediately after the cycle has ended? Before you run out and buy a strongly scented laundry detergent to cover the smell, give your machine a through cleaning. READ MORE »

Lisa Congdon's New Temporary Wallpaper Collection for Chasing Paper — Design News

Pin it If you're a fan of the illustrated stylings of designer Lisa Congdon, you can decorate a room with them, courtesy of her new collection of temporary wallpaper from Chasing Paper. READ MORE »

How To Keep Cats off the Kitchen Counter — The Kitchn

Pin it I recently spoke with Jackson Galaxy about a topic that has plagued me for quite some time (and if you're a fellow cat owner, it's no doubt plagued you, too): how to keep curious cats off our kitchen counters. From The Kitchn ? Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy's Advice for Keeping Your Cats off the Counter READ MORE »

DIY Stamps: Project Inspiration, Ideas & Tips for Adding Pattern to Your Rooms

Pin it The power of DIY pattern is well within the grasps of even the most amateur of crafters thanks to the can't-mess-it-up charms of stamps. From throw pillows to hard surfaces and other spots on your home, a cute pattern (that you...Show More Summary

Saks Partners with 'Empire' For Fall Fashion — Design News

Pin it Fox's hit show Empire has gained fans for its drama, music, and its fashion. Saks Fifth Avenue is teaming up with the show for the fall season. READ MORE »

Seriously, Why Aren't You Using a Hand-Held Shower Head?

Neeza & Pierre's Wildly Unique Amsterdam Abode Pin it Guys, I feel like I need to address something here. It's come to my attention through an unofficial office poll that many, many households are still showering with a stationary shower head and I feel it's my duty to tell you you're missing out. READ MORE »

Wall Treatments You'll Want For Your Bedroom

Sam & Linsey's Thoughtful Chicago Home Pin it Since master bedrooms are usually calm, soothing spots, paint schemes tend to be subtle, neutral or monochromatic. Which means that texture is needed to save your brain from thinking the space is flat and boring. Show More Summary

Sustainable Family Dream Crib: The Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson

This Tiny House is where designer Jessica Helgerson and her family have been living for the last several years. It sits on a five-acre property on Sauvie Island, an agricultural island on the Columbia River 15 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, USA. Show More Summary

How to Bring Mid-Century Style to an Ultra-Modern Home? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: I've recently moved into a renovated rental, which is great... except that the bathroom and kitchen are very modern, whereas my style is more Mid-century modern/vintage industrial. How can I add style to these spaces without changing out everything? -Sent by Teedz READ MORE »

Karin & Jeff's Bathroom: Plumbing Disaster + Betrayal — Renovation Diary

The faulty piece. Boo. Pin it Pin it Name: Karin and Jeff Type of Project: Main Bathroom Remodel Type of Home: Single-family home built in 1967 Square Footage: 1,800 Years Lived In: 2.5 The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with...Show More Summary

Want More Fun in Your Life? Make More Opportunities for Play in Your Home

Laura & Ray's Art-Filled Austin Home Pin it There’s a seriousness epidemic in our modern life. From taxes, to bills, to having to remember to call the repairman, there's a lot of real life that isn't very...well, fun. Don't let your home put a damper on the fun you could be having in life. You need only make more opportunities for this one thing in your home. READ MORE »

Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

A lot of things come to mind when you think about the countries of Scandinavia. Whether it’s a flaky cheese Danish, a a cozy Norwegian sweater, the view of the Aurora Borealis from Helsinki or, you know, Ikea – the region is as diverse as it is beautiful and somewhat mysterious. Scandinavian design was born […]

Alyssa & Scott's Modern Boho Abode with a Sci-Fi Twist — House Tour

Pin it Name: Scott and Alyssa Location: Decatur, GA Size: 1,650 square feet Years lived in: almost 4 years Scott and Alyssa's home just outside Atlanta is one that's fun and full of character. With mixtures of prints and patterns, colors and textures, their home is a vibrant blend of their personalities. Show More Summary

3 Smart Secrets for Labeling Moving Boxes That Will Make Your Next Move a Breeze

Pin it The moving process is only as difficult as you make it out to be. If you're hangry and disorganized the whole time, you'll come away from the move having lost some really important things like your mind, your time and your grandmother's china. Thankfully, it turns out being one of those hyper-organized people who have it all together is really, really simple. READ MORE »

Smart Design Solutions for Tricky Awkward Spaces

Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place Pin it Most spaces are pretty straightforward. But every home has at least one weird dead zone that's hard to deal with. Furniture doesn’t fit, it’s too small to be of much use, or it’s just a plain strange shape that defies decor. READ MORE »

Help for a Houseful of Terrible Tile? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: Hi! First I would like to thank you for all the great ideas you always post. Now, I'm wondering if you guys could give a hand or some ideas to handle the following issue. Recently I moved to a new house in Spain, and it turns to have this disastrous tiling which I'm trying not to hate because I can't afford to change it. Show More Summary

How To Make an Origami Paper Boat — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Pin it The art of paper folding has been around since the 1700s, is a simple process involving a piece of paper and patience (no batteries required!) and is an enjoyable way to pass the time when you just need to step away from technology for a while. Show More Summary

World Market's First New York Store Now Open — Design News

Pin it If you're a fan of World Market's affordable style, now New Yorkers can shop in person. The retailer's first brick and mortar location opened in Chelsea yesterday. READ MORE »

Back-To-School Meals for Adult Students (& Teachers!) — The Kitchn

Pin it From The Kitchn ? A Back-to-School Survival Guide for Grownups READ MORE »

Here's What a Trump White House Would Look Like

Pin it Every day that ticks by brings our country closer the 2016 Presidential election and the very real possibility that Donald Trump will be on that ballot. Political beliefs aside, you have to admit that Trump does have a signature style. Show More Summary

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