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Why Going to IKEA Is Actually a Great Date Option (Really!)

I asked a woman out to dinner, to a place I'd been wanting to try. As is often the case with New York dates, we began talking logistics. The IKEA closest to me is a trek from my apartment. Hopping in a cab feels unadventurous when the Brooklyn behemoth painstakingly made sure it's accessible by ferry. Show More Summary

Body Art: Henna

Mehndi is the name used for the body art known as Henna. This beautiful design is used to adorn the hands and bodies of both men and women for traditional, social and holiday celebrations. Similarly to a tattoo, the dye is applied to the skin in intricate, interesting and meaningful …

Before and After: An Unbelievable $5K Kitchen Renovation

This kitchen has an enviable amount of storage, but that same storage — the hanging cabinets — make the room feel a bit claustrophobic and dark, and make the counters less accessible than would be ideal. Let's see what $5,000 and a lot of hard work can do with this space... READ MORE »

This Cali Cool Home Masters the Modern Boho Look — Professional Project

Project: Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design Location: Los Feliz, California California vibes are hard to shake in interior design these days, and for good reason. Who doesn't want a laid-back, relaxed place to call home? That's exactly...Show More Summary

We're in Bog Love With These AI-Created Candy Heart Messages

In her latest project to train a neural network, Janelle Shane challenged the AI to generate new messages for candy hearts — just in time for Valentine's Day. And while she left off the steamier, NSFW versions (though you can request them through this form), the AI-created candy hearts are deliciously dorky. Show More Summary

Modest Size Modern Interiors That Flirt With Feature Walls

You don’t need to have bags of space to live comfortably in style. This collection of four apartment tours has interiors that are all of modest proportions but that each have their own fabulous attributes. A large dose of their design boosts come from a scattering of small feature walls that either stand alone or […]

This Question May Be the Key to Harmony & Love at Home

Whether you make reservations for romantic candlelit dinners, have plans to use your hoarded bath bomb for a luxurious bath for one, or you turn your nose up at the insufferable commercial appropriation of a holiday you loathe, Valentine's Day might cause you to consider how you express your affection to those you love. Show More Summary

7 Simple & Exciting Ideas to Try When You Feel Like Your House is in a Rut

Artistic pursuits are a wonderful thing...until you find yourself stuck in a serious rut. If writers get writer's block, do decorators get decorator's block? Of course they do, and you probably do, too. If your house has stalled outShow More Summary

A Retro Catskills Cabin Becomes Home Away from Home — House Call

Name: Lauren Zaser and Ryan Oskin Location: Big Indian, New York Size: 2,300 square feet Years lived in: 5 months, owned Originally built in the 1950s, my boyfriend, Ryan, and I put our '70s modern twist on the house. Filled with big windows, wide plank oak floors and bluestone fireplaces, we instantly knew we had to make this house our own. READ MORE »

My Best Valentine's Day Ever Should Have Been the Worst

"There's a pot pie in the oven made by a guy named Cookie Puss, who works at the hardware store. It's 7 degrees outside. We have plastic hanging over the kitchen doorway to block the dust from the sander. There's beer, and Kid Rock on the radio. Show More Summary

The 4 Most Common Living Room Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

These days, the living room is one of the most important rooms in the home — and also the breeding ground for some of the most serious interior design mistakes. Luckily, whether the issue is sofas lining the walls or ignoring aesthetics...Show More Summary

Want to be More Efficient? Take a Break

In a new interview with GQ, Daniel H Pink breaks down breaks and the power of focusing on "when." His book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing does a deep dive into how and why timing affects us as much as it does, and how to use that to our advantage in work, life and play. READ MORE »

7 Times Chloe Kim Was Super Relatable

Chloe Kim is on everyone's minds today, as the 17 year old snowboarder just took the gold for Team USA in the women's half-pipe competition. But when she's not on the slopes, she's a regular teen who is super relatable. Here are seven tweets that show Chloe is actually all of us. READ MORE »

This Photo-Friendly Plant is The Ultimate Design Statement

I looooove fiddle leaf figs. I first noticed them in Wilson's office on House, of all places. I'd get so distracted admiring the plant that I'd have to rewind to catch the dialogue. Now that I have my own fiddle leaf fig, it's affectionately known as "the Wilson plant." The good news is, if I can take care of one, you can too. Show More Summary

?7 Times You Don't Need to Follow the Laundry Instructions on the Tag

As if laundry isn't hard enough to keep under control, there are those little labels with tiny instructions and inscrutable hieroglyphics that we're supposed to obey. But, seriously, who has time to sort not only by color and clothing...Show More Summary

What's Your IKEA Love Language? Take This Quiz to Find Out

With Valentine's Day this week, we've all got love on the brain. And if you're sitting in your apartment, lost for words to express how you feel to your loved one, maybe it's time to figure out your IKEA love language. Do you love your partner like a BEKVAM or a MALM? Take this super scientific, highly romantic quiz to find out. READ MORE »

A Cute & Sophisticated 325-Square-Foot NYC Studio — House Tour

Name: Lauren Rubcic Location: Upper East Side — New York, NY Size: 325 square feet Years lived in: 10 months, renting When Lauren found out that she would be relocating to New York City for work, she only had three weeks to find the right apartment. Show More Summary

Forget Creepily Screenshotting Your Friend's Stories: Instagram Is Testing a New Alert

Sorry, creepers: Instagram is once again "borrowing" a feature from Snapchat. The photo app is reportedly testing a screenshot alert notification for Stories, so you can no longer save photos undetected. READ MORE »

7 Times Dogs of Instagram Were So Not Helpful Around The House

More often than not, our animals are completely unimpressed by all our hard work around the house. Sure, some like the chaos of playing chase with bits of scrap wood, or exploring new items that magically arrive at home, but, for the most part, they want nothing to do with noise and commotion. Show More Summary

Namaste Inside: 17 Things to Add to Your Wishlist If You Hate Leaving Your House

Let's face it, leaving the house can be pretty overrated. For those of us who are more into staying in, home is not only where the heart is, it's also where we are, like, all of the time. If you're looking to channel your indoorsy side,...Show More Summary

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