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Smoke Detector is Recalled for Failing to Do The One Thing It's Designed For

Few things are as basic and integral to the safety of a home as the humble smoke detector. Everyone has to have one and you should stay on top of making sure all of the batteries are still good and that you didn't forget to screw it all the way back in after burning your brussel sprouts. Show More Summary

The Best Air Purifiers — The Guide 2018

Air purifiers are one of those under-the-radar household items that you think you can live without, but once you have one you can never go back. These mighty machines do a lot of work: they work to clear the air of allergens, pet dander, germs and even odors. Show More Summary

A New GQ Profile Sheds a Little Light on the World of Wes Anderson

At this point Wes Anderson has basically become design short hand. With things like Accidental Wes Anderson and Wes Anderson themed Airbnbs popping up all over the place, the director has created such an identifiable visual calling card that it's easy to think it all just sort of...happens. READ MORE »

An Absolutely Adorable 400-Square-Foot San Francisco Studio — House Tour

Name: Adrianne Hawthorne Location: Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco Size: 400 square feet Years Lived In: Renting 1.5 Adrianne's studio apartment, perched high up in a Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, is an oasis of color and unique details. Show More Summary

Can You Really Dust Your Houseplants With A Banana Peel? We Tried It, Here Are Our Results!

It seems everyone and their brother has plant fever these days, and the only cure is MORE PLANTS! We've mastered the art of watering, they're all stayin' alive. Now we're onto more cosmetic issues, like: just how shiny and clean can I get my plants? Can I buff them with banana peels? READ MORE »

This Stylish Mini Camper Takes the Rough Out of Roughing It

So you've finally booked that trip to the ethereal island of Iceland. A quick perusal of a "things to do" list lets you know that the otherworldly Nordic country is jam-packed with geological wonders that you certainly don't want to miss. READ MORE »

Before and After: The Secret to Successfully Painting Old Kitchen Cabinets

If you're not sick of the paint-it-white trend, and are in fact thinking of painting your very own cabinetry white, this is the project for you. And if you're appalled that these wood cabinets were painted white, know that every expert this homeowner consulted recommended throwing them out, so perhaps painting them was the perfect compromise? READ MORE »

Faux Real: Urban Outfitters Is Having a Fake Flower Pop Up

Spring has sprung, New Yorkers: Urban Outfitters is hosting a pop up flower market—but with a twist. You won't need a green thumb to keep these blooms alive. READ MORE »

Get The Latest Anthropologie Home Pieces at Nordstrom Now

Nordstrom is known for their incredible customer service, easy online shopping experience and very generous return policies. Anthropologie is known for their artisanal fashion and home collections that always include a bit of exotica or vintage flare. Show More Summary

7 Times You're Actually Just Hoarding When You're Trying to Organize

We've all been there. It's almost springtime and after a long winter spent indoors, you're ready to get your home nice and clutter-free for the warm weather season. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of successfully clearing out the clutter in our homes, we simply wind up organizing stuff we shouldn't keep in the first place. Show More Summary

The Surprising Feature Joanna Gaines Sneaks Into a Laundry Room

We're fans of any workspace that isn't a cubicle. So when we saw Joanna Gaines's idea of putting a desk in the laundry room, we were intrigued. READ MORE »

A Dutch Interior Designer's Monochrome Home Is Effortlessly Elegant — House Tour

Name: Klaas Hogeweg Location: 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Size: 969 square feet Years lived in: 1 year, renting Gray, beige, white, black. Generally, these colors don't evoke feelings of warmth and coziness. But if you visit Klaas Hogeweg's home those are the exact words that come to mind, together with stylish and elegant. Show More Summary

The Home Depot Tool Rental Secret That Can Save You Money

Certain tools and equipment are expensive. Like, really expensive. I think it's safe to say that absolutely no one on the planet wants to actually buy an industrial carpet cleaner for thousands of dollars, for example, let alone find a place to store it when they're done. Show More Summary

Reverse Design: Turning Adult Furniture Playful & Kid Furniture Grown Up

“Adulting” can be hard work for some us. Even if you follow a tight schedule, strict regiment and a firm routine, your furniture and interior design doesn’t have to match the structure of your life. In fact, your furniture can be the almost the exact opposite of that and even …

Get the Look: The Surprisingly Chic Dorm in 'Grown-ish'

If I could go back in time to be as cool as Zoey Johnson in Grown-ish is as a freshman in college, I'd do it. She's smart, opinionated, and has a great sense of personal style. Her friends are serving up drama hot and fresh in each episode, and she manages it all from the comfort of her fairly chic dorm room. READ MORE »

Here's a Before and After We've Never Seen: A Balcony Becomes a Bathroom — Professional Project

We've seen plenty of impressive room conversion Before & Afters—closet to nursery, kitchen-turned-bedroom, closet to mudroom—but a balcony-to-bathroom renovation is definitely a first. The space was languishing as a slightly awkward office, when what the family really needed was a bathroom. They wisely turned to the pros for help. READ MORE »

Explain It All: Why Was it So Easy for Sam to Climb into Clarissa’s Window?

By now, you already know that Melissa Joan Hart and company are in talks to reboot Nickelodeon's 90s hit, Clarissa Explains It All. As the Hollywood Reporter said of the project, the new show would see former star Melissa Joan Hart reprise her role as Clarissa Darling, but this time, she'd play the mom of the family. How very Girl Meets World of them! READ MORE »

30 Cool Computer Keyboards To Help You Match Your Workspace To Your Decor

We use keyboards daily, but don’t often think about their design. With us for 40-and-over hours a week, their little details can make all the difference. We’ve compiled a list of thirty cool computer keyboards for everyone from the hard-out gamer to the reluctant typist. We’ve found keyboards that are ergonomic; keyboards that are pure […]

Ten Things You Should Upgrade in Your Rental (and Then Take With You)

It's taken years for me to come around to the idea that a home isn't any less of a home because it's rented. Five years, actually — that's how long I've lived in my white-walled, cookie-cutter apartment. But now that I'm finally comfortable...Show More Summary

L.A.'s quirkiest museum? It's gotta be the Bunny Museum

Candace Frazee said she's aware that many call her "the crazy bunny lady." She doesn't care. She's living out a wacky, wonderful true love story with her husband.

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